Female surnames ending in "G"

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F-90  Frances Gable to Henry L. Sherley
E-325 Mary Gable to Maxwell Reynolds
E-146 Mary Gaffney to Thomas Smith
E-40  Ellen A. Gage to John W. Bussing
D-62  Mary J. Gage to William Butts
E-361 Rozella Gage to David S. Wagner
E-307 Carrie E. Gains to Ernest L. Beall
B-54  Hannah M. Gains to William Hart
C-376 Mary Galaway to John A. Purdy
A-10  Abigail Gale to Nelson Church
F-66  Ella M. Gale to Shuyler S. Cox
D-34  Eugenia L. Gale to Eugene J. Wilber
C-343 Elizabeth Galebouse to Philander Beebe
E-353 Mary E. Galida to W. N. Bevington
E-125 Lucy Galin to George W. Fisher
A-54  Miram Gallager to John Baum
F-82  May J. Gallaway to Willie W. Pugh
A-253 Mary Gallop to John Row
A-169 Ann G. Galloway to Orsemus Douglas
C-152 Hannah Galloway to Mumford Ransom
B-78  Sophia Gallup to Rufus Fowler
E-206 Julia A. Gamby to C. A. Gage
E-73  Lucy E. Gammill to Willard D. Rhenbottom
E-243 Alice Gankee to Solomon F. Pearman
E-309 Nellie Garbine to Christian Reiter
F-110 Cora M. Gardener to Joseph E. VanFleet
E-165 Ada Gardner to George Sanderson
D-14  Adeline Gardner to Erastus T. Parker
E-198 Allie M. Gardner to William Ballantine
B-135 Ann Gardner to James Coulon
C-118 Caroline B. Gardner to George S. Clark
F-126 Ella Gardner to Ely Keys
E-23  Emma Gardner to Rufus W. Fowler
C-262 Frances Gardner to Sidney Stickney
E-178 Frank E. Gardner to James E. Kimble
E-127 Josephine B. Gardner to Edwin H. Emery
E-7   Loretta L. Gardner to Casper Cressler
B-17  Louisa M. Gardner to Jacob Kreader
C-321 Maria Gardner to Homer Duncan
F-92  Minnie Gardner to Edmund Girton
E-58  Nancy S. B. Gardner to Patric A. Smith
D-3   Phoebe B. Gardner to Parker Gilham
B-152 Rebecca Gardner to Seth Ballow
C-152 Sarah M. Garlick to Reuben W. Trussle
C-459 Corinda E. Garman to Lewis Markley
C-258 Esther Garman to William Paul
E-110 Sarah Garman to Isaac Dent
E-295 Sarah E. Garn to James Weisman
C-377 Julia A. Garnes to Henry T. Smith
C-76  Rebecca Garnett to George Anderson
F-104 Harriett E. Garringer to Peter Brosher
A-261 Caroline Garrison to Conrad Cook
C-107 Cornelia Garrison to John Hollen
B-131 Mary A. Garrison to Harrison Lawrence
E-294 Philena Garrison to Jerome Daton
E-333 Samantha Garrison to Rowland R. Chase
A-270 Susannah Garrison to Garcett Seymour
B-28  Ursula I. Garrlick to Daniel Steward
E-245 Maggie Garry to Franklin Simpson
F-130 Mary Garry to Charles Hirst
E-303 Alice Garton to Frank Shafer
A-178 Pleasant Garton to Robert Melborn
D-64  Rebecca Garton to William Padget
C-31  Barbara Garver to Joseph A. Weirick
C-100 Elizabeth J. Garwood to George Teasdall
A-222 Lydia Gary to James Anton
C-19  Lorraine Gaskins to Pascal L. McMurtrie
C-353 Susan A. Gate to Robert A. Gilbert
F-92  Emma E. Gates to Charles M. Bachman
E-243 Eveline E. Gates to Ellis L. Bartholomew
A-265 Mary L. Gates to Cyrus Evans
A-221 Merinda Gates to William Seymour
C-350 Sarah Gates to Otho Moe
A-199 Solomon Gates to Harris Bartholomew
C-323 Susan Gates to Isaac Middleton
