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Female surnames ending in "J"

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D-21  Ella Jack to William G. Finley
F-36  Addie Jackson to Wilson Lytle
E-20  Alta Jackson to Josiah Sullivan
B-156 Ann Jackson to Thomas Stears
E-350 Ann May Jackson to John Shannon
C-370 Deborah Jackson to J. G. Miller
E-348 Dell Jackson to William R. Talbot
E-66  Dellie M. Jackson to George W. Pettitt
E-128 Effie M. Jackson to Robert G. Vincent
E-277 Eliza J. Jackson to Frank B. Fuller
F-44  Eva B. Jackson to Adalzo A. Dockstaden
D-160 Hannah Jackson to William Henry Brackett
F-48  Luella Jackson to William R. Clendenin
E-200 Maria Jackson to George H. Billman
C-467 Maria B. Jackson to Chas. W. Dickinson
E-229 Mary Jackson to Henry S. Frey
B-99  Mary A. Jackson to George Harrison
C-385 Mary E. Jackson to W. H. H. Compton
E-171 Mary E. Jackson to Lee G. Hull
E-272 Caroline Jacobs to Lenuel A. Robbins
E-369 Clara A. Jacobs to John J. Weaver
E-118 Electa R. Jacobs to Gabriel R. Champion
C-238 Fidelia Jacobs to Franklin Bifr
C-135 Lucy Jacobs to Robert Bonham
D-16  P. J. Jacobs to Adam Swortsweller
A-43  Rhodo Jacobs to Albert I. Sterns
C-165 Sarah A. Jacobs to James Barnabee
A-40  Thurza Jacobs to David Knox
E-334 Vinnie M. Jacobs to Chas W. Plummer
E-355 Bertha Jacobus to John Miller
E-115 Jennie Jacobus to Darwin Hale
E-175 Belle Jacox to Frank Chapman
C-44  Abigail Jagua to Joseph W. Black
C-370 Catherine N. Jake to Daniel H. Waltz
E-34  Margaret K. Jakway to William Rerrick
C-423 Catherine E. James to George W. James
E-321 Flora M. James to Thomas J. Weaver
E-252 Louisa James to Edward E. Wood
E-370 Mary James to William Henry Griffith
E-278 Matilda James to James E. Drake
E-226 Clarissa Jameson to James Foster
E-270 Jane Jameson to John Ellis
C-239 Amelia Janes to S. Noll
A-249 Mary H. Janes to George H. Erway
C-222 Mary Janing to Joachim Timm
C-17  Catherine Jaquay to James M. Stamp
E-40  Caroline Jarrett to John C. Broadley
E-312 Maggie A. Jarrett to Charles W. Hotchin
D-134 Elizabeth Jasseph to George A. Garrison
E-225 Ella Jefery to George L. Russell
E-255 Adie M. Jefferedo to Henry W. Gillett
E-258 Maria J. Jefferson to John A. J. Metzgar
E-191 Susie L. Jefferson to Walter Gregg
E-320 Emma Jeffrey to David Coler
E-22  Esther A. Jeffries to David M. Long
C-352 Ann J. Jenkins to Nelson N. Hyatt
E-331 Clara Jenkins to Charles Hagadorn
A-125 Eliza Jenkins to William Barker
D-89  Lavina J. Jenkins to William H. Kirby
F-50  Luella Jenkins to Charles V. Hagadorn
E-68  Margaret A. Jenkins to Robert P. Hermance
C-375 Meloina Jenkins to Ransom Johnson
E-221 P. P. Jenkins to William C. Bishop
E-262 Persilla Jenkins to Jerome Van Wormer
B-50  Almira J. Jenks to Daniel Buck
E-148 Minnie Jenks to William M. Wigglesworth
E-155 Viola I. Jenks to Edward P. Young
D-84  Eliza Jenner to Philo M. Lonsbury
E-342 Clara Jenning to Joseph C. Grossel
E-181 M. M. D. Jenning to J. T. C. Leverence
E-117 Theresa A. Jennings to William Shepard
E-153 Lena Jern to John Pagels
