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Male surnames - "D"

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E-225 Peter J. Dahley to Ellen J. Thomas
E-360 William Dailey to Flora Parker
E-314 Benjamin Dainey to Maggie Wright
C-300 George Dale to Hannah J. Vale
C-148 James Dale to Susan C. Putnam
E-24  Martin L. Dale to Frances F. Bunn
E-18  Samuel B. Dale to Eliza A. Shultz
E-13  Charles H. Dalton to Harriet Munger
D-113 George W. Dalton to Hannah S. Hitesman
D-70  Hamilton Dalton to Elizabeth Sprague
A-240 John Dalton to Ann Wagner
E-205 John Dalton to Belle Littlefield
A-131 John Dalton to Laury E. Fitch
E-151 Robert S. Dalton to Anna Evans
C-127 William R. Damon to Julia S. Tompkins
B-19  Heives Dana to Sarah Vincent
E-168 Farley A. Danberry to Mary Tyler
E-148 George R. Danberry to Cynthia M. Tyler
E-315 Lewis A. Danbury to Emma Landis
E-134 Eli C. Dane to Anna C. McKinster
B-91  Harvey Dane to Martha Powers
E-95  Joel Dane to Elizabeth Schefele
C-316 Alfred Daney to Minerva A. Hamilton
E-271 Delos A. Danforth to Sarah H. Robinson
E-86  Alcibias Daniels to Mary Bobcock
E-252 Deroy J. Daniels to Myrtie M. Kidd
A-161 Eli H. Daniels to Almira Freeland
C-184 F. W. Daniels to Priscilla B. Clark
D-21  Mahlon S. Daniels to Mary White
E-337 Marcus C. Daniels to Amanda Reed
A-116 Reuben M. Daniels to Sarah Gilbert
E-6   Warren M. Daniels to Mary Jane Bradley
C-23  William M. Daniels to Eleanor Gibson
B-9   William M. Daniels to Caroline M. Fitche
E-215 Frank L. Dard to Eliza Alis
C-360 Joseph Darling to Charlotte E. Suggett
E-141 Joseph Darling to Mary J. Eddy
C-190 Richard C. Darling to Hannah Lewis
A-113 Russell Darling to Ellen Ward
E-120 Tyler M. Darling to Mary E. Bacon
E-176 William H. Darling to Jane Plummer
D-37  George Darlison to Mary A. Reece
E-21  Byron N. Darrin to Maggie Kief
E-349 Charles E. Darron to Lizzie Swihart
F-110 Fred E. Dart to Emma Klingman
E-160 Leroy E. Dart to Margaret Hall
E-294 Jerome Daton to Philena Garrison
A-171 Jean B. Daughlinck to Susan Haight
E-235 James B. Daulton to Carrie E. Creager
E-368 Chas. W. Davidson to Hattie L. Donaldson
E-363 Almon E. Davis to Margaret A. Lantz
E-219 Aloy Davis to Emily Welch
C-89  Amesa I. Davis to Clara Osborn
C-115 Charles A. Davis to Harriet Steele
E-192 Charles L. Davis to Emma L. Miller
C-386 Cornelius Davis to Abigail Brown
F-102?Cornelius M. Davis to Minnie Biddle
E-290 Edwin G. Davis to Ida L. Tyler
E-97  Emery Davis to Olive L. Chamberlain
E-322 Frank S. Davis to Sadie M. Bixler
B-83  Franklin Davis to Elizabeth Elliott
E-94  George Davis to Catherine Shug
E-138 George Davis to Laura L. Evans
F-10  George Davis to Lottie Showerman
E-249 George Davis to Emily Hawley
B-41  George M. Davis to Eliza A. Hess
D-10  George W. Davis to Regina Huff
E-101 Harvey Davis to Catherine Hamilton
E-46  Hawlett J. Davis to Lottie A. Rhoades
E-142 James W. Davis to Silonia Hoyt
E-184 John Davis to Amanda Chapman
A-204 John J. Davis to Louisa Kerr
