Female surnames ending in "E"

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C-443 Fanny A. Eacker to Henry Masser
E-47  Isabell Eacker to Russell W. Reddy
E-315 Josephine Eacker to Frank H. Ortmann
E-201 Mary E. Eacker to Roger S. Rowland
A-243 Lucinda Eacklick to John Harrison
C-392 Elizabeth Early to Wesley Lechner
E-126 Mariah L. Early to Ira L. Sloan
E-101 Sarah Earnst to John Hartrauft
F-72  Anna B. Eash to Harrison E. Neusbaum
C-480 Sarah A. East to W. J. Ferguson
E-372 Tracy Easterday to Orlando R. Wilson
E-61  Fanny Eastley to Fred King
D-79  C. M. Eastlick to L. A. Bullock
C-136 Clarissa Easton to William M. Harwood
B-36  Mary Eaton to Hiram Corning
E-23  Mary Ann Eaton to Jerome B. Morehouse
F-54  Minnie Eaton to Henry Bosma
E-84  P. O. Eaton to E. L. Adams
E-229 Ida L. Eberhard to Edwin Ware
B-108 Mary Eberhard to George W. Tellers
C-385 Melinda Eberhard to Isaac Kemberling
C-379 Sarah Eberhard to Solomon Stull
E-289 Elma Eberstein to Charles H. Beckwith
F-130 Florence Eby to John Richmond
F-94  Sarah T. (Ball) Eby to Peter Frank
B-43  Sarah Ann Eck to John Baudeman
E-173 Mary E. Eckenrole to Edward W. Viers
C-390 Gertrude Ecker to S. B. Jenks
D-135 Alice Eckerson to Rush Harding
E-147 Helen Eckerson to Charles L. Bulz
E-36  Hannah Eckler to Gideon T. Beebe
E-274 Mary E. Eckley to Benjamin F. Weinberg
C-217 L. A. Eckrath to John Dresher
E-145 Fannie M. Eckright to James H. Monkow
E-366 Cora I. Eddy to Charles J. Petrie
E-29  Eliza H. Eddy to Samuel McDeid
B-74  Eliza I. Eddy to General V. R. Peck
C-435 Ellen M. Eddy to Benjamin P. Shoemaker
B-74  Elza A. Eddy to William Eddy
C-192 Jerusha Eddy to Zerxes Galusha
E-141 Mary J. Eddy to Joseph Darling
C-391 Mary Jane Eddy to John C. Casement
E-316 Minnie Eddy to J. W. Swienhart
E-185 Rosa Eddy to William Cox
A-55  Samantha Eddy to Samuel Willever
E-115 Julia Edgar to Edson A. Wilder
C-298 Margaret W. Edgar to George K. Hill
E-255 Ida Edge to Reuben I. Blank
E-132 Bertha Edgerden to John B. Craig
F-120 Annis J. Edgerton to Melvin A. Lambert
D-247 Prudence E. Edgerton to Farnce Harriet
F-120 Edna Edleshaufer to Amos Allison
C-310 Mary E. Edmunds to Samuel M. Oviatt
E-208 Alice J. Edwards to Fred L. Thompson
C-99  Edith A. Edwards to Thomas W. Nichols
E-151 Emma Edwards to Joseph F. Tubbs
E-20  Harriet Edwards to Richard Gongee
C-116 Mary Edwards to Thomas Butcher
C-287 Nancy A. Edwards to Lewis N. Robinson
E-96  Sarah E. Edwards to William A. Martin
B-80  Eliza Egan to Horace N. Hagerman
A-260 Almira I. Eggleston to Albert I. Van Buren
B-107 Cornelia Eggleston to Albert H. Partridge
E-153 Delila Eggleston to Frank Stephens
C-164 Lucy B. Eggleston to Henry King
E-217 O. Eggleston to Cornelius W. Adams
D-72  Ella M. Eggliston to Augustus F. Taylor
F-90  Belle Egleston to Frank Aldrich
F-50  Ida M. Egleston to Frank E. Stevens
E-4   Beatta Eichholtz to C. C. North
E-252 Belle Eichholz to J. Millard
E-14  Emma J. Eicholtz to Seneca M. Phelps
E-66  Margaret Eicholtz to Fred C. Dentler
