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List of abbreviations used in the FACT INDEX and their meaning:

(a) . St. Joseph County Album.

anc - ancestor.
b. - born.
B.O. - Burr Oak township.
Cent. - Centreville.
ch. - child or children .
co. - county.
Col. - Colon township.
Cons. - Constantine township.
d. - died.
dar. - D.A.R. manuscript records.
D.A.R. - Daughters of the American Revolution.
Ed. - editor.
Fa. - Fabius.
fam. - family.
Fl. - Florence.
Flow. - Flowerfield.
(gr) - grave stone record.
(h) - St. Joseph County History.
Lpt. - Lockport.
m. - married.
M.D. - physician.
Mend. - Mendon township. 
(np) - newspaper record.
Not. - Nottawa township.
p. - page.
pion. - pioneer. 
pres. - president.
s. - son.
S.A.R. - Soldier American Revolution.
Sher. - Sherman twp.
Stu. - Sturgis.
T.R. - Three Rivers.
Terr. - Territorial.
twp. - township.
w. - wife. 
W.P. - White pigeon prairie or township.

The Fact Index includes names of pioneers recorded by Abiel Fellows chapter, D.A.R., 
at the St. Joseph County Fair, held at Centreville, September 18, 1930.  It also includes 
other names of pioneers not mentioned in the text but given in memoriam.  To this 
material has been added data useful in genealogical research for the genealogical lines 
of St. Joseph county people.
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Abbey, Wm., S.A.R; anc. Charlotte (Abbey) Davis - Mrs. A. D.
Abiel Fellows, chap., D.A.R. - organized 1905 by Lucy (Fellows) Andrews - Mrs. B. E.
Adams, Edward, m. Mary Mosher; pion 1835, Fl.
Adams, Isaac O. - M.D. (h); pion. 1830.
Adams, John E. (a); b. 1817; m. Mary Metler; pion. 1835.
Adams, Samuel (a); s. John and Sarah (Porter) A.; m. Senesa Straw; pion. 1835, Fl.
Addison, H.N. (a); m. Lovisa (Ransom) 1848; pion. 1857,, Leon.
Allen, Capt. Moses (h); prospector, 1836.
Allison Brothers, (np) pion. 1832, Cent.
Allman, Wm. (a) m. Louisa Fairchilds; pion. 1838, Stu. 
Anderson, John W. (h) First reg. of deeds; pion. abt. 1829; p. 42
Andrews, Bishop E. (1846-1918); M. (1) Lucy Fellows (1847-1907); p. p. 155, m. (2) 
  Helen (Kline) Sanderson (Mrs. Jesse)
Andrews, Jonathan (dar) (1756-1806) S.A.R.; anc. L. (Lathrop) Phillips - Mrs. E. E.
Andrews, Col. Norman S. (gr.) (1842-1882); m.. 1852, Martha G. (1835-1916); 
  surveyor; pion. 1851, W.P.
Andrews, Martha G., intro.
Andrews, Seymour H. (a); s. of Nathan and Orpha Butler A.; m. (1) Chloe Benson, 
  (2) Keziah L. (Hazen) Griffith; pion. 1854.
Annin, Wm. (dar) (1715-1784); S.A.R.; anc. Katherine (Kline) Sine - Mrs. L.P.
Archery, p. 21.
Arks, see River Arks.
Armitage, John (gr) 1824-1894; m. 1847, Mary J. Boudeman.
Armitage, Wm. (gr); b. 1791, Engl., m. Bathseba, b. 1797 Engl.; pion, 1836, Not.; p.
Arney, John (h) b. 1786, Engl. Eng. Brit. sold. in Amer. rev.; m. Ruth; 8 ch. -; p. 157.
Arney, Wm. (h), pp. 88-9; p. 145-150.
Arnold, George, Mayor T. R. 1913.
Arnold Famiy, p. 127; 129; 149.
Ash Family, p. 88.
Aspenwall, L. A. Pres. T. R., 1890.
Austin, H. D., p. 186.
Authorities quoted, V.
Avery, Esthere, School libr'n T. R., p. 155
Avery, Oliver T., Mayor T. R., 1920.
Babcock, Samuel B.; m. Elizabeth Groves; pion, 1854, Not.
Backus, C.W., M. D. (gr) (1840-1888); m. Martha Caldwell.
Baer, C. C.; p. 186.
Bagley, John J. (1832-1881); Gov. Mich. (1873-1877); Boyhood, p.p. 169-171. 
Ballou, Danford G., (a); m. Cynthia Warralls; pion. 1838, Pk.
Baldwin, Frank Dwight (1842-1923); Bri. Gen U.S.A.; p.p. 180-'4.
Bandholtz, Harry H.. (1864-1925); Bri. Gen. U.S.A., p.p. 184-'6. 
Banks, wild-cat and red-dog, p. 55.
Barker, David (1731-1815); S.A.R.; anc. of Ida (Barker) Younglove-Mrs. F. M.
Barkman, Harvey (1829-1899); m. 1860, Ardella Pierce.
Barrows, Mrs. H. P. - sotry of Sau-ga-nash, p. 29.
Barrows, Julius M.; m. 1849, Eliza Hammond, pion. 1851, Stu.
Barry, John S. (Gov. of Mich., 1842-'6; 1850-'2); pion. 1831, W.P. p.p. 164-'7.
Barry, Mrs. John S., p.p. 167-'9.
Bartlett, George, m. 1849 Harriet F. Bouton.

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Barton, Benjamin (dar); (1750-1830); S.A.R.;anc. of Adda (Barton) Orton; others.
Barton, George W. (1830-1896); m. 1856, Esther E. Brooks; pion.
Basset, Isaac (c.c.); m. 1843 Lucinda Boutwell; pion.
Bateman, David M. (ch); (1733-1801); s. of Dr. F.C.B.; m. Mary, dau. of T.M. Clark, pion.
Bateman, C.C., May T.R., 1917.
Bates, Orsamus C. (a) m. Sarah M. Harwood; pion. 1833, Cons.
Baum, John (a); m. Lydia J. Spencer; pion. Lpt.
Baumister, John (a) m. 1859, Sophia Stull; pion. 1855, B.O.
Beadle, David, p. 87.
Beadle, Mishael (h) (1788-1839); m. Ruth Bidwell, pion. 1827-'9; Flow., p. 86-'7.
Bear, (or Bair), John, hunter; pion. 1827, Cons.; p.p. 83-'4.
Beardsley, A.M., Scenes of the Backwoods, p.p. 84-'5.
Becker, G.G. p. 186.
Beckwith, Levi (np); m. Lucinda Starkweather; pion. 1828, Mot.
Beckwith, O.S. (np); pion. 1835, W.P.
Beerstecher, C.A.; m. 1866 Maria A. Hoff, pion.
Behan, Wm., p. 186.
Bellairs, Wm. (a) m. Ruth Julian, pion. 1857, W.P.
Belote, Asa W., m. 1847 Ellen Lovitt, pion.
Bennett, Asa (a) m. 1838, Sally Goram; 7 ch.; pion. 1838, Not.
Bennett, Jonathan G. (1825-1894); m. Jane E. (1832-1914) pion. 1838.
Bennett, Johnson, Pres. T.R., 1885, '87, 1891-'2.
Bishop, Isaac (1758-1846); S.A.R.; anc. of Edna (Sabin) Hoffman.
Bishop, James (1751-1827); S.A.R.; anc. of Lotta (Bishop) Nicholls - Mrs. George.
Bishop, James L. (a) m. Mary Carpenter; 8 ch.; pion. 1836, B.O.
Bishop, Lyman (1819-1862); m. 1861 Cora Brooks, pion.
Black Hawk War, p. p. 36-41.
Bliss, Isaac G., m. Louisa Pixley; pion, 1854. Flow.
Blodgett, Ezra (1773-1876); p. 124.
Blodgett, Joshua (1722-1816); S.A.R.; anc. Winifred (Dunn) Morency - Mrs. A.G.
Blood, Charles L. (1827-1907); m. 1858, Mary Ely.
Blood, Robert, p. 187.
Blue, Isaac (1809-1880); pion. W.P.
Bonebright, Jacob (d. 1857); m. Barbara Myers; 9 ch.; pion. 1829, Cons.
Bonham, Arthur (1808-1891); pion.
Boudeman, Wm. (1808-1890); w.; and s. Dallas B., pion. 1850, Flow.
Bourn, Ezra (a); m. Lois Hicks; pion. 1841, Mend.
Bouton, Wm. (1749-1828); S.A.R.; anc E. (Bartlett) Sager.
Bower, Adam, m. Hannah C. Richards, pion. 1836, Col.
Bower, John, m. Diana Gerhart, ion. 1836, Not.
Bowman, John H. (h) (1796-1855); biog.; p.p. 57-'8.
Boyles, George (a) pion. 1847.
Bridgeman, Orlando (dar) (1743-1813); S.A.R.; anc. of Mable (Fulcher) Caldwell; others.
Brooks, Ahira; S.A.R.; p. 175.
Brooks, Joseph A., m. Phoebe Houston, pion. 1844, B.O.
Brown, A.F., p. 186.
Brown, Matthew (dar) (1732-1777); S.A.R. anc. of Anna (Willemin) Barrows.
Brown, Dr. J. J. - mentioned p. 59.
Bruin Barbecue, p. 48.
Buck, Benjamin C. (a); pion. 1828.

