Gleaning the Past.........Part 4
Burr Oak Township
St Joseph County, Michigan

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This work is done in honor of my Mother,
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Burr Oak Acorn
30 December 1915
Alma Helen Camburn married 28 December 1915 with E Carl Rolfe of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Alma is the youngest daughter of F.H. Camburn. Miss Florence Whitmer was the maid of honor and Robert Hatcher of Ann Arbor was best man. The couple will reside at 802 Packard Street, Ann Arbor.
from the papers of Geneva Smith



Electa Hackett, age 20 years, born 1823, married on 15 march 1843 to Richard Vail, age 31 years, born 1812
from the papers of Geneva Smith



Hackett The six children of John and Caroline Hoyt Hackett were: Edwin J: Gertrude: Maud: Lillie, deceased: Fred:

Edwin J, born 19 August 1858 in St Joseph County, Michigan, son of John and Caroline, was four years when his parents went to Kansas. (my Note: It's unclear whether Edwin went with them or not because in the left margin, Geneva has written "later he went to"). In 1880 he married Miss Nellie Van Benscholen, daughter of S. and Sarah (Chaflin) Benschoten ( my note: notice it's got a "t" where there's an "L" in the previous spelling of this surname). They had six children:

1. Florence Hackett married with Jesse Monroe of Bronson, having four children: Nellie, Guy, Ruth and Millie.
2. Earl Hackett married with Blanch Crow, and had three children: Julie, Morris and John. (my note: in the left margin of the page Geneva has written Millgrove Township, Indiana. I think she's saying that Earl and his family went to that place. I don't know where Millgrove Township is in relationship to the Michigan state line).
3. Lovel or Lauel Hackett married Elmer Snyder of Cleveland and they had two children: Thelma, deceased and Edna.
4. Marie Hackett married with Weldon Laurmer.
5. Lyle Hackett married Carroll Case, daughter of William Case of Orland, Indiana. (My note: Orland, Indiana is just a few miles across the state line of Michigan, just about due south of Bronson, Branch County, Michigan.
6. Glen Hackett

from the papers of Geneva Smith given to me by her daughter, Shirley Elmer, circa 1978.



Burr Oak Acorn 27 January 1916
Blacksmith Beard vacated the Keeslar shop on Front Street and moved to the "Hill" shop on Railroad Street. The family will reside on the second floor.



Burr Oak Acorn 20 January 1915
Dr Rollman, Jr moved from over the Stite Bank to the Rollman block opposite the printing office.



Burr Oak Acorn 5 September 1929
E.P. Bates of Farmington, ex Burr Oak former editor of the Burr Oak Acorn spoke at "Old Boy and Girls Reunion" in Burr Oak.



Burr Oak Acorn 16 December 1915
"Hod" Royer rented the vacant (old post office ) room in Camburn block and will move his cigar store there.
"Hod" Royer will take over the meat market he recently purchased from Leslie Beers.



Thomas Worts Burr Oak Acorn 24 February 1916
F.E. Straw sold his variety store To Emmanuel Emerson of Litchfield. In the Shineman block store stand about a year ago.



Burr Oak Acorn 13 May 1915
20 years ago 1895, H.C. Gilson will soon commence a 2 story brick block on his lot between the Galoway block and Hotel Boyles. The building now on the site occupied by Deno's Economy Shoe Store will be removed. Update:
In 1965, "Duke" Charles Danberry's Barber Shop has been there for 50 years. 1966 Ray Shidaker bought it from Hildon Brooks.



Green ran the hotel one time run by Julius Tompson, Ketchum, etc located where Jack Mills lives on the corner of Second and Front Street. Mrs Green was a half-sister of Addie Pease Himebaugh.



Burr Oak Acorn 16 December 1915
Circuit court involving the title of Lot #2, Sec 1 Burr Oak site of Park Hotel, corner Third Street and Front Street. Naming: George Tyler, John L Tyler, Silas Snow, Lucy M Rayner, Mary A Tyler, Wilson Oviatt, William Snotter and their respective heirs, legaties etc..
The defendants were listed as: Nathaniel L Holmer, J Allsion Holmes, Mary L Galaway, Grace V Holmes and Hazel L Holms.
J.J. Stanton, Sturgis
87 through 94 from the papers of Geneva Smith



J.J. Stanton, Sturgis
Probate Proceedings, File No. 1788
Of Estate of Michael Smith. 6 February 1875. Filed by Susan Smith and Reuben Smith. Michael died January 1875 leaving his widow Susan Ann Smith, John A Smith, Willard M and Era Smith all residing in town of Burr Oak, St Joseph County, Michigan.
21 October 1876...Report sale of real estate to Archilles P Thurston for $943.33....E 22 1//2 acres of SW 1/4 and the NE 1/4 of the S.E. 1/4 and 22 1/2 of E. part of the N.W. 1/4 of the S.E. 2/4 of Sec 16.
Quit claim deed 21 October 1876, Susan Smith to Achilles P Thurston Mortgage; 16 December 1877, Achilles P Thurston and wife, Ellen (Davis) Thurston.. Joshua Vedder, discharge 4 December 1882......Vol 50 or maybe 56, page 385
Warranty Deed, Henry Stetler and wife Mary to Michael Smith, 11 March 1869 for $8500.00, mortgage Michael Smith and Wife, Susannah Smith to Henry Stettlar $5500.00
Discharge of Mortgage, William Knauss, Guardian of Mary...Stetler, widow of Henry, dated 13 December 1877
papers of Geneva Smith



