Three Rivers is proud to pay tribute to the many men and women from Three Rivers who helped win our great victory in WORLD WAR II all over the world, -- in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Forces and in every branch of our Armed Forces.

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WWII Three Rivers Veterans, S-Z

Jack E. Sales
Eldon J. Salisbury
Arthur T. Salter
Joe V. Sanders
Melvin Sandrock
Virginia Sangilli
William Sangilli
Joyce Sass
Walter M. Sass
Ray C. Sassaman
Robert Saunter
Russell B. Sayer
Kenneth F. Sayers
Robert Sayers
Chester F. Schaefer
Edwin E. Schaefer
Robert Schall
Erwin Schanz
Byron H. Schneider
Francis Schneider
Chas. W. Schock
Richard Schock
Alfred M. Scholz
Francis Scholz
Bradley Schoomaker
William C. Schoppe
Glenn A. Schroeder
Alfred M. Schug
Warren. L. Schug
Don Schweihs
Jesse Schweihs
Richard F. Schweihs
Donald Searer
Joseph Sebring
Kenneth Segerson
Wilbur Segerson
Wilbur L. Selby
Frank F. Somine
Robert Sewell
Clinton L. Shafer
William P. Shearer
Edgar L. Shelters
Ben F. Shively
James H. Shively
Wilbur H. Shively
Robert P. Shoemaker
Arden L. Shutes
Bernard R. Shutes
Bristol Shutes
Douglas M. Shutes
Frederick W. Shutes
Howard I. Shutes
Norman Shutes
Francis J. Simone
Frank S. Simone
Thomas S. Simone
Kenneth Sims
Leo F. Skebiskie
Edward F. Skrzyniarz
Romas J. Skrzyniarz
Clayton Slack
Alfonso Slaughter
Everett E. Slentz
Paul E. Slentz
Paul E. Sloan
Clarence Smagala
Raymond Smagala
Donald J. Smallcombe
Chas. Smith
Clark A. Smith
Dale A. Smith
Frank O. Smith
Dale B. Smith
Lloyd R. Smith
Melvin E. Smith
Milford Smith
Raymond W. Smith
Richard D. Smith
Vermon L. Smith
Vinton F. Smith

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Stanley Smitley
Geo. M. Smoll
Lawrence Snell
Robert Snell
Isaac J. Snow
Frank Spadafore
Glen E. Speidel
Verland Spence
Dee Spencer
Jack Spencer
Stanley Sperau
Leslie Spooner
Williard L. Springer
Linden Spurlock
Kenneth M. Stamp
Deane Stanar
Robert L. Staples
Russell Staples
Charles Star
Joe Starzevski
Geo. D. Stauder
Edgar Steck
Harold R. Steiner
John Steininger
L. R. Steininger
Wm. E. Stem
Harry H. Stemple
John A. Stevens
Eugene Stiteler
Ercel St. John
Wayne E. St. John
Charles E. Stock
Lewis Stock
Dale E. Stone
Kenneth W. Stowe
Robert E. Stowe
Richard W. Strawser
Orville Stroup
James Sullivan
Duane L. Swan
John Swartzentruber
Keith H. Swett
Charles Swihart
Fred Swihart
Harry E. Swihart
Robert Swihart

Wilbut Teed
Ernast Templin, Jr.
Victor Tennison
Stanley M. Thomas
Bruce Thompson
Edwin H. Thompson
George V. Thompson
Robert L. Thompson
Robert L. Thompson
Earl K. Thomas
Gordon A. Thor
Kent L. Tlbury
Helen Tobin
Leslie W. Tobin
Pauline Tobin
Robert M. Tobin
Floyd F. Tobin
Joseph Tokarski
Stanley Tokarski
Walter Tokarski
Leroy Tomlinson
J. D. Tullock
George Turner
Harold A. Turner

Otho E. Ulrich
Willis H. Ulrich
Keith Underwood

Leithton Van Dorn
Hugh G. Van Horn
James Vanness
Lawrence J. Van Over
Paul B. Van Over
Donald Van Zile
Raymond Van Zile
Russell Vaughn
Richard H. Verheul
James J. Vondrak
Harold A. Voorhees

Donald N. Waddell
Robert J. Waddell
Richard A. Wade
Albert A. Wagner
Anne Wagner
Douglas Wagner
Marlyn T. Wagner
Paul S. Wagner
Robert L. Wagner
James R. Waidner
Arthur Waldron
Gerald Walker
Chas. H. Walter, Jr.
Robert K. Walters
George T. Waltz
Sharon T. Walz
Harold B. Ward
Dale L. Warner
Frank R. Warner, Jr.
Don H. Warner
Luther L. Warner
Paul Warner, Jr.
Paul E. Warner
Robert J. Waterman
Earl E. Watson
Ralph Watson
Donald A. Watson
Wm. E. Watts, Jr.
Maurice J. Weed
Geo R. Weidman, Jr.
Eugene S. Weigners
Arthur S. Weinberg
Donald L. Weinberg
Richard H. Weinberg
Leonard J. Weiner
Orris B. Welburn
Curtis Welty
Donald Welty
Robert Welty
Marvin C. Wetherbee
Robert L. Wetherbee
Alice Wheeler
Paul D. Wheeler
Willard A. Wheeler
Jay R. White, Jr.
Leonard A. White
Vernon G. White
Bruce Wilcox
Jack V. Wilhelm
Paul Wilhelm
Robert L. Will
Victor L. Williams
Emil Willman
David H. Wing-Scobie
Chas. D. Withers
John F. Withers
Max R. Wolf
Cameron C. Wortinger
Kenneth E. Wortinger
Robert F. Wortinger
Durwin W. Wright
Herbert Wright
Wm. Monroe Wright
Cameron L. Wuerfel
Elgin A. Wuerfel

David E. York
Raymond O. Yorton
Milton Young
John Younts

William Zellack
Clifford Zierle
Carl G. Zweig
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Special 'Thanks' to these two ladies for their wonderful efforts in getting this genealogical data online:
Transcribed by:
Carole L. Carr / Proofed and edited by Josephine R. Garzelloni

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