Female surnames ending in "C"

color line

F-130 Josie Cabnew to Charles F. Rank
E-169 Addie E. Cade to Edward Murdock
C-120 J. H. Cade to J. W. Wicol
E-55  Esther A. Cadwell to Daniel E. Weaver
A-242 Harriet Cady to Mathias Haight
E-86  Lizzie Cady to John S. Miller
C-126 Mary Ann Cady to Francis W. Rawles
E-24  Mary S. Cady to George Keich, Jr.
E-234 Rossie Cady to William H. West
C-69  Sarah Jane Cady to Thomas F. Bauton
E-151 Alice Cafeman to John Summers
C-451 Anna Cain to Joseph Cain
D-188 Carrie Cain to Anson Lowpy
C-91  Almira Caldwell to Luther Flood
C-364 Almira Caldwell to Joseph Kirby
E-28  Helen P. Caldwell to Elias F. Dunten
E-42  Martha J. Caldwell to C. W. Backus
E-316 Mattie A. Caldwell to Willie E. Bates
C-268 Rebecca Caldwell to Luther Wilcox
C-247 Ann E. Calhoun to J. H. Gray
E-39  Emma Calhoun to Jesse Roberts
E-364 Lora C. Calhoun to Lewis P. Munson
B-29  Huldah A. Calkins to Joel R. Lutes
E-176 Mary E. Calkins to William Simpson
C-352 Caroline Call to James Finney
C-212 Catherine Call to Henry Snyder
E-366 Florence Callinn to Lewis Moore
E-103 Elizabeth Calvin to Tyrey J. Chrisman
D-187 Emma Calvin to Joseph Caul
A-68  Sarah Calwell to Robert M. Key
D-267 Mary Camell to William Dunkin
E-345 Jennie Camp to Francis Lawrence
F-52  Samantha A. Camp to Samuel S. Caldwell
E-146 Clara M. Campbell to Sanel H. Angevine
B-94  Elizabeth G. Campbell to James W. Milton
E-371 Eva A. Campbell to William Schock
E-329 Florence Campbell to John D. Antis
E-176 Ida I. Campbell to H. E. Watkins
B-158 Jane P. Campbell to David Monteith
A-265 Marion Campbell to James Brown
B-139 Mary Campbell to J. W. Childs
A-264 Mary Campbell to John Baird
E-349 Mary H. Campbell to John Gibson
E-240 Rosa Campbell to George Rosenberger
E-69  Sadie E. Campbell to Frank H. Church
C-405 Lovinia Can to Jehoida Millard
E-111 Miriam L. Can to Gardner C. Taylor
A-174 Sarah Canada to Ezekial Ervin
D-183 Mary A. Candee to James M. Smitley
E-72  Elizabeth Canedy to Edgar D. Breese
C-164 Alice Canfield to John N. Middlebrook
F-48  Orrissa (Segar) Canfield to Herric Schellhouse
D-200 Jennie Canick to George W. Linn
E-367 Annie Canine to Levi Strong
E-170 Celia Canine to Layland Millard
F-42  Gertrude Canniff to John L. Foobes
E-108 Eva L. Canright to Lorin C. Rogers
E-285 Jennie Capbell to Joseph Cline
B-110 Louisa Card to Horace Fineout
C-229 Charlotte F. Carde to B. J. Cory
E-247 Alice Carey to Wesley Husselman
E-271 Minnie Carey to William P. Lisk
C-25  Sabie W. Carey to Elisha Doan
C-478 Catherine Carkenord to Abner Tuttle
D-10  Louisa Carl to Henry Schoknecht
F-100 Louise M. Carl to William H. Gay
E-357 Sophia Carl to Frederick Kloko
E-36  Mary Carlan to Albert M. Disney
E-260 Ella Carles to Samuel Richards
E-54  Hattie C. Carlin to Norman C. Betts
A-139 Nancy Carlin to John Cuddy
E-206 Lucy A. Carlise to John T. Ward
A-143 Jane H. Carlisle to Elias S. Swan
C-23  Martha G. Carlisle to Norman S. Andrews
D-190 Mary E. Carlisle to Frederick A. Thieaband
E-309 Emma Carls to Henry Doss
E-329 Maria Carls to John Wittenberg
A-283 Lucinda Carmany to James Carr
A-283 Rachal Carmany to James H. Carr
E-361 Asenath Carmer to David D. Johnston
E-334 Jennie Carmien to Joseph Schrock
E-279 Mina Carmon to John Schermerhorn
C-477 Mary E. Carnahan to Wm. H. Christiance
E-315 Flora V. Carnes to H. S. Schermerhorn
C-303 Maggie Carnes to William J. Fulkerson
E-74  Elizabeth Carney to Elmer Brown
E-232 Erma Carney to Elow Swoley
E-343 Kittie Carney to William Sell
E-151 Maide Carney to William H. Hay
E-308 Mary E. Carns to H. D. Lindorfer
E-34  Calista Caroer to George Ferris
E-327 Josie Carpe to William Sullivan
F-72  Ada M. Carpenter to Willie O. Rippey
F-120 Addie C. Carpenter to Lyman D. Trubey
E-38  Addie R. Carpenter to Argiles Washburn
E-11  Almira Carpenter to Elijah B. Hard
C-115 Eleanor M. Carpenter to Levi B. Simmons
D-282 Esther E. Carpenter to Albin Nash
B-145 Eunice Carpenter to Warren Collins
E-58  Josephine Carpenter to William L. Olmsted
E-255 Julia Carpenter to Charles Turnbal
B-160 Louisa Carpenter to Sylvester Troy
C-373 Marginis Carpenter to William Wilden
D-187 Maria F. Carpenter to John W. Foreman
E-189 Mariah T. Carpenter to John W. Poorman
B-155 Martha A. Carpenter to Andrew J. Jones
D-109 Nettie Carpenter to William F. Patterson
E-9   Phoebe J. Carpenter to Hannibal Eaton
E-38  Reckey L. Carpenter to Marshal Marvin
C-288 Sarah A. Carpenter to Charles W. Lyon
E-330 Zingara Carpenter to Alva Tiffany
E-193 H.L. Carper to Oscar G. Bond
E-338 Clemey Carr to Reuben H. McClain
B-46  Galina A. Carr to Jacob Deveny
B-141 Harriet Carr to Daniel Reed
B-12  Janie Carr to Justus T. Vought
E-103 Lucetta A. Carr to William S. Teston
C-64  Lucinda Carr to James M. Gee
E-26  Margaret J. Carr to Joseph Roderick
E-120 Mary Carr to Matthew Burns
A-96  Mary Ann Carr to Ransom Millard
E-92  Minerva Carr to Zeba H. Evans
F-16  Minnie Carr to Lavern Fisk
B-117 Nancy Carr to Daniel Rollins
E-100 Sarah Carr to Taylor Shobe
E-336 Florence Carrel to Austin H. Harman
E-179 Ada Carrick to Joseph Hewitt
F-86  Francis Carrick to John James Greenside
D-200 Jennie Carrick to George W. Linn
E-362 Ellie Wade Carrier to Steven Eugene Thorp
E-153 Celinda Carroll to Jacob Kemple
E-254 Lottie Carson to George A. Townsend
A-26  Ann Eliza Carter to Hasmer Kellogg, Jr.
