We dedicate this souvenir book to our ancestors who dared to dream of a better life, and who came to this wild land of the rivers putting down roots to make a permaneent home for future generations.

                                          Dedication to Jacob McInterfer

Jacob McInterfer knew a good thing when he saw it.  When he arrived to this area in 1829, he realized the water power that could be obbtained was immense.  His only difficulty was selecting the best site because two streams emptied into the St. Joseph and this made a difficult choice.  As McInterfer was the only settler in the neighborhood he did wish to build bridges to get anywhere, so he built his log cabin on the west side of the Rock River.

                                                      Early Settlements
                                  Early Villages - Platted, but never became permanent
                        1830 - MOAB - Section 20 - Platted by Richerts and Shinnamans
                     1839 - St. Joseph - Section 19 - Platted by J. McInterfer and G. Buck

                                             Sesquicentennial Year 1986

                                                           November, 1836 -
                               John Bowman platted Village of Three Rivers on Section 18
                                                           December, 1836 -
   George Buck, Jonathon Brown, Benjamin Sherman, Edward Pierson, and L.B. Brown platted
                                                 Lockport Village - Section 19 - 20

                                           Message from Mayor Al White

    It is at this bench mark in time, 150th year, our Sesquicentennial, that we recognize again the many contributions made by our pioneer ancestors.  These hardy souls who pushed back the frontiers through their courage and rugged individualism deserve our eternal thanks.  Were it not for them, the fine and beautiful community you see about you would not exist.  In this commemorative book you will be intrduced to many of the leading contributors to our heritage.  You will see graphic displays of their skills and ingenuity.  As you peruse this book, you will sense your trip through time.  It is amazing indeed that in 150 short years our mode of transportation has been from horse and buggy to airline jets and indeed to spacecraft.  What will the next 150 years bring?
    What really makes Three Rivers a good place to live I think may be best expressed by this poem:
                                                 I like to live in a little town
                                                Where the trees meet over the street.
                                                 You wave your hand and say "Hello!"
                                                 To every person you meet.

                                                 I like to stop for a minute outside of a grocery store
                                                And hear the kindly gossip of the folks moving in next door.
                                                 For life is interwoven with friends you learn to know,
                                                 And you feel their joys and sorrows as they daily come and go.
                                                 So I'm glad to live in a little town
                                                 And care no more to roam
                                                 For every house in a little town
                                                 Is more than a house - it's a home.

                                                                                        (signed)  Albert E. White
                                                                                                     Al White
                                                                                                     Mayor 1986

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