E-141 Catherine Jervis to George Briggs
F-108 Anna Jesse to John Burgwald
D-13  Diana E. Jessup to Charles P. Williams
C-93  Mary Ann Jessup to Charles Topham
F-20  Eva Jewell to John D. Graves
F-18  Flora Jewell to Delbert A. Smith
E-109 Frances Jewell to Caleb J. Brown
E-241 Florella B. Jewett to Henry W. Hayes
C-14  Helen M. Jewett to Thomas M. Woods
E-63  Jennie Jewett to Frank B. Nichols
E-250 Sarah D. Jewett to George H. Hanb
D-45  Mary E. Jingles to Jeremiah H. Knight
E-73  Emma A. Jodan to John P. Horton
E-145 Harriett John to Johann Groll
E-155 Johanna John to Peter Burgman
E-64  Lena John to Peter Schoock
C-85  Mary Johns to Lorenzo Cornish
C-321 A. L. Johnson to Ansel P. Porden
E-339 Ada Johnson to John D. Lings
E-314 Ada Johnson to J. D. Lingo
C-108 Adaleide Johnson to Amos Smith
E-169 Adda Johnson to William Dickinson
E-245 Agnes S. Johnson to Jacob Schoomaker
D-70  Albertina L. Johnson to Ansel Jordan
C-94  Almeda Johnson to Lewis Warts
C-9   Ann Johnson to Joseph Wood
E-332 Anna M. Johnson to Jacob Dean
A-272 Barbary Johnson to Nathan Syar
F-38  Bertha Johnson to James H. Armstrong
E-89  Charlotte Johnson to William H. Platt
E-149 Delilah Johnson to Albert Vincent
E-336 Della Johnson to John C. Stewart
C-292 Elizabeth Johnson to Johnson Garman
E-26  Ellen Johnson to George Wood
E-215 Elvira L. Johnson to Edmond Callgar
C-380 Emily E. Johnson to Tacitus E. Eaton
E-43  Emma Johnson to Franklin C. Marantitte
D-189 F. A. Johnson to William C. Iddings
C-12  Frances Johnson to John W. Sanders
E-161 Hannah Johnson to Charles A. Porter
C-58  Harriet A. Johnson to Henry P. Smith
B-51  Harriet E. Johnson to Moses Ulter
C-173 Helen Johnson to Silas B. Oatman
E-244 Ida Johnson to Zapeth Van Vorst
F-124 Ida A. Johnson to Hiram A. Burlison
E-220 Ina Johnson to Ollie Hummel
C-296 Jane Johnson to Joseph Weiand
C-175 Jane W. Johnson to Nelson W. Coon
E-341 Jennie E. Johnson to George R. Turner
E-208 Lillie B. Johnson to Henry A. Blanchard
C-384 Lorena L. Johnson to Oscar Whitmore
C-392 Lottie Johnson to John G. Bennett
C-201 Louisa Johnson to Edward S. Start
E-201 Maggie Johnson to V. C. Johnson
E-246 Margaret Johnson to Lawrence H. Smythe
E-301 Maria Johnson to William W. Miller
E-173 Marion A. Johnson to Henry W. Francisco
E-235 Martha Johnson to Henry M. Turner
F-126 Martha A. Johnson to David R. Avery
E-49  Mary E. Johnson to Levi Coup
E-67  Mary L. Johnson to Warren P. Whitmore
C-62  Mary P. Johnson to Volney Patchew
E-169 Melvina Johnson to Peter W. Freeman
C-179 Nancy Johnson to Richard Rott
F-2   Nancy Johnson to Peter C. Smith
E-216 Nora Johnson to Frank P. Wood
E-251 Rejinah Johnson to Samuel Holmes
C-53  Samantha Johnson to Andrew B. Richey
C-226 Samantha M. Johnson to Ralph T. Fox
C-54  Sarah J. Johnson to Albert C. Foot
E-179 Susan Johnson to Joseph Miller
E-19  Taner Johnson to John B. Waltman
F-94  Vettie Johnson to James Speenbarger
E-321 Ada Johnston to Otti H. Sollan
E-93  Alice Johnston to John Holsman
F-6   Georgie Johnston to Frank Rommel
D-100 Sarah A. Johnston to John Craig