E-108 Aradine M. Carter to Ezra Lanning
C-94  Elmeretta Carter to William Nickerson
E-240 Genevieve M. Carter to Edward W. Kelly
E-226 Lydia Carter to James Thauist
E-312 Maggie Carter to James M. Hall
E-267 Malinda Carter to Clark Rhinehart
E-14  Mary E. Carter to John A. Palmer
E-343 Nancy Carter to James M. Hartman
A-40  Sarah Carter to Babire Hartman
F-90  Eliza A. Carver to Eugene W. Larcom
E-226 Emma J. Carver to George Brandenburg
F-98  Belle Cary to Miner J. Acton
E-317 Cora Cary to Richard H. Hughes
E-14  Diana A. Cary to Abram Mapes
E-39  Ida Cary to Lewis C. Horton
C-37  Mary Cary to J. C. Watson
E-117 Alice L. Case to Miner M. Hibbard
A-26  Anna Case to Stephen S. Fish
C-381 Caroline Case to Delos Weatherwax
E-19  Charlotte N. Case to Henry W. Bush
E-320 Ella Case to Adelbert A. Mitchell
E-129 Emma Case to Austin S. Rowley
B-78  Laura A. Case to Richmond E. Case
E-251 Lillie M. Case to Willis E. Barnum
C-387 Mary Case to Albert Ives
E-76  Mary E. Case to Oscar F. Bean
C-435 Mary S. Case to Harvey Pollock
E-267 Roxie M. Case to Fred J. Shelden
E-256 Sarah F. Case to George H. Hopkins
E-174 Sarah M. Case to Hilton Kelburn
E-140 Belle Caseman to Rufus H. Folwell
D-247 Lucinda Caseman to Joseph D. Wolf
C-408 Susan Caseman to Milton B. Fitch
D-269 Almira P. Cash to Elijah Ford
E-154 Matie Caskey to Charles C. Huff
C-357 Mary E. Casky to J. M. Gragg
C-376 Leonora Casle to Charles H. Fish
E-334 Alivilda Casper to Orville L. James
A-250 Martha Casper to Israel Grodin
D-146 Susan Casper to George S. Baum
F-124 Elnora F. Casselman to George E. Henderson
C-54  Susan Castell to Levi Winn
C-269 Amelia A. Castle to Edwards Strunk
D-165 Maggie J. Castle to William G. Leland
E-68  Mary L. Castle to John Tracy
E-104 Minnie Cate to Fred Haver
E-352 Irene R. Cathcart to Edward Cadwell
F-2   Mary A. Cathcart to Alva Z. Cathcart
C-33  Sarah Cathcart to Joseph M. Windsor
D-229 Annie M. Catherman to George Lambert
E-3   Annie M. Catherman to George Lambert
F-68  Carrie Catherman to Calvin Hayman
E-16  Isabella S. Catherman to Sylvester B. Kimball
D-154 Lucinda Catherman to Levi Emig
D-195 Mary Catherman to Samuel Wilhelm
C-312 Addie Cattell to Russell H. Powers
C-260 Betsey Cattell to Beden Bucknell
F-88  Dora E. Cattell to Charles P. Monfoot
C-415 J. M. Cattell to Benjamin F. Butler
C-449 Lucy Cattell to Augustus J. C. Post
E-85  Ellen Catton to Newton Ivins
F-66  Ida B. Catton to Leonard C. Rever
A-63  Jane Catton to Henry Garrison
E-364 Jennie R. Catton to Andrew Kittell
E-299 Mary E. Catton to Alfred Wickett
E-23  Mary J. Catton to D. S. Ivens
E-197 Sarah A. Catton to Frances Ambrose
D-215 Ann C. Caul to Albert W. Hardy
C-179 Elizabeth Caul to N. H. Hoisington
D-60  Jane S. Caul to William H. Perrin
A-279 Judiah Caul to Henry Borgert
B-149 Margaret Caul to John H. Crits
E-247 Mary J. Caul to M. F. Stevens
E-82  Rachel A. Caul to James B. Crane
E-13  Sarah Caul to Charles Shelhart
E-236 Lizzie A. Caulfield to Lawrence W. Atkins
E-174 Emma A. Caville to Henry M. Rockwell
E-43  Elizabeth Cawkins to Herbert H. Warren
B-30  Angeline Cayser to Lemuel Dawson
E-246 Jane Ceas to Charles Broody
E-183 Martha Cebald to Samuel S. Johnson
E-187 Ellen Cebert to Aaron Wait
E-227 Mary Cebold to George Johnson
E-161 Martha A. Ceitner to William H. Roberts
E-305 Carey Celostine to Lincoln Cary
E-52  Rebecca Cermer to Abraham Blank
E-166 Mary Cermnater to John Smith
B-126 Mary Cetro to Andrew Nadean
F-130 Jennie Chace to Henry Kundit
E-87  Helen Chadwick to Alvin Salisbury
E-134 Lottie L. Chadwick to George W. Buck
E-27  Martha E. Chadwick to Robert K. Hall
E-164 Ida A. Chaffee to Reuben Kenoyer
C-439 Ann E. Chaffie to Addison A. Udell
F-116 Barbara Chamberlain to Ezra Bower
E-204 E. Chamberlain to George W. Bowman
E-209 Harriet L. Chamberlain to Asa S. Thompson
C-327 Lucy Chamberlain to Asaph Crosby
C-13  Marietta Chamberlain to Jonathan S. Woodworth
F-44  Mary L. Chamberlain to David B. Smith
E-97 Olive L. Chamberlain to Emery Davis
C-452 Sarah A. Chamberlain to Lorenzo Elliott
F-22  Mary Chamberlin to Walter Williams
C-195 Amanda Chambers to James Crawford
E-35  Francis A. Chambers to John Robins
