Female surnames ending in "H"

color line

F-34  Ina M. Haas to James H. Phelps
E-307 Mary Haas to William Flach
E-52  Mary C. Haas to Daniel Long
E-70  Susannah Haas to Henry A. Moyer
E-241 Caroline Habert to Frank Zelt
E-225 Cora A. Habey to Burton Vandercar
E-236 Hannah D. Habster to William Bostack
C-56  Amelia Hackenberg to Thomas Redfearn
E-173 Ella Hackenberg to Allen Hale
E-316 Lulu Hackenberg to F. W. Knowlen
E-281 Susan Hackenburg to George Parker
E-131 Wilhelmina Hacker to Carl Loose
A-218 Electa Hackett to Richard Vail
B-2   Electa Hackett to Richard A. Vail
E-294 Elissa Hackett to Eseck Bristol
C-294 Ellen O. Hackett to Charles W. Reed
E-23  Lovina Hackett to Andrew J. Pepper
C-473 Nellie Hackett to David McCord
C-473 Nelly Hackett to Samuel Mundy
E-256 Sadie M. Hackett to John A. Dice
E-78  Sarah Hackett to William A. McIntire
C-351 Silicia Hackett to Henry Bedoes
E-101 Sarah C. Hackman to Owen W. Bowen
C-456 Mary Hackney to C. H. Spencer
C-6   Eliza Hadder to Harris P. Norton
C-420 Elizabeth Hafer to Erastus Coney
E-45  Frances Hafer to James P. Mixel
E-265 Georgiana Hafer to Robert Dool
E-113 Jane C. Hafer to Isaac A. Belote
E-90  Janette Hafer to Nicholas Dunbery
D-189 Lydia A. Hafer to Edwin P. Wellesley
E-99  May A. Hafer to David K. Knickerbocker
E-169 Regina B. Hafer to Alston H. Belote
F-64  Hattie B. Haffner to Emund I. Amidon
E-27  Mary E. Hafner to Pembroke S. Beckwith
E-67  Catherine Hagadorn to Edward Upham
C-322 Dovlesery Hagar to Jesse S. Dumon
E-180 Wilhelmina Hagel to William Michael
A-275 Hannah Hageman to Gustavas A.. Ely
E-132 Maria Hagen to Joachim Timm
E-251 Nettie Hagen to Fred Glafke
E-366 R. Hagenbaugh to Robt. J. Ady
E-137 Mary E. Hagenbuch to Oliver Harwood
E-252 Anetta Hagerman to Frank A. Keasey
E-356 Augusta W. Hagerman to Clinton Felt
E-178 Ella Hagerman to Frank Bellinger
E-309 Mabel E. Hagerman to George H. Kline
E-260 Mable E. Hagerman to William Henry
E-107 A. M. Hagg to George W. Bogart
E-181 Lodie C. Hagg to Jacob M. Tyler
E-164 Caroline Hahn to Christian Lutz
C-316 Letitia Hahns to Sampson Howard
E-70  Caroline H. Haight to Daniel S. Leiner
D-153 G. Haight to Charles C. Van Vleck
E-314 Hattie Haight to James Heiney
E-70  Mahala Haight to John Haight
E-319 Rachel Haight to Harrison Scribner
A-171 Susan Haight to Jean B. Daughlinckx
C-269 Francis A. Haines to Andrew L. Pringel
E-2   Isabella Haines to Anson J. Pulver
D-219 Isabella Haines to Anson J. Pulver
C-293 Nellie E. Haines to Joseph P. Dockstader
E-316 Lina Haker to Martin Miller
E-132 Carrie R. Hakes to James H. Reynolds
E-234 Sarah Catherine Halber to Malcolm E. Thompson
C-303 Huldah Halch to Reuben Winburg
E-274 Cora Haldaman to George Brush
E-218 Fanny O. Hale to Henry S. Nye
D-242 Hattie Hale to Alva J. Carsen
E-313 Hannah Halgrin to Fred Thrams
F-34  Adela L. Hall to Roswell H. Rice
F-38  Amanda E. Hall to Edward F. Lamson
E-209 Ann Hall to Hiram Jacob
C-24  Aurilla Hall to John P. Buck
