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The Acorn went to press every Wednesday so you can get an approximate date of death by knowing the edition date of the paper in which the obituary occurred. An example is that my grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Reed died 20 April 1945 and his obituary appeared in the 22 April 1945 edition. An approximate death date is never as good or satisfying as the actual date but is, many times, all we can ever hope to have in this genealogy study we all love so much. I started at the end of the file with this listing so the rest of it will be added in a few days' time....

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This is an index for all of the obituaries ever published in the The Acorn from Burr Oak, St Joseph County, Michigan during the years it was in operation. A very special thank you is due to Joanne Dost for her labor to extract these from the past issues of the The Acorn and thereby make them available for the research of others who come behind her. She has put them into a nice folder which is available at the Burr Oak library for all to use it in looking up which Acorn edition to find the names they are researching.

Due to the shortage of staff at the Burr Oak Library they will no longer be able to look up and extract copies of the obituaries in The Acorn. They will return all requests as they are not able, to have on staff the people, to handle the volume of requests that have come to them since the upload of The Acorn Obituary Index to the USGenWeb.

They invite you to visit the library and have the fun of reading the newspapers for your own research.

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