C-59  Nancy Chambers to Ryon Nicholas
B-117 Philena G. Chambras to John B. Peek
E-372 Emma Chambrolin to David D. Black
E-80  Almina Champion to James S. Porter
C-206 Louisa P. Champion to Edward P. Smith
E-49  Nora Champion to Lafayette Collein
C-229 Ellen Champlain to Alfred Mungus
A-186 Lucinda Champlain to George Cooper
A-237 Nancy Champlain to Oliver H. Perry
E-113 Ella Champlin to Ezra Wable
E-113 Ella Champlin to Ezra Webb
E-297 Ida Champlin to Charles H. Felker
C-475 Susan Champlin to Linas L. Graves
D-33  Louisa Champney to David Palmer
C-322 Lucy E. Chandler to Orlando T. Ellis
E-177 Luella Chandler to Stephen Colescott
C-370 Margaret J. Chandler to Charles Spencer
D-226 Mary Chandler to William B. Pierson
C-57  Mary Chane to John McKerley
C-336 D. Chapin to William Hafer
E-33  Elnira L. Chapin to Esey R. Harding
A-256 Emeline Chapin to William T. North
E-41  Emelissa Chapin to Alex T. Mann
E-26  Evalyn P. Chapin to George O. VanVleck
F-98  Mary E. (Haviland) Chaplin to Edward N. Whitney
E-184 Amanda Chapman to John Davis
C-341 Caroline Chapman to Thomas Howlett
A-174 Eliza Chapman to Jonathan Fuller
E-187 Elva Chapman to Fred W. Smith
E-205 Jessie Chapman to James Bucknell
B-32  Lydia Chapman to George Howe
D-21  Mary A. Chapman to Hugh Abbott Klady
D-21  Mary A. Chapman to Hugh Abbott
E-287 Myra Chapman to Henry Gilbert
C-225 Sylvia A. Chapman to Livingston Smalley
C-4   Theresa Chappel to Robert Ingle
F-112 Susie V. Chappell to Jay D. Page
E-141 Emma G. Chappman to Jeremiah C. Reams
E-202 Elizabeth A. Chard to James M. Winegar
B-141 Sarah Chard to Joel Smith
E-163 Sarah J. Chard to Charles E. Bush
E-145 Eleanore Chase to Alvah A. Wade
E-36  Ester M. Chase to Charles W. Goodrich
E-199 Frank Chase to Frank Matteson
B-105 Hannah A. Chase to Daniel Savery
E-186 Jennie Chase to Charles C. Henry
C-192 M. J. Chase to Martin A. Dilley
A-276 Rhoda Ann Chase to William Hatch
C-227 S. Chase to Charles Hall
C-221 Sally L. Chase to Daniel J. Reber
E-284 Eliza Chavars to Charles R. Wells
C-362 Elizabeth Chesley to Henry Packard
E-98  Florence Chesley to Monroe Negus
B-79  Amy Childs to Thomas Young
A-106 Julia Ann Childs to Edward P. Fitzpatrick
E-364 Minnie Childs to Lori P. Emery
E-309 Rosa L. Childs to Calvin H. Moore
C-146 Sarah I. Childs to George W. Pierce
C-110 Zely Chimel to William Bigelow
E-335 Emeline Chiney to Isaac Meek
B-24  Marion W. Chipman to George B. Hewings
E-156 Rose Chisley to Ezra Scott
C-203 Mary Chisman to Elisha Jacobs
E-95  Estella Chittenden to Arthur Kline
C-49  Mabelle Chittenden to Spencer King
E-149 Nellie M. Choate to John W. McChesney
B-77  Charlotte M. Choats to Israel V. Williams
E-156 Sarah Christian to Francis Murphy
E-135 Phoebe J. Chronister to William Avery
E-54  Eliza A. Chuba to Adam P. Mecum
F-122 Jennie Chugston to Charles Henry Dunton
C-473 Carrie Church to C. T. Taylor
A-222 Electa Church to Daniel Bacon
C-128 Jane E. Church to Henry McCreary
E-21  Lavinia Church to Ira B. Woodworth
C-8   Sophia Church to John Briggs
C-32  Elizabeth Churchill to Henry Jewell
C-188 Letitia Churchill to John H. Conine
C-10  Mary Churchill to Nathan C. Polly
D-93  Mercy Churchill to Francis Headley
A-282 Catherine Cirkwood to Albert Osborn
C-259 Gertrude Clagfish to Gotlieb Hiesel
E-176 Kate Claman to John F. Schuler
D-28  F.E. Clapp to Andrew T. Norton
F-80  Martha Clapp to Alfred A. Jones
F-84  Nellie Clapp to Frank E. Francisco
E-290 Ollie M. Clapp to L. B. Desvoignes
E-166 Ada Clark to George R. Carrol
E-249 Ada M. Clark to Charles W. Pike
A-117 Adaline Clark to Calvin A. Goodrich
E-62  Agnes Clark to Schuyler Champion
E-254 Aldara Clark to Albert H. Porter
F-118 Alice Clark to Tillman Ister
C-282 Amanda Clark to William M. Reed
C-9   Barbara Clark to Caleb Batterson
E-357 Bertha A. Clark to Stratton G. Pomeroy
E-78  Caroline Clark to John Jamison
B-77  Catherine Clark to John Cockett
D-52  Catherine A. Clark to Calvin Church
E-106 Catherine J. Clark to George W. Leland
F-42  Clara L. Clark to Frank Kline
E-325 Cora A. Clark to James W. Matherson
B-133 Cordelia Clark to James C. Bishop
B-82  Eliza J. Clark to James W. Mandigo
