Denise's 1982 letter...........
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Denise's 1982 letter......

Family Services,

It is my desire that should the male child born to me on Jan 24th, 1972 at any time seek information about me, that any information available be given to him. Please accept this letter as a statemnet of my consent for release of information from your records regarding myself. This would include my present address and I accept it as my responsibility to keep you informed of current addresses.

I released my son for adoption through Family Services and my caseworker's name was Nadine. He was born at Toledo Hospital on January 24, 1972 at 8:58PM and delivered by Dr. Crook.

It is my understanding that my file still exists and this permission for release of information can be placed in that file.

Soon after my son's birth, I made Family Services aware of a medical problem concerning my son's father that is potentially hereditary. The condition is called, Poly-Cystic Kidney Disease. I would like some word back from you letting me know that the adoptive parents have been properly made aware of this problem so they can take the correct medical steps for treatment.

Please respond to me regarding the completion of these requests. I would like to be reassured that these requests are possible and have been done.

May I hear back from you at your earliest convenience?

Thank you,

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