"History of St. Joseph County, Michigan With Illustrations 1827-1877"

published in Philadelphia
by L.H. Everts & Co., 716 Filbert Street, 1877.

"History of St. Joseph County, Michigan, With Illustrations Descriptive Of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks, and Important Manufactories, From Original Sketches by Artists Of The Highest Ability".

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Index of Names

Arnold, William F.

Beadle, David

Bishop, James

Bishop, Mrs. Clara

Bishop, James L.

Blanshard, George

Bower, Adam

Bowman, John H.

Brooks, Aaron

Cade, Stephen W.

Carpenter, Sidney

Carpenter, T.C.

Caskey, Halsey

Cathcart, John G.,

Calhoon, Alvin

Clark, George J.

Clark, William

Cross, Judge William H.

Cuddy, Thomas

Dougherty, Richard

Ebi, David

Eck, William R.

Emery, Aaron P.

Fletcher, John W.

Fitch, Charles B.

Fitch, Samuel A.

Farrand, Henry K.

Farrand, Phineas

Flanders, Francis

Gentzler, Jacob

Gorton, Samuel

Gardner, B.B.

Harris, John R.

Hartman, John

Hazard, William

Harvey, Norman

Harwood, Heman

Harvey, Addison

Hoisington, Abishai

Hunt, A.R.

Hutchison, James

Harrington, William

Holden, John

Jewett, Joseph

Keightley, Hon. Edwin W.

Ketcham, Morgan L.

Kibbe, John S.

Kinglsey, Chandler

Knox, Sr., David

Laird, Glover

Laird, Henry W.

Langley, William B.

Langley, Thomas W.

Lintz, Jacob

Lomison, John

Leland, Andrew M.

Lyman, Lewis B.

Miller, Joseph

Machin, William

Macomber, Charles

McKinlay, Robert

Miller, Lewis

Millard, Ira

Moore, Hon. Edward S.

Morris, Hon. William

Nash, Stephen M.

Osborn, Hon. Nathan

Osborn, George W.

Packard, Dr. Ira F.

Pashby, Sr., George

Pier, Solomon

Pitts, Hiram Amasa

Prutzman, Hon. Abraham C.

Purdy, Elijah

Parker, D.R.

Roys, Norman

Smith, Jacob S.

Schock, George

Thompson, Andrew

Thoms, J. F.

Thoms, Lewis F.

Toll, Captain Philip R.

Toll, Nancy De-G

Toll, Hon. Isaac D.

Tyler, Comfort

Van Ness, Jacob

Voorhees, Abram H.

Wakeman, Adams

Wakeman, Hiram

Wakeman, M.H.

Wait, Hon. Jonathan G.

Watkins, Captain Levi

Watkins, William M.

Watkins, John

Wiley, Samuel R.

Wilcox, Oliver W.

Wolf, John
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A very special Thank you to Janet McCormick who has been so generous with the transcribing and editing of this entire 1877 History of St Joseph Co., MI... below are the details of her ancestral ties to St Joseph Co., MI

My great-great-grandfather Edmund BEAM removed to Flowerfield, St. Joseph Co. from Wyandot Co. Ohio by 1844. He was preceded there by his brother Jacob BEAM, who purchased land in Flowerfield in 1837, and several other brothers and sisters came to St. Joseph Co. as well. Edmund married Elizabeth FELLOWS in neighboring Kalamazoo Co. in 1844. He was a miller and a farmer. There are several BEAM headstones in the Flowerfield cemetery, including Edmund's father, John BEAM, who died in 1853.

In addition, my great-great-grandfather John E. BRIGGS and his wife Ann HAIRE came from Lincolnshire, England to St. Joseph Co. in the 1850's. John E. BRIGGS died during the Civil War, and his widow Ann married Milo INGRAHAM, a grain-cradle manufacturer in Flowerfield. They are also buried in Flowerfield.

Other names associated with these families in St. Joseph County are: WHEELER, DUNCAN, HARRIS, YOUNG, GORDON, BASSETT, TINKER, PIXLEY, BATSON, KEPLER

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