C-22  John J. Davis to Mary A. Bowman
E-361 John R. Davis to Sarah F. Pearce
E-382 Joseph C. Davis to Sarah Harrison
E-154 Joseph C. Davis to Ellen A. Graham
B-130 Milton Davis to Sarah F. Anthony
E-277 Ozoheus E. Davis to Isabella S. Noe
E-202 Samuel Davis to Mary Ann Butler
E-91  Stephen Davis to Malvina Shanks
E-110 Stephen B. Davis to Caroline V. Wolf
E-113 Stewart M. Davis to Anna Werland
E-41  Wakeman Davis to Laura Coon
D-68  William Davis to Francis E. Peterman
C-75  William C. Davis to Antinett Lyons
F-80  William E. Davis to Mamie C. Oernst
E-26  Wilson H. Davis to Mattie J. McMurtrie
C-222 Edward Dawes to Harriet C. Stowe
C-364 George Dawes to Mary Dutcher
B-30  Lemuel Dawson to Angeline Cayser
C-147 Asa Day to Clarinda Blakely
E-299 Herbert L. Day to Alice M. Hazard
C-146 John M. Day to Harriet Droy
E-151 Frank E. Dayharsh to Della Peek
E-305 Wm. H. Daymance to Mina Tryen
E-305 Soloman Deahl to Anna I. Gunthorpe
E-241 Clarence G. Deal to Cora B. Hammond
D-111 Amos Dean to Susan Dean
E-248 Andrew Dean to Loretia A. Millaid
E-332 Jacob Dean to Anna M. Johnson
E-564 Joseph Dean to Lucy Ann Stuck
D-111 Joseph Dean to Susan Strick
D-26  Alexander DeArmean to Mary Fox
E-19  Wm. S. DeArmend to Sarah Prutzman
E-372 Frank M. Debane to Cora A. Blanchard
C-27  Lewis Debow to Mahaha Sales
E-304 William DeCamp to S. Ellen Shambaugh
E-109 Charles W. DeChut to Amelia H. Dunwell
E-172 Albert Decker to Ida H. Knickerbocker
C-477 Edward Decker to Harriet M. Bott
E-166 George E. Decker to Eliza J. Cross
E-213 George W. Decker to Amanda E. Ware
E-188 Henry A. Decker to Emma Ware
E-126 Jacob G. Decker to Lydia J. Primmer
C-51  Jacob H. Decker to Elizabeth A. Rossman
D-80  Jeremiah M. Decker to Rebecca A. Elder
E-220 Michael P. Decker to Mariam A. Dunbar
E-113 Oliver Decker to Adeline Harpster
C-201 S. Decker to Lucy J. North
C-451 William W. Decker to Sarah Myers
E-61  Wm. S. Decker to Emma Kinney
A-112 James Decus to Hannah Rowley
D-264 Henry Deelius to Caroline Seits
C-6   Richard Deely to Aurilla Reynolds
F-58  Charles Wesley Deem to Nettie Fisher
E-95  John E. Deffenderfer to Mary A. Bucher
D-249 W. A. DeGroot to Mary G. Wood
D-237 George DeHass to Rachel Narber
E-5   George DeHass to Rachel Narber
E-142 Fred Dehn to Sophia Zornd
E-290 Frederick Dehn to Minnie S. Horn
E-250 Emanuel Deir to Elizabeth Derr
E-151 George D. Deir to Nancy B. Hill
E-256 Thomas C. DeJean to Loese Wilson
E-287 Frank Delamater to Emma C. Dale
C-280 M. L. Delamater to Eliza J. Wade
B-39  John Delang to Catherine Lewis
E-270 Martin Delany to Eugenia A. Runkle
E-31  Edward Delay to Mary S. Beisel
B-127 Harmon Deldine to Mary E. Wellever
C-21  Hiram Dell to Juliette Crofoot
F-118 Frank Dellamothey to Helen Walter Felkner
F-118 Frank Dellamothey to Helen Felkner Walter
E-27  Milton Deloan to Senath Latson
E-298 Charles Delong to Frances M. Romig
E-180 Charles E. DeLong to Lucy A. Parsons
E-158 Henry E. DeLong to Eliza J. Persons
F-42  Philip DeLong to Amy Eldridge
F-14  R. D. DeLong to Hannah Romig