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Buck, George (1792-1854); pion. 1830; p.p. 53 - 56.
Buck, Henry, S.A.R.; p. 53
Buck, Martha (Irey); pion. p.p. 53-'6.
Buck, Philip H.; pion. 1829, Stu.
Bucks Tavern, p.p. 54-'6.
Buel, Cyrus (c. c.) (1829-1899); m. 1852 Clarissa Fletcher, pion. Not.
Buel, Joseph L. (1808-1896) m. 1828 Elizabeth Gillett, pion.
Bullock, Jay, Mayor T. R., 1922.
Burch, Hosea (1827-1897); m. 1851, Ellen Stone; pion. 1852; 1852, T.R.
Burch, John W., (1828-1864).
Burch, Peter (1797-1851).
Bumphrey, M. H., Mayor T.R., 1895-'6.
Burger, Henry and w. Sarah; pion. 1847, Cons.
Burnette, Wm., Fur Trader, p.p. 9-11.
Burnham, John and Mary (a); pion. 1831, Cons.
Butler, Benjamin, s. of Joseph and Rebecca (Newton); pion, 1841, Not.
Burr Oak Twp., organized, settled, p. 102; Census of 1850, p.p. 102-109.
Cabin, Building the, p. 115.
Cade, Thomas (1786-1879); pion. 1830, p. 112, Sher.; p. 48.
Calam, Tindil H., (b. Engl.); pion. 1830, Cons.
Caldwell, Wm. (1831-1905); m. 1859, Martha A. Wilcos; Pres. T.R. 1877; pion. 1852, Flow.
Calesthenics and Dumb-Bells, p.p. 161-'2.
Calhoun, Alvin (c.c.) m. 1843, Lois Bean; pion. 1829, W.P.
Calhoun, Andrew (np) pion. 1830, Fl.
Campbell, Mrs. James H., historical collection p. 14.
Carpenter, Charles (1810-1890).
Carpenter, Sidney, m. 1833, Eunice Brown, pion. 1836. B.O.
Carpenter, Younglove C., pion. 1836, Mend.
Cary, Nathan B., m. 1861, Mary E. Francisco; pion. 1854.
Case, Abram (gr) (1804-1890).
Case, F. H. (gr) (1857-1920).
Care, Hiram, m. 1842, Laura Ketcham; pion. 1834, Cons.
Case, R. E. (gr) (1828-1903) ed. News Reporter; pion. 1842, Cent.
Cass, Lewis, Terr. Gov of Mich. 1814-1831; p. 7
Cassoway and Gibson Trading Post, p. 11.
Castle, Wm. H., m. 1837, Mary T. Webster; pion. 1835, Col.
Cathcart, John (np); pion. 1831, W. P.
Cattell, Wm. and Fam., pion. 1855, Not.
Catton, John and Wife Mary (Barnard) and s. Joseph B. Catton; pion. 1833.
Census 1850: Burr Oak twp., p.p. 102-109; Park twp., p.p. 94-102; Florence twp., p.p. 116-124; 
Lockport twp., p.p. 62-74. (The "age" in each record is to be considered as only 
  approximately correct)
Centreville settlement and organization; p.p. 41-44.
Chadwick, Samuel (Capt. 28th Mich. Inf.) pion.
Chandonnai, Jean Baptist half breed fur trader with Wm. Burnette, 1792-1799. 
  In war 1812; owned 2 sections of land on St. Jo.
Chapin, David and Wife Collie (Burch); pion. 1836, Sher.
Chapin Israel (1740-1795) S.A.R. anc. of Efffie (Chapin) Van Selous- 
Mrs. J.L.
Chapin Southard m. Rozella McCloud, pion. 1836, Sher.
Charlton, Thomas, pion. Cons.; p. 126
Cheever, Walter H., Supt. of T. R. Schools, 1887-1890, p. 155.
Cheley, F. H., author "R. R. Kids," p. 76.

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Chicagua Trail, p.p. 7-8
Childs, James O., (a) s. of Lloyd C.' pion. 1834, Cent.
Christmas Customs, p. 93
Churches-organization of, p.p. 47; 143-'4
Clapp, Ashel and Charlotte (May); pion. 1835.
Clapp, Ebenezer (1745-1807); S.A.R.; anc. of Meta (Mowrey) Tombaugh others.
Clark, Duncan, (h); pion. 1828, W.P.
Clark, Jason and Lucy A. (Dunham) C. and s. George; pion. 1834.
Clark, John B. family opened first tavern in Stu., pion. 1834.
Clark, Robert, pion. 1830, Cent.
Clark, Thomas M. (1816-1882); m (1) Maria Spencer, m. (2) Elizabeth Hoffman; 
  Pres. T. R., 1860; pion. 1840, B.O.
Clark, Wm., m. Margaret Whitney; pion. 1840, B.O.
Clark, W. E. -M.D. (gr) (1851-1912) m. (1) Ursula J.; m. (2) Ella M. (Wolf). 
  Mayor T. R. 1907.
Clayton, Walter F., Jr., Mayor T. R., 1926.
Cline, Cornelius, pion. 1840. Not.
Clowes, Joseph and Ann E. Dunkin, pion. 1832, Not.
Clute, W. H., editorial p. 141.
Coats, John, m. Ellen Romans; 8 ch.; pion. 1829, W. P.
Coffinberry, J. W. (np); pion. 1830.
Coffinberry, Salathiel C. (gr) (1809-1889); pion. 1843; story of Black Hawk War. p.p. 39-41.
Cole, Ezra (b. 1800, N. Y.) Pres. T. R. 1856-'7; m. 1818, Betsy (Maker); p.p.  145-'6; 
  pion. 1839, p.p. 145-'6.
Cole, G. W., Mayor T. R., 1914-1916.
Cole, Harold, p.187.
Cole, Herman, pion. 1838, T.R.
Cole, Levi (a); pion. 1857, Mend.
Colon Twp. settlement and organization, p.p. 45-48.
Colver, Peter (1815-1888), wife Margaret, pion.
Congressmen from St. Joseph co., p. 163.
Connely, Lolita, Census copiest, p. 74.
Connor, Wm. (1802-1897); m. (1) Sarah Ann (Rapalje); m. (2) 1838, Ann Janette Powers; 
  1836 elected Judge 
probate; pion. 1828, Not., p. 37
Constantine Twp., organization and settlement; p.p. 126-130.
Constantine Pergola, p. 127-'8.
Coohon, John C. pion. 1856, Col.
Cook Book, p.92.
Cooke, George A.B.C. (1842-1926) m. 1840 Sarah M. Rice; editor of T. R. Tribune, 1878-1895; 
pion. T. R. 1863; p. 153.
Cooke, Elisha (dar) (1717-1799); S.A.R. anc. of Florence (Cooke) Van Horn- Mrs. V. H.
Cook, Peter (np); ion. 1828.
Coon, Mr. F. H., comp. "Early Courts;" p.p. 42-'3.
Cooper, Henry; pion. 1855, T.R.
Cory Lake; p.p. 75-'6.
Corner George, m. 1863, Margaret Ann Herr, pion.
Corry, Joshua, p. 75.
County Records Stolen, p.p. 138-'9.
Cowling, Annette, Story of Methodists; p. 146.
Cowling, John (1820-1909) m. 1844 Mary A. Wilson; p. 151.
Cox, John (a) m. Mary C. Hiles; pion. 1857, Lpt.; p.p. 148-'9.
Craw, Marshall and Wife Ann (Sloan) C.; pion. 1833, Fl.
Craw, Orin, (np), pion. 1833, Fl.
Crawford, James, s. of Robert and Mary (Shannon) Crawford; pion. 1830, Cons.; p. 123.