E-280 May Gaunt to William C. Beilby
E-344 Eliza J. Gear to Charles J. Luter
E-338 Lydia Gearhart to George W. Frost
A-215 Betsey Gee to Eldridge Brown
C-80  Catherine G. Gee to William K. Mottram
E-100 Clementine Gee to William Bennage
D-6   Isabella Gee to Wm. H. Anderson
E-248 Sarah E. Gee to John Rutherford
E-338 Rosa Geiger to Austin A. Fowler
E-29  Alice M. Geist to A. Johnsonbaugh
E-29  Louisa B. Geist to George W. Moak
F-96  Elizabeth Gemberling to Matthew A. Brown
F-12  Ellen C. Gemberling to Charles C. Weinberg
F-12  Minnie E. Gemberling to Phares Weinberg
E-345 Maragaret A. Gengmon to Charles J. Clarkson
B-47  Eliza Gening to John Beaver
E-226 Emma Genning to Fred Schneider
E-65  Elizabeth Genstler to Howard F. Klose
A-274 Mary Ann Gentsy to John Shurts
E-252 Casey Gentzler to Hiram H. McMurtrie
E-151 Elizabeth A. Gentzler to George W. Hamilton
E-154 M. Ella Gentzler to Burnam H. Sevison
D-209 Sarah A. Gentzler to H. S. Leinbach
E-1   Sarah A. Gentzler to H. S. Leinbach
E-40  Sarah A. Gentzler to Henry M. Shipton
E-169 Susanna Gentzler to Daniel G. Waltz
E-256 Jenny George to William E. Norton
C-71  Lavinia B. George to Jacob Berger
E-57  Mary E. George to Thomas Welburn
E-200 Melvina George to George C. Crofford
D-82  Catherine Gerald to George Slack
E-170 Mary R. Gerard to Volney J. Cross
F-128 Amy Gerren to Samuel P. Fleck
F-114 Mary Gerren to Jacob Hart
E-343 Hettie Gerrin to Oscar A. Fraught
F-52  Mattie E. Gerry to William F. Hasenack
E-6   Maggie Gerst to Edward Brayton
D-239 Maggie Gerst to Edward Brayton
E-103 Imogene Gerton to O. D. Legg
E-292 Fredrica Gest to John Dickman
F-110 Mary Louisa Giant to William Allen Ginther
C-427 Emma A. Gibbs to Levi Cole
E-40  Nettie L. Gibbs to Thomas McFall
C-46  Margaret Gibler to John B. Ayers
F-34  Belle Gibson to Lewis F. Putt
C-34  Caroline Gibson to Stephen M. Nash
C-23  Eleanor Gibson to William M. Daniels
C-385 Eliza A. Gibson to Harvey G. Tinker
B-97  Jane Gibson to Lorenzo Buiden
C-144 Jane Gibson to Josiah Simpson
C-253 Julia A. Gibson to Thomas G. Greene
C-128 Louise Gibson to Andrew Hull
C-305 Mary E. Gibson to George B. Shurtz
C-344 Matilda Gibson to Josiah F. Land
C-54  Nancy D. Gibson to John F. Wolf
C-299 Sarah Gibson to Solomon Huntley
D-188 Sarah Gibson to Thomas Simpson
B-156 Sarah J. Gibson to Otis Arnold
E-81  Frankie G. Gifford to Myron C. Barbour
E-24  Helen Gifford to Milton Helwig
E-162 Ida Gifford to Nathaniel Backus
F-4   Libbie Gifford to Col. Clark A. Mitchell
D-251 Sarah C. Gifford to John B. Flint
E-10  Sarah C. Gifford to John B. Flint
E-204 Adeline Gilbert to Simeon C. Miller
C-440 Angeline Gilbert to David R. Godfrey
A-198 Cecelia Gilbert to Joseph Know
F-110 Clara Gilbert to Curtis A. Bender
F-104 Cora E. Gilbert to Wm. C. Hazelwood
F-138 Gerturde M. Gilbert to Judson B. Holmes
D-45  Hannah H. Gilbert to H. B. Wells
F-96  Kally Gilbert to Fernando Jay Wood
E-335 Lora Gilbert to Albert Anderson
C-17  Martha Gilbert to Lewis Winslow
E-347 Mary M. Gilbert to Samuel A. Brown
C-102 Phebe Gilbert to Vienus Crawford