E-122 Samuel DeLong to Barbara E. Kline
E-159 Samuel DeLong to Sarah E. Bloom
D-55  Ira J. Demeron to Nancy J. Locke
B-104 Newell Deming to Olive Buck
E-275 Orville Deming to Ella E. Spaulding
E-360 Charles S. Demont to Lucy C. Baker
F-108 Frederick Denekas to Elizabeth Morell
F-122 George Denies to Ellen Cleveland
E-154 Anthony Dennis to Eva L. Torey
C-468 James W. Dennis to Molie A. Stone
E-20  Levi Dennis to Susannah Motter
C-312 Wm. H. H. Dennis to O. E. Gruney
E-21  Frederick Denoo to Hannah Miller
D-81  George Denoo to Mary Prolo
F-20  Byron H. Dent to Theresa Battzell
E-178 Edwin Dent to Emma C. Dent
E-110 Isaac Dent to Sarah Garman
E-68  Franklin Dentler to Libbie Hamilton
E-66  Fred C. Dentler to Margaret Eicholtz
F-118 Frederic C. Dentler to Lula A. Brown
E-337 Edward K. Denton to Fanny Mellen
A-272 Isaac Denton to Mariet C. Morse
F-48  Abraham L. Depere to Mattie Elnora Clark
E-173 Lorenzo Depue to Elizabeth Foster
B-82  George G. Depuy to Anna S. Judson
D-230 Spencer Deremas to Mary Yeoman
E-198 Perry C. Derthick to Ellen S. Mingus
E-192 Charles L. Dervis to Emma L. Miller
E-290 L. B. Desvoignes to Ollie M. Clapp
E-242 George Dethrick to Mary Condit
D-219 Alexander Detwiler to A. Arend
E-246 Alexander Detwiler to Sarah M. Haven
E-289 H. L. Detwiler to Margaret J. Snyder
F-18  Miles Detwiler to Rose Ella Homes
E-324 Lemuel H. Detwiller to Jane A. Holliday
A-108 Leonard B. Deuel to Angeline Green
D-64  Charles Deull to Elizabeth A. Spencer
D-24  John Deusmore to Loana Rudd
B-12  Levi DeVall to Elizabeth Decker
B-46  Jacob Deveny to Galina A. Carr
E-88  Roland Devor to Lydia Hall
E-89  William Dewal to Wilhelmina Kopp
C-465 Charles Dewel to Maria L. Opliger
F-90  Fred Dewey to Sarah E. Durkee
D-95  Jedidiah Dewey to Mary D. Southworth
A-68  Louson N. Dewey to Mary Jones
E-52  Solomon Dewey to Mary Coler
E-183 William M. Dewitt to Olida Salsbury
C-193 Ira E. Dexter to Lydia Decker
E-345 James B. Dey to Hannah Hazzard
B-132 John DeYoule to Malvina M. Gilson
E-157 Abram Dibble to Flora A. Everets
E-117 Jacob M. Dice to Paulina A. Wright
E-256 John A. Dice to Sadie M. Hackett
E-232 Linoln Dice to Emma Coats
E-149 Wm. Dicffenbacher to Emma Goodell
E-175 John Dickerson to Caroline F. Ackerman
A-135 David Dickey to Bridget Lucy
C-49  John B. Dickey to Adaline M. Starr
C-52  Michael Dickey to Sarah Smith
E-282 Samuel F. Dickey to Catherine McCarthy
E-267 Martin Dickfore to Kate Smith
E-101 Albert Dickinson to Rebecca M. King
E-333 C. E. Dickinson to Hattie Clark
C-467 Chas. W. Dickinson to Maria B. Jackson
F-78  Frank T. Dickinson to Minnie M. Tyler
D-7   George Dickinson to Lydia Hardy
E-7   George W. Dickinson to Celi Jones
E-273 John A. Dickinson to Esther A. Bridges
E-39  Richard M. Dickinson to Ellen Fieldhouse
E-169 William Dickinson to Adda Johnson
E-292 John Dickman to Fredrica Gest
E-99  Jo Diedrich to Rika Tessin
E-331 George E. Diegel to Hattie Rendell
E-296 Charles H. Diener to Sadie M. Young