                                 FACT INDEX

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Crawford, Robert (c. c.) m. 1842, Janet Osborn
Creveling, Nelson (a) m. Phoebe Eck, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Rittenhouse) Eck; pion. 
  1845, Lpt.
Cross, Fred.; p. 187.
Cross, Wm. (c.c.) m. 1836, Ann Coats, W.P.
Crossette, Isaac, (1824-1893); m. 1848, Clara A. Reed, pion. 1830.
Cuddy, John (np); pion. 1829, Not.
Culow, John (a); pion. Cent.
Culver, Peter, wife Margaret Morgan; pion. 1835; (m2); p. 72.
Cummings, Frank S., s. Charles and Hannah (Grinnell) Cummings; p. 44
Cummings, Solomon (c.c.) (1786-1879) m. 1845, Nancy Gray, pion.
Cushman, Henry D. (1846-1900; m. Thirza W.
Cushman, Mariah (1821-1881) w. of Isaac Cushman; Mich pion. 1825, pion. T. R., 1876.
Custard, Mrs. Alexander; p. 125.
Cutler, Leonard (h) pion. 1827, W.P. prairie.
Cutler, Thomas (c.c.) w. Amanda Belote.
Dale, Amos and Wife Mary Shineberger; 7 ch.; pion. 1848, Fl.
Daniels, Wm. M.; m. 1847 Caroline M. Fitch; pion.
Davis, Abner (b. 1815); m. 1838 Esther Ann Ray; pion. 1839.
Davis, Chapman (1759-1837); S.A.R.; anc. Emily (Davis) Purdy.
Davis, Dorance and Eliza (Gardner); pion. 1858, Col.
Deats, Grant and wife Thurza Mack; pion. 1854.
DeHaven, Peter (1722-1816); S.A.R., anc. of Olie (Fulkerson) Howard Mrs. C.A.
Demore Hillside, p. 138.
DesVoignes, L. S., p. 140.
Dickinson, George and Sarah (Johnson) D. pion. 1832. Fl. stage coach driver.
Dimick, Elisha tavern keeper, d. 1847; pion. 1834.
Divine, John (1821-1894) m. 1843 Carolin Wynkoop.
Dockstader, C. A. Pres. T. R., 1897-'8.
Downing Trading Post; p.p. 11-12.
Driesbach, Henry, pion. 1857, Stu.
Driskell, Phoenix, pion. 1831, T. R.
Dumond, Harmonus (1740-1778); S.A.R., anc. of Alice Yaple.
Dunkin, James B., M.D.; p. 111.
Dunn, Simeon (1820-1909); m. 1842, Esther Blodget; pion.
Early, Samuel and Wife Margaret (Gray) E.; Stage driver; pion., 1842, Mott.
Eberhard, Glen; p. 187.
Eberhard, Frederick G., M.D.; author; res. T. R.
Eddy, Barnabus and Laura Phelps; pion. 1883. Coon Hollow.
Elliott, W. N., M.D.; pion. 1832, W.P.
Emory, Aaron P.; pion. 1855, Mend.
Engle, Frederick; m. (1) Catherine King; (2) Caroline Van Buren; pion. 1832.
Engle, James, s. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Brunge) E.; pion, 1830, B. O.
Engle, Jonathan; p.p. 37, 46.
Eschol, Deserter Village, p.p. 127-'9; 131.
Estes, S.A., p. 187.
Estes, Reuben and Lydia (Dewey); pion. 1853, Mend.
Evans, Rev. Edward, S.A.R.; p.p. 32; 174.
Evans, Musgrove, surveyor; - land entry, 1825-'6.
Evert, Peter, m. 1864 Attillia Waltz.
Fellows, Abiel (dar) (1764-1833) S.A.R.; p. 175.
Fellows, C.A., Mayor T. R. 1899-1900.

                           ST. JOSEPH IN HOMESPUN

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Fellows, Obel (1742-1809) S.A.R., anc. of Florence (Gillette) Smith-
Mrs. B. E.
Fenstermacher, Peter (1815-1892) m. 1835, Elisha Reigle, pion.
Ferrand, Phineas, m. 1845 Betsey M. Kinne, pion.
Ferris, Sylvanus (1737-1834); S.A.R., anc. of Elizabeth H. Fletcher, others.
Fever-Manito and Princess; p. 23.
Field, Pardon, S.A.R.; p. 175
Fisher, Jonas, m. 1827 Mary --; 13 ch.; pion. Park; p. 91.
Fisher, Josiah, pion. 1831 Cons.
Fisher, Leonard (1809-1882) pion. 1834. Park; p. 91.
Fitch, Asa (1800-1877) platted Eschol, pion. 1831; p. 128.
Fitch, Charles Burr (b. 1774) m. Harriet Bissell p. p. 8; 127; pion. 1841, W. P.; p. 128.
Fitch, Hezekeah (1740-1820); S.A.R., anc. Ruth (Fitch) Phillips.
Fitch, Samuel.; p. 128,
Fitch, Family; p. p. 127-8'.
Flanders, Ezekiel, pion. 1844. Not.
Flanders, Ezekiel (1759-1838) S.A.R. anc., Fannie (Flanders) Dukette, Mrs. Michael.
Flanders, Francis, Soldier of 1812, pion. 1841 F. R.
Flanders, Jonathan W., pion. 1841.
Fletcher, Charles Knox (1847-1914) m. 1887 Elizabeth Hayes.
Fletcher, John W. (1806-1886) m. 1831 Sarah Knox; pion. 1829 Not.; p. 111.
Fletcher, Wm. (1748-1801) S.A.R. anc., Amanda Keech. 
Floods; p. p. 141-'2.
Florence, settlement and organization; p. 114; census 1850; p. p. 116-125.
Flowerfield settlement and organization; p.p. 86.
Flowers, native; p.p. 89-90.
Fonda, Jacob L. (a), pion. 1836, Fab.
Foods, watergrown; p. 16.
Foct, Elisha m. 1846 Augusta Libhart, pion.
Foreman, John, pion. 1829, Not.
Foresman, Fisher, (1829-1908) wife Esther (Hughes).
Foresman, Robert, Jr. (1761-1829) S.A.R. anc. Nora Dudley Beerstecher, Mrs. F. H.
Foresman, Robert, Sr. (1725-1805) S.A.R. anc. of Gertrude (Sillman) Smith, Mrs. 
  Lotha A.; others.
Forests Destruction of, p. p. 85-'6.
Foster, Wakeman, S.A.R. Red coats; p.45
Ft. St. Joseph; p. 2.
Forty-Niners; p.p. 134-'7.
Foster, J. J., Mayor T. R., 1902, '05, '07.
Foust, John, S.A.R., pion.; p. 175.
Foust, John and Wife Mary (Houts) F., pion. 1847, Park.
Francisco, Daniel (1818-1883) and wife Hester M. (Wager) F. pion. 1842, Cons.; Pres. 
  T. R. 1859, '61, '64, '68, '70.
Freedom, village, p. 111.
French, J. W., Pres. T. R. 1893-'5; Mayor 1900-'01.
Frey, John W. (1804-1872) w. Margaret Stuart.
Fulcher, Richard (1796-1877) m. 1845 Ester J. Bridgeman.
Fulerson, George m. 1864, Nancy DeHaven, pion.
Fulkerson, Wm. and Wife Charity; p. 67.
Fur Traders; p. p. 9-15.
Fyler, Roger (1743-1778) S.A.R.anc., Emma (Fyler) Rosebrook.

