Stock Market and buying power, etc.
written by Joe Ganger, Nov 2000

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I love reading old newspapers.

The Vicksburg class of 1918 obtained 100 signatures on a petition and used that as ammunition to convince the authorities that dances could be held at the High School Gym. There goes the neighborhood!

The Ford Weekly Purchase Plan of the 1920s simplified financing for a new car. No relation to today's "buy now, pay later," the plan was to set aside a small amount each week, till "within a short time you will have enough to buy a car." Now why didn't I think of that!

Remember the date? From the November 1, 1929 New York Times newspaper, buried in small type, below several other world news items: "Stock market breaks in worst selling wave of Wall Street's history; extra police called out to keep crowds from rioting; New York bankers stop stock selling stampede with billion dollar pool, market becoming more settled." Aftermath of that event comes from the Vicksburg paper of September 16, 1931 - The Farmers State Bank of Vicksburg failed to open. A bulletin on the door stated, "Closed by action of the Board of Directors for the protection of depositors." Late in the same article, "State police arrived to prevent mob scenes and possible violence, but nothing of the sort occurred. There was more grief than reproach, everyone feeling that it was the result of conditions over which the bank officials had no control. The closing of the bank has forced the village to borrow $2,000 to meet expenses."

The 1907 School Board of Vicksburg voted that, in order to combat insubordination, all students must have 75% in subject matter and 75% in deportment in each class in order to be graduated.

Will someone tell be what "deportment" means? I'm pretty sure my supply is low. Does Village Market have any in stock?

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Special 'thanks' to Joe Ganger who generously submitted this historical review for inclusion on the St Joseph Co., MI USGenWeb website