C-294 Eliza Jane Clark to Charles M. Reed
C-455 Elizabeth Clark to James Bortch
E-249 Emma Clark to David McDaniels
C-301 Harriet Clark to Charles Pomeroy
C-16  Harriet Clark to Amos C. Jackson
E-333 Hattie Clark to C. E. Dickinson
F-92  Helen (Daenis) Clark to George W. Wetmore
E-53  Jane A. Clark to Marcus F. Bailey
F-54  Jennie E. Clark to Andrew I. Shellenberger
C-116 Julia A. Clark to Elisha W. Clark
C-300 Julia A. Clark to John J. Salmon
E-268 Julia E. Clark to George H. Leinback
E-314 Libbie Clark to John D. Miller
E-212 Lizzie Clark to Scott D. Hall
E-97  Lucinda Clark to Horace B. Avery
E-166 Lucy D. Clark to Chandler R. Kingsley
E-120 Lydia A. Clark to Jacob Gundlesparger
F-132 Margaret Clark to Joseph H. Avery
F-106 Maria M. Clark to Martin L. Walls
E-196 Mary Clark to Charles M. Olney
C-98  Mary Clark to David M. Bateman
C-95  Mary A. Clark to James Finley
C-297 Mary E. Clark to Joseph Armitage
C-252 Mary E. Clark to John W. Adair
F-132 Mary Jane Clark to Alvaro T. Patterson
C-169 Mary P. Clark to Wesley Fair
F-48  Mattie Elnora Clark to Abraham L. Depere
E-334 Mina Clark to Dale Ivens
C-360 Nancy Clark to Ebenezer Osborn
E-284 Nancy A. Clark to Johnathan K. Wells
E-205 Nellie Clark to Edward Hickert
C-184 Priscilla B. Clark to F. W. Daniels
C-11  Rebecca Clark to Flanders E. Hughes
C-62  Sarah A. Clark to Amasa H. Johnson
D-4   Sarah E. Clark to William D. Leland
C-271 Sarah J. Clark to Edgar I. Sheldon
E-216 Stella E. Clark to Fred D. Johnson
E-300 Nancy J. Clarke to Solomon Franks
E-314 Laura Classen to John C. Libing
E-284 Ella Clay to Joseph Dreese
F-36  Minnie Clayman to Charles Petifer
F-102 Ellettie Claypool to Joseph B. Jenkins
E-175 Margaret Clayton to Wm. J. Leatherbury
E-107 Jane E. Clearwater to Levi H. Watkins
D-151 Eliza J. Clemens to Nathaniel Houston
D-57  Lucy Clemens to John D. Moore 
E-207 Mary Clemens to Othello Salisbury
D-159 Mary A. Clemens to Charles M. Martin
D-157 Sarah E. Clemens to Edward A. Flinn
C-195 Clarissa Clement to William Porter
E-233 Ella Clement to Charles E. Catton
E-193 Lillie V. Clement to Fremont Gorton
D-165 Mary J. Clement to Sidney Durfee
C-428 Mary J. Clement to C. J. Thorp
C-39  Ruth L. Clement to Abner S. Ross
E-370 Clara Belle Clements to Noah B. Bair
D-84  Maria Clemins to Erastus Mills
E-57  Zida A. Clending to George W. Rifenberg
C-276 Ann Cleveland to Henry Chase
D-196 Ann E. Cleveland to James H. Haines
E-114 Asella Cleveland to John F. Porter
E-216 E.S. Cleveland to Eugene M. Brown
F-122 Ellen Cleveland to George Denies
E-327 Eva Cleveland to Serreign Beerbower
E-364 Jane C. Cleveland to Horace Ackley
F-130 Jennie Cleveland to Agamemnon H. Thurston
E-11  Lydia Cleveland to John Perkins
E-206 Lydia E. Cleveland to George H. Benedict
C-315 Sophia Cleveland to Edward Cleveland
A-254 Mary Cliffell to Williams Anderson
E-24  Eliza Cline to James Van Dusen
C-313 Mary Cline to Albert Shanks
E-150 Sarah A. Cline to Roscoe G. Frary
C-209 Julia Clingan to William Kelly
B-75  Hester Clingerman to Philip Casper
D-79  Hattie Clingman to Manasses Clingman
D-256 E. T. Clinton to Joseph Wachterhauser
A-257 Elizabeth Clipfell to George Bower
E-251 Elizabeth Clipper to Charles Whitman
C-80  Charlotte Clock to Thomas B. Wolf
C-216 Maretta Close to Jonas Evert
F-104 Phylena M. Close to William C. Schirmeyer
F-34  Esther Clouse to Eugene Hanks
C-6   Mary E. Clouse to James Miller
C-349 Samantha Clouse to Stephen Miller
F-32  Esther A. (Aldrich) Clover to Edwin Mosher
E-218 Addie Clowes to George Richards
E-176 Ellen Clowes to William Frankish
C-456 Mary L. Cloyes to S. S. Hand
F-66  Julia E. (Chaffee) Cloys to Wardharn A. Galpin
C-471 Margaret E. Clubine to Jeronie J. Corsett
F-28  Nettie B. Clubine to William H. Relyea
C-30  Rosanna Clubine to Theodore Troy
D-141 Sarah J. Clubine to Charles Loomis
E-113 Anna Clugston to Charles F. Arnold
F-22  Maggie E. Clugston to Jacob Henry Nihart
E-180 Ellen Clum to Henry Wheeler
F-44  Alice Clumbaker to Oliver D. Stuart
C-381 Cornelia Clute to Edward Briggs
E-6   Ella K. Clute to Jacob N. Crawford
F-70  Agatha L. Clutter to John F. Zent
D-264 Frances Coam to Henry Fisher
