Female surnames - "A"

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F-74  Myrtla A. Abbey to Theo B. Musselman
F-24  Eva A. Abbott to Charles E. Cowgill
A-89  Mary Abbott to Leonard Rood
F-100 Mittie Abbott to Frank Mandeville
E-234 Rosa Abby to Nelson Chapin
C-242 Caroline D. Abel to Charles D. Skinner
D-98  Helen Abel to Charles Wentworth
E-92  Helen Abel to E. H. Billington
B-1   Electa Aber to Peter Banker
C-310 Ursula Able to Alford Clark
C-234 Mary E. Ablett to King Stears
E-15  Augusta Abrams to William C. Ladow
E-32  Augusta Abrams to William C. Ladow
E-60  Augusta Abrams to William C. Ladow
C-168 Angelina Achenbach to J. M. Booth
E-107 Julia A. Achenbach to Howard Freeland
E-87  Lavinia Achenbach to Lambert Austin
C-345 Mary E. Achenback to Ruben Slote
B-71  Mary J. Acherson to W. A. Wright
E-278 Sarah E. Acker to Stephen O'Brien
E-231 Almina E. Ackerly to Melvin Houghtaling
E-175 Caroline F. Ackerman to John Dickerson
E-173 Lilly Ackerman to Ephraim Conley
E-278 Sarah E. Ackerman to David R. Rice
E-229 Ella Ackley to Wilber H. Clute
C-286 Susan Ackley to Josiah King
E-187 Lena Acton to John G. Swartz
E-364 Mary Acton to Luces Bassett
E-173 Adelia S. Adams to Judson J. Lubens
E-291 Alma Adams to H. Fred Siegfried
D-61  Armadella Adams to Josiah Wallet
D-153 Calista Adams to Ferdinand Surgeon
A-91  Catherine Adams to Samuel Reansnyder
C-341 Catherine Adams to Thomas Creed
E-350 Clara S. Adams to John D. Mengle
C-114 Clarissa Adams to Henry Burn
E-350 Cora Adams to James R. Lowther
C-448 Cordelis A. Adams to George Nolle
E-330 Dimmie L. Adams to Frank Coddington
E-301 Ellen M. Adams to John E. Ward
E-46  Elora M. Adams to Calvin C. W. Hayes
E-224 Estella S. Adams to Oscar D. Currier
C-328 Eunice Adams to Cornelius Youngs
E-154 Harriet N. Adams to Jesse H. Miller
E-261 Ida Adams to Frank Duparck
E-167 Josephine Adams to Horace Newell
E-110 Josephine Adams to Daniel Whalen
E-87  Mary Adams to Horace Crittendon
E-143 Mary Adams to Sheldon Williams
E-333 Mary A. Adams to Isaac N. Drake
E-260 Mary E. Adams to James A. Craven
E-215 Mary H. Adams to Julius R. Smith
E-64  Melvina Adams to James W. Huffman
E-349 Munney Adams to David W. Slippy
B-100 Nancy Adams to Myron Luce
B-83  Phebe Adams to Stephen Cade
C-289 Sarah A. Adams to Hiram H. Crowell
E-51  Sarah J. Adams to William Hollinger
C-293 Elizabeth A. Aday to Jonathan Rowe
E-67  Christina Add to Reuben A. Snyder
E-325 Louisa Addie to Frank Phillips
E-34  Rachel L. Addison to Albert B. Southwick
A-46  Anne Aderby to Thomas Chooly
E-36  Julian Adkins to John L. Wright
A-240 Rebecca Adler to William Foster
F-24  Rosa F. Adlesperger to William J. Pio
D-196 Mary Ady to George Ady
F-78  Jennie A. Ahlgrim to Adelbert Rapp
E-204 Ellen Aicher to Robert J. Ady
C-324 Elizabeth Aiken to John Weekerly
E-182 Fannie Aiken to Charles Culver
C-151 Mary J. Aiken to Daniel R. Parker
E-322 Martha Aikens to William A. Hanchett
C-300 Ann Aikin to Thomas Sturgis
C-94  Clementine Aikin to George Rosebrook
C-476 Agnes Aikins to Canfield Fisk
E-70  Emily R. Ainsworth to Edwin G. Alvord
E-293 Martha E. Aker to John Moyer
E-371 Lucy Akers to William R. Blass
E-25  Agnes Akey to Chauncey E. Fisk
D-153 Sarah A. Akey to J. H. Howard
E-300 Mary E. Akie to George Mairr
A-254 Maria Akus to Elisha Strong
C-168 Mary J. Albert to Reuben Walls
D-88  Elizabeth Albright to Edwin Sturgis