E-317 Belle Hall to Earl McPeek
E-167 Betsey Hall to William G. Bittenbinder
E-369 Carrie Hall to Frank Lyman
E-166 Celia Hall to Franklin B. Thompson
C-333 Cordelia H. Hall to John W. Vale
E-79  Elizabeth Hall to George Cooper
C-168 Elizabeth C. Hall to Duncan McIntyre
F-4   Ella A. Hall to James Sylvester Ewings
E-137 Ella M. Hall to Elmer P. Miller
E-194 Ella M. Hall to Edmund A. Eastbrook
F-104 Flora Hall to Robert B. Stead
E-136 Frankie M. Hall to Henry C. Orcutt
D-170 Hattie A. M. Hall to Stillman L. Taylor
E-119 Jennie E. Hall to George C. Runyan
E-156 Josephine L. Hall to Richard S. Timmis
E-269 Lina M. Hall to Frederick Heckelbrower
C-477 Louisa Hall to John E. Jones
A-189 Lucina Hall to Sidney Stearns
E-97  Lydia Hall to Willie C. Timmis
E-88  Lydia Hall to Roland Devor
E-160 Margaret Hall to Leroy E. Dart
E-69  Marian S. Hall to Calvin T. Bates
D-217 Mary Hall to Henry C. Taylor
F-10  Mary Hall to Henry Calvin Large
D-6   Mary Hall to Luther Lee Wilson
E-113 Mary A. Hall to Thomas H. Jacobs
E-147 Mary C. Hall to Thomas Iddings
E-22  Mary N. Hall to James H. Watkins
E-22  Mary R. Hall to James H. Walkins
E-195 Myra P. Hall to John H. Miller
E-32  Nancy Ann Hall to Enos Hoofnagel
E-13  Olive J. Hall to Lewis N. Rowe
D-144 Alice Hallam to Francis G. Horton
A-223 Eliza B. Hallenbeck to William Bryant
E-41  Lucinda Hallenbeck to George M. Anderson
E-164 Louisa Hallman to Christopher Trecken
C-298 Susan F. Halstead to Lewis B. Cook
F-112 Cora B. Ham to Charles L. Hoover
E-231 Lydia Ham to Joel T. Collins
E-144 Melissa Hambleton to Thomas Lockard
E-135 Lucy J. Hamby to Lewis T. Zent
C-237 B. H. Hamilton to H. A. Gouley
E-101 Catherine Hamilton to Harvey Davis
E-260 Dora Hamilton to Peter Howder
E-107 Eliza A. Hamilton to Frank Fort
E-87  Elizabeth Hamilton to William Slote
E-137 Elma Hamilton to Jacob M. Weinberg
F-84  Kate Hamilton to Harry N. Hamilton
E-68  Libbie Hamilton to Franklin Dentler
E-352 Lillian E. Hamilton to Henry Warren
E-88  Lucy Hamilton to George W. Frederick
C-264 Margaret Hamilton to Christopher F. Green
E-208 Mary Hamilton to Chester Bloss
E-101 Mary M. Hamilton to John Price
E-21  Matilda Hamilton to Ira Born
C-316 Minerva A. Hamilton to Alfred Daney
F-92  Minnie Hamilton to Elliot O. Grosvenor
C-35  Miranda Hamilton to Austin S. Haven
E-38  Nancy Hamilton to Curtis Powell
C-231 Ann H. Hamlin to Job C. Smith
C-429 Emma Hamlin to Wm. R. Tustison
E-161 Evangeline A. Hamlin to Charles H. Ford
E-363 Dora Hammer to Frank Helpin
E-292 Cornella Hammil to Samuel H. Whuton
E-241 Cora B. Hammond to Clarence G. Deal
E-204 Mary B. Hammond to James A. Harding
C-48  Mary J. Hammond to Rufus Spalding
E-18  Mary P. Hammond to Norman Ingraham
F-116 Sarah D. Hammond to James F. Ellis
E-235 Sarah E. Hammond to Mark F. Lambson
D-58  Sarah J. Hampsey to Moses R. Draper
D-9   Amanda E. Hampson to Leverett A. Clapp
E-301 Ann Hand to David Holsal
E-15  Delia Hand to Philip Hilson
E-300 Ellen Hand to Benjamin Hill
