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Dear Auntie Karen,

Last weekend was a day I shall never forget. Years from now, the date may slip my mind and I may tend to exaggerate the facts when I tell the story of how I met my birth mother, but it will definitely be something I'll remember.

Mom and Dad were kinda secretive about it. They had to tell me face to face. They said they wanted to get together and talk about something very important that impacted my life. When they showed up early that morning (two hours early) I knew it was something serious, so I joked about it. When Mom sat me down I said something like "Okay, so what's the big news, I figure either you won the lottery, or someone died in the family." They said no, it wasn't that. I then looked right at Mom and asked "Are YOU pregnant?" That brought a laugh. Everyone got a little weepy and Mom said, "There is someone very important in the area and she would like to meet you." I knew at that point Mom was talking about my birth mother. I'm not sure how I knew... It was a matter of putting all the clues and signals together, but I knew.

They told me she was waiting in Sandusky. They handed me a copy of an e-mail message from her to them and then went to get her. I read through the message. It said, basically, she wanted to meet me and tell me about my parents, my heritage, my siblings, and answer any questions that I might have. I have always known that one day I would meet my birth mother, that was never in question. What blew me away was the fact that in all my 24 years of being adopted I NEVER even considered the possibility of having other siblings! When Julie told me I had two more sisters and another brother, I went into the mild shock I felt for the rest of the day. It was like "Wow, I guess my family just got a whole lot bigger!"

The visit was wonderful, there was unquestioned acceptance upon meeting which forged the bonds that are beginning to develop. It's a whole new wild, and wonderful, and cool experience for me. In an instant I went from knowing very little about my heritage to having it presented to me on a electronic family tree that spans over 7 generations (my mother's hobby is genealogy and she had programmed a web page with the family tree she has researched)

The terms of endearment and explanation are slowly changing. It was mother and birth mother. It will probably evolve into Mom and Mother and perhaps it will change even more. I'm not quite sure how to describe my "extended family" yet. We are all geting together in a couple of weeks for a "family reunion," it should be a lot of fun too.


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