E-93  Phebe P. Gilbert to Andrew J. Cook
E-317 Piceloncinni Gilbert to Will C. Johnson
E-159 Sarah Gilbert to Charles W. Hardiman
A-116 Sarah Gilbert to Reuben M. Daniels
E-170 Susannah Gilbert to Manual Breeding
F-52  Ellen M. Giles to Thornton O. W. Newberry
C-436 Harriet A. Giles to William Parker
C-311 Julia A. Giles to George O. Moore
F-56  Minnie Giles to Frank Byron Crane
E-14  Sarah Giles to Kenneth McKinsey
C-91  Hannah Gilford to John Bondeman
E-285 Clara M. Gilham to William Rosenberry
C-105 Elizabeth Gilham to Andrew Kelly
E-151 Mary J. S. Gilhams to James V. Cook
C-66  Sarah Gilhams to Henry Pearsall
E-233 Emma Gilis to William Busly
D-184 Amy E. Gilkinson to Steuben Filkins
B-159 Nancy B. Gilkison to Enos A. Keasey
E-182 Fanny Gill to Alonzo B. Clarke
D-210 Nancy R. Gill to Leander Mooney
E-75  Caroline Gillett to Warren D. Johnson
C-117 Cordelia C. Gillett to Joseph H. Tubbs
D-144 Maria Gillett to Job Mallery
E-78  Mary Gillett to Frederick A. Fish
C-203 Elizabeth Gillis to Hugh Finley
E-12  Hanna B. Gillis to Fayette C. Young
C-417 Martha A. Gillis to Hiram Powell
E-296 Anna S. Gillman to Victor C. Reynolds
E-215 Carrie L. Gilmore to Edwin C. Romaine
D-116 Emily J. Gilmore to Henry C. Waltrich
C-42  Marinda S. Gilmore to Hezekiah Fisher
B-16  Mary Gilmore to William Foster
D-196 Phoebe Gilmore to Edward Hogmire
A-263 Emily Gilson to Alfred B. Sweet
E-355 Emma A. Gilson to John G. K. Ayers
E-254 Emma A. Gilson to Henry Hice
E-14  Francis Gilson to Irving Hice
C-238 M. A. Gilson to W. C. McLeod
B-132 Malvina M. Gilson to John De Youle
A-101 Mary Ann Gilson to Daniel Wilson
E-162 Lydia Gindelsparger to Jerome Hackette
E-131 Wilhelmina Gintheo to Fred Nehls
F-4   Louisa Girk to Jacob Schuster
E-295 May Girson to Clarence H. Slack
E-57  Jerusha M. Gladding to Jarves W. Sprague
F-116 Libbie Glafke to James T. Brayton
E-123 Orpha M. Glasglow to William H. Walker
E-139 Mary C. Glasgow to Albert E. Salisbury
E-223 Mattie E. Glaze to John Stears
C-278 Adelia Gleason to Samuel Sechler
C-29  Maria E. Gleason to Philip Houts
E-259 Katie Glofks to Edwin S. Johnson
E-93  Josephine Glooer to Lorenzo Lawrence
E-262 Sarah Glor to Henry F. Free
E-182 Jennie Glosser to Franklin Lewis
E-106 Frances Glover to Benomi Yeomans
F-48  Malona Glover to Seth T. Marcy
E-371 Mary E. Glover to Robert H. Erwin
C-191 Minerva Glover to Jahiel Lackey
E-276 Emma O. Glowman to John Walker
E-199 Ellen M. Godfrey to Vintroy Green
C-117 Sarah A. Godle to David Heinbach
E-24  Priscilla Godshalk to A. F. Caul
E-62  Eliza Goetz to Charles Edelman
E-166 Ellen Goff to Robert L. Dockeray
E-110 Martha E. Goff to Joseph E. Clark
F-16  Sila Goff to Edgar B. Patrick
E-123 Rose Goffmiller to James A. Taylor
C-260 Lydia Gohn to David Nelson
E-192 Angela Goldthwaite to Arthur Morton
E-342 Ida E. Gonser to Francis B. Bower
A-192 Harriet Gonyon to Benoni Morton
E-125 Elizabeth Good to George Barker
E-195 Ella Good to Alfred Crosby
E-40  Emily C. Good to Jacob E. Handshaw
B-20  Rebecca C. Good to David B. Schofield