Said Benjamin Farley died June 1863 leaving a last Will and following heirs.
Harriet Farley, Burr Oak
Mary Ann Weaver, Burr Oak
Maria Lancaster, Burr Oak
Laura Whitney, Ingham County
Irene C Farley, St Joseph County
children of Cyrus J Farley (deceased)
Jesse M Farley, infant with mother in Kansas. children of Phila Shear (deceased)
Arminta Abbot, 25 years, St Joseph County
William Shear, 25, Nevada
Sarah J Shear, 20, New York
papers of Geneva Smith


Warrantee Dee, 20 September 1856 Erastus Williams and wife, Sarah R Williams $5300.00 to Willis W Bennet and Asa E Kinsman
Henry Kemerling to Erastus Williams, discharged 23 October 1876
Henry Kemerling and wife, Catherine, $7100.00 to Jacob H Stettler, 26 February 1866
Jacob H Stettler and wife, Madilta Stettler, wife of Jacob H Stettler, aka (Matilda Stettler). $8000.00
papers of Geneva Smith



Mortgage, 6 August 1838, $243 00 Benjamin Stocking to Warren Norton
Quit claim deed, Stehen Benedict by George Benedict to Gideon Sanborn
1 May 1839, United States to Warren Norton, E1/2 of NW 1/2 of Sec 15 President, Martin Van Buren, Martin Van Buren, Secretary, Joseph S Wilson, Recorder of General land Office.
papers of Geneva Smith



The Mabie Family....First Generation

Charles Ashley Mabie was born 21 January 1889 in LaGrange, Indiana. He died 25 August 1975, son of George William Mabie and Minnie O'Brien. He was buried in Rice cemetery in Elkhart County, Indiana. According to Orvan Mabie's research, this man was the husband of Urial Hazel Cummins. In 1900, St Joseph County, Michigan, Sturgis township, V.70, sheet 9, lists William G. Maybe, 34; wife Minnie, 38; Charles, 11; Anna, 7.

He was married (1)with Hazel Urial Cummins, daughter of Court Cummins and Belle Cummins in June 1906. Hazel Urial Cummins was born on 9 May 1889 in Fawn River Township, St Joseph County, Michigan. She resided at Elkhart, Indiana in 1929. She died 28 April 1929 in Bristol, Indiana in an automobile accident. Newspaper clippings of the accident held by Cindy Bryant, 29 April 1929, "Elkhart Truth", front page: "Five Elkhart persons died when their 1921 Reo touring car hit a bus near Bristol Sunday. Urial Cummins' children died with her. Cemetery records say she was born in 1892; her obituary says 1889. Charles Ashley Mabie married (2) Edna Mae Collins/Stowe of Elkhart, Indiana on 24 October 1931. Edna Mae was born 20 January 1902 at Albany, New York, the daughter of Bernard Collins and Mary Hawkins. Charles' second marriage lists his birthdate as 21 January 1889 at LaGrange, Indiana, son of George William Mabie and Minnie O'Brien.

The children of Charles and Urial Cummins are:

2 i. Charles Vivian Mabie was born on 12 August 1912 in Sturgis, St Joseph County, Michigan. He died 28 April 1929 in Bristol, Indiana. He was buried on 1 May 1929 in Burr Oak Cemetery, St Joseph County, Michigan. He resided at Elkhart, Indiana. Charles, Hazel, Myrtle and Ruth Mabie all died 28 April 1929 in a car accident near Bristol, Indiana. He was driving the auto.

3 ii. Myrtle Vaughn Mabie was born 7 December 1909 in Burr Oak, St Joseph County, Michigan. She died 28 April 1929 in Bristol, Indiana. She was buried on 1 may 1929 in Burr Oak Cemetery. She resided at Elkhart, Indiana. Newspaper clipping of the accident, indicated they may have used her middle name "Vaughn". According to Cindy, Myrtle's birthdate is listed as 7 December and it also lists the birthdate for the twins as 7 may be incorrect.

4 iii. Ruth Annabelle Mabie (twin) was born 7 December 1914 in Sturgis, St Joseph County, Michigan. She died 28 April 1929 in Bristol, Indiana. She was buried 1 May 1929 in Burr Oak Cemetery. She resided at Elkhart, Indiana. Birthdate listed the same as her single birth sister, Myrtle and one of them may be incorrect.

+5 iv. Ruby Isabella (or Annabelle) Mabie (twin).

Second Generation

5. Ruby Isabella (or Annabelle) Mabie (twin) was born 7 December 1914 in Sturgis, St Joseph County, Michigan. Her mother and siblings died in 1929 and are buried in Burr Oak Cemetery. Ruby was the sole survivor of the accident. Myrtle's birthdate is listed as 7 December in the newspaper. It also lists the twins as born on 7 December so this needs checking. Ruby was married to Dewain Wilbur Filley, son of Don D Filley and Lola Morehouse, on 30 June 1934 in LaGrange County, Indiana. Dewain Wilbur Filley was born 29 April 1913 at Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan. He resided in 1982 at Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. He died on 12 January 1982 in Dowagiac. He was buried 29 April 1982 in Burr Oak Cemetery. His social security number was 366-01-2603. Buried on Lot 539, Sec 5, grave 8 on 29 April 1982 in the same lot with the Mabie's.

Dewain Wilbur Filley and Ruby Isabella (or Annabelle) Mabie had the following child:

6 i. Helen Ruth Filley was born circa 1940 at Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan

Data provided by Tom Stevens, a volunteer in Elkhart, Indiana to Cindy Bryant and Cindy in turn provided it to me for inclusion to the St Joseph County Michigan USGenWeb site. Email Cindy at: TCRJ Bryant Many thanks to Cindy for sharing....


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