PAGE 203

Garrison, Andrew L., (b. 1842); Pri. Co. H. 28th Mich. Inf. pion.
Garrison, John, Tavern keeper, pion. 1834.
Gay, W. H., Mayor T. R. 1925.
Gee, Darius C., pion. 1836.
Gantzler, Adam s. of George; pion. 1853, W. P.
Gentzler, Conrad, S.A.R. anc. of Adam Gentzler.
Gentzler, George and Wife Catherine; p. 95.
Gentzler, Jacob and Wife Elizabeth Speck (a) pion. 1849 W.P..
Gentzler, John R. s. of Adam and Lydia A.; pion. 1854, Park.
George, E. M. and Mary (Null) G. pion. 1857, T. R.
Gibson Hiram, m. 1839 Caroline Voorhees, pion.
Gibson, John, m. Margaret Moore, pion. 1853, Not.
Gibson, Samuel, m. 1860 Martha Green, pion. 1849, Cons.
Gilispie, George W. and W. Sarah Newman, pion. 1849, T. R.
Gold Star Honor Roll,; p. p. 186-193.
Goodbridge, Allen letter; p. 131.
Graham, James L. and w. Elizabeth (Paul) G.; pion. 1840, Lpt.
Grand Traverse, see Mottville.
Gray, Barber, m. Sarah Alger; pion.
Greenwood, Spencer (1837-1910) and wife Amelia, pion.
Griffith, John (1848-1916); m. (1) Sarah Armitage, pion. (2) Lutie Armitage.
Griffith, Robert and w. Susan Cox; pion. 1857, Fab.
Guerney, Chester, p. 41.
Hall, Henry (1838-1905) m. Margaret F.; pion; Pres. T. R. 1875-'6.
Hall, Robert, Mayor T. R., 1909.
Hagenbuch, Aaron, m. Rachel Hill; 6 ch.; pion. 1838.
Hamilton, R. C. pion. 1830.
Hamilton, John, s. of Wm. and Nancy (Igmyer) H.; m. 1834 Nancy Poe, pion. 1832.
Handy, John B.; Pres. T. R. 1888; pion. 1857. T. R.
Hardy, Geo. and w. Frances (Arney) pion. 1833.
Haring, Ophir L., Mayor T. R. 1923.
Harmonical Society, Sturgis; p. 151.
Harris Prairie, see Three Rivers, p. 144.
Hartman, John pion. 1829, Mott.
Hartman, Soloman, pion. 1829, Mott.
Harvey, Heman, pion. 1831-'2, Fab.
Harvey, Norman and Rhoda, 10 ch.; pion, 1833 Cons.
Harwood, Hiram H. (1813-1901) m. 1834 Alvira Rice; pion. 1832, Fab.; p. 75.
Harwood, Ira, pion. 1832.
Hass, Eugene; p. 187.
Hassenger, F. D. m. 1847 Margaret Lintz, pion. 1838, Cons.
Hatch, A. T. Fur Trader, Colon; pion. 1830; p. p. 11; 41.
Hatch, Winslow H. (b 1842) m. 1881 Louisa Bobb; p.p. 139-140.
Hatch Trading Post; p. 11.
Haynes, James (1823-1881) m. Isabella Meade.
Hazzard, James m. 1846, Mariah Ferris.
Hazzard, Martin, m. 1836, Elizabeth Lancaster.
Hazzard, Wm. (1798-1878) m. Cassandra Coon; 14 ch.; pion, 1829, Not.
Heald, Arba, pion. 1827.
Herrick, S. L., M.D. (1827-1875) pion. 1850, T. R.
Hibbard, Araunah S.A.R. (?); p. 32
Hice, Samuel (1820-1901); pion.
Hice, John P. p. 99.
Hice, Louis K.; p. 197 World war Diary; p.p. 188-'9.
Hickey, Mannassah, Indian missionary; p. 27.
Hicks, Alexander (d. 1866, age 58).