C-475 Margaret Eigtimey to Ransom Coon
C-260 Catherine Eirshard to Samuel Carnings
E-198 Matilda Eisenhauer to Reuben B. Bauer
D-80  Rebecca A. Elder to Jeremiah M. Decker
E-63  Alma Eldred to Henry Hall
A-50  Maryetta Eldred to Perry G. Harrington
E-49  Anna Eldredge to Willard A. Richard
E-242 Sarah Jane Eldredge to Henry Knox
F-42  Amy Eldridge to Philip De Long
C-174 Emily J. Eldridge to James H. Dorsey
D-88  Lucy A. Eldridge to Samuel S. Johnson
E-305 Sarah J. Eldridge to Henry Knox
E-174 Louisa L. Ellenthorpe to Robert H. Dougherty
E-371 Florence A. Ellicolt to William Whitcomb
E-299 Amanda Ellingwood to Oliver W. Young
E-161 Julia Elliot to Charles M. Brown
E-335 Alma E. Elliott to William S. Slote
B-83  Elizabeth Elliott to Franklin Davis
E-170 Lydia A. Elliott to Benjamin Naoman
E-83  Mary Elliott to Joseph E. Bowman
C-263 Mary Elliott to William Alexander
C-12  Ann J. Ellis to Adam Alotson
D-208 Elizabeth G. Ellis to Willard J. Babcock
E-119 Emma J. Ellis to Albert A. Fuller
E-54  Harriett Ellis to Douglas Smith
C-463 Lucy A. Ellis to Andrew J. Weatherwax
A-63  Mary Ellis to John S. Newhall
C-205 Nancy A. Ellis to Jacob S. Munson
A-78  Sarah Ellis to Edward Osborn
E-123 Sophia Ellithorp to Myron H. Palmer
E-100 Alice H. Ellsworth to Fred Morris
F-124 Gertrude Ellsworth to John Vanderburg
C-112 Mary Elron to William H. Scamans
C-18  Elizabeth E. Elsworth to Peres A. Lee
D-57  Haster A. Elsworth to David J. Lowe
E-275 Clara Ely to Dennis Phillips
E-104 Sarah F. Ely to Gilbert P. Clark
D-184 Margaret A. Emberly to James F. Holmes
C-185 Margaret Embley to Franklin Woodward
E-222 Alice Embly to George E. Burch
D-178 Nancy Embly to Elijah Woodward
C-125 Susan D. Embly to Sales Barrett
F-6   Christie A. Emens to John Willis Bacon
C-118 Sarah Emerick to George Winter
C-16  Sarah Emerick to William Thompson
F-114 Clara E. Emerson to William R. Hartranft
A-241 Jane Emerson to John Langrick
E-87  Annie M. Emery to John B. Akey
F-50  Georgia A. Emery to Hiram H. Ryon
D-42  Mary E. Emery to James S. Mc Cormick
E-336 Tallie Emery to Libbens R. Gaskill
E-136 Adelia Emess to Alonzo Akey
E-221 Victoria Eminger to James F. Sweeney
E-313 Jennie Emmel to David E. Brown
E-301 Jennie E. Emmel to David E. Brown
E-172 Carrie A. Emmens to A. L. Bower
F-100 Larua A. Emmett to Eugene E. Teal
C-45  Eleanor Emmons to Warren Steere
F-108 Helen C. Emmons to Lewis C. Fletcher
C-201 Susan Enders to Charles Heitzman
C-177 Thirmer Engall to William Timm
E-328 Martha H. Engell to Jonathan Bonney
E-232 Addie B. Engle to George E. Loring
C-285 Alma A. Engle to Alford A. Hopkins
C-263 Amanda Engle to John Cattell
C-477 Amaretus Engle to Jesse B. Howard
F-82  Carrie Engle to Edmund A. Eggleston
A-67  Catherine Engle to Larenzo Jones
D-69  Charlotte Engle to Francis H. Tuthill
C-209 Eliza Engle to George Clowes
B-132 Elmer Engle to Nathan Slanson
E-45  Georgiann Engle to Frank M. Hopkins
E-17  Juliet Engle to Charles F. Knox