E-288 Clara E. Goodacre to Jeremiah W. Slack
E-74  Emaline A. Goodacre to Henri K. Stickney
E-254 Rosa B. Goodacre to Robert J. Wilson
E-318 Sarah A. Goodacre to George J. Lang
E-149 Emma Goodell to Wm. Dieffenbacher
E-135 Mary M. Gooden to James Johnston
E-65 Charlotte Goodenough to John Sixby
F-8   Cora A. Goodrich to John Clifford Hartman
C-173 Eliza Goodrich to Clark R. Dowling
E-294 Helen Goodrich to Marion Grabber
A-251 Jane Goodrich to Herman Leonard
A-225 Lucy L. Goodrich to Lofus Hyatt
C-318 M. E. Goodrich to Charles M. Burlingame
C-345 Mary Goodrich to Charles W. Uptegrove
D-95  Philena M. Goodrich to Charles J. Duncan
F-36  Filena (Nichols) Goodspead to Joel J. Nash
C-265 Ellen Goodspeed to Marcus Congdon
D-173 Ellen Goodwill to Daniel McLain
F-16  Armilla Goodwin to Fremont S. Clement
E-324 Elizabeth Goodwin to Samuel J. Pardoe
A-250 Louisa Goodwin to Hiram Parents
E-109 Mary E. Goodwin to William E. Grover
E-7   Sarah E. Goodwin to Emery Blossom
E-165 Ida M. Gorbutt to John R. Kellogg
E-225 Nina J. Gordon to Peter S. Ingraham
E-370 Ann Zelly Gore to John Whitmer
F-26  Charlotte Lillian Gore to Frank Buck
F-132 Ella Gorletts to George L. Wilson
C-172 Elizabeth Gorman to Joseph Johnson
E-154 Ella Gortner to Brady Brodo
E-157 Maria Gortner to Orlando E. Martin
E-110 Mary E. Gortner to Anthony J. Fox
D-235 Mary M. Gortner to Jesse N. Brooks
E-4   Mary M. Gortner to Jesse N. Brooks
E-12  Alice J. Gorton to James F. Perkins
E-253 Eliza Gorton to J. H. Murray
C-269 Eliza A. Gorton to John D. Sheridan
F-52  Lizzie E. Gospiel to Byron J. Cole
E-111 Maria A. Goss to James C. Nevins
E-98  Mary F. Goss to William T. Renner
C-103 Catherine Gould to Isaac F. Allen
E-243 Gertrude Gould to Alford A. Mankin
E-260 Grace Gould to Willis W. Carpenter
C-103 Mary L. Gould to Theodore S. Riley
E-281 Helen A. Goulon to Andrew D. Stickles
F-14  Adaline C. Grabber to Howley S. King
D-64  Louisa Grabe to Charles Boettcher
E-131 Mary Graden to John Green
E-14  Emma Graftmiller to William A. McConnell
A-64  Manerva Gragg to Simon B. Wheeler
A-56  Manerva Gragg to Simeon B. Whelan
E-164 Agnes Graham to Fred Bernhard
E-344 Carrie E. Graham to Edward E. Chapman
C-245 Charlotte A. Graham to Allen Wescott
E-295 Ella L. Graham to Joseph W. Cox
E-154 Ellen A. Graham to Joseph C. Davis
C-150 Jane Graham to Dwight Hicks
B-93  Margaret A. Graham to William H. Smith
F-2   May Graham to Chancy Wm. Huntsman
E-109 May C. Graham to Benjamin F. Wright
E-281 Minnie E. Graham to John Cady
F-84  Nannie Graham to Clarence D. Kent
C-368 Olive Graham to Edward Sherrick
C-140 Sarah E. Graham to Miles Martin
C-304 Martha J. Gran to Samuel Gibson
F-68  Fannie Self Granger to Robert Bruce
E-25  Frances Granger to Catlin S. Ruggles
F-80  Lena Granger to William N. Merritt
D-1   Martha Granger to Joseph H. Dunworth
E-273 Mary J. Granger to Ranson W. Carpenter
F-126 Olive N. (Childs) Granger to Wm. H. Spangler
E-348 Bertha M. Grannert to Hermon F. F. Schumacher
E-228 Abigail Grant to Stephen Harding
F-68  Anna C. (Inthers) Grant to McCoy George W.