PAGE 204

Hile, Stehen (b. 1812) w. Rachel, pion.
Hill, Elish (1810-1894) pion. 1849.
Hinebaugh, Jacob (b. 1790); p. 99.
Hix, Burden m. 1833, Betsey Rice, pion.
Hoats, Jonathan (b. 1805) pion. 137, Park; p. 94.
Hogan, Daniel (c.c.) m. 1837 Aurila Washborn, pion.
Hoffman, Christian Bowman (1831-1875) pion. 1833; m. Mary P. Mitchell.
Hoffman, Isaac F. (1829-1901). 
Hoffman, John M., pion. 1849.
Hoffman, Phillip H. (b. 1800) pion.; p. 7.
Hoisington, Frederick A. (1830-1907) m. Rachel E. French.
Hoisington Famiy, p. 77.
Holtum, Richard (1820-1896) w. Isabel.
Honor Roll - Peace, p.p. 163-172.
Honor Roll - War, p.p. 173-194.
Hoppin, Ruth, p.p. 158-160; 89; 91.
Howard, C. A. Mayor T.R. 1908.
Howard, Isaac D. M.D. pion. 1856.
Howard, O. F. m. 1838 Cornelia Peek, pion, Fl.; p. 131.
Howell, Mrs. Robert, school librn. T. R.; p. 155.
Hull, John, (1816-1884) pion. Cons.
Hull, L. W., p. 189.
Hull, Levi T. ed. St. Jo' co' Advertiser; pion. 1850.
Huss, Murray J. (b. 1861) m. 1890 Marian Buck.
Hutchinson, John (1832-1916) pion. 
Hutchinson, Philip (1805-1890) pion. 1836.
Huylar, J. H. (1825-1889), pion. 1838, Stu.
Ikeler, Wm. M.D. (1843-1903) m. Harriet Fellows.
Immigration, p. 33; 131.
Indian Garden Beds, p. p. 5-6.
Indian Chiefs, p. 7, also: Aniquiba, p. 10;
  Bamp-ta-na-by, p. 27;
  Cush-ee-wess, p.p. 39-41;
  Elkhart, p. 4;
  Grey Win, p. 4; 
  Lynx Eye, p. 4;
  Ma-Gua-Go, p. 27;
  Manado-ka, p.p. 26-32;
  Marchia; Match-e-be-nash-she-wish, p. 7;
  Mishawaha, p. 4;
  Much-mote, p. 32;
  Okemos, p. 3;
  Pokagon, p. p. 3; 28;
  Princess Kakima, p. 10;
  Quicet, p. 13;
  Red Bird, p. p. 31-'2;
  Sau-au-kette, p. 27;
  Sau-ga-nash, p. 29;
  See-be-wa, p. 4;
  Top-in-a-bee, p. 28;
  Wah-be-me-me, p. p. 30-31;
  Waheshona, p. 4;
  Wakazoo, p. 3;
  Wee-saw, p. 27.
Indian Feasts and Ceremonies; p. p. 18-19.
Indian Games; p. p. 19-22.
Indian Imagery; p. p. 22-'3.
Indian Legends: 
  Birth of the Water Lily, p. 24;
  Cobweb, p. 22;
  The Flood, p. 24;
  Princess and the Fever God, p. 23;
  The Stone Mountain, p. 24.
Indian Manners, Customs and Beliefs; p. p. 16-25.
Indian Myths and Legends; p. p. 22-25.
Indian Sleep Song; p. 22.
Indian Trails; p. 8.
Indian Treaties; p. p. 7, 8.
Indian Tribes; Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatomies; p. 2.
Ingerson, Cyrus, M.D. (1806-1844) m. Margaret Logan, pion.
Ingerson, Jonathan (1730-1810) S.A.R. anc. of Matie (Iddings) Weyrick, others.
Ingraham, Joshua (1705-1793) S.A.R. anc. of Mary (Harris) Andrews, Mrs. 
E. H.
Irey, Col. Philip - Tory; p. 54.
Isabella Club-Org. res. of C. L. Blood, 1891.
Jackson, Geo. A. (b. 1826) w. Esther A. (b. 1827); 6 ch.; Pres. T. R. 1873.
Jackson and Whipple Log Jam; p. 142.
Jacobs, Hiram; p. 27.


PAGE 205

James, Samuel (1724-1788) S.A.R. anc. of Mary J. Collard.
Jesuit Mission, established abt. 1780, intersection of U.S. 141 and M-60.
John H. Bowman Memorial Park, T. R.; p.p. 59-60.
John, Jacob (1762-1845) S.A.R. anc. of Fanny (Arthur) Plantz.
Johnson, James Eastman, pion. 1836, W.P.
Johnson, R. w.; p. 189.
Jones, De Gamo, land owner, 1830.
Jury-First at W.P., Nathan Sayas, Peter Cook, E. A. Trumbull and Wm. Cook.
Kedzie Family and the St. Jo's; p. 33.
Keightley, E. W. (b. 1843) s. of Peter K. pion.
Kellogg, R. M. pion, strawberry grower, T. R.
Kellogg and Bull, claimed first retail store in co., pion. 1829, W. P.
Kelsey, James E. m. 1863, Julia Cady, pion.; p. 69.
Kelsey, Stephen, m. 1847 Maria Moore, pion. (1823-18830; Pres. T. R. 1862, '69, '74; p. 69.
Kennedy, James and Wife Martha C. (Morse) pion. 1854 stu.
Kent, Theodore, pion., 1850.
Ketcham, Isaac, p. p. 71; 143.
Ketchum, George and Sarina (Gray) pion. 1885, W.P.
Kimbal, Isaac, p. 142.
King, James (1804-1893) m. Sophia Klose; pion. 1856, Park.
King family, pion.; p. 129.
Kinne, John C. and Serena (Van Fleet) pion. 1837.
Kinne, Capt. Elias B. and W. Martha Clark, pion. 1837, Leon.
Kinney, Harvey (1803-1884). 
Klady, Wm. and w. Nancy (Knickerbocker) pion. 1834.
Kline, Abraham (1735-1828) S.A.R. anc. Mary E. (Stoufer) Williman - Mrs. Arthur.
Kline, David, pion. 1858.
Kline, Enock, (1833-1903) m. 1861 Harriet Fisher, pion.
Kline, John Annin (1822-1914) m. 1852 Mary Ann McKee.
Klocke, Carl came to St. Jo. co. 1882.
Klopfenstein, John; p. 189.
Knevels Family; p. 75.
Knitting; p. 94.
Knowles, L. D. M.D. (1849-1908) w. Fancella Wager.
Knowlton, Hon. Luke (1738-1810) S.A.R. anc. of Edith Lamar Burch, others.
Knox, Jacob - family, pion. 1831.
Krull, Rueben; p. 189.
Ladies' Library Association; p. 152.
Laird, Gilbert (1815-1858) pion.
Lancaster, Columbia, (np) pion. 1830 Cons.; Cent. Letter; p. p. 42-44; and Quimby; 
  p. 84-'5.
Landrick, John, stage driver; p. 48.
Lane, Joseph, pion. 1829, Not.
Langley, Thomas W. (np) pion, 1830, Cent.; p. 41.
Langley, W. B. (1823-1898) m. 1847 Julia V. Woodworth, pion. Cent.
Lantz, Phillip (1810-1860) Pres. T. R., 1855; w. Esther, pion.; p. 69.
LaSalle; p. 1.
Lathrop, Edwin H. (1806-1874) and w. Hannah (Taylor) m. 1831; pion. 1831, Prairie Ronde.
Lawrence, Andrew, (np) pion. 1829, W. P.
Legislature, Mich. 1835; First Senator, J. S. Barry; First Rep.'s, Benjamin Shuman, 
  Isaac Ullman; 
List of member, 1836-1930; p.p. 163-4.
Lehmer, John and w. Susannah (Fickes), pion. 1855, Cons.
Leland, Andrew, pion. 1834, Mend.

