Dr. Godfrey
written by Joe Ganger, Nov 2000

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Us old coots remember Dr. Glenn Godfrey who was a dentist in Colon. His office was on the second floor over the bank. I remember him because of the old slow drill which vibrated right down to your toenails. Dr. Glenn retired in 1962 and died in November of 1964.

The dentist's father was a medical doctor who dedicated nearly 60 years of his life serving the Colon Community. His home was located in what is now Schipper Funeral Home. Of course at that time the home consisted of only the brick portion of the building.

Dr. E. L. Godfrey died in December of 1931. His obituary gives us some interesting insights into history. Dr. Godfrey was born in Attica, New York on September 28, 1852. He came to Michigan in 1861 and attended the Colon public schools. In 1876 he achieved a medical degree at the Hahnemann Medical School in Chicago and took over his father's medical practice in Colon.

The obituary relates that, "He was one of the first to make use of the bicycle, and for years had a stable of good driving horses which were kept busy night and day speedily taking the Doctor on his rounds of many miles to visit patients. When road conditions were bad before graveled roads were thought of, he made his rounds in a two-wheeled cart. He was one of the first to purchase an automobile in this community, which could not be used to advantage as there were only dirt roads for years after purchasing his first car."

Dr. E. L. Godfrey was married in 1873 to Belle M. Grover. She died in 1888 leaving him with five children: Clare, Ina A., Jay L., Dr. Glenn E. and Eva E.

He remarried in 1889 to Julia Partridge. She died in January 1920.

In August of 1920 he remarried again, this time to Mabel Lamb who outlived him. Ironically, the funeral was held at the home (I doubt if it was the first, and we certainly know it was not the last). Dr. Godfrey is buried in the family plot at Lakeside Cemetery.

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Special 'thanks' to Joe Ganger who generously submitted this historical review for inclusion on the St Joseph Co., MI USGenWeb website