F-104 Anna E. Grant to Harry M. Loomis
C-285 Kate Grant to Noah D. Hagerman
B-66  Julia A. Graves to Larry Sellick
E-67  Julia E. Graves to Lucian E. Bennett
C-347 June A. Graves to A. L. Thalbrook
D-206 Maranda Graves to Abner Thurber
E-163 Mary Graves to F. W. Wilson
E-65  Susan A. Graves to John H. Pentlin
C-315 Mary Graw to John Tesman
D-197 A. Gray to F. Howard
C-236 A. S. Gray to O. Calhoun
F-22  Carlie Annis Gray to Augustus Walter Stevenson
E-162 Ellen R. Gray to William F. Pashby
F-84  Flora E. Gray to Charles Bagg
E-69  Hattie A. Gray to Devillo D. Harding
C-37  Helen Gray to Levi T. Hull
E-74  Idaletta Gray to Laurin Hill
B-44  Jennett Gray to Hicks Henry
B-101 Marion A. Gray to David N. Green
A-252 Nancy Gray to Solomon Cummings
B-17  Polly Gray to Addison Parker
B-73  Rebecca Gray to William Hess
E-290 Rhoda J. Gray to John C. Mensch
E-310 Sarah E. Gray to Hiram D. Hiel
E-177 Cath. V. Graybill to Lewis Grosenbaugh
C-266 Adaline H. Green to Jessie W. McAllister
C-311 Alice Green to Charles P. Cox
A-108 Angeline Green to Leonard B. Deuel
E-299 Anna Green to Norman Engle
E-110 Anna Green to Sheldon Cole
F-52  Annie P. Green to George W. Downer
C-284 Calista Green to John McFaden
E-299 Cora M. Green to Charles H. Greensides
C-133 Elizabeth Green to Isaac Bonnie
C-473 Elizabeth A. Green to Levi W. Webb
D-63  Emma F. Green to Joseph A. Risley
B-73  Fanny N. Green to James W. Green
C-247 Hannah M. Green to John Foster
E-67  Lizzie Green to Luther Arnold
E-123 Lottie Green to Sylvester Augsbury
F-112 Lydia May Green to Charles E. Hammond
E-82  Mary Green to Peter Fritzen
C-112 Mary Green to Joseph Wolf
D-158 Mary A. Green to Charles M. Eggleston
E-133 Mary E. Green to James E. Churchill
E-96  Mary E. Green to Wm. A. Shiap
E-261 Mary E. Green to Don E. Hurlbert
E-221 Matilda Green to Albert W. Sager
C-429 Morena M. Green to Thomas V. Renner
C-426 Nancy Green to Andrew Grovenburg
E-349 Nina Isabel Green to George Eldridge Hiel
C-145 Ruth R. Green to James F. Palmer
E-248 Sarah C. Green to Dennis C. Treat
E-34  Harriet M. Greenamyer to Henry D. Green
E-348 Wilhelmina C. F. Greenberg to John C. H. Schmidt
F-86  Rosa J. Greene to Clinton Ringley
E-310 Emma Greenlie to John J. Stears
A-2   Elanor Greenwood to David I. Pierson
E-192 Emma Greet to William Bowman
D-33  Lydia J. Greggs to Robert P. Tracy
E-131 L. E. Gregory to William S. Brody
F-38  Bertha A. Greyson to Henry C. Hess
E-102 Fannie Griene to Charles Legg
E-364 Emma Grienfield to Frank Jackson
E-147 Ellen R. Grier to Aaron B. Avery
E-81  Elizabeth Griffin to Benjamin F. Braum
F-48  Emma L. Griffin to John I. Buss
E-114 Josephine Griffin to Stinson B. Potter
E-83  Olive Griffin to William H. Bullman
C-364 Betsey M. Griffith to Joseph Blakely
B-3   Eliza Griffith to Elisha B. Miller
