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   This alphabetical listing shows the people owning property that was large enough to have their name listed.  Those pieces of property that were small and had only initials were not listed.

   The listing shows the township and the section where the property is located.  The townships are abbreviated as follows.


Burr Oak -------- B O

Colon ----------- Col

Constantine ----- Con

Fabius ---------- Fab

Fawn River ------ F R

Florence -------- Flo

Flowerfield ----- Flf

Leonidas -------- Leo

Lockport -------- Loc

Mendon ---------- Men

Mottville ------- Mot

Nottawa --------- Not

Park ------------ Par

Sherman --------- She

Sturgis --------- Stu

White Pigeon ---- WP

1893 A-E / 1893 F-H / 1893 J-L / 1893 M-O / 1893 P-S / 1893 T-Z

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About this work:
This Atlas is the property of Roberta Shingledecker and made available to us for transcribing on the St. Joseph County USGenWeb through Linda Hilton, Director of the Three Rivers Public Library.  We are in the debt of both of these ladies for making this work available for us to share with people interested in tracing their family through our county.  We are also in the debt of Cyrus and Maryella Bowish who originally compiled this list as members of the Three Rivers Genealogical Society.  Our many thanks and gratitute to all.

Josephine Reed Garzelloni and Carole Lynn Carr, November 1998

   This listing was compiled by Cyrus and Maryella Bowdish members of the Three Rivers Genealogical Society.

A very special thank you to Josie Garzelloni and Carole Carr for their wonderful transcription and editing efforts in getting this important document online for the St Joseph Co., MI USGenWeb project.

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