PAGE 206

Leland, George (1769-1860) m. 1800, Lydia Moore; pion. 1834, Lkt. Leland, John (a) invented V. sickle harvester; w. Sarah G. (Gaskin); pion, 1834. Leland, Louis A. (1814-1890) m. Mary Ann Noyes, pion. 1836, Colon; p.p. 4607. Leonidas Settlement; p. 44. Lewis, Oliver (1758-1839) S.A.R. anc. of Lucy (Cleveland) Van Alstyn - Mrs. A. T. Library, T. R. Public; p.p. 62; 152-155. Lines, Conrad (1730-1815) S.A.R. anc. Gertrude (Fairchild) Lott - Mrs. M. H.; others. Linsley, Abiel (1730-1800) S.A.R. anc. Margaret (Linsley) Clayton - Mrs. W. F.; others. Linsley, E. B. (1847-1914) m. 1876 Emma Burch; pres. T. R. 1889; p. 153. Lintz, Peter and w. Elizabeth (Marlow) (a) pion. 1839, Cons. Littlejohn, F. J.; p. 3. Lockport, Settlement and Organization; p.p. 53-62; Census 1850- p.p. 62-74; "Town of Lpt changed to T. R. in 1846." Lockport Township first census report in 1850. Lomison, John b. 1808; w. Sarah; pion.; p. 99 Loomis, Benjamin (1752-1838) S.A.R. anc. of Minnie (Williams) Moors, Mrs. Henry. Loomis, Harvey, M.'D. (a) and w. Mary Mansfield; pion. 1849, B.O. Loomis, Hubbel, M.D. (h) platted "Newville"; pion. 1828. Lown, Powell C. 1819-1901), pion. letter; p. 136. Lozier, Jacob (1760-1832) S.A.R. anc. Nellie (Wood) Cupp - Mrs. Eli. Ludwig, Samuel, b. 1801, Pa.; w. Eliza, pion. Park; p.p. 90; 95. Lyman, Benjamin (1761-1844) S.A.R. anc. Frances (Lyman) Fletcher. Lyman, Lewis B. (1821-1870) m. 1845, Mary Wightman, pion. McCoy, James and Lucinda (Pierce), pion. 1832, Leon. McInterfer, Jacob - family, pion. 1828, T. R. McKie, Mary Ann, m ed. school paper, p. 158. McKenzie, Earl; p. 190. McKindley, Francis L., pion. 1845, Mend. McMillan, Alex, M.D.; (np) pion. 1829, Not. McMurtrie, John (1795-1849) and w. Julia Ann, Pion. McMurtrie, John (1737-1791) S.A.R. anc. of Florence (Cooke) Van Horn - Mrs. V.H. McMurtrie, P. L. (1818-1896), pion, T. R. Maher, Peter, (1818-1901), pion. Major, John (1811-1856) m. 1837, Jane Hetherington; pion. 1834, Fl.; p. 124. Major, John Maxwell, (1837-1907) m. 1846 Sarah (Stout); pion. 1834 Cent. Marantette, Patrick, (c.c.) m. 1835 Fanny Mouton; p.p. 12; 15; 39. Marantette Trading Post; p. 13. Masonic Lodge, T. R. chartered 1853; Ezra Cole, W. M. Masser family, pion. 1832-'4. Massey, Albert E., pion. 1834. Mastermann, John - First wagon shop in co., 1833. Mathews, George - family, pion. 1831, Leon.; p. 44. Matthews, George and Indians, p. p. 44-5. Mathewson, Georg, m. Lucy Bryant; pion. 1831, Col. Mathewson, James (1764-1847) S.A.R. anc. Ethel (Thurston) Miller. Mathewson, Nelson and w. Polly (Works), pion. "Took up first land in Colon twp. Methodist Episcopal Church; p.p. 144-145; First class; p. 145; Silhouettes; p. 141.


PAGE 207

Mormons; p. 135. Meek, Wm. wife and 6 ch. - pion. 1828, Cons., app't Chief Justice St. Jo. Co., 1831. Meek's Mill see Constantine. Mendon, Settlement and Organization; p. 125. Merrill, F. D. Mayor T. R. 1906. Metcalf, Ezekiel - made first land entry 1828, Stu. Metsdorf, Wm. - address; p. p. 18019. Middagh, Garret (1732-1810) S.A.R. anc. of Florence (Silliman) Whitaker - Mrs. F. H. Millard, Elisha - River ark captain, pion. 1833, m. 1842 Julia Ann Salsig. Millard, Joseph B. (1815-1890) m. 1842 Jane Hutchinson; pion. 1833, T. R. Millard, Thos. B. (b. 1812) and w. Mary L. pion.; p. 67. Miller, L. O; p. 148. Mills family pion. 1846. Milner, G. E.; p. 190. Milton, James Wylie and wl. Elizabeth, pion. Park. Mint, Story of; p.p. 112-114. Moab, b. 53. Moe, Charles and w. Maranda (Colver); pion. 1832 or '6, Stud.; p. 110. Mohney, Abram, w. Mary Ann Weinberg, pion., 1844, Fa. Money, Christopher (b. 1779) p. 95. Montaigne, Benjamin (1745-1825) S.A.R. anc. of Lillian R. (Shafer) Dudd - Mrs. C. M. Monteith, Wm. (1743-1820) S.A.R. anc. of Nina C. Worline - Mrs. M. Montgomery, James Shera, Chaplain of the House of Representative, former res. Moore, Armitage G. (gr) d. 1889, age 62; w. Amanda F.; pion. 1834; p. 71. Moore, Edward S. (1805-1885) m. (1) Mary Prutzman; m. (2) Jeannette Fisher; pion. 1837, Park; p. 90. Moore, Col. O. H. (Kal. co.). Moore, Stephen (1759-1813) m. Parthenia Young, S.A.R. anc. L. Belle Troy and others. Moore and Prutzman, - first store T. R., 1836, Joseph Millard, clerk. Moorepart; p. 90. Morehouse, David (1740-1800) S.A.R. anc. Viola Cowling, others. Morrison, Wm. pion. 1835, Fab. Morrison, Wm. P. (1826-1894) m. 1850 Freelove Rounds, pion. Morse, J. C. Pres. T. R. 1867. Mothers - Pioneer, A Tribute to; p. 33. Mottram, Wm., M.D., pion. 1832, Not. Moutan, Francis, pion. 1831, Mend. Mound Builders; p. p. 5-6. Mowrer, Jonas (1818-1884) pion. Mowery, C. L.; p. 190. Mowery, Samuel D. (1848-1918) m. 1878, Ida Clapp. Mullett, John, Surveyor, 1825-'6. Myers, H. A.; p. 190. Myths - see Indian myths and legends. of War of 1812 (1785 - 1874); p. 11 Navarre, Peter, famous scout. Neddo, Joseph, w. Victoria, pion. abt. 1830. Newberry, Rev. Samuel, p. 156. Newhall, Daniel (1734-1808) S.A.R. anc. of Eugenia L. Newhall. Newman, H. F.; p. 190. Newton, Luther (h) pion. 1828, W. P. Northrop, Enos - Story by, p. 126. Northof, John G., pion. 1836, Fl. Nottawa, Settlement - Black Hawk scare; p. 36. Null, Isaac (1825-1905); pion., Fl. O'Dell, James, pion. 1832, W.P. O'Dell, John H., M.D., res. T. R. ST. JOSEPH IN HOMESPUN

PAGE 208

O'Dell, Nathan, m. 1842 Juliet Taber, pion.
O'Dell, Thomas C., pion., Mot
Ogden, Benjamin; m. 1867, Caroline Field, pion.
Old Diggins; p. 35.
Oldorf, F. J.; p. 190.
Oman, Cyrus (np); m. 1862, Adelaid Davidson, pion. 1847.
Orton Family pion. 1837, Lpt.
Osborn, Ebenezer, 1843, Fl.
Page, David, w. Amanda (Jewel) (a) pion., 1837, Stu.
Page, Dr. - First resident physician in co.; pion 1827, W. P.
Paine, W. H.; p.p. 153; 160-'1.
Palmer, Cyrus and w. Mary, pion. 1838. Not.
Palmer, Geo. and w. Janette pion. 1833.
Park, Settlement and Organization; p. 90; Census 1850- p.p. 94-109
Parker, Alex (1728-1815) X.A.R. anc. Emma F. Helm, others.
Parker, H. L; p. 190.
Parker, John and w. Elizabeth (Leiser) pion. 1830, Stu.
Parmenter, Isaac, (1760-1851) S.A.R. anc. Flora M. (Thomas) Difenderfer - Mrs. John.
Pashby, family pion. 1834. Fl.
Payne, Wm. see Paine, Wm.
Pealer, Russell R. (1842-1918) s. of Geor. and Rebecca Boyd Pealer; 1867 located, T. R.; 
  p. p. 156; 163.
Peek Family, pion. 1834, Fl.
Penfield, Father, p.146.
Pendleton, Edward, pion. 1852, Stu.
Pendleton, Henry and w. Hannah Wheeler, pion. 1855, B. O.
Perrin, Benjamin (a) pion. 1836, Sher.
Perrin, S. F., Story of Indian Trails; p. 8.
Pershing, Gen. J. J. tribute's to Gen Baldwin; p. 183; to Mich. Soldiers; p. 194.
Pettitt, Samuel S. m. 1833 Cynthia Olds, pion.
Pettit, W. D. and w. Mary C. Conn; pion. 1837; p. 70
Pettingill, Benjamin (1759-1848) S.A.R. anc. of Catherine H. Smith.
Petty, David, pion. 1831, Sher.
Phillips, Elijah and Catherine (Hogan) pion. 1837, Stu.
Pitezel, John H. (1814-1906) w. Abbie; pion.; p. p. 145-'7.
Place, L. B. Mayor T. R. 1807.
Post, Russell, pion. 1829, Not.
Pottawatomie Chiefs; p. p. 7-8.
Powell, Milo (1810-1890) pion. 1834.
Power, Lyman and w. Hannah, pion. 1836.
Powers, Capt. Henry, pion. 1829, Not.
Prairie Corner - see Men.
Presbyterian Church; p. 144.
Prescott, Timothy (1758-1845) S.A.R. anc. Lora I. Blood.
Price, Morris (1843-1913) m. 1866 Ann Farrand.
Price, Emma, Story of Colon; j. p. 45-'8.
Provost, Jasper (1762-1854) S.A.R. anc. of Eloise (Peeke) Cummings - Mrs. F. S.
Prutzman, Abram (1814-1899) m. pion. 1834; T. R., 1838; p. 60,61; see also Moore and Prutzman.
Prutzman, John P. (b. 1840); m. (1) Julia Goodell, m. (2) Florence Wykoff.
Prutzman, Joseph (1837-1916) m. 1863, Emma Hopkins, pion.
Puddleford; p. p. 83-4.
Pugh, Peter and w. Mary; pion.
Pulver, Underwood; p. 191
Pulver, Peter; pion.
Putnam, Matthias (a), pion. Cons.
"Quimby", pion. 1828, Mot.
Ramsdell, Joseph (1743-1817) S.A.R. anc. Minnie (Vought) Coon - Mrs. F. H.
Ranck, Josiah (1824-1911) m. 1843 Sarah Fox; located 1866, Park.