E-284 Melisse J. Albright to John Lubrink
C-284 Jane Alcock to Jacob F. Scott
F-90  Eva Aldrich to Reuben McNair
E-325 Fannie Aldrich to Harvey Cline
E-325 Rachel Aldrich to Alexis Lytle
C-93  Ann A. Aldridge to Sidney Annis
D-180 Rachel Aldrin to Joseph Neindorf
E-300 Margaret Alexander to Alford McLaughlin
C-460 Mary Alexander to Henry Sanborn
C-280 Sarah Alexander to Nevals Dupois
C-191 Susan E. Alexander to Eli Raymond
E-306 Fanny Alford to James Jakway
E-76  Flora V. Alfred to Charles F. Carnes
C-92  Julia Alger to Gilbert Austin
B-11  Julia Alger to Philetus Hawley
E-215 Eliza Alis to Frank L. Dard
E-56  Alice M. Alkerson to James H. Hale
E-173 Lucy E. Allard to Charles P. Fisk
E-321 Mary L. Allard to Emanuel M. Wellever
A-177 Elizabeth Allcock to Garret Sickles
E-74  Alida Allen to William Meitland
E-38  Anna M. Allen to Joseph A. Franklin
E-98  Annie Allen to Winfield S. England
E-242 Frances M. Allen to J. Eugene Rogers
F-98  Hallet D. Allen to Joseph Arthur Jones
C-80  Hannah A. Allen to James Briggs
E-149 Hortense J. Allen to Allen B. Atkins
E-355 Ida Allen to William P. Layton
E-280 Lettie Allen to Simeon Rogusta
F-90  Lida Allen to Silas Patterson
C-122 Loretta Allen to Asabel Carlyle
E-139 Lucetta A. Allen to Charles A. Wing
E-108 Lucretia Allen to John C. Garmier
C-413 Lydia Allen to Samuel K. Mills
C-89  Mary Allen to Isaac Wing
B-93  Nancy J. Allen to Elias R. Wellemin
F-56  Nina Allen to Wesley Shunk
D-32  Olive Allen to John Bloom
B-1   Phebe A. Allen to John D. Zimmerman
A-226 Phebe Ann Allen to John T. Zimmerman
C-323 Philinda P. Allen to Samuel C. Green
E-134 Phoebe J. Allen to Fred Garman
E-96  Rachel Allen to Jeremiah Garver
A-265 Roeney Allen to Wesley Emery
E-369 Rosetta Allen to John A. Calaway
C-353 Sarah A. Allen to Jacob J Schermerhorn
C-28  Sarah A. Allen to William Finley
F-94  Sarah E. Allen to George Keith
D-41  Sarah M. Allen to George H. Vesey
C-335 Sarah M. Allen to George H. Chandler
E-86  B. Ellen Allgire to Frank Rowe
E-128 Rose P. Allingham to George C. Eaton
D-218 Genie J. Allison to Alfred Akey
E-1   Genie J. Allison to Alfred Akey
E-69  Mattie A. Allison to L. E. Russell
E-224 Augusta M. Allman to Albert M. Todd
E-332 Elizabeth L. Allman to William J. Major
E-129 Lue Allman to Franklin T. Thornton
E-273 Mary A. Allman to Jeremiah Cutler
E-264 Rebecca Allman to Alphonso Lawrence
E-314 Sarah E. Allman to William Freese
E-200 Eunice Alspech to Montgomery Kimmel
E-153 Caroline Altenburg to Frederick Stuba
E-262 Amanda Altland to Edward O. Rollin
E-33  Elizabeth Altland to Charles Stevenson
E-55  Emma Altland to Joseph Klick
D-185 Annie Alton to Charles W. Dryer
C-215 Eliza Ames to G. W. Smith
B-31  Roxana Ames to John Liddle
E-196 Sarah A. Ames to R. J. VanFossen
C-230 Amanda Amidon to William Culver
D-193 Laura A. Amidon to James Foster
C-292 Fanny R. Anasden to James H. Lee
E-354 Cora A. Anble to George J. Shaffer
E-265 Lydia Anders to William Collins
E-321 Alice F. Anderson to Anson C. Bennett
C-83  Annetta Anderson to Mark H. Wakeman
E-167 Augusta E. Anderson to James H. Doty
E-349 Belle Anderson to Benjamin C. Waddington
A-144 Eliza Anderson to Anthony Newhouse
E-245 Elizabeth J. Anderson to Seneca R. Butler
C-102 Emeline Anderson to Joseph Kilpatrick
F-60  Fidelia V. Anderson to Oscar D. House
E-57  Jennie E. Anderson to Silas F. Walker
C-282 Julia Anderson to Mark H. Wakeman
C-237 M. Anderson to M. Hagerty