E-227 Matie Engle to Ezra Baker
D-3   Polly A. Engle to Warren Barlow
C-96  Saloma Engle to Chauncey Cleveland
C-244 Sarah J. Engle to Charles Culver
C-473 Ursula Engle to Talmage P. Cowles
E-337 Bertha Englehardt to Earnst Steinstrom
E-202 Jennie Engleman to Levi B. Miller
E-361 Lavina Englert to Henry W. Becker
E-299 M. A. Engles to William H. Harkless
C-27  Margaret Ennes to Roswell Rice
E-335 Martha E. Enninger to William H. Heigher
E-68  Alice Ennis to Frank Roys
C-15  Eliza Ennis to Warren S. Worthington
C-396 Eoeline Ennis to William Emory
B-112 Eveline Ennis to Leander Freeland
E-19  Isabell M. Ennis to Albert Magee
D-78  Maria Ennis to Wallace Olin
E-253 Mary E. Ennis to Frank Beilby
C-250 Sarah Ennis to Eber Henry Rhodes
E-50  Sarah J. Ennis to James H. Hasbrouck
F-108 Minnie R. Eno to Frank J. Libey
E-324 Emma Ensign to Martin Wilder
E-314 Almida Eorosale to Norman S. Corsine
C-60  Rosalia Eppsiem to Samuel Sastheino
F-52  Clara Erb to James E. Shurger
E-40  Jennie Erb to Jonathan Klingaman
E-73  Sarah J. Ernest to Benjamin Springer
E-289 Carrie A. Ernst to Thomas A. Harvey
F-136 Cora E. (Hunter) Ernst to Frank W. Frisbie
E-21  Susannah Eroy to Joseph Budd
E-154 Mahala E. Ervin to Charles M. Flinn
C-90  Ruth E. Ervin to William W. Jones
A-78  Maria Erway to Nelson Phelps
E-145 Franziska Estel to Jacob Walker
D-107 Alice Estes to Wesley P. Custar
C-401 Cordelia Estes to Cyrus Dutton
A-276 Jane W. Estes to William H. Johnson
E-303 Lydia B. Estes to Martin G. Langdon
A-267 Maria H. Estes to Linus T. Bennett
A-242 Mary B. Estes to Lanson Kendell
C-272 Mary B. Estes to Justus L. Vought
B-80  Sophia Estes to Charles C. Vought
E-181 Idia M. Etheridge to William Mc Clish
E-63  Allie Evans to Lewis C. Wright
E-62  Amelia Evans to Edin W. Bacon
D-5   Amelia M. Evans to C. Worthy Wilson
E-151 Anna Evans to Robert S. Dalton
F-38  Anna Evans to George W. Ostrander
E-202 Annette Evans to Rawson S. Drake
E-349 Charlotte A. Evans to Peter G. Ledebon
E-345 Emma S. Evans to Frank M. Swartz
E-247 Florence S. Evans to James Dumpan
E-270 Frances E. Evans to Charles E. Powell
E-270 Francis E. Evans to Wilfred B. Wilde
E-134 Harriet N. Evans to Peter B. Skirvin
E-138 Laura L. Evans to George Davis
E-36  Lizzie C. Evans to Jerome C. Troxell
D-211 Lovina Evans to William Meairs
E-65  Ludelia M. Evans to Frank H. Stroud
E-232 Mary C. Evans to William H. Warren
F-4   Mary E. Evans to George W. Swartz
F-108 Florence E. Eveland to Louis G. Clapp
E-157 Flora A. Everets to Abram Dibble
E-39  W. Everett to John H. Bright
C-81  Jane Everetts to William Blackwood
E-17  Sarah A. Everhart to Authur Belote
C-107 Catherine A. Evers to Adam Smith
E-27  Elizabeth Evert to William Gage
C-133 Phebe Ann Evert to George Close
C-390 Helen Everts to J. Emery Bateman
B-33  Sally Everts to Eli Stone
F-110 Mary Ewings to Charles Spidell
E-284 Mary T. Ewings to F. C. Marantette
E-166 A. Eliza Eyler to Morton T. Prough
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