PAGE 209

Ranney, Rev. J., p. 144.
Raymond, Oliver, pion. 1830, Stu.; p. 51.
"Red Bridge" - First p. 142; razed 1871; 2nd red bridge built in 1871 was a 
Smith truss br.
Red Man's Rebuke; p. p. 28-'9.
Reed, Amos, m. 1838 Anna Hower, pion.
Reed, Isaiah (1759-1794) S.A.R. anc. Clara (Smith) Howard - Mrs. A.E., others.
Reed and Cushman, Druggists (1871-1875).
Reichert, Abraham (Richert) p. p. 34; 53.
Reiff, Abram and Catherine, pion. 1836, Cons.
Revolutionary War; p. p. 173-'5.
Rexford, H.; p. 181.
Rhoades, Lewis, pion. 1830.
Rice, Charles, pion. 1832. Fa.; p. 75.
Rice, Stephen, (1806-1881), pion. 1829.
Rich, L. B. Pres T. R. 1858-1865.
Risdon, Orange, surveyor, 1825-'6.
Rittenhouse, Wm. (1756-1819) S.A.R. anc. Lucy (Millard) Beaumont - Mrs. G.
Rivere Des Maimis, see St. Joseph river.
River - Arks; p. 49.
Rix, M. H., Mayor T. R. 1821.
Robbins, R. V.; p. 191.
Robe, (Rev.) T. J., Circuit-rider; p. 144.
Roberts, Cyrus (1820-1893) pion. 1857, T. R.; Pres. T. R., 1878-'9.
Roberts, Timothy, 1838 m. Harriet Noble.
Rohrer, Fred, Mayor T. R. 1919.
Roof, John (1730-1798) S.A.R. anc. Susan (Fisk) Perrin - Mrs. L. B.
Root, Henry E. s. of Samuel (a); pion. 1836, Cons.
Rose, R. B.; p. 191.
Royce, Frank, Story of mint; p. 113.
Royce, Norman (b. 1806) pion. 1835, Fl.; p. p. 123; 131.
Roys Family, pion. 1853-'4.
Ruggles, Austin C., Mayor T. R. 1929-'31; "Official Tribute to Pioneers;" p. 1.
Ruggles, Ziba B. (b. 1819) m. (1) Mary Gearhart; pion. 1845; m. (2) Lydia Cole; p. p. 72; 
Runyan, Phillip E. and w. Priscilla Brush; pion. 1835, W. P.
Sabin, Marden, M.D. (1840-1917)m. 1867 Mary M. Smikth; pion.; p. 111.
Sager, Joseph (b. 1845) m. 1872 C. E. Bartlett, pion.
St. John, Abraham (1759-1803) S.A.R. anc. Ella F. W. Custard (Mrs. Alex.
St. Joseph, - village, p. 53.
St. Jo' Co. Pioneers, 1830, p. p. 35-'6.
Salsig, Lewis (b. 1822, Pa.) m. Sophia McInterfer, pion. 1829, Lkt.
Salsig, Samuel (b. 1815) m. 1839 Catherine McInterfer, pion.
Salsig, Sophia; Story of The McInterfers; p. p. 56-7, 147. 
Sanborn, Gideon and w. Jane (Upham); 10 ch.; pion. 1833, B. O.
Sarett, Lew, "Indian Imagery"; p. 22.
Sau-Gan-See-Pee; p. 1.
Sauk Wauwk Sil Buck; p. 1.
Savery, Ashael (np) (1785-1882) pion. 1825, W. P.; in Mexican war, e. Borneo, Tex.; p. p. 
  34, 84; Toast, p. 195.
Schaad, Conrad (a); pion. 1855, Cons.
Schaeffer, S. A., mayor T. R., 1911-'12.
Schall, Charles; Pioneer ovens, p. 16.
Schellhouse, Martin, pion. 1830-'1, Col.; p.p. 38; 46. 
Schellhouse, George, pion. 1830-'1, Col.; p. 38.
Schellhouse, Lorenzo (a) m. Mrs. Cynthia Webster.

