*St. Joseph County 1850 Michgan Census*

A huge Thank You goes to Josie Garzelloni for providing this important genealogical
information. If you, too, have other census information you'd like to send to me,
please contact Denise Frederick. Thanks!

This is an index page which will link you to selected townships in the abstracted State of Michigan Census of 1850 for St. Joseph County. To make proper use of it, one must understand that a 'State' census differs somewhat from the Federal Census which is taken every ten years, and always in years ending in zero.

This is a list of all free white males over 21, listed by name. The spelling given is exactly as it appears, and not necessarily as you might think it should be read.

These townships census entries will be coming one at a time and as they are finished, they will then be linked.

Burr Oak Twp. Fabius Twp. Florence Twp. Lockport Twp. Park Twp.

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