City of Three Rivers Sesquicentennial Committee

Phyllis Agosti, Todd Brian, Paul Cochran, Lucile Haring, Bob McDonough, Bill Monroe, Ron Reece, Suzette Warner, Al White, Chris Williams, and Gary Word

Time Capsule Committee

Stuart Stuckey, chairman, Betty Mattson, Lynn Weber, Gerry Allen, Marrey Cannon, Kathy Clay, Hyunsu Kim, Ed Tierney, and Jim Tucker

Alumni Committee

Suzette Warner, Billie Abel Chambless, Lois Millet, and Vera Fitch Young


    We wish to thank many friends who gave us their memories, their pictures, their time, their co-operation.
    Marion Holtom Sheffer produced all of the authentic sketches found in the first chapter.  A real photo could not have shown all the minute detail marion put in her work. We thank her!
    Betty Mattson received our special heartfelt thanks for endless hours of typing.  She was worth a million.



                                                                 "Bridging 150 years"
                                                         "Settlements of Three Rivers"


This book was designed and produced by Kellon Design of Three Rivers, Michigan --- Cover Designed by Dennis Duncan
Printed by Three Rivers Press
Sesquicentennial Log designed by Dennis Duncan
Published by Three Rivers Sesquicentennial committee, 1986.

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