A-38  Jane Hand to Isaac G. Baley
D-69  Margaret Hand to Andrews J. Wetherell
E-26  Martha Hand to Wesley Latson
E-264 Mary A. Hand to Samuel J. McDowell
C-160 Maria Handship to Ebenezer Barlow
E-72  Elizabeth Handy to Edward Bruce
E-74  Massie M. Handy to Lemuel Shaffer
E-325 Ada Haner to Archibald Phillips
E-303 Typhonia Hanes to Deleven Stockwell
E-31  Sarah Hanna to Joseph E. Allison
E-313 Maren O. Hansen to Magnus Jensin
E-310 Laura N. Hanson to Willard Terry
F-96  Maggie Harbison to Joseph F. Berger
E-4   M. M. Hard to Reuben Beachler
E-83  Sophia Harder to Carl Miller
E-244 Carrie B. Harding to James F. Whiteleather
E-266 Ettie Harding to Chas. Predley
D-164 Frances S. Harding to Festus V. Lyon
A-238 Harriet Harding to Joshua Brooks
E-16  Hattie M. Harding to Silas L. Bacholder
F-10  Jennie May Harding to William H. Cartright
E-353 Julia Harding to Robert Bond
E-239 Laura Harding to Alonzo Anderson
C-373 Louisa Harding to Jacob Sherck
D-73  Lucy Harding to Silas Wheeler
E-32  Lydia Harding to Stephen Lemingen
D-47  Mary Harding to Ephraim C. Church
E-320 Mary Harding to Denton Krontz
E-205 Mary Harding to Mirand J. Thomas
F-124 Mary Alice Harding to Alfred Velie
E-165 Rebecca Harding to Emanuel Zeigler
E-231 Rhoba Harding to George Wohtten
E-137 Sarah Harding to John Gilchrist
C-47  Sophronia Harding to Henry Olney
E-84  Matie M. Hardman to David B. Hutchinson
E-149 Caroline F. Hardy to William E. Craig
D-7   Lydia Hardy to George Dickinson
C-83  Mary Hardy to Daniel J. Brown
C-248 Ruth A. Hardy to Samuel Pugh
C-416 Harriet A. Hargraves to Nathan Leverich
C-92  A. E. Haring to Martin L. Stewar
B-47  Elizabeth Harland to John Hammontrue
E-340 Molly Harless to George W. Corben
E-133 Mary L. Harman to Armstrong Hartman
C-140 Emma Harmer to Charles Young
D-200 Christiana Harmon to Orlando J. Bradley
F-70  Mary B. Harmon to Solomon H. Spillman
F-6   Clara B. Harper to William G. Fish
F-56  Nevada Harper to Edwin Kiester
E-113 Adeline Harpster to Oliver Decker
E-73  Mariah S. Harrar to John M. Stoldt
C-182 E. Harrington to Jesse Perkins
B-58  Eliza J. Harrington to Daniel Gustin
A-281 Evelyn Harrington to Rowley W. Wilson
E-186 Lillian Harrington to Thomas Roach
E-364 Alice Harris to Eugene Beerstecher
D-117 Anna Harris to Daniel Mozre
C-401 Anna J. Harris to Charles P. White
F-38  Carrie Harris to Boyd Henry
C-295 Cynthia A. Harris to Joseph Crogin
F-78  E. Low. (Lewis) Harris to Willard C. Leonard
A-147 Eliza Harris to Isaac Belott
E-102 Eliza J. Harris to H. W. Harrington
E-127 Eliza J. Harris to Horace W. Harrington
E-105 Ellen R. Harris to Franklin Prentice
E-40  Emma C. Harris to Ephraim L. Mowry
E-262 Flora J. Harris to Authur T. Metcalf
E-213 Henrietta E. Harris to John Strader
E-43  Isabell Harris to Peter R. Wilson
E-85  Laura Harris to John Haman
A-206 Lucinda Harris to Ruel Roberts
A-116 Mahala Harris to Alanson Morse
E-283 Mary E. Harris to Lazarus T. Cumbo
C-141 Susan E. Harris to Charles F. Beerstecher