E-50  Jefferson J. Dietz to Susan Kupher
C-226 Harmon Diggin to Eliza Denell
E-63  Judson J. Dikeman to Olive L. Dougherty
B-49  William Dilldine to Sarah Omer
C-192 Martin A. Dilley to M. J. Chase
A-6   George W. Dilly to Lydia Martin
E-352 James R. Dimic to Ida E. Coats
E-299 Chas. M. Dimick to Isabella Coates
A-214 Jehuel B. Dimick to Lydia L. Babcock
E-94  John L. Dimick to Lucinda F. Sheldon
A-198 Morse W. Dimick to Parthena F. May
D-232 Willis B. Dimmick to Susan E. Coffin
E-4   Willis B. Dimmick to Susan E. Coffin
E-311 Felix Dingman to Harriet Frienyne
E-62  Jacob Dingman to Mary A. Daniels
E-344 John E. Dings to Nettie Bickel
B-143 Michael Diskell to Ellen Croan
E-36  Albert M. Disney to Mary Carlan
E-304 Edward Ditmars to Dora Dingman
E-154 James Divine to Ann H. Moon
F-64  James E. Divine to Lydia A. Schock
C-25  Elisha Doan to Sabie W. Carey
E-64  George W. Doan to Elvina Noe
B-124 Gershom P. Doane to Eliza A. Peterson
F-86  Wilhelm Dobberthin to Wilhelmina F. Rost
E-111 Wilhelm M. Dobbertin to Christiana S. J. Mamero
E-166 Robert L. Dockeray to Ellen Goff
F-44  Adalzo A. Dockstaden to Eva B. Jackson
A-264 Henry G. Dockstader to Catherine Keller
C-293 Joseph P. Dockstader to Nellie E. Haines
B-46  Giles F. Dockstater to Maria L. Keller
A-144 Augustus V. Doddy to Rhoda Beckwith
E-91  Chauncey Dodge to Samantha A. Hogdell
E-188 Dewitt W. Dodge to Ella L. Rose
E-46  Emmet B. Dodge to Anna A. Wheeler
F-108 Joseph J. Dodge to Jennie Bly
E-321 Lyman H. Dodge to Minnie A. Hurne
E-113 Orrin N. Dodge to Carrie Crease
E-45  Wallace H. Dodge to Harriett E. Vesey
E-319 Noah Doering to Ella McDowell
C-75  William C. Doevis to Antinett T. Lyons
E-44  Patrick Dogan to Maryann Doyle
C-168 Peter Doir ?? to Helen Owenmeyer
F-2   John Dolan to Mary A. Speese
E-298 Martin Doll to Mary Pleifer
E-139 Charley Dollberg to Anna Veeder
E-260 Anson Dolph to Emma A. Negus
F-54  Millard Dolton to Ida Crampton
E-191 Jerry Donagher to Maggie McQueen
E-299 William Donalacon to Addie Barker
C-167 D. L. Donberger to Ellen Bryan
E-325 James B. Donelson to Mary Otis
C-33  Samuel Doney to Huldah Laurence
B-146 Samuel Donkin to Mercy A. Vaughn
E-286 J. W. Donner to Sarah C. Rosebrook
C-7   Patrick Donohue to Harriet Thompson
E-265 Robert Dool to Georgiana Hafer
E-360 Clarence M. Doolittle to Ollie Davis
A-118 Clinton Doolittle to Sally Ann Blair
E-180 George E. Doolittle to Harriett M. Brokaw
A-172 Benjamin P. Doone to Sophia Whaley
E-257 Frederick Dopperlin to Mary Hunt
D-65  Chas. M. Dorenus to Martha Kismark
A-285 Samuel Dorrant to Harriet Wonsey
C-408 Alvah H. Dorris to Libbie A. Kelsey
F-106 James Dewitt Dorris to Lottie Faukner
E-46  James Dorsey to Delia Moore
C-174 James H. Dorsey to Emily J. Eldridge
E-94  James P. Dorsey to Mary B. Buck
D-209 William A. Dorsey to Sarah J. Shear
E-309 Henry Doss to Emma Carls
E-18  James H. Doty to Sarah A. Curtis
E-167 James H. Doty to Augusta E. Anderson
E-170 Nelson J. Doty to Phoebe Frey
C-401 Theodore P. Doty to Sarah G. Maulsby
