Three Rivers is proud to pay tribute to the many men and women from Three Rivers who helped win our great victory in WORLD WAR II all over the world, -- in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Forces and in every branch of our Armed Forces.

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WWII Three Rivers Veterans, R-M

Jay S. McDowell
Richard McCally
Francis C. McCarthy
Clarence C. McClain
Norman A. McClain
Ralph T. McClain
Chas. M. McCormick
Geo. N. McCormick
James E. McDonald
Robert McDonald
Lloyd McGary
Robert McKee
Stanley C. McKenzie
Ralph McKinley
James McLarty
Douglas McQuiggin
Robert Mack
Charles E. Mains
James Malcom
William Malcom
Melvin J. Mandigo
Ralph S. Manos
Harry N. Mansberger
Armando Maranzana
Carl F. Marietti
Marinus Maringa, Jr.
Harry R. Marker
Lewis Marshall
Lewis Marshall
Charles W. Martin
Howard Martin
John C. Martin
Leroy E. Martin
Chester Marusek
Henry P. Marusek
Stephen Marusek
David Martin
Walter H. Marvin
Sam F. Massie
Robert E. May
Harry W. Mayers
Benjarnise F. Meubon
Galen Meck
Waleta Mellville
Vern L. Meredith
Donald Meska
Melvin E. Meska
Floyd Messinger, Jr.
Christian Wm. Meyer
Russell F. Meyer
Harold L. Mihler
Frank Miholer
Thomas J. Milholer
Casimer J. Mikosz
Josephine Mikosz
Gerald E. Milks
Herbert C. Miller
Eugene C. Miller
Gene N. Miller
Nyle C. Miller
Owen R. Miller
Paul R. Miller
Robert J. Miller
Stanley Miller
Herbert Minniar
Orville W. Modert
Richard L. Modert
Clinton F. Mohney
Foster D. Mohney
Harold Mohney 
Paul M. Mohney
Thomas O. Monroe
William R. Monroe
Donald F. Moore
James H. Moore
Robert A. Moore
Howard  P. Morley
Chas. Robert Morris
Joe L. Morris
Mac F. Morris
John D. Moser
Joseph L. Moser
Frederick H. Mow
Chas. J. Mrazek
Fred Mueller
Lawrence C. Muffley
Robert C. Muir
Harry L. Murray
Alvin G. Musser
Leroy Musser
Raymond Musser
Chas. H. Muth
Maynard Meyers

Wm. H. Nadolsky
Otto W. Nash
James R. Neff
Raymond Neff
Bennie J. Nelson
Robert Newlo
Earl D. Nichols
Eugene Nichols
Arthur Nickell
Vasalia Nickita
Chas. F. Niendorf
Lawrence Niendorf
Arthur Noles
Elbert E. Noles
Betty Norris
Robert H. Norris
Lee Northrup
Dale S. Norton
John I. Norton
Russel E. Norton
Gail Northdruft
Robert Nowels
William D. Nowels

Wm. E. Oberholtzer, Jr.
Harry E. Oberlander
Chas. W. O'Dell
John H. O'Dell
Robert G. Olson
R. D. Omo
Chas. P. Ornstedt
Herbert Ornstedt
Ralph G. Orr
Kenneth Osborn
Oather P. Owens, Jr.

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Nolen I. Palmer
Louis Panczyk
Walter Pandzyk
Harold Pangle
Durwood Pangle
Zegmund Papulski
William F. Parker
Donald L. Pass
Thomas G. Pass
William R. Pass
Clyde F. Patterson
Fred C. Patterson, Jr.
George W. Patterson
Thomas E. Patterson
James M. Pauli
William H. Payne
Alice Pearson
Edson Peak
Raymond G. Peeke
Riley K. Penn
Wayne E. Pepperman
Charles B. Peters
Milton Peterson
Harold A. Pharoah
Gerald Phillips
Russell Phillips
Robert L. Pierce
Welton D. Pierce
Wilbur Pierce
Foster L. Pixley
Biford W. Potter
Joe Powers
Arthur M. Prange
Charles H. Prange
Jack E. Preston
Max Preston
Billie L. Price
Gerald W. Pritchard
Roland H. Pritchard
Gerald C. Prouse
Kenneth D. Pursel
Raymond A. Pursel
Clausell Pursley
Earl Jr. Pursley
William E. Pursley

Charles J. Quake
Harry Quake

Alton C. Rader
Mary E. Rader
Oscar L. Rader
Charles W. Rahn
Evelyn Raifsnyder
Frank W. Raifsnyder
Harry E. Raifsnyder
Robert J. Rauch
David B. Rea
George J. Ream
Homer I. Ream
Richard B. Ream
Eugene R. Reams
Edsell C. Reams
Wardell K. Reams
Bruce Reardon
Jack L. Reardon
Lawrence T. Reardon
Robert M. Reardon
Wm. H. Reardon
Martin Reeb, Jr.
Charles H. Red
Jack L. Reed
Murry Reed
Russell Reed
Herman D. Reick
Denzil E. Reiling
Louis H. Rhoda
Geo. L. Rhodes, Jr.
Bernard Rice
Dean R. Rice
Franklin G. Rice
Robert A. Rice
Wendell B. Rice
Carroll Riggs
Merlin W. Riggs
Robert C. Riggs
Robert Rineholt
Harry R. Ring
Samuel J. Ring
William J. Ring
James W. Rix
Elwood Roach
Charles A. Roberts
Daniel A. Roberts
Donald E. Roberts
Harold E. Roberts
Lewis B. Roberts
Tom A. Roberts
Elmer J. Robinson
Hibbert A. Robinson
Dean L. Rockwell
Laudis J. Roddy
Bert S. Rogers
Douglas E. Roll
Joseph E. Roll
Rex A. Roaf
Mary Rotar
Craig W. Roush
Richard E. Roush
Chas. P. Rowe
Eugene Ruggles
Chas. Ruck
Harold A. Ruggles
Martin D. Ruggles
Myrl E. Ruggles
Warren Rumsey
Leon Russey
Wm. Ryan
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Special 'Thanks' to these two ladies for their wonderful efforts in getting this genealogical data online:
Transcribed by:
Carole L. Carr / Proofed and edited by Josephine R. Garzelloni

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