A-255 Mary Anderson to Henry Bole
E-297 Mary C. Anderson to John L. Gould
E-251 Rebecca Anderson to Seneca Giles
E-210 Sarah E. Anderson to Darwin Beers
E-152 Sophia Anderson to Carl Johnson
E-290 Amanda Andre to William Conrad
F-116 Clara R. Andre to George W. Fischbach
F-82  Mary Ann Andre to Albert H. Freese
E-105 Sarah Andre to Augustus Ruth
E-163 Leonora J. Andress to John Hice
D-179 Mary Andress to David Tinker
E-175 Ada E. Andrews to Frank A. Waybur
E-100 Alice Andrews to John A. Haws
E-134 Amanda M. Andrews to Alfred Williams
D-214 Caroline A. Andrews to Horace B. Smith
E-1   Caroline A. Andrews to Horace B. Smith
D-182 Elizabeth C. Andrews to John J. Smith
D-185 Hattie A. Andrews to Franklin A. Finch
E-108 Henrietta Andrews to William H. Potter
E-213 Igotene Andrews to Daniel Ream
E-343 Mary E. Andrews to Clinton D. Bush
E-39  Mary J. Andrews to William Harding
A-142 Polly Andrews to Daniel N. Thompson
C-226 Rachel Andrews to John W. Strong
A-136 Ruth Andrews to Nathan Weed
E-350 Sarah A. Andrews to Isaiah Fetters
C-74  Augustun Anged to Henry Jacobs
C-424 Sarah Angell to Austin Smith
B-64  Maria Angle to Isaac Runyan
E-116 Eleanor Angles to James F. Robbins
C-109 Elizabeth Anibel to Stephen Allcock
F-32  Katie Anion to Myron Seward Seibert
F-48  Anna C. Ankney to Russell W. Guilford
E-309 Flora B. Annia to Joseph M. Hudson
C-223 Jane Anten to Lewis H. Harris
C-55  Jane E. Antes to Johnson Bennett
E-87  Louisa Antes to George C. Brisette
D-66  Maria Antes to Edward Jefferson
C-34  Priscilla B. Antes to Charles Clark
E-306 John L. Anthony to William A. Floto
B-130 Sarah F. Anthony to Milton Davis
F-128 Nellie S. Antwerp to Jackson C. Drake
E-239 Eliza J. Anway to Charles W. Schall
E-260 Caroline Appleman to Samuel Pandell
E-279 Dora Appleman to Albert W. Washburn
E-454 Sarah M. Apted to Walter Wood
E-268 Louisa Arale to George Calvin Reid
E-283 Diana Arbogast to Elmer E. Bellows
E-240 Malida J. Archer to Labedie W. Beverly
E-262 Mary Archer to Phaon Engle
C-244 Mary Archer to Uriah Kelly
D-219 A. Arend to Alexander Detwiler
F-84  Clara Argus to Henry Cracknell
E-183 Mary J. Armitage to Binford T. Stanley
B-87  Matilda Armitage to George M. Troy
E-361 Nellie M. Armitage to Horace M. Christian
D-120 Sarah E. Armitage to J. W. Beardsley
E-146 Sarah E. Armitage to John Griffith
C-383 Ada R. Armstrong to Eli Worden
C-126 Ann M. Armstrong to Thomas E. Straw
E-80  Belle Armstrong to George S. Coats
E-148 Gertrude Armstrong to Sidney H. Cory
E-200 Maria A. Armstrong to Albert Holton
E-90  J. M. Arnd to Thomas L. Hazen
E-237 Ella Arney to William K. Ritchie
E-131 Frances J. Arney to William Mechin
C-424 Nancy A. Arney to Elias Wagner
E-81  Phebe Arney to Adelbert Wilder
E-346 Ruth A. Arney to Frank R. Ritchie
E-80  Mary F. Arnisworth to William J. Crawford
A-219 Alida Arnold to Daniel Arnold
E-171 Betsey Arnold to William H. Rhodes
C-225 Cornelia Arnold to Alexander M. Ennis
E-338 Elnora A. Arnold to Byron E. Merritt
E-143 Fanny Arnold to Thomas J. Stover
E-217 Fridela Arnold to Thomas Evett
D-113 Helen Arnold to Ezra Spencer
D-197 Helen Arnold to Anson Spencer
C-119 Jane Arnold to Asa H. Cross
E-274 Josie Arnold to James A. Bauton
E-278 Lizzie Arnold to Milton A. Wood
C-59  Lucy Arnold to George W. Buck
A-241 Lydia Arnold to John M. Wells
A-67  Malvina Arnold to David S. Rorson
E-72  Narcissa Arnold to Silas M. Kline