E-172 Alice Harrison to Edwards F. Waltz
E-270 Densie Harrison to John Gilbert
E-129 Ella E. Harrison to Robert Milnes
E-197 Ella J. Harrison to Calvin L. Steininger
C-238 Ellen Harrison to A. C. Ocerenst
E-167 Frances C. Harrison to James Seward
E-82  Mary Harrison to James Peirce
E-151 May A. Harrison to Charles A. Wood
E-321 Rebecca Harrison to Jacob C. Narber
E-382 Sarah Harrison to Joseph C. Davis
C-15  Sarah Harrison to Robert Cutsforth
E-86  Sarah E. Harrison to William C. Rifepey
E-22  Mary A. Harros to Francis P. Johnson
E-86  Dulcena Hart to Richard Tinley
B-45  Jane Hart to Dennis Case
D-93  Julia L. Hart to Aaron B. White 
F-10  Laura L. Hart to William H. Kline
E-62  Maria Hart to O. W. Creagar
C-373 Martha A. Hart to S. H. Averill
C-252 Mary A. Hart to Robert Smith
F-110 Matie A. Hart to Frank Johnson
A-173 Phoebe Hart to William Smith
E-39  Sarah J. Hart to Albert Greek
E-215 Sarah J. Hart to Henry Hessenflue
C-250 Louise T. Hartel to William F. Eichler
E-75  Malissa D. Hartgrove to Jacob H. Cochran
A-63  Eliza Hartley to Adams Wakeman
E-81  Mary M. Hartley to John Wilkinson
E-242 Alice M. Hartman to Sumner Travis
D-237 Caroline Hartman to John R. Wagoner
E-5   Caroline Hartman to John R. Wagoner
E-102 Catharine M. O. Hartman to John C. C. Schroeder
E-356 Clare Hartman to George W. Hooker
C-211 Cornelia Hartman to Joseph Vanselous
E-124 Emma Hartman to Aaron Arnold
E-355 Ettie H. Hartman to Renal Champlin
A-81  Hannah Hartman to Isaac Shony
E-367 Hattie L. Hartman to James Weiant
F-70  Jennie Hartman to Lionel Smith
E-265 Jennie R. Hartman to John Long
E-117 Julia E. Hartman to Lewis Barton
E-193 Kate A. Hartman to George W. Slote
E-194 Maria Hartman to Joseph Gearhart
E-298 Rose Hartman to Wandel Pulver
F-68  Sovilla Hartman to James E. Bunn
E-62  Adelle Hartranft to Fred Riegel
D-7   B. A. Hartranft to William Whittel
E-333 Cordelia Hartranft to John Maurey
E-9   Hannah S. Hartranft to Oliver P. Bair
D-2   Barbara E. Hartrauft to John Leiser
D-60  Margaret E. Hartrauft to William Hopper
E-142 Josephine Hartt to Mahlen Taplin
F-106 Elizabeth Hartzler to Elias R. Miller
D-139 Elizabeth Harvey to John B. Larkin
E-246 Frankie Harvey to Lee Getler
E-346 Kate S. Harvey to Willis H. Wells
E-150 Laura B. Harvey to Charles E. Cox
A-161 Lorinda Harvey to David Salisbury
D-239 Mary Harvey to Dan M. Harvey
D-234 Sally A. Harvey to Andrew Creveling
E-4   Sally A. Harvey to Andrew Creveling
C-44  Sarah A. Harvey to William Clinton
B-63  Betsey Harwood to V. P. Redway
E-31  Corinthia Harwood to J. H. Ritter
E-208 Electa Harwood to John Putman
E-260 Fanny M. Harwood to Edwards W. Bole
E-153 Jennie Harwood to Samuel W. Harvey
C-14  Julia Harwood to Spencer Brown
A-112 Lydia Harwood to James Proy
A-132 Martha E. Harwood to John P. Gladding
E-278 Mary E. Harwood to Peter F. Hagenbach
B-81  Mary I. Harwood to Hiram Hamilton
E-104 Mary J. Harwood to George T. Ranney
B-6   Nancy I. Harwood to Nathan S. Fairchild
