The McGaffey family members-January 1905

Front Row-from left---Martha Sarah Boone (mother to Laura Jane [Boone] McGaffey) , age 74 years; Otis Willis English (son of Joseph and Annie Laurie [McGaffey] English) ; and Otis McGaffey , I, age 86 years; Middle row-from left---Laura Louise English; Joseph English; Annie Laurie [McGaffey] English; Mae [Boone] McGaffey; Sadie Evans McGaffey; Back row-from left---Lillie Otis McGaffey; Aunt Florence [Boone] Booth (sister to Martha Sarah Boone); Delia Prince McGaffey; 'Aunt' Mamie [Boone] Burt (sister to Laura Jane Boone); Lizzie Keller McGaffey ; Laura Jane [Boone] McGaffey (wife of Otis McGaffey , II) , age 42 years; Otis McGaffey , II , age 48 years; and Fannie Mae English.

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