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Male surnames - "V"

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A-191 Victor Vadney to Celestia Tatra
C-416 Aaron E. Vail to S. H. McConuele
A-218 Richard Vail to Electa Hackett
B-2   Richard A. Vail to Electa Hackett
E-61  John R. Valance to Hattie S. Derr
C-333 John W. Vale to Cordelia H. Hall
D-203 Nathan H. Vale to M. E. Kepler
E-127 Samuel Valentine to Jane Jump
B-12  Levi Vall to Elizabeth A. Decker
C-252 Richard VanAernam to Susan F. Kinney
E-4   Jacob VanAllen to Atta Born
E-94  Charles E. Vanalstein to Hortense Rowe
C-332 John W. VanAlstine to Mary E. Parkhurst
B-98  Lewis Vanalstine to Eviline A. McArthur
B-38  William Vanalstine to Ellen Cothwell
E-179 George H. VanAntwerp to Sarah Wilson
E-164 Jacob VanArnum to Augusta Young
B-37  Leander VanBenschoten to Mary Jane Thompson
A-204 John J. Vanbleck to Harriet E. Stanley
C-110 William E. Vanbrenlt to Louisa Boyer
A-260 Albert I. VanBuren to Almira I. Eggleston
C-3   Freeman C. VanBuren to Mary L. Doane
C-172 George W. VanBuren to Esther Ford
B-104 James VanBuren to Phebe A. Simpson
D-160 James K. Vanburen to Mary Wiss
E-144 William VanBuren to Jane Whitney
E-70  William H. VanBuren to Carrie B. Major
D-107 Abner J. VanBusen to Emily Howe
F-76  Charles F. Vance to Mary C. Row
F-124 John Vanderburg to Gertrude Ellsworth
E-140 Reed Vanderburg to Mary L. Walker
E-225 Burton Vandercar to Cora A. Habey
E-346 Abraham Vanderhayden to Susana Butler
F-76  Abram Vanderheyden to Emma E. Young
F-104 Milton S. Vandermack to Mary M. Kielkopf
E-211 Charles Vandervanter to Louise Kessler
F-122 John Vandervort to Ada L. Mead
E-231 Joseph Vandette to May Truberg
E-138 William D. Vandeventer to Mary M. Orbison
A-270 John Vandewalker, Jr. to Ellen S. Waterson
F-36  Stephen VanDorson to Anna R. Walton
D-54  Levi Vandorstan to Margaret Gruver
E-265 Levi Vandorstan to Sarah B. Phinney
C-259 John Vandoster to Barbara A. Grime
E-24  James VanDusen to Eliza Cline
E-30  Benjamin F. VanEps to Fannie A. Brown
E-231 Charles E. Vaneps to Julia A. Landon
E-292 Charles H. VanEps to Hannah A. Smart
F-110 Joseph E. VanFleet to Cora M. Gardener
E-236 William Hamilton VanFleet to Addie A. Bunn
E-196 R. J. VanFossen to Sarah A. Ames
B-142 Henry VanGelder to Janette Whittimore
E-133 Cornelius VanGilder to Ruth E. Hester
F-82  Cornelius Vangilder to Lorinda Pine
E-28  Burt VanGuilder to Lola J. Weeks
E-113 Jesse VanGilder to Mary J. E. Barber
E-177 Jesse VanGilder to Sarah E. Bush
E-279 Monroe VanGuilder to Margaret Kinch
E-229 Cornelius VanHolst to Bell Woodworth
C-300 A. R. VanHorn to Emma Snyder
E-233 E. M. VanHorn to Catharine Perry
E-274 Charles A. VanHorst to Mary D. Preston
E-195 John VanKent to Fanny A. Boman
F-8   David A. VanKirk to Maggie C. Brown
E-35  Thomas VanKirk to Lizzie Howarth
F-8   Leander VanMeter to Della Billings
E-358 Elmer D. VanNess to Nettie O. Beebe
E-322 William E. VanNess to Julia Peck
E-78  Peter VanNorman to Alice Johnstonbach
D-74  John Vannorstrand to Sarah Shoemaker
E-114 T. C. VanNurstrand to Mary E. Austin
E-14  Hugh Vanpelt to Emeline West
C-211 Joseph Vanselous to Cornelia Hartman
B-72  Seymour Vansickle to Hannah McGaffey
E-264 Thomas J. VanSickle to Sybil Hastings
C-221 Valey Vansickle to Angeline Tompkins
E-355 James A. VanSicklin to Hoppa G. Dingman
E-117 Pearl Vanslyke to Maggie Fitzgiven
D-153 Charles C. VanVleck to G. Haight
E-26  George O. VanVleck to Evalyn P. Chapin
E-141 Giles W. VanVleck to Maria Wise
E-197 John H. VanVleck to Anga E. Kline
B-27  Philo VanVlect to Eleanor McDonald
C-112 Alejer J. Vanvorit to Elizabeth White
C-256 Abram B. Vanvorst to Emily Butler
F-116 George VanVorst to Mary Belotte
E-244 Zapeth VanVorst to Ida Johnson
E-133 Howard H. VanVrankin to Julia A. Thoms
F-32  Henry A. VanWert to Mary (Herley) Wilson
E-262 Jerome VanWormer to Persilla Jenkins
E-3   Benjamin F. Vaughan to Mary I. Scholfield
D-229 Benjamin F. Vaughan to Mary I. Scholfield
A-147 Florence M. Vaughan to Jane Rumsey
F-132 Mahlon Vaughan to Ella Mott
E-67  Edward Vaughn to Josey Uiman
E-156 Florence M. Vaughn to Rebecca Buble
C-372 George W. Vaughn to Caroline H. Ketchum
F-124 Alfred Velie to Mary Alice Harding
F-118 Henry Verheul to Myrtle A. Spencer
F-120 Ira. Verheul to Ida Eliza Newman
F-54  Martin Verheul to Thersa Stegman
E-224 William Verner to Sarah Hawks
D-41  George H. Vesey to Sarah M. Allen
F-70  William Vickery to Mary (Weis) Conrad
D-242 Cornelius Viele to M. E. Schennerhorn
E-7   Cornelius Viele to M. E. Schennerhorn
E-284 Andrew Vieman to Tillie E. Rhoades
E-173 Edward W. Viers to Mary E. Eckenrole
E-149 Albert Vincent to Delilah Johnson
E-28  John Vincent to Anna E. Laylen
B-40  John Vincent to Elizabeth Robbins
E-372 Luther Ferdinand Vincent to Caroline Weeces
B-58  Myres Vincent to Maragaret Packer
E-128 Robert G. Vincent to Effie M. Jackson
E-292 Lewis Vine to Lora Daniels
C-84  John D. Vinson to Samantha Ash
E-127 Mark Virgil to Sabina Williams
C-311 John Vleit to Caroline Bower
E-325 William H. Vliet to Mina V. Davis
D-90  Christian Vogler to Johanne Witt
A-201 James H. Voorhees to Delia Bonebright
E-12  Charles G. Vorhees to Emma Lane
F-46  W. J. Voris to Otelia Schnurr
E-8   Albert Vosburgh to Antionette St. Germain
B-80  Charles C. Vought to Sophia Estes
E-352 Eugene Vought to Ann Barrett
C-272 Justus L. Vought to Mary B. Estes
B-12  Justus T. Vought to Janie Carr
F-132 Francis M. Vreeland to Minerva Vreeland
E-252 John F. Vroman to Ellen R. Walker
D-110 Seth I. Vroman to Ellen Blair
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