E-292 Fannie E. Coates to Silas Powers
E-299 Isabella Coates to Chas. M. Dimick
C-164 Mary Coates to Robert Kirkpatrick
A-78  Sarah Coates to Thomas Brandley
A-41  Anna Coats to William Cross
F-80  Annie (Golden) Coats to William C. Petrec
E-232 Emma Coats to Linoln Dice
E-352 Ida E. Coats to James R. Dimic
E-59  Mary Coats to Amos S. Patterson
D-54  Sarah Coats to William Hall
A-40  Harriet Cobb to John Anderson
B-138 Sarah L. Cobb to Robert Goodwin
E-49  Jenny Coberts to George McClain
C-189 Rachel Cobun to Helman Neiman
E-281 Lottie E. Coburn to Seymour Hess
E-106 Adda M. Cochran to James W. Ferguson
B-49  Martha Cockett to Orin E. Wilkeson
D-117 Angeline Codding to Francis M. Adams
E-52  Charlotte E. Codding to Daniel D. Smith
C-329 Genever Coddington to Christopher Height
F-28  Ruth Coddington to Arthur W. Brown
E-2   Anna Coderman to George Lambert
D-220 Anna Coderman to George Lambert
F-120 Annie L. Codman to Alexander B. Phillips
A-24  Lucy Codner to Alfred French
C-204 Eliza Coe to Wm. H. Shelden
E-224 Flora B. Coe to Francis M. Bressler
D-30  Ada Coffin to Andrew J. Edwards
E-117 Isidene Coffin to Amos Schroel
D-232 Susan E. Coffin to Willis B. Dimmick
E-4   Susan E. Coffin to Willis B. Dimmick
A-68  Ann Coffinger to Albert H. Strong
E-177 Ella Coghill to Richard Burns
A-109 Emaline Cogswell to John Edwards
C-450 Roxana Cohoon to George F. Anderson
F-2   Della Coil to William Barry
E-368 Mabel A. Coldwell to Lewis M. Miller
E-233 Mary Coldwell to Hamilton Boston
C-130 Adelia M. Cole to David Mandigo
D-53  Angeline E. Cole to Jonas Wolfinger
C-7   Azuba Cole to Peter Florence
B-126 Charita A. Cole to Charles Whiting
C-161 Clarissa Cole to John Saunter
E-185 Ella E. Cole to Clark S. Rogers
E-198 Emeline Cole to I. B. Jackson
F-100 Grace L. Cole to Ben F. Osgood
E-256 Laura Cole to John James Moran
E-18  Rebecca Cole to Lucius Lee
E-97  Rose Cole to Robert Illingham
E-209 Sarah Cole to Quincey Winegar
E-193 Sarah E. Cole to John V. Hamilton
C-57  Julia M. Colebrook to Henry A. Shipman
F-20  Julia Bell Coleman to Isaac W. Tousley
E-52  Mary Coler to Solomon Dewey
E-258 Mary Colhan to Christopher Sweitzer
F-128 Johanna E. Colison to Charles Hanson
C-320 Mary E. Colley to Wm. W. Sprague
F-128 Mary W. Collier to John L. Buchanan
D-133 Eliza J. Collingwood to Christian Kritzer
C-280 Amelia Collins to Nelson L. Parrish
E-267 Lydia A. Collins to Harvey P. S. Morris
E-45  Mary M. Collins to Ira Parish
F-52  Rosa E. Collins to Charles H. Smith
E-132 Theresa K. Colliose to John S. Hoots
A-140 Sally Colon to Nathan Hacket
E-174 Anna Colpetzer to James Houts
E-317 Margaret F. Colpetzer to Charles B. Billman
C-349 Mary E. Colton to Cyrus Bristol
C-157 Lovetta Coltrin to Robert Fish
E-76  Mary A. Colwell to George Smith
E-327 Ruth Colwell to Ernst H. Loveridge
E-32  Amy Comer to Patrick Rey
E-131 Louisa Cominator to Jacob Kielkopf
E-335 Harriet M. Comins to James W. Cuykendal
B-87  Emeline Compton to Nelson Craft
E-352 Allice Comstock to James M. Watkins
E-121 Elma Comstock to Henry V. Curtis
B-53  Sarah Comstock to William H. Benedict
E-169 Naoma Conahan to Onegon Taylor
C-374 Mary Conant to Cornelius Bixby
E-242 Mary Condit to George Dethrick
E-143 Zoe M. Conella to Charles I. Miles
C-465 Ann E. Coney to Charles Fish
F-102 Edith I. Coney to Henry G. Wagner
E-173 Eliza Confer to Benjamin A. Waltz
E-10  Sarah M. Congdon to Charles E. Blood
E-201 Jennie M. Conine to Charles Holton
E-192 Emiline Conklin to Myron Ingerson
E-88  Sarah J. Conklin to William H. Kieney
E-368 Letta J. Conkling to William F. Cooper
F-118 Lulu E. Conley to Charles T. Nash
C-471 Caroline M. Conner to Calvin Martin
E-102 Clara J. Connor to John H. Walters
C-242 Clarinda A. Connor to Roland Barnard
D-189 Helen J. Connor to Caleb A. Ensign
F-48  Anna Conrad to James Abbot
E-333 Clara J. Conrad to James E. Hogarty
F-70  Mary (Weis) Conrad to William Vickery
E-51  Elizabeth Conrath to J. C. Cooper
E-26  Anna R. Converse to Clarence W. Swan
E-343 Mary Coofare to Howard Spigelmoyer
E-226 Clara J. Cook to Isaac F. Durham
A-81  Elizabeth Cook to Thomas Schooley
E-350 Ella Cook to Lute Miller
C-386 Ellen J. Cook to Luther G. Miller
