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Kevin's email letter......

Sunday, 8 September 1996

Dear Mom, Dad, Denise, and Terry,

I believe we managed to get through what could have been a very awkward situation with a great deal of grace, dignity, and surprisingly low number of tissues. Although I'm speaking in regards to OUR meeting, and not the phone calls leading up to it. :) And we had a lot of fun in the process.

There was a definite "wow" factor that encompassed the entire visit today. There was also the "What next" question that came to mind with more than just one person, I'm sure. My reaction was "Wow, I guess my family just got bigger." I guess the best analogy to answer the "What next" of this "reunion" would be a wedding... The members of my family will now get to know and become friends with the members of my birth family. It's just that instead of a bride and groom, there is only me. Relationships will develop over time and a lot of the unknowns will be worked out as they always are. But for now I can say that I'm happy with the situation, and I'm looking forward to our next get together in October.

It was a weird and wonderful and neat and cool experience today. The biggest warm fuzzy is from knowing how much I am loved. I guess I don't always recognize it, but it was apparent today.


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