PAGE 210

Schellhouse, Cyrus (np) m. 1852 Ann McAuley; pion. 1830-'1, Not.; p. 40.
Schellhouse, Roswell, pion. 1830.
Schools, T. R., p. o. 60-'2; 156-'8.
School Board, First in T. R., p. 60; pupils, p. 61.
Schoonmaker, Abraham, pion. 1837.
Schrader, John; p. 191.
Schurtz, Daniel, pion. 1839.
Schurtz, Frederick, pion. W.
Schurtz, John m. 1844, Mary Ann Gentry, pion.
Scidmore, Arthur W. M.D. (1867-1927) m. 1890 Louie (Parsons) was Major on General 
  Staff, Base Hosp. 
World War; located T. R. 1890; Mayor T.R. 1903-04, 
'10 p. 167.
Scott, Phineas (1745-1819) S. A.R. anc. of Emilie Comstock.
Seaver, James E. (a) gr. s. of Wm. (S.A.R.) pion.
Seekell, Charles Leslie and James Wesley, drummers in Civil War with fa. Wm. H., fifer.
Seminaries, Pioneer Female; p. 161.
Shafer, "Chet", humorist, res. T. R.
Shaler, Becker and White Built Rosette Paper Mill 1853.
Shanefelt, Nicholas (1758-1826) S.A.R. anc. of Josephine (Shoemaker) Bouton - Mrs. James.
Sherman, Settlement and Organization; p. p. 48; 112-114.
Sherman, Benjamin, pion. 1829, Not.; p. 40-'1.
Shinnaman, Christopher, platted Moab; p. 53.
Shumaker, Wm. H. m. 1902 Carrie Mills; located T. R. 1911; ed. Daily Commercial 
  1911 - date; Foreword; p. 2
Sibley, Solomon; p. 7.
Sickles, Garret, (1800-1865) m. 1841 Elizabeth Alcock, pion. 1831-'2, Fa.; p. 75.
Sides, Isaac w. Elizabeth, pion. 1856 Col.; p. 47.
Silliman, Alexander (1801-1853); m. 1822 Jane (Foreesman) 8 ch.; pion 1847 Pk.
Silliman, James F. (1829-1912).
Silliman, John Brady, m. 1863 Mary C. Franklin, dau. Florence L.
Silliman, Samuel (1825-1894) pion. 1845; letters; p. p. 131-133.
Silliman, Thomas, Sr., (1756-1835) S.A.R. anc. of Sue I. Silliman, others; p. 133.
Silliman, Thomas, Jr., (1823-1893) s. of Alex.; m. (1) Lavina Hoppin; m. (2) Susan (Reed) 
  Stock; p. 96.
Slayton, Ebenezer (1759-1841) S.A.R. anc. Ada (Slayton) Carrick - Mrs. C. H.
Slote, James, pion. 1837.
Smith, Niles F.; p. 126.
Smith, Stuart A. (1826-1862)
Smith, Wm. H. River captain, pion. 1838.
Smittendorp, E. D.; p. 191.
Snyder, Henry, m. (1) Lydia Moore Hoffman, m. (2) Sarah Slote.
Snyder, Nathan, m. Francis Millard; pion. 1856; 5 ch.; p. 151.
Song of the Voyagers, p. 9.
Soule, G. E.; p. 191.
Spaulding, Rufus (1773-1870).
Spaulding, Voltaire (1798-1886) m. Lucy Everts; organized Trinity Episc. ch. 1861.
Stage Coach Travelling; p. 49.
Standish, Nathan (1753) S.A.R. anc. Lottie L. Seekell.
Stanley, Adin. m. 1835, Elizabeth Loomis; pion. W.P.
Starr, Charles (1847-1902); m. 1874 Lizzie Woodworth.

PAGE 211

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Sturgis Settlement and Ortganization; p. 49.
Summer, Watson, pion. 1833, Cons.
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Taylor, Wm. Mottville Tavern, p. 84. 
Telfer, Wm., Tavern "Providence Green"; pion. 1832, Not.
Thomas, Wm. (1833; p. 86.
Thompson, "Squire" (Galpin) (b. 1784) pion. 1823; p. 86.
Thompson, John (1753-1833) S.A.R. anc. Jessie (Moore) Loveridge.
Thoms, Charles H. m. 1850 Charlotte A Thiebaud.
Thomas, James (c. c.) (b.1812) m. (1) 1837, Louisa Friedland; m. (2) Eleanor Dougherty, 
  pion.; s. John C.; p. 150.
Thomas, Joseph (b. 1844) m. 1870 Francis Divine.
Thomas, Samuel (b. 1837), pion.
Thoms, Lewis (b. 1806) w. Sarah; ion.
"Three Rivers Kids"; p. 76.
Three Rivers Free Public Library, see Library.
Three Rivers - Settlement; p. 57; organized as a village 1855; icorporated 1871; became 
  city, 1905.
Thorp, Darius D., pion.
"Three Brothers Federation"; p. 2.
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Thurston, Massenna Paine, (1812-1887); m. 1836, Lovina Washburn; pion. 1834, Col. ch.: 
  Ulysses Ithicus, 
Laodice Iphigenia, Epaminondas Pelopidas, 
Crysomondas Pelopidas, Crysothemis Audromache, Achilles Pelides, Miltiades 
Aristides, Cassius Brutus, Solon Kossuth, Agamemnon Hiland, Dulcena 
Dulcerado, Patroclus Antilocus, Wendell Phillips.
Thurber, Erastus, pion. 1833, W. P.
Tinker, Edward B. (b. 1747) m. Mary Parks.
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Troy, John (1802-1884) M. 1821, Rebecca Leland.
Troy, Sylvester (b. 1829), p. 70.
Troy, Theodore (1833-1893) m. 1853 Rose Ann Clubine.

PAGE 212

Trumbull, E. A., U.S. Marshall; pion. 1830, Cons.
Twelfth Night Customs, p. 93.
Tyler, Rev. Job and w. Sallie (Davis) pion. 1836, Col.; p. 46.
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Van Alstyn, A. T., Mayor T. R. 1927-1928.
Van Buren, Freeman C. (1827-1914), m. 1852 Mary L. Doane.
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Van Doren, Isaac (1744-1828) S.A.R. anc. Mary Huss.
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  1835; p. 151.
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Walker, Jonas (1749-1817) S.A.R. anc. Isabel (Walker) Schoch - Mrs. C. W.                           
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War - Civil, p. p. 179-'80; Indian, p. 181; Mexican, p. p. 175-'9; Philippine, p. 182; 
  World War, p. p. 184-194.
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Wheeler, Wm., pion. 1830-31, Flow.
White, Elijah (Family) pion. 1831, W. P.
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White, Peter (1827-1901) pion.
White Pigeon, Chief, See Indian chiefs - Wah-ba-me-me.
White Pigeon Settlement, p. 35.
Wilbur, Joseph - Homestead, p. 91.

PAGE 213

Wilcox, Luther T. m. 1859 Rebecca Caldwell, pion. T. R. 1857.
Wilcox, Peter m. 1842, Eliza Ransom.
Willemin, Elias R. (1818-1892) m. 1849 Nancy Jane (Allen), 6 ch. pion. 1846, Park
Winchell, John, pion. 1825-'7 W.P.
Windrowing, p. 85.
Wing, Allen (1745-1787) S.A.R. anc. Myra (Wing) Maher, - Mrs. W. F.
Wing, Robert T. (1846-1897) m. 1871 Lura Roberts.
Wolf, Amos (b. 1829) m. 1853 Marietta Sickles; pion. 1834, Lpt.
Catherine Hahn Wolf, daughter of sold. of Amer. Rev., bur. Centerville.
Wolf, John F. (1825-1893) m. Nancy D. Gibson, pion. 1834.
Wolf, Thomas, pion. 1834, Lpt.
Wolf, Jonas (1812-1896) m. (1) 1835, Margaret Gearhart; m. (2) Nancy V. Lemmon, pion. 
  1832 or '4.
Wolf, Josiah (b. 1819) m. 1842, Mary Ann Wescott, pion.
Wood, Clark, p. 193.
Wood, John W. (1831-1905) m. 1854 Mary J. Hathaway.
Woods, Hugh, pion. 1828, Cons.
Woodworth, Wm. (1758-1839) S.A.R. anc. of Eleanor (Thoms) Farrand - Mrs. J. K.
Wyckoff, Peter (1734-1821) S.A.R. anc. Susannah (Throp) Miller - Mrs. L. O.
Wynkoop, Geradus (1732-1812) S.A.R. anc. C. F. (Divine) Thomas - Mrs. Joseph.
Yaple, George L. (b. 1851) m. 1873 Mary E. Hankinson; p. 163.
Yauney, Henry, Pres. T. R. 1871-'2.
Yauney Family, pion. 1836.
Yonker, George (1757-1853) S.A.R. anc. Martha (Wilcox) Caldwell - Mrs. W.
Zetalethian Society of Union Schools, p. 153.

Hardcopy provided by the Three Rivers Public Library with the generous permission of Head Librarian, Linda Hilton.
Transcribed by Josephine Reed Foster Garzelloni and Carole Lynn Mohney Carr.
Proofed and edited by Josephine Reed Foster Garzelloni
Photographs scanned by Josephine Reed Foster Garzelloni at 150 dpi.

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