E-90  Emma Cook to Edward W. Jager
E-286 Estella A. Cook to H. W. Marshall
E-175 Fanny J. Cook to George W. Bagley
C-419 Frances H. Cook to John Driesbach
C-45  Harriet P. Cook to Ira Nash
E-182 Hennie Cook to William R. Frost
F-52  Ida M. Cook to Charles A. Bloomfield
D-76  Jennie Cook to William Esterbrook
F-86  Jennie M. Cook to Charles W. Buchanan
E-227 Laura E. Cook to Marcellus Marguis
E-342 Louisa E. Cook to Alfred W. Bennett
E-370 Mamie M. Cook to Lester Nusbaum
E-122 Maria Cook to John W. Salter
A-37  Maria Cook to Gideon Langdon
A-27  Mary Cook to Samuel Teasdel
E-176 Mary Cook to Charles Esmus
E-289 Mary Cook to Milton Strong
E-275 Mary Cook to Isaac K. Millard
E-176 Mary Cook to Charles Esmus
E-79  Mary A. Cook to Frank W. Frary
D-151 Mary A. Cook to Samuel Wetzel
E-146 Minnie Cook to Christian Soderman
E-149 Mira M. Cook to Charles H. Buffinton
A-212 Nancy Cook to John A. Slote
C-142 Orselia Cook to Henry Sutton
C-262 Rachal A. Cook to Lewis Portman
E-147 Rhoda Cook to Sherman A. Austin
F-76  Rosie Cook to John Seyffert
E-87  Sarah Cook to John C. Cathcart
A-214 Sarah Ann Cook to Eleazer L. Abbott
A-260 Sophronia Cook to Abner M. Beardslee
E-159 Anna Cool to Michael Barber
E-316 Emma A. Cooler to George B. M. Linn
C-162 Julia Cooley to Jonas Adams
B-157 Mary Jane Cooley to John E. Moore
C-325 Nancy A. Cooley to Norman A. Clark
D-185 Amelia Coon to Heman B. Williams
E-68  Carrie E. Coon to Charles Spooner
E-194 Emma I. Coon to Emery O. Watkins
E-41  Laura Coon to Wakeman Davis
E-115 Mary O. Coon to James L. Farnham
E-360 Della Cooner to Peter W. Neff
E-180 Mary E. Coons to Isaac B. Clark
E-130 Amanda Cooper to Samuel Barnhart
E-301 Anna Cooper to James E. Marks
D-179 E. Cooper to Elisha D. Ellis
D-180 Helen E. Cooper to Thomas Cooper
F-60  Ida B. Cooper to Fred H. Miller
B-81  Jane M. Cooper to John Hotchin
E-332 Libbie L. Cooper to Charles H. Hutchinson
E-178 Lizzie E. Cooper to William R. Smalley
E-30  Maretta J. Cooper to William D. Jarrett
E-367 Mary Cooper to Cornelius V. Teller
E-157 Mary A. Cooper to Lewis Altland
E-178 Mary J. Cooper to Theodore Shearer
E-184 Matie T. Cooper to John Fogarty
E-184 Matie T. Cooper to John Frogarty
E-66  Melissa E. Cooper to William J. Howard
E-212 Nancy Cooper to William Wise
E-119 Nora C. Cooper to David V. Runyan
E-283 Rettie A. Cooper to Joseph C. Packer
C-432 Saline Cooper to John Surls
E-43  Sarah B. Cooper to Ernest Stillson
D-34  Sarah E. Cooper to Lafayette Conner
E-50  Susan R. Cooper to Lysander H. Ensign
B-126 Rebecca A. Cooperhaver to Edward Neddo
F-24  Minnie L. Coots to Arthur D. Stuart
A-216 Nancy Coots to Charles Holmes
E-122 Ceneth Cope to John Linham
F-62  Millie Copenhamer to Jay L. Olinstead
E-257 Mary E. Copenhaver to John A. McLain
E-339 Hackett Cora to Lewis Milliman
B-113 Sophia Coradray to Francis Utter
E-19  Elizabeth Corbett to Eli Frazier
A-239 Amanda Corbin to Erastus R. Hubbard
A-50  Julianna Corbin to Otis Preston
D-52  Sarah Corder to G. Gurburt
A-241 Barbary Corendar to David Moore
C-119 Amanda Corey to Seneca Sales
C-314 Eliza Corey to John W. Fox
E-188 Ida E. Corey to Luther M. Richardson
E-150 Elizabeth Corlis to Joseph Curtin
F-98  Blanch O. Cornell to Robert C. Triplett
C-368 Hannah Corner to Jeremiah Rody
E-283 Lydia A. Corner to Henry H. Ruggles
D-180 Mary B. Corner to Isaac J. Spaulding
E-102 Elizabeth G. Corning to William H. Platts
D-171 Mary Corning to Thomas Hulett
D-83  Mary A. Corning to Alexander Wygant
C-412 Caroline Cornwell to Ira Moffatt
E-88  Celia Corwin to John Marsh
E-75  Hattie Corwin to Samuel McCarlin
F-26  Lovina Corwin to Franklin A. Frymier
C-469 Vesta Corwin to Michael H. Siver
E-94  Emeline P. Cory to Andrew G. Ritter
E-141 Louisa Cory to George Afred
C-2   Elizabeth Coryell to Samuel Goodell
B-157 Martha A. Coryell to Joseph Koon
E-59  Hannah Cosan to Charles M. Stamp
E-167 Rachel Cosgrove to Charles Fox
B-14  Rebecca Cosper to Henry Copenhagen
E-58  Eliza Cotherman to Andrew J. Smith
E-298 Eva Cotherman to Fred L. Fisher
E-344 Helen A. Cotherman to Ebenezer Rich
E-25  Isabella Cotherman to Amos Smith
F-50  Isebell Cotherman to James Wright