E-50  Rebecca M. Hasbrouch to William Ensign
E-371 Anna Hasbrouck to Hugh P. Stewart
E-50  Elizabeth Hasbrouck to John F. Fonda
E-132 Sarah Hasbrouck to James Hill
E-265 Sophia Hascall to Leonidas Hascall
E-161 Mary Hase to Ira Currier
E-311 Hattie Hass to William A. Wood
E-167 Irene Hass to Coleman Narber
E-91  Barbara Hassinger to John W. Terrout
C-86  Hannah Hassinger to Geroge H. Patterson
E-119 Mary A. Hassinger to Frank Harding
C-135 Lucina Hastings to Stephen Ethridge
C-216 Mary Hastings to Alphonso Church
E-264 Sybil Hastings to Thomas J. Van Sickle
E-273 Addie M. Hatch to V. F. Thurston
E-195 Belle Hatch to Charles Bright
A-260 Clarissa Hatch to William Waddle
F-60  Mary J. Hatch to William J. Bowers
A-241 Polly Hatch to Norman S. Truesdell
E-201 Ann Hate to Henry Fetch
E-365 Anna M. Hate to Cornelius A. Black
D-104 Priscilla Hate to Mathias Schmer
F-16  Priscilla Hate to Benjamin Leebrink
C-148 Elmira Hatfield to John P. King
E-9   Marinda Hatfield to Frederick Waechterhouse
C-145 Mary A. Hatfield to Joseph Knorr
C-265 Sarah A. Hatfield to William Ornt
E-159 Alice D. Hathaway to T. M. Williams
C-243 Sarah E. Hathaway to Alfred K. Nash
E-55  Kate Hathee to Lewis Klesner
D-44  Julia A. Hatten to Cyunus Whiting
E-319 Amanda E. Hattle to William B. Burt
E-234 Ida Hattow to John W. Gross
E-164 Cornelia Haun to John Williams
C-107 Ellen Haus to John Ealey
E-143 Mollie Hausel to Alfred F. Brininger
B-14  Susan Hautrunft to John Wineberg
C-111 Jane Haven to J. P. Shuart
E-2   Rhoda Haven to Philip Lang
D-222 Rhoda Haven to Philip Lang
E-246 Sarah M. Haven to Alexander Detwiler
C-340 Ellen M. Havens to Lyman Johnson
C-339 Irma Havens to Peter Stout
C-71  Jerusha E. Havens to Benj. S. Whitehead
F-58  Vesta E. (Jordan) Haviner to Charles L. Foulk
E-139 Sarah Hawk to Joshua Snook
D-205 Angie Hawkins to James Cade
C-292 Eloner Hawkins to William H. Clermont
E-341 Minnie Hawkins to Arthur J. Bleekman
E-224 Sarah Hawks to William Verner
E-249 Emily Hawley to George Davis
E-9   Julietta Hawley to Joseph Gray
A-225 Mary Haws to Hosiah H. Baxter
C-197 Susan M. Haws to David K. Lewis
E-49  Laura E. Hay to Albert Catherman
E-131 Clara E. Hay to Reuben Lecrane
E-147 Alice Hayes to John Uran
C-432 Elizabeth Hayes to Gideon Finch
C-450 Malinda Hayfer to Edward Wagner
E-127 Clara M. Hayman to Eli Arnold
E-222 Maria Hayman to George W. Schall
C-414 Eliza Haynes to Andrus Fitzsimmons
F-78  Hattie Gustava Haynes to Frank Arthur Jones
C-180 Mary L. Haynes to Esbon Goodman
C-249 Mary M. Hays to A. W. Kleckner
F-100 Norma Hays to Charles Frysinger
E-158 Ettie Hayward to Samuel Bloom
F-76  Flora M. Hayward to Charles E. Brown
A-251 A. J. Haywood to James G. Linsley
A-28  Elizabeth Haywood to Enoch Harison
A-38  Jane Haywood to Albert E. Massy
A-177 Mary A. Haywood to James S. Libbart
F-12  Nellie Miranda Haywood to Walter Wesley Bartholomew
A-259 Olivia M. Haywood to Wheelock Salisbury
E-299 Alice M. Hazard to Herbert L. Day
