The exerpts written out below are from a small booklet entitled,
"St. Joseph County Historical Review and Business Guide"
written and compiled by Roy D. F. Sowers, Historian. If you have
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Fisher Lake is located in the southern part of Park township, center of the township east and west, near the southern township line. Harvey KINNEY was the first settler along the eastern shores of picturesque Fisher Lake. He built a log cabin and was assisted by Jonas and Leonard FISHER. The lake was named after these boys. The land was a part of the territory that the Indians had agreed to sell to the United States and give possession two years later. The Indians resented, very much, the prematured settling of the whites before the designated time and attempted to repudiate their agreement claiming the U. S. had violated the treaty. Thus squatters commenced to settle in 1833, but no claims were allowed to be filed until 1834. For some time the war like attitude of the Indians made life precarious for the early settlers. This was one of the first injustices done to the Indians by the white men in St. Joseph County, later the robbery of personal property, while drunk on the white men's whiskey, caused considerable of the so called "Indians massacre." Looking at it thru the fairness of time, the Indians had a just cause to resent the white man's coming. The Indians were friendly at first but became suspicious as they had various dealings with their new neighbors. The "fever an' ague" epidemic of 1835 was one to be remembered. Among the first settlers were the names of I. S. ULRICH, LELANDS, Samuel MOORE, Michael HOWER, John BOUDEMAN, Isaac MOWREY, John HUTCHINSON, John LOMISON, and McDonald CAMPBELL. The lake has fine bathing beaches, boating and fishing. Several resorts such as the Windsor, Lakeside and Thompsons. Also the Mahnke Poultry is located close by. Many cottages surround this beautiful lake.

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