Gleaning the Past.........Part 3
Burr Oak Township
St Joseph County, Michigan

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Transcribed and proof-read by Josephine Reed Garzelloni
28 Sep 1997

Bits and Pieces of history and her people Collected and compiled by Josephine Reed Garzelloni Contributed to the St Joseph County Michigan USGenWeb for the free use of all. Not to be sold or published without permission.

This work is done in honor of my Mother,
Maxine Virginia Reed
29 February 1916 ~ 7 February 1989
She did the very best she knew to do
in the face of overwhelming adversity
"Soar on the wings of angels my Sweet Mother"



Hackett Tidbits Unconnected These are bits and pieces of Hackett information I've collected over the years in search of my family ties. When I first started to research back in 1972, I did so by the seat of my pants and without even thinking about it, didn't think about recording such minute things as microfilm rolls, pages numbers and the date of such things.... I apologize to you that I'm unable to provide those important pieces of data for you on this first entry.

This is an 1850 census for the state of Michigan, St Joseph County, Burr Oak Township. The date of the recording of this data in the census taker's book was 6 August 1850.

Hackett, John.............28 years old, born New York
Hackett, Ellen............26 years old, born New York
Hackett, Josephine......2 years, born Michigan

Nathan Hackett, my mother's great great grandfather was listed on the same page and the age of 33 years. I don't know how these two men were related. I do know that Nathan's daughter Ellen was my great great grandmother and she married with Thomas Jefferson Reed, son of Casper Reed and Mary Wolverton Reed.

from the papers of Jo Garzelloni



Burr Oak Acorn, 3 November 1932
J.A. Vogt, Supt.
First and Second Grade~~~~~The first and second grades have made their calendars for November. We have a Hallow'een party in our room last Friday. The second grade boys and girls are making "The Pilgrim's Thanksgiving" for the sand table.

Third and Fourth Grades~~~~~The following pupils were neither absent nor tardy during the month of October: Florence Bathrick, Jane Bedient, Edna Chapin, Victor Decker, Richard Emerson, Charlene Harmon, Helen Harman, Eleanor Hill, Max Lee, Betty Maystead, Norene Smith, June Buller, Sadie Bell Dunham, Harry Gross, Marlan Hatch, Francis Kane, Clayton Klopfenstein, Winifred Kanouse, Clinton Klopfenstein, Maxine Klopfenstein, Jeanne Mayer, Donald Thrasher.
People receiving a gold star for perfect spelling lessons of last week are: Max Lee, Joan Milliman, Anna Weaver, Barbaradine Cravens, Donald Thrasher.

Fifth and Sixth Grades~~~~~The fifth grade is studying Holland in Geography. We are making Dutch windmills. The sixth grade is studying the Western Mountain region in Geography. Our room had a Hallow'een party Friday afternoon. We played games and enjoyed eating pop corn, candy and apples. We have had our room decorated with jack-o-lanterns, cats, witches and bats.
The "A" spellers of the fifth grade are Frances Bathrick, Jacob Gross, Helen Maystead and Wilfred Weaver.
The "A" spellers in the sixth grade are Russell Johnson, Edna McMahon, Charles Emerson, Jr., Phillip Bedient, Duane Miller, Mabel Packard, Carol Himebaugh and Ralph Selby.

My note: apparently two grades were combined in one classroom in the elementary grades.......given the size of our school this is probable to have been the case in 1932.

High School~~~~~The Junior class held a class meeting Monday to decide definitely about ordering their rings. The Economics class which is taught by Miss McCrea is planning a debate. The resolution is "Resolved that Hoover would make a better president than Roosevelt." The affirmative side elected Myrtle Smith as chairman, and the negative side elected Robert Shane. After the debate there will be a rebuttal between the chairmen of both sides. Two periods during Friday after will be used for this argument.
The boys first and second basket ball teams will play at Scott Friday night. Remember that people of Burr Oak can help the boys win the game by going.
We need two or three men with cars to take the basketball boys to Scott Friday night. It would be better to have men drive the cars. Will any man interested notify the school at once.

Copied to Jo Garzelloni by John A. Ultz, 27 September 1997



The first frame house in Burr Oak Township was buillt by Reuben Trussell. He purchased his lumber at Duggs sawmill, located not far from where Jonathan Holmes mill stood later (Holmes Hollow). The lumber was rafted down Swan Creek to a point not far from whence it was taken by teams to the building site not far from where Nathaniel Houston later lived (Jesse Steinbarger's). Mrs Steinbarger was Fern Houston.
$5.00 per thousand feet for best white wood. Nails were .13 per lb. by the keg.