E-50  Sarah H. Cotherman to Adam J. Sampsel
B-38  Ellen Cothwell to William Vanalstine
E-56  Katy Cotterman to Christopher Motter
C-42  Phebe Cotton to Joel North
D-46  Marilla Cottrell to John H. Ferguson
E-367 Jennie C. Cottrin to L. Grosenbaugh
E-349 Laura A. Counts to Charles Cone
E-296 Emma F. Coup to John Hale
C-241 Alice Cousins to John Cox
C-104 Sarah Couter to John G. Gurbert
E-235 Euphemice A. Couvin to Albert Evans
C-164 E. A. Covey to William Burns
A-145 Sarah Covey to Franklin Watson
E-44  Susan Covley to Isaac Moser 
E-124 Sarah G. Cowen to Norman Mosier
C-4   Elsie A. Cowlan to Abraham Minges
B-100 Anna Cowles to Solomon Howe
E-118 Evaline R. Cowling to E. Rudolph Stevens
C-59  Olive Cowls to George J. White
E-368 Myrtle M. Cox to Lot A. Loutzenhiser
E-115 Amanda Cox to George Eberhock
E-123 Ann Cox to Madison Brown
E-271 Bell V. Cox to William P. McKee
C-479 Clara G. Cox to William Coupland
F-114 Eliza Cox to Lincoln Stuck
E-78  Elsie A. Cox to Robert W. Campbell
E-362 Isabella Cox to Hamilton R. Harper
E-346 Laura B. Cox to John Prasher
D-145 Mary W. Cox to David W. Evans
A-206 Sarah Cox to Lyman Nobel
F-54  Sophia Cox to John Geiger
E-36  Mary A. Coyan to Mill A. Butler
E-310 Sarah E. Coyl to Oscar E. William
E-66  Mary Coyle to Asa Smith
E-10  Lucinda Crabtree to Seymour Countryman
D-252 Lucinda Crabtree to Seymour Countryman
E-330 Irene I. Cradet to William Byron Webb
E-313 Eva J. Cradit to John E. Klein
C-257 Calista Craft to Orsemus K. Tripp
E-237 Margaret Craft to George S. Spence
A-46  Mary Jane Craft to Charles H. Knox
A-165 Sarah Craft to David Bennett
C-139 Catherine Crager to Adam Swartsweller
F-56  Susan Crager to William W. Kelley
E-308 Ida Cragon to Albert Patten
E-233 Ada Craig to George N. Nayhart
C-466 Fannie Craig to A. Palmer
C-206 Harriet Craig to Gideon Klingerman
C-73  Helen Craig to Myron S. Havens
E-288 Janice Craig to Nevin D. Bechtel
E-163 Lillie Craig to James Sidener
B-15  Louisa Craig to William Yanney
E-209 Rosina Craig to Solomon Fromfield
E-144 Olive Crain to Clark R. Benton
F-38  Anna Cramer to Ellett S. Newman
F-10  Florence A. Cramer to Edwin Cramer
F-54  Ida Crampton to Millard Dolton
E-162 Coella Crandall to Eugene Foote
C-305 Mabla Crandall to Alonzo Weed
A-270 Mary W. Crandall to Orin M. Grannis
E-261 Sallie J. Crandall to Jacob Lapham
E-241 Ella Crane to Jacob Yeagler
E-312 Etta E. Crane to George P. Booth
A-202 Johanna Crane to Horace J. Lee
E-115 Sarah L. Crane to Arthur F. Williams
E-129 Nancy Craner to Hulbert Caroer
E-370 Mary J. Crankwright to Charles T. White
D-143 Ellen Cranor to Tyler Ethridge 
E-357 Caroline E. Crater to Stephen M. Nash
B-35  Angeline Crawford to William Smith
A-125 Anna Crawford to William Garrison
C-15 Catheline Crawford to Samuel B. Schranger
E-276 Ella Crawford to Andrew S. Goodnow
E-320 Hester D. Crawford to John W. Tesson
E-9   Louisa Crawford to Charles L. Anton
C-349 Mary J. Crawford to Henry L. Bagley
B-30  Rebecca Crawford to Henry J. Warren
A-38  Rebecca Crawford to Lewis R. Broady
E-235 Carrie E. Creager to James B. Daulton
C-388 Sarah A. Creamer to Charles C. Ludwig
E-113 Carrie Crease to Orrin N. Dodge
F-389 Jennie Creighton to James Isbell
E-125 Harriet Creveling to John W. Hawkins
C-178 Phoebe Crew to Richard M. Wetherbee
E-369 Sila A. Creweling to Harry J. Catton
E-220 Sarah Crewell to William F. Waltman
E-246 Alice Crider to N. S. Stouts
F-94  Jennie Cripe to Jessee Cripe
E-191 Emma Crisse to Mathew Skelly
B-143 Ellen Croan to Michael Diskell
E-18  Libbie Crocker to Daniel Kleckner
E-194 Mary A. Crofferd to Robert M. Hogmire
C-112 Henrietts Crofoot to Stephen Playford
C-21  Juliette Crofoot to Hiram Dell
E-189 Louisa A. Cromer to Charles W. Moore
E-365 Mary E. Cronier to Harry A. Kerr
E-92  Sarah C. G. Cronier to James Garmin
E-214 Louisa H. Cronk to Joseph W. Mainard
E-88  Agnes E. Crosby to Charles Tietson
C-159 Mary Crosby to James Myers
C-470 Sarah Crosby to James T. Broder
E-222 Suzannah Crosby to Burton Fenstermacher
C-312 Almira J. Cross to Charles W. Newberg
C-420 Amelia Cross to Leonard Stilson
F-18  Bertha J. Cross to Charles Henry Neaman