E-219 Eliza Griffith to George F. Dougherty 
E-342 Flora E. Griffith to Charles Mygrants
E-297 Josephine Griffith to Frank E. Kline
E-328 Lizzie C. Griffith to Milo Harwood
C-171 Louisa I. Griggs to Cortland Dougherty
C-320 Mary E. Grilley to Cyrus Hewitt
C-259 Barbara A. Grime to John Vandoster
F-92  Minnie Grimes to George Sack
E-344 Sarah Grimes to Moses Walter
E-191 Lucy Grinder to Frederick Reber
E-130 Henrietta Grindlesporger to Martin Rice
D-169 Anna Griner to Alfred F. Brininger
D-179 Catherine Griner to Robert Breininger
E-26  A. A. Grinnel to Ansel C. Bristol
C-129 Hannah M. Grinnell to Charles Cummings
D-80  Mary E. Grohs to David Raup
E-204 Sallie Grohs to D. Cares Moyer
E-334 Fanny Gronsburg to Edward B. Cassaw
B-156 Nancy A. Groolsey to Alfred Bowling
C-472 Elizabeth Groors to Abraham Burns
E-222 Jennie L. Gross to Phillip Putney
E-77  Louisa Gross to Edward A. Hoisington
E-305 M. A. Gross to James A. Fruse
E-15  Mary L. Gross to William A. Burnside
E-60  Mary L. Gross to William A. Burnsell
E-305 Sarah A. Gross to J. E. Bender
D-208 Sarah M. Gross to Daniel H. Moyer
E-203 Susan Gross to John Hamilton
F-134 Jennie B. Grout to Edward J. French
A-213 Mary Grout to Daniel M. McSweeny
D-118 Roda E. Grove to Sidney S. Mathews
E-361 Angeline Grover to Henry Hand
C-149 Marilda Grover to Joseph L. Colweel
C-92  Christiana Grovinburg to Jacob W. Hice
C-359 Ellen Grow to James Shoecraft
F-72  Mary Grow to Arthur Slaughter
E-322 Minnie J. Grubach to Albert A. Stambach
E-330 Emma Grubb to Daniel Schuler
E-53  Lydia A. Gruber to Jeremiah Fisher
C-389 Mina E. Gruber to Erastus Butler
C-312 I. E. Gruney to Wm. H. H. Dennis
E-82  Christiana Gruver to Stephen Craig
E-93  Christiana Gruver to Stephen Craig
D-54  Margaret Gruver to Levi Vandorstan
E-337 Augusta Guchow to Walker Wilhelm
E-89  Fredericka Guenther to Charles Pagels
C-2   Mary A. Guerney to Levi Blass
A-277 Matilda Guerney to Elijah Thompson
D-227 Ellen Guinea to Bernard Theisen
F-88  Flora Guipe to Orlando McGowan
E-285 Ella B. Guiste to Albert Gage
E-169 Lilly Gum to Charles A. Blackman
B-71  Sarah E. Gump to George W. Craver
E-268 Della Gunn to Oscar Bryant
E-186 Rose Gunner to Franklin Dyer
E-232 Nettie Gunthorp to Jefferson Belote
E-305 Anna I. Gunthorpe to Soloman Deahl
E-204 Mary Guppon to Julius C. Thorne
B-83  Amelia T. Gurney to Wear Drake
E-93  Ella Gurney to John R. Tyler
A-235 Sophia F. Gurney to Gideon A. K. Orton
E-312 Cynthia L. Gushwa to William C. Lambright
E-326 Christine M. Gustaber to John Peters
B-4   Hannah Gustin to Henry Castle
E-328 Maria Gutbrodt to John T. Fritsche
A-266 Elizabeth Guyer to James Backer
C-308 Philena R. Gwinn to Chester L. Robins
E-220 Anna Gwist to Eldridge Armstrong
A-43  Mary Ann Gyar to John S. Kean
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