Post Office
A petition signed by 30 citizens, was presented to Village Council, May 24, 1873 asking that a cross walk be laid across Front Street commencing at the corner of the Post Office Block and extending directly across Front Street to RailRoad Grounds. Motion supposted that a 6 foot walk be laid.



First Township
In 1838 the question of a new township began to be talked of, as the parent township, Sherman, was considered too large in extent for judicial and electoral purposes. Accordingly, in the spring of that year the following legislative act recorded, viz: That "All that part of the county of St Joseph designated in the United States survey as township No 7, S of range No.9.W be, and the same is hereby set off and organized into a separate township by the name of Burr Oak. And the first township meeting was held at the home of Julius A Thompson in said township.
Randolph Manning, Secretary of State, approved 6 March 1838.
First Township Board Meeting......2 April 1838
Pursuant to the above recited act of the legislature the meeting was held 2 April 1838, and organized by appointing Alvin Gates, Esq. Moderator. Oliver Raymond Esq, was present as active justice of the peace. James L Bishop and Hiram Draper were chosen clerks. The following men officers were elected to fill the newly-made-township.

Supervisor~~~~~~Marshall Livermore
Township Clerk~~~~~~James L Bishop
Assessors~~~~~~ Alvin Gates, Daniel Weaver and Hiram Draper
Commissioners of Highways~~~~~Oliver Raymond, Hiram Draper and Daniel Weaver
Supervisors of Primary School~~~~~Norman Allen, Oliver Raymond and Sidney Carpenter
Constables~~~~~~John S Stickles, Sidney Carpenter and Norman Allen
Collector~~~~~~Norman Allen
Directors of the Poor~~~~~~~Cyrus Benedict, Phineas H Sheldon
Justices of the Peace~~~~~Alvin Gates, Marshall Livermore, Hiram Draper and Oliver Raymond
Fence Viewers and Pound Masters~~~~Julius A Thomson, Warren Norton and Benjamin Stocking

Overseers of Highways~~~~
District no 1........Josiah T Livermore
District no 2........Samuel Needham
District no 3........Ervin K Weaver
District no 4........Nathaniel Leavitt
District no 5........Casper Reed

My Note: now on the back of the page containing this data are a couple notes from Geneva that I haven't figured out yet. I think this were to fill the "Clerks" position as they are listed on the next page and she perhaps didn't want to use up a piece of paper with so much wasted space. To wit: Sidney Carpenter, Sr, 1845 for 7 years 1852 and lastly, J.C Bishop, 1876 ~ 1886
On the next page a listing of Clerks and their length of service is given



Township Clerks~~~~~1838 ~ 1876
Sidney Carpenter...........4 years
William Clark...................8 years
Charles E Kibbe..............2 years
John H Clews, John S Tyler, Hiram Bets, Allen C Arold, Lyman F Hopkins, Charles Thornton...........2 years each in succession
Bliss N Stone..................2 years
Walter W Stone, Chester A. Ward, James Mills, N.H. Soule, John H. Phelps....all 2 years each
N.G. Cooper......................3 years
L.S. Benjamin and F.F. Betts.........3 years
Sidney Carpenter, Sr.............1845 for 7 years 1852

Justices of the Peace
Norman Allen..................4 years
James Bishop..................7 years
James P Allen.................2 years
Alvin Gates, Richard Houston, Harrison Kelley and James Sickles.............8 years each
Samual Needham and James H Tisdell.................28 years
Hiram Betts.....................16 years
J.C. Bishop................1876 ~ 1886

78 ~ 81 from the papers of Geneva Smith



Drake ~ Lee
Two favorable known young people of this village, Miss Brenda, daughter of Mr and Mrs Claude Drake, and Donald E Lee, son of Mr and Mrs George Lee, were married at Centreville last Saturday, Rev. A.W. Simmons pastor of the M.E. Church performing the ceremony. The happy couple returned here for a short visit with their parents and then left for Bremen, Indiana, where Mr Lee holds a responsible position and they will make their home. Their many friends extend congratulations.

Burr Oak Acorn,
dated in pen 1925 only from the papers of Geneva Smith



Friend ~ Ahlgrim A pretty home wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred Friend in this village last Thursday evening, when their daughter, Miss Edna Lucille, and Arthur E Ahlgrim, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Ahlgrim, were united in marriage. Rev. Noffze officiated, and the ring ceremony was observed. This happy couple are numbered among the most highly respected young people of our village and have hosts of friends who wish them happiness. They will make their home here.

Burr Oak Acorn,
dated in pen 1925 only from the papers of Geneva Smith

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