E-288 Carrie Cross to Albert R. Fisher
E-166 Eliza J. Cross to George E. Decker
C-328 Elizabeth A. Cross to W. W. Dunkin
E-221 Ellen A. Cross to Flavius A. Blanchard
E-305 Frank Cross to Edgerton Marvin
E-316 Harriett E. Cross to Loy Pemberton
B-134 Huldah A. Cross to James St. Clair
E-144 Ida J. Cross to Moses E. Avery
B-58  Lewis Cross to Sybil Powers
E-118 Lydia Cross to Edwin Cross
C-320 M. C. Cross to S. E. Martin
E-330 Mattie J. Cross to Phillip M. Goodrich
E-17  Sarah E. Cross to John F. Cree
B-75  Sarah M. Cross to William Gardner
C-79  Susan Cross to George Carpenter
E-105 Susan E. Cross to George O. Abbott
F-24  Susan E. Roberts Cross to William B. Cory
D-79  Sylvia D. Cross to Spencer Ward
A-4   Lucinda Crosset to Amos Howe
E-126 Irene Crossett to William L. Antes
A-91  Martha Crossett to Andreco J. Murray
E-372 Emma Crossette to John J. Proudfit
E-178 Mary A. Crossette to Francis Heimbaugh
F-50  Ida L. Crossgrove to Jasper E. Eddy
C-471 Lucinda Crossman to George Hepler
C-474 Mary Crossman to Alexander Young
C-87  Roxenia A. Crouch to James O. Childs
E-223 Alma A. Crout to Francis A. Gorn
E-332 Emma H. Croy to Fremont G. Sevison
E-251 Allie Crum to George Hersey
C-397 Ann M. Crumbaker to William Henry
E-37  Maria Crumm to Isaac Swartz
D-181 Mary A. Crummel to Robert F. Nelson
E-44  Cynthia R. Crumoell to David Miligan
D-225 Susan E. Crumwell to John M. Carlow
E-296 Minnie G. Crystal to Aaron Lancaster
E-112 Lavina J. Cuddy to George Bassett
E-222 Louie K. Cuddy to Henry K. Yaple
C-344 R. Cuddy to John A. Brown
E-88  Catherine Culbertson to Thomas Cuddy
D-135 Libbie Culbertson to Robert F. Oakes
E-118 Lucinda Culbertson to Ayrus Eyster
C-93  Sarah Culbrotson to Aristus Bishop
E-145 Elizabeth Cullen to Albert Wessel
C-390 Nancy Culoer to James Richards
F-132 Lidia Culow to Thomas W. Holmes
D-86  Addie Culver to Stephen Creasy
E-339 Clara Culver to Annis Newton
E-130 Emma J. Culver to William I. Barnes
C-233 Julia Culver to Jason Girdley
C-399 Mary C. Culver to Sellick M. Sharer
B-8   Sarah A. Culver to Laffered Corson
E-22  Catherine Culvert to Martin A. Fletcher
B-139 Frances Cummings to John T. Arney
E-223 Lucinda V. Cummings to Henry E. Walburn
C-42  Lydia Cummings to Andrew Connor
C-341 Maria Cummings to Henry C. Roberts
C-346 Nellie Cummings to Henry Holmes
C-293 Mary Cummins to William Burson
C-459 Emeline Cunningham to John C. Roach
E-277 Osa F. Cunningham to Absolom Lemon
D-213 Sarah B. Cunselman to Frederick Schick
E-264 Malinda Curling to James Ferguson
C-421 Jannette Currier to Lewis W. Belote
C-94  Polly Ann Currier to John Bair
D-173 Sarah Currier to E. P. Thurston
E-152 Almida H. Curtis to Chas W. Perkins
E-19  Ann Curtis to Samuel P. Beck
E-120 Annie Curtis to Charles E. Stevens
E-87  Cornelia Curtis to Edward Larkin
E-94  Criscinda Curtis to Byron Calhoun
E-116 Emma T. Curtis to Frederick Sanderson
E-172 Hannah L. Curtis to George W. Frey
E-70  Jennie Curtis to Fayette Parsons
F-18  Julia C. Curtis to Sylvester W. Batchelor
C-253 Laura L. Curtis to James Foster
F-46  Lillie A. Curtis to Emanuel Summerlott
E-293 Lydia E. Curtis to William Carr
E-58  M. Curtis to Hiram Bowlbar
E-212 Maggie E. Curtis to Frank M. Brown
B-55  Minerva Curtis to Daniel Wolf
F-30  Olive Ann Curtis to Harvey Allen Stong
C-7   Permelia Curtis to Isaac Truce
E-18  Sarah A. Curtis to James H. Doty
E-261 Sarah E. Curtis to William O. Parker
E-172 Sophronna Curtis to John J. Wellington
C-231 Belinda Curtiss to Benj. F. Wilson
E-211 Sarah Cusgrove to Benfer E. Schug
E-356 Hannah D. Cussans to John L. Fasdic
D-35  Mary M. Custabarter to Palmer Brobinson
D-173 Henrietta Custenbender to Grorge H. Parker
C-95  Amanda Cutler to William W. Graham
E-110 Desire A. Cutler to Henry E. Dudley
E-44  Emma J. Cutler to Inman Lewis
E-174 Eva Cutler to Levi Grant
C-7   Mary J. Cutsfort to John Alexander
C-295 Elizabeth A. Cutsforth to Orange B. Hoard
F-62  Allie E. Cutshaw to Frederic H. Miles
D-52  Matha Cuttendon to Charles Jones
E-625 Minerva Cutter to J. N. Woodworth
E-16  Minerva E. Cutter to John N. Woodworth
E-15  Mary Cutting to Jacob Ulam
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