A-4   Lauilla Hazard to Justin Cooper
C-401 Mary E. Hazard to Benjamin Douglas
C-169 Sarah Hazard to Thomas A. White
E-72  Ella A. Hazen to Samuel Fry
E-46  Elvira Hazen to Ezra P. Bell
E-74  Velinda Hazen to Alfred High
E-278 Clara L. Hazzard to Simon Ely
E-207 Effa C. Hazzard to John Martin
C-239 Emily G. Hazzard to Lewis B. McKinney
E-345 Hannah Hazzard to James B. Dey
E-99  Lovilla R. Hazzard to Polk E. Tibbits
E-65  Mary C. Hazzard to Frank E. Wing
E-332 Neltho Hazzard to Oliver Waters
C-39  Susannah Headle to Barnhart Kestler
E-53  Agatha Healey to William F. Gibson
D-74  Bridget Healey to William Winn
A-142 Mary Ann Hearn to James Shelby
E-282 Flory Heater to Edwin Dubendorf
C-204 Jenny Heath to C. P. Fletcher
C-246 Marietta M. Heath to Franklin E. Norton
E-256 Mary E. Heath to Daniel F. Haines
C-289 Sarah J. Heath to Sylvester Barrett
E-257 Minnie L. Heberlee to Major Hoard
E-26  Nettie Heberlee to John A. Bucknell
E-224 Della Hebrolee to William Atchinson
F-108 Anna Hecht to Friedrich Krueger
E-227 Matie P. Heck to Edward P. Munn
C-435 Catherine Heckbiman to John H. Krumb
E-45  Clara Heckenberg to William Watson
E-361 Agnes E. Heckman to Edwin C. Kinsley
F-139 Amanda Heckman to Edward Freese
E-37  Anna M. Heckman to Benton F. Sherman
F-2   Lizzie Heckman to Jay Harding
E-32  Matilda Hecock to Asebel Hill
E-330 Flora E. Heeley to James P. Singleton
E-199 Emma Hefferfinger to Lester E. Walter
E-71  Caroline Heimbach to Morris D. Osborn
E-151 Mary E. Heimbach to John H. Mathewson
B-72  Phebe Heimbach to Daniel Hondington
E-212 Carrie Heimbaugh to Lewis C. Bennett
E-205 Ida A. Heimbaugh to Jordan Miller
E-168 Lydia Heimbaugh to George W. Leland
E-19  Susan C. Heimbaugh to William P. Reed
E-137 Adaline Heindel to Aaron Hackenberg
E-354 Eliza E. Heiney to Samuel A. McClish
F-126 Agnes Heisel to Charles M. Harvey
E-307 Mamie Heisel to George D. Mandigo
E-169 Sophronia Heistkeg to William Durfee
E-11  Mahala Helderbridle to John W. Wagoner
C-194 Mary Helm to William Cook
E-305 Rachel L. Helman to William F. Farber
A-254 Duscus Helmes to Thomas Studley
C-137 Rosetta Helmes to Edson Hill
A-257 Rosina Helms to Benjamin Thorp
C-226 Angeline Helton to William Gilmore
A-172 Harriet Hemenway to Daniel Williams
E-34  Philotia J. Hemingway to Charles A. Root
E-207 Susan A. Hempt to Charles D. Watt
C-408 Margaret A. Hen to George Conner
E-172 Dana B. Henderson to Alexander Myers
E-259 Kittie L. Henderson to Mason Long
C-470 Lucinda Henderson to Daniel Scott
C-235 M. J. Henderson to D. Wilson
E-91  Viola Henderson to Lewis H. Fish
E-342 Sophia Hendman to James M. Bacon
C-18  Mary E. Hendricks to James W. Saunders
E-32  M. A. Hendricksen to George W. Angevine
E-117 Susan Hendrickson to Myndreth M. Fish
E-348 Amanda Henning to Jacob Baker
B-74  Elizabeth Henning to William McQuisten
E-204 Eva Hennis to Solomon Emsberger
E-241 Caroline Henry to John Pagels
C-229 Harriet G. Henry to W. M. Henry, Jr.