C-446 Sarah A. Arnold to W. H. Gables
F-8   Ida M. Arthur to Major S. Langley
E-29  C. Artley to Amos Clark
E-73  Eliza Artley to Benjamin F. Artley
E-279 Emma J. Artley to William B. Bittenbinder
E-310 Harriet M. Artley to Jacob Stauffer
E-286 Laura B. Artley to Harvey H. Richards
E-319 Maggie Artley to R. P. Carson
F-2   Amanda Ash to James Hohnes
E-275 Ella R. Ash to George W. Bruner
E-13  Elva A. Ash to William W. Morse
E-135 Hattie E. Ash to William W. Wells
C-167 Margaret Ash to John P. Lebr
C-214 Mary Ash to Christian Schnaufer
C-84  Samantha Ash to John D. Vinson
E-347 Trucilla Ash to Claudius Stewart
E-285 Maria Ashby to Frank Logan
F-86  Mary Ashler to James Crossgrove
E-207 Ella L. Ashley to William Rutherford
E-220 Josephine Ashley to William Jones
F-10  Sarah Ashley to Woods F. Rogers
D-142 Sarah A. Ashley to Frank J. Thoms
E-180 Katie Asmus to Fred Timm
E-357 Wilhelmina Asnuis to Thomas Kohlmargen
C-450 Sarah Aswick to Moses Cotherman
E-358 Carrie F. Atchinson to William W. Whitmer
F-122 Hattie M. Atchinson to Robert B. Ferris
E-221 Mary S. Atchinson to William C. Johnson
C-442 Theda D. Atchison to Chester Tisdale
E-113 Augusta Atkins to William H. Johnson
E-100 Frederica Attenberg to Frederick Barnes
E-345 Ada Atwater to Joseph Malone
E-128 Alice D. Atwater to Jacob S. Lapold
E-341 Cora B. Atwater to Frederick Chupp
E-224 Louis Atwater to Charles E. Travis
C-197 Mary C. Atwater to Eastman Merrell
E-100 Emeline Aubel to Cornelius Bradford
E-83  Cyrena Augsberry to William Hanes
C-64  Dinah Augsbury to George Taylor
E-231 Martha A. Augustin to William L. Noris
F-102 Hattie M. Aulm to Marian I. Walton
D-168 Diana Aurand to Emanuel Ehrhart
E-244 Emma Aust to Reuben Wohlford
E-196 Addie Austin to Fred. Carpenter
E-218 Allie S. Austin to John Atkins
C-184 Angeline Austin to Dexter Clark
E-168 Caroline E. Austin to Albert Williams
A-288 Eleanor P. Austin to Joel P. Schofield
D-209 Ellen R. Austin to George Bennett
E-336 Gertie B. Austin to James W. Mackemer
E-333 Gertie B. Austin to James W. Mockemer
E-100 Libbie Austin to Wesley Latson
C-189 Louisa Austin to Peter Sabin
E-169 Lovina Austin to Turner Barton
C-183 Mary A. Austin to Theodore E. Clapp
D-22  Mary E. Austin to Caleb C. Crouch
E-114 Mary E. Austin to T. C. VanNurstrand
E-284 Alice A. Auten to Festus Gee
F-10  Elnora L. Auten to Myron C. Perry
C-170 Laura S. Auten to William Hazzard
E-266 Lovina Auten to Charles Jank
C-98  Ruth M. Auten to Ferdinand Kimmel
E-30  Mary A. Autland to William W. Carlin
B-7   Electa Auton to William Stoddard
D-161 Harriet R. Auton to Theodore Nedda
A-247 Martha Auton to Peter B. Hower
F-28  Ada Avery to Robert Bell
F-120 Alice M. Avery to Nathan R. Kline
E-204 Caroline Avery to John S. Babcock
E-69  Elizabeth Avery to James M. Laird
E-307 Etta Avery to George Cleveland
E-91  Etta M. Avery to Henry N. Worthington
E-205 Hannah Avery to John Kennedy
F-58  Lizzie Avery to George W. Saunter
F-132 Mary A. Avery to Joseph White
E-137 Mary V. Avery to Alexander Youells
F-134 Nanc J. Avery to Murray J. Huss
E-42  Nellie O. Avery to Horatio H. Whipple
E-86  Olive Avery to D. A. Babcock
C-356 Estella Avriel to Justin Dudley
F-54  Clara (Fulton) Ayers to Florentine McKay
E-198 Evaline Ayers to Alford Lovell
E-350 Hattie D. Ayers to J. J. Stanton
E-84  Sarah Ayers to Morris W. Dunton
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