The exerpts written out below are from a small booklet entitled,
"St. Joseph County Historical Review and Business Guide"
written and compiled by Roy D. F. Sowers, Historian. If you have
an interest in other St. Joseph County histories, click here to go
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When the railroad lines of the Michigan Air Line and Grand Rapids & Indiana intersected at Wasepi the early settlers had visions of a real city. It was laid out in 1874 by BARNARD, GEE, CONNORS and others.

D. C. GEE was the first post master.

CONNORS and ENSIGN had a fruit drying factory (Jones' process). A few stores and a hotel were built but the hopes of the early settlers never materialized and the hotels were torn down.

Now just a few houses and PALMER's General Store is all that remains. It will soon be "another forgotten village" of St. Joseph county.

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