written by Joe Ganger, Nov 2000

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One of the unusual things during magic week is that the Historical Society marks the graves of magicians buried at Lakeside Cemetery. Buried here are: Arthur Babbs, (1921-1987). Arthur's stage name was "Arturo." He had a shop in Ohio where he designed tricks. In later years he worked at Abbott Magic, building and designing tricks.

Bill Baird, (1914-1978), whose stage name was "The Magnificent Fraud." He was known for multiplying balls dexterity.

Harry Blackstone Jr. (1934-1997). Harry followed in his father's footsteps in becoming a magician of considerable renown. Recil Bordner, (1910-1981) owned and managed the Abbott Magic Company and was originally teamed with Percy Abbott. Peter Bouton, (1887-1968), was the look-alike brother of Harry (useful in magic). Harry Bouton, (1885-1965), who changed his name to Harry Blackstone. He became a well-known magician and brought Magic to Colon in 1926. For a time he was teamed up with Percy Abbott in the manufacturing and selling of magic tricks.

Ted Coppin, (1886-1942 ) and Della (1909-1977). Their stage names were "Ted and Sally Banks. Ted, Stan Laurel & Charlie Chaplin had a vaudeville act together. Ted was later the stage manager for Harry Blackstone Sr. Della was also part of the show.

Ricki Dunn, (1929-1999) was a comedian and thief as "America's Greatest Pickpocket." Vince Fabek, (1947-1991) was involved with magic, balloons and puppets. His stage name was "Holiday."

Karrell Fox, (1928-1998). His epitaph reads "It Was Fun." Was an integral part of the Magic Get-Together of Abbott's Magic.

Jack Gwynne, (1895-1969) and Anne (1896-1979), were "The Royal Family of Magic." Jack invented the "Temple of Benares." He was famous for the appearing stack of bowls!

John Jones, "Little Johnny" (1898-1995) He was the "Conjuring Humorist." His epitah reads: "Now I have to go and fool St. Peter." He worked with the USO in World War II and was a World War I veteran.

Inez Kitchen Blackstone (1889-1983). She, with Harry Blackstone Sr. brought magic to the village of Colon.

Skippy Lamore, (1893-1942) worked with vaudeville tent shows.

Robert Lund, (1925-1995), owned and operated the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan.

Fred Merrill, (1888-1976) was a juggler and magician.

Duke Stern, (1913-1973. He was famous for comedy magic. He worked for many years with Karrell Fox on the Magic Get-Together in Colon. Originally married a Colon girl.

Donald Watson (Monk), (1894-1981) A humorist, magician, and band-leader who once was teamed with a man named Benjamin Kubelsky (later called himself Jack Benny) in vaudeville. Monk was very active with the USO in World War II and was a World War I veteran. Maps are available at Abbott's and the Museum

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Special 'thanks' to Joe Ganger who generously submitted this historical review for inclusion on the St Joseph Co., MI USGenWeb website