C-66  James M. Doud to Melinda Winslow
E-324 Cassins J. Dougherty to Hattie F. Snyder
E-312 Clarence Dougherty to Ella Bubb
F-16  Clifford C. Dougherty to Kate H. Worthington
C-418 Cortland Dougherty to Louisa J. Whitney
C-171 Cortland Dougherty to Louisa I. Griggs
E-182 Edmund F. Dougherty to Helen M. De Pain
E-80  John B. Dougherty to Mary E. Sanborn
B-33  John W. Dougherty to Lydia Troy
E-325 Orville Dougherty to Mary E. Schock
C-205 Robert H. Dougherty to Mary L. Thoms
E-174 Robert H. Dougherty to Louisa L. Ellenthorpe
E-17  William C. Dougherty to Mary J. Sardean
E-263 William R. Dougherty to Mattie C. Reed
E-219 George F. Dougherty to Eliza Griffith
A-55  Alonzo Douglas to Eugene Newhall
C-401 Benjamin Douglas to Mary E. Hazard
D-62  John A. Douglas to Anna Reeves
A-169 Orsemus Douglas to Ann G. Galloway
C-207 Sylvester Douglas to Sarah Robinson
B-142 William Douglas to Helen Hill
E-278 John H. Douglass to Carrie Bordwell
F-70  Sylvester Dove to Arma Frank
C-197 Isaac Dovey to Kate Scamuel
C-388 Uria S. Dow to Charlotte Bissell
F-106 Willard S. Dow to Ann G. Madlem
E-304 Thomas S. Dowey to Ella A. Tuthill
E-360 Fred Dowler to Ella A. Pelton
C-173 Clark R. Dowling to Eliza Goodrich
C-64  Hiram Dowling to Sarah Rose
F-52  George W. Downer to Annie P. Green
E-268 Edwin G. Downes to Dora M. Bowman
C-53  Lewis Downing to Martha Richards
E-88  Alfred G. Drake to Ann M. Patrick
E-32  Daniel F. Drake to Maryetta Taylor
E-158 Henry C. Drake to Clara B. Roys
C-5   Isaac Drake to Julia A. Moler
C-134 Isaac Drake to Caroline S. Simmons
E-333 Isaac N. Drake to Mary A. Adams
F-128 Jackson C. Drake to Nellie S. Antwerp
E-278 James E. Drake to Matilda James
C-69  James L. Drake to Sarah E. Kinsey
E-300 Joseph Drake to Susan Marcy
D-193 M. F. Drake to M. J. Robinson
E-202 Rawson S. Drake to Annette Evans
E-314 Reason S. Drake to Salina Drake
B-83  Wear Drake to Amelia T. Gurney
C-174 Benjamin V. Draper to Lydia Riggs
C-407 Charles C. Draper to Ellen P. Sawyer
A-77  Hiram Draper to Lydia Hollenbeck
E-20  Hiram Draper to Frances De Paul
D-170 John Draper to C. Benner
C-116 Jonas C. Draper to Caroline E. Powers
D-58  Moses R. Draper to Sarah J. Hampsey
E-284 Joseph Dreese to Ella Clay
F-20  Samuel Dreibelbis to Eliza Wilson
C-241 Franklin B. Dresher to Sarah J. McCormick
C-217 John Dresher to L. A. Eckrath
A-111 Thaddeus Drew to Mary A. Lewis
B-44  Thaddeus Drew to Sarah Lewis
C-423 Dan Driesbach to Nancy A. Parker
F-132 Frank E. Driesbach to Nina E. Berger
E-197 Henry M. Driesbach to Alice M. Weissel
E-206 Jacob D. Driesbach to Ellen L. Kook
C-419 John Driesbach to Frances H. Cook
E-11  Thomas F. Driesbach to Henrietta Shweitzer
E-316 George A. Driggs to Mary S. Sigel
E-172 Seymour Driscoll to Melissa Sample
E-48  Noah Drissell to Alice G. Traverse
E-341 William Driver to Catherine Hobson
E-79  Henry Drobolt to Almira Randall
F-114 E. L. Drumhiller to Lizzie Prentice
E-43  Jacob L. Drumhiller to Susan Swartz
C-458 Nicholas Drumhiller to Amelia Miller
