*St. Joseph County, MI 1845 Census*
Sturges Township

At the time this census was taken, the name of the town was spelled Sturges.
The spelling was changed at a later time to Sturgis.

John J. Foot
Alonzo Douglass
Van Weatherwax
Aaron Hibbard
Aaron M. Henry
Richard Pierce
Josiah Bacon
Ahira Brooks, Jr.
Thomas Hill
Rice Pearsall
Daniel Parker
James Parker, Jr.
Isaac Tyler
John Stebbins
George W. Jones
Stephen H. Chase
Klick McLarin
Franklin Mason
Solomon Beswick
Larrus Parker, Sr.
Adison Drake
Nathan Gurney
Thomas Strond
Nathan M. Ellis
Anson Wait
Chauncey Laywood
Charles C. Ellis
Harvey Gripman
Aaron Gilhams
Jeremiah H. Jones
Jairus Parker
William M. Warn
John Henry
Alfred Green
David Knox
Stephen Severy
Orson Bacon
Sidney Brooks
Thomas Hill, Jr.
John Newhall
Isaac Calem
Richard Smith
Isaac K. Tyler
Solomon Waterson
Harden Gray
Julius Fairchilds
William Teft
William Beswick
Dewey M. Pierce
William G. Wood
Benjamin M. Long
Willard S. Clye
David Paye
Philip H. Buck
Franklin Turner
Nathan Nickison
Edmond Chambas
Ira F. Packard
Parker Gilhams
Thomas D. Jones
Orsemus Douglass
Nathaniel B. Rolphe
Silvester Wood
William Henry
Abner Sole
John Akin
Henry M. Ransom
Nathan H. Briggs
William Hill
Hiram Jacobs
Horace Morse
David C. Smith
Samuel Sidener
Solomon Thirstin
Isaac W. Knapp
Benjamin Fairchilds
William K. Haynes
Erastus McLarin
Levi Jones
Arael Hunt
William Rowen
Jacob French
Horance M. Vesey
Jonathan M. Wait
Levi Jones
George Johnston
Benjamin C. Buck
Samuel Hall
Aaron Gilhams, Jr.
George W. Osborn
Oeson Douglass
Andrew Weatherwax
Franklin Hibbard
Archibald B. Henry
Bolser Bomyardner
Jemes Porter
Ahira Brooks, Sr.
Joseph Johnson
John Sturgis
John Parker
James Parker
John Layton
James Wheeler
Isaac Gray
Abraham Chase
James Teft
Grovener Sears
Abram Beswick
Edward Osborn
Benton Toul
Isaac Moyer
William Morris
Gideon Ellis
James D. Cook
Whitney Hibbard
Charles C. Bryfoyle
Arni Smith
Matthew Chase
Thomas J. Jones
James Baker
Daniel M. Baker
Ransom French
Gershon Rice
Archibald Brown
Luther Newhall
Moses M. DePuy
James Rolph
Hiram Phillips
Moses Roberts
Alexander D. Sprayer
Horatio N. Smith
Thomas S. Brown
Michael Willever
Philip Aunor
Ezbon Rolph
Janus Phillips
Daniel H. Roberts
William I. Nixon
Roswell Rice
Thomas B. Henry
Daniel M. Olmstead
Mumford Ransome
Daniel Bedford
Edward Mortteman
John Smith
William Kyte
James Brown
Hiram Boyes
Selim George
Elijah Phillips

A special Thank You goes to Cynthia Duhamel for providing this important genealogical
information. If you, too, have other census information you'd like to send to me,
please contact Denise Frederick. Thanks!

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