E-78  Alice Johnstonbach to Peter Van Norman
F-88  Caroline Join to August Mamran
E-207 Addie H. Jones to John W. Welch
D-4   Agnes Jones to Joseph Stangel
E-308 Allie Jones to Baxter Hoxsie
E-59  Almeda E. Jones to Arthur L. Critz
A-55  Alvira Jones to Charles Aldrich
A-64  Alvira Jones to Charles Aldrich
C-338 Anna C. Jones to Samuel Orcutt
E-244 Carrie A. Jones to Frank Bath
D-152 Catherine Jones to Robert Bonham
E-7   Celi Jones to George W. Dickinson
B-138 Celina Jones to William J. Hazard
E-301 Celinda Jones to Thomas D. Leinbach
E-372 Clara Jones to Arthur Redfearn
E-320 Clara A. Jones to John S. Newberry
E-279 Clara C. Jones to William J. Miner
E-48  Cora H. Jones to George F. Boyer
E-69  Eleanor A. Jones to Emery D. Orton
E-12  Eliza I. Jones to Lindsley B. Moore
C-19  Elizabeth A. Jones to Thomas Harrison
A-40  Elizabeth I. Jones to William W. Plumb
A-65  Emily Jones to William Winney
F-106 Emma J. Jones to William G. Hoots
C-48  Esther Jones to Jacob Sidener
E-221 Hannah N. Jones to William H. Heimbach
E-165 Jemiah Jones to Phillip E. Runnion
E-295 Jennie Jones to Leon Reifsnyder
E-370 Jennie A. Jones to Lorengo McClaflin
E-244 Jennie M. Jones to Reuben Stout
C-291 Julia M. Jones to James Thornton
E-69  Laura B. Jones to Theodore Bewen
C-387 Libbie S. Jones to David S. Kidd
A-249 Livonia Jones to George W. Kimball
E-47  Maggie Jones to Church Teague
C-455 Malvina Jones to Seymour Taylor
E-8   Margaret E. Jones to John Jacob Houser
E-345 Martha E. Jones to Frederick C. Shultas
E-33  Martha J. Jones to David S. Kidd
A-68  Mary Jones to Louson N. Dewey
E-103 Mary Jones to Lewis Bucher
A-5   Mary Ann Jones to Walter Stevens
C-85  Mary Ann Jones to Orange D. Curtis
E-39  Mary C. Jones to Henry E. J. Eittell
E-76  Mary E. Jones to William H. Lintz
E-267 Mary E. Jones to Wesley Manley
E-8   Matgaret E. Jones to John Jacob Houser
E-112 May E. Jones to Jesse M. Root
E-297 May F. Jones to Frank S. Fisk
E-69  Mina Jones to Joseph W. Pound
E-71  Olive Jones to Jed Hill
A-218 Olivia Jones to Walter G. Stevens
B-51  Polly Jones to Michael Keith
A-3   Sally Jones to George Thurstin
E-239 Sarah A. Jones to William J. F. Brown
C-280 Sarah A. Jones to John R. Campbell
E-136 Sophia Jones to Clark Shellenbarger
E-261 Susan E. Jones to Emanuel C. Storms
E-157 Susannah Jones to Rufus Powers
E-251 Ada Jordan to Villa Mansfield
E-17  Ada J. Jordan to Clifton W. Clement
D-112 Albertina L. Jordan to William N. Jordan
F-90  Amelia I. Jordan to Samuel H. Pensinger
E-285 Anna Jordan to Willis E. Jones
C-217 Elizabeth Jordan to Benjamin Teasdal
C-216 Elizabeth Jordan to Anthony Schnells
E-122 Mary E. Jordan to John M. Brownard
C-361 Sarah Jordan to William Eastward
E-323 Vesta E. Jordan to Roys Haviner
E-316 Mary Jors to Fred C. Horn
C-56  Hannah Jouls to Asahel Morey
B-82  Anna S. Judson to George G. Depuy
D-1   Marietta Judson to Erastus Sanders
C-31  Ruth Julien to William Bellairs
E-127 Jane Jump to Samuel Valentine
F-18  Minnie Jurhs to Charles Shultise
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