E-323 Seba H. Drumhiller to Eva J. Forman
E-214 Wm. H. Drummhille to Eliza Philips
E-151 James Drummond to Hattie E. Bohles
C-72  William Drummond to Samantha Ward
C-344 Isaac Druse to Eliza Trobridge
D-185 Charles W. Dryer to Annie Alton
E-282 Edwin Dubendorf to Flory Heater
E-244 John E. Duck to Louisa Holmes
F-90  John E. Duck to Bell Radabough
E-283 Elliott A. Dudley to Adelia J. Plant
E-110 Henry E. Dudley to Desire A. Cutler
C-356 Justin Dudley to Estella Avriel
F-30  James Duer to Drusilla Teyan Bates
E-107 David Duers to Mary A. Tackaberry
F-34  Adam Duesler to Emma Hollenbeck
B-118 George S. Duesler to Hannah E. Boots
D-16  John R. Duesler to Dorothea E. Ballard
E-231 Edward James Duff to Josephine Tyler
C-328 Noah Dufut to Matilda Botwick
D-214 Daniel Duke to Mary Bingaman
E-1   Daniel Duke to Mary Bingaman
E-250 Joseph Dumes to Melina Peirigeny
C-322 Jesse S. Dumon to Dovlesery Hagar
A-194 Jesse S. Dumon to Silvy Herd
E-247 James Dumpan to Florence S. Evans
D-251 H. M. Dunbar to Elenore Willis
E-90  Nicholas Dunbery to Janette Hafer
E-37  Charles C. Duncan to Olive E. Frazier
D-95  Charles J. Duncan to Philena M. Goodrich
C-284 Delamar Duncan to Mary H. Field
C-321 Homer Duncan to Maria Gardner
C-199 James M. Duncan to Mary J. Thoms
E-77  William Dungil to Caroline Stewart
C-276 George Dunham to Sarah A. Downey
E-42  John Dunham to Christine Shrader
E-77  Abraham B. Dunkel to Rebecca Leiser
E-209 James Dunkin to Hattie Shaw
C-328 W. W. Dunkin to Elizabeth A. Cross
D-267 William Dunkin to Mary Camell
C-142 George H. Dunkirk to Ermina W. Rolph
E-136 J. R. L. Dunlap to Mary F. Drake
C-325 James Dunlap to Bridget Ryan
C-474 James W. Dunlap to Louisa S. Wickham
E-308 Useph Dunlap to Clara Holmes
B-68  William Dunlap to Elizabeth Watson
E-251 John Dunn to Elizabeth Swain
E-291 Robert Dunn to Melvado Schaffer
E-226 Willis J. Dunn to Lillian Dunn
E-38  Edson J. Dunning to Frances A. Wagner
E-28  Elias F. Dunten to Helen P. Caldwell
F-122 Charles Henry Dunton to Jennie Chugston
E-84  Morris W. Dunton to Sarah Ayers
C-261 Charles B. Dunwell to Ann E. Miller
E-127 Fred W. Dunwell to Clarissa D. Drake
E-5   Henry Dunwell to Jane Hess
D-236 Henry Dunwell to Jane Hess
D-1   Joseph H. Dunworth to Martha Granger
E-261 Frank Duparck to Ida Adams
C-280 Nevals Dupois to Sarah Alexander
E-20  Venal Dupois to Matilda Wilhelm
D-165 Sidney Durfee to Mary J. Clement
E-169 William Durfee to Sophronia Heistkeg
E-79  Stephen Durgan to Anna Walker
E-226 Isaac F. Durham to Clara J. Cook
D-51  Eli E. Durnion to Mary E. Barber
F-30  James Durr to Drusilla Teyan Bates
D-42  George Dutch to Josephine A. Scoville
B-21  William Dutcher to Susan Lincoln
C-401 Cyrus Dutton to Cordelia Estes
C-464 William Dutton to Abigail Baker
E-270 Charles Dwight to Eliza J. Bishop
E-269 William Dwight to Emma A. Parish
E-124 Richard Dye to Maggie Sidney
E-186 Franklin Dyer to Rose Gunner
E-45  Logan J. Dyke to Sarah Baer
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