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Sunday Evening...........

Terry and I arrived home around 10:30PM, amid a flurry of questions from Danielle. "Well, what happened?", Danielle asked, as soon as we came through the door. I immediately pulled out the three pictures of Kevin and showed them to her. "Oh, my God", Danielle exploded, "He's so cute!". "What's he like, Mom?", Danielle continued, "Was he nice?" oh, danielle, he's wonderful... he's terrific, and you're just going to love him to pieces! Ben, very quietly, was listening to the conversation between Danielle and I and was not saying anything at all. hmmmmmmm, ben's awfully quiet, i thought, but that's like him... just taking everything in and listening. The phone rang and Ben went to answer it. "Mom, it's for you, it's Tiffany."

I went to answer the phone and proceeded to tell Tiffany about her older brother and how the day had gone and our plans of getting together within the next few weeks. Tiffany was thrilled with the prospect of meeting Kevin. "tif, you've got to help me plan for this reunion between the four of you, i need your help...ok?" Tiffany responded just the way I thought she would, "Of course, I'll help...what do you want me to do?" We talked about our tentitive plans for the re-reunion and firmly decided the best place to have everyone get together would be the house at Walloon. Plenty of room, cozy and most of all, comfortable. Plus, the fall colors would be gorgeous on the trees out there. they'll fall in love with the place, i thought. With the plans started and the questions about Kevin answered, Tiffany and I ended our phone conversation and I hung up. I proceeded to the dining room and was waylayed, once again, by the ringing of the phone. This time it was Nancy, my sister. "Oh, Denise, I just couldn't stand it any longer, I've been so worried about today...what happened? ...did everything go OK?...are you all right?" "oh, nancy, it was just an incredible experience... kevin is wonderful and ruth and dave made me feel so welcome and wanted and accepted. everyone was warm and open and so loving. and you're just not going to believe this, we're getting together again in three weeks time! isn't that great? Nancy listened to my ravings with renewed interest and a feeling that everything was going to, indeed, be ok. "Frank and I will have to figure out a time to come up and visit and meet Kevin". "oh, nancy, that'd be great, i'm so glad you want to meet him. Nancy and I ended our conversation with a promise to talk to each other again within the week. It was getting late and as I made my way back out to the dining room, I found, to my dismay, that the twins were still up... Ben said, "Can you tell us what happened, now?" After I relayed to Danielle and Ben the highlights of the day, Ben said, "An older brother, that seems weird, Mom, but I think I'm going to like it". I shooshed them to bed and secluded myself in the computer room. Alone time... so much had happened today and I need to send off an email to Kevin to let him know what the day had meant to me. That's when I discovered Kevin's heart warming email to Ruth and Dave & Terry and me. how did I ever deserve this's so overwhelming... this feeling that all's right with the world... and my son, my son...oh, kevin...a life-long dream of mine has come true today... a life-altering event has happened to both of us...well, really... to far more than just the two of us...we'll go forward from here and blend our families and create some wonderful memories together. we'll get to know each other and you'll make discoveries in your new-found family members. i can hardly wait until we get together again and you can meet your brother and sisters. what a terrific weekend we're all going to have with one another at the house at Walloon...i've got to get things figured out and start a 'to-do' list. i'll go to the grocery store tomorrow after work... OH MY GOD, I'VE GOT TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW, and it's really am I ever going to get to sleep after all that's happened today?

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