*Julie's Poem*

by Julie Nicole Schmidt

All of a sudden, the phone rang
and in a flash I was told,
Kevin's birth mom was on the line
and confirmed his birth date, his adoption, and how old.

She said she wanted to meet him,
Twenty-four years of hugs were saved up she said.
Tears streamed down all our eyes
and many things ran through my head.

She had been searching for a year
and she knew one day she would find
Her son she gave us out of love
but her son that never left her mind.

Many things were discussed and said
and we all arrived at a decision
to meet with Kevin ASAP
so she could see him and not envision.

We wanted to tell Kevin in person
not over the phone
we were unsure how to do this
not knowing his reaction and knowing he was alone.

So we visited him in Carsonville
to tell him the big news
It was his and only his decision
whether to see her or refuse.

He chose to see his birth mom
and so she came that day
All the way from Petoskey, MI
She wanted to see him in the worst way.

All went well when they met
Lots of pictures and memories were shared
Kevin now knows more people that love him
and more people that have always cared.

This opens up a new life for Kev.
To find out all the unanswered questions he had
Like where he came from, who he looks like
and who is his birth dad.

I have never felt Kevin was different than me
He is my big brother still
He is in my blood and in my heart
Always was and always will.

I am very happy for Kevin, if he is,
and willing to accept all.
This moment was bound to come some day
And it just happened to be that phone call.

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