Lakeside Cemetery-Y-Z, Colon, St. Joseph Co., MI
St Joseph County, Michigan


Yeatter, Katherine Jan.....widow, died 27 September 1960, resided at Woodacre, California, maiden surname was Dean

Yeatter, Sidney E.....married, died 30 December 1919, aged 52 years, resided at Matteson Township, Branch County, Michigan, son of Mr and Mrs Solomon Yeatter, lot owned by Katie Yeatter

Yocum, Thomas Ray.....stillborn 18 February 1949, son of Arthur and Marcia Ray (Valyer) Yocom, lot owned by Nettie Valyer

Young, Bernard.....married, died 29 November 1955, aged 75 years, resided at Colon

Zerb, Emma.....died 11 August 1966, aged 67 years, resided at Colon, daughter of Wilhelm and Idar (Echieve) Walter, born in Europe, no country given

Zerba, Gustav.....died 17 June 1960, aged 72 years, resided at Colon Township, born in Europe, no country given, birthdate was 21 October 1887

Zerby, Josephine.....married, died 8 June 1947, aged 43 years, resided at Colon, daughter of Mr and Mrs Janus DeBack, burns listed as the cause of death, lot owned by DeBack and Moore

Zevkovich, Steve.....married, died 15 September 1961, aged 65 years

Zinck, Clifford.....married, died 24 July 1963, aged 72 years, resided at Iron River Township, Michigan, lot owned by Custer, Zinck

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