Lakeside Cemetery-U-V, Colon, St. Joseph Co., MI
St Joseph County, Michigan


Ultz, Edwin Albertus.....died 18 December 1968, aged 95 years, resided at Flint, Michigan

Unknown, Unknown......died 21 December 1909, Tramp found dead in the Fairfax Depot

Valyer, Nettie J.....widow, died 26 August 1965, aged 61 years, resided at Centreville, St Joseph County, Michigan

Valyer, Otis.....married, died 2 February 1949, aged 47 years, resided at Colon, son of Roy and Mabel (Taylor) Valyer, lot owned by Nettie Valyer; Arthur and Marcia

VanDam, Lucas.....married, died 27 November 1941, aged 74 years, resided at Colon, cause of death clearly listed as "rabbit"

VanDam, Wilhelmina.....widow, died 8 April 1956, aged 81 years, resided at Sturgis, St Joseph County, Michigan

VanDam, John Adrain.....died 21 September 1955, aged 62 years, resided at Colon Township, son of Lucas and Minnie VanDam, born at Chicago, Illinois

VanDervort, Carl.....VET, married, died 5 December 1901, aged 26 years, resided at Colon, Veteran of the Spanish American War

VanDervort, O.....GAR, married, died 29 May 1902, aged 78 years, resided at Colon

VandVort, Henry.....married, died 26 October 1910, aged 48 years

VanHorn, Gerald.....died 14 January 1911, aged 5 days, resided at Colon, son of Mr and Mrs Leo VanHorn

VanSaw, Ralph P.....married, died 12 February 1961, aged 85 years, resided at Colon

VanSlyke, Minnie.....widow, died 19 December 1955, aged 84 years, resided at Howell, Michigan, maiden surname was Brodeman

VanSlyke, Pearl F.....married, died 3 June 1917, aged 37yr 10mo 3dy, resided at Colon, parent's name the same as hers, clearly written, lot owned by Minnie VanSlyke

VanTrick, Guysbert.....married, died 29 July 1964, aged 69years, resided at Colon Township, born in Holland

VanTrick, Nell.....married, died 4 October 1960, aged 69 years, resided at Colon, daughter of Fred and Ann VanSomecn, born at (can't read town) Minnesota.........Note: surname of parents not clearly written

VanVorst, Clyde.....married, died 8 February 1954, aged 66 years, resided at Colon, son of Zebouth and Ida (Johnson)VanVorst

VanVorst, Frank.....married, died 16 May 1919, resided at Burr Oak, St Joseph County, Michigan, son of Mr and Mrs Abraham VanVorst

VanVorst, Viola Maxine.....single, died 2 December 1924, resided at Sherwood Township, Branch County, Michigan

VanVorst, .....died 7 April 1917, resided at Colon Township, infant child of Mr and Mrs Clyde VanVorst, born at Colon Township

VanWormer, Larry Lee.....stillborn 17 August 1955, at Sturgis

Vaughan, Gasper S.....single, died 10 December 1918, aged 68yr 3mo 20dy, resided at Colon Township, son of Mr and Mrs Florance Vaughn

Vaughan, John F.....married, died 12 June 1928, aged 82 years, resided at Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan, buried on the old Vaughan lot

Vaughn, Florence S.....single, died 22 August 1957, aged 73 years, resided at Sturgis, St Joseph County, Michigan, daughter of Mahoney and Lillian (Benedict) Vaughn, born at Colon

Vaughn, Hannah M.....married, died 9 October 1910, aged 59 years, resided at Colon Township

Vaughn, Lillian.....married, died 3 March 1938, aged 77 years, resided at Colon, born at Colon

Vaughn, Mahoney F.....married, died 24 August 1933, aged 76yr 10mo 26dy, resided at Colon Township, son of Mr and Mrs F Vaughn, lot owned by Mrs M.F. Vaughn

Voyvodick, Tluja.....died 7 December 1924, aged 42 years, resided at Colon Township....Note: first name could also be Fluja, lot owned by the Chickleck Brothers

Vroman, Mrs Ida B.....widow, died 1 April 1937, resided at Colon, born at Colon, lot owned by Eiwa Hamilton

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