C-151 Huldah A. Henry to John Lanning
E-327 Jennie Henry to Herbert B. Henry
E-179 Mary Hensen to Henry German
E-148 Mary Hensh to George W. Baldwin
E-277 Mary C. Henson to Thomas Coats
E-104 Sarah A. Henst to Cellers M. Nichols
E-35  Caroline Henzey to Noah Anderson
A-194 Silvy Herd to Jesse S. Dumon
E-34  Christine Herdel to Bernard Yost
E-324 Caroline Herman to William Sadewassar
C-340 C. A. Hermance to Milan Anthony
E-232 Lillie M. Hern to Jay G. Wait
C-349 Susan E. Hern to Samuel Bradford
E-22  Mary A. Hernship to Reubin Bain
D-263 Eliza A. Herrick to George Bottler
F-50  Nora Frances Herrick to Jacob M. Millspaugh
C-409 Elizabeth Herver to Ellis Gehart
B-132 Susan L. Herwood to Abner Anebel
E-343 Charlotte Hess to William Craner
E-183 Chloe Hess to William R. Brownell
B-41  Eliza A. Hess to George M. Davis
E-5   Jane Hess to Henry Dunwell
D-236 Jane Hess to Henry Dunwell
E-356 Lizzie A. Hess to Wm. Wallace Cussans
E-353 Lucinda Hess to David White
E-300 Mary E. Hess to William A. Musser
A-271 Philanda S. Hess to William L. Brown
D-182 Rachel Hess to Jesse Klein
E-47  Sarah A. Hess to Franklin B. Zerly
E-133 Ruth E. Hester to Cornelius Van Gilder
E-21  Susan J. Heth to Isaac Fort
E-70  Mary E. Hetherington to William C. Moler
E-108 Kate Hetner to Van Buren Robbins
F-100 Mary Alice Heunt to Frederick A. Tompkins
E-153 Sarah A. Heuts to Charlie Shall
E-53  Alice Hew to Almon Woodworth
E-105 Marian Hewings to Hiram D. Wescott
E-25  Mary A. Hewings to Hiram D. Wescott
C-202 Ellen Hewit to Silas Short
E-228 Mary E. Hewit to George W. Stowel
D-195 Sarah Hewitt to Alfred Harper
E-34  Eliza E. Hewson to Henry M. Carrick
E-55  Ellen Heyward to James Coler
E-170 Lizzie J. Heywood to Fred A. Knapp
E-23  Mary C. Hiatt to George Tumbleson
E-350 Edith J. Hibbard to Charles H. Hackstaff
C-422 Elizabeth Hibbard to Thomas Evans
E-97  Ella Hibbard to John G. Ballen
E-124 Emma Hibbard to Daniel L. Arney
C-386 Evaline Hibbard to Luther Savery
D-149 Harriet Hibbard to Robert Burns
E-320 Lizzie C. Hibbard to Charles L. Haner
C-37  Mary Hibbard to Nathan Gage
E-33  Mary J. Hibbard to Allen M. Luther
E-163 C. E. J. Hibberlee to Frank Austin
E-152 Clara Hiberles to Alexander Hambright
B-91  Lowin J. Hibner to George Grover
E-197 Anna B. Hice to William P. Gibbs
E-206 Martha J. Hice to Eli Houts
E-243 Anna E. Hickcock to Julius F. Seeley
E-15  Ann Hickley to John B. Gray
E-107 Annie Hickman to Sherlock A. Thompson
E-95  Susan Hickman to Oliver T. Whitted
E-364 Anne E. Hickok to Martin Cooke
E-43  Elnora M. Hickok to Nelson Rooker
C-308 Betsy L. Hicks to Thomas Roberts
E-311 Carrie B. Hicks to Charlie Wetherbee
C-342 Eunice Hicks to George G. Smith
E-112 Priscilla C. Hicks to James R. Lincoln
D-60  Susan M. Hicks to John W. Barnhart
E-16 Theresa A. Hicks to Albert B. Ranney
E-177 Della Hid to Charles E. Beebe
E-369 Mary Hide to Charles Clawson
C-67  Susannah Hide to Irving Ingerson
C-263 Wilburga Hide to John Lutz
A-268 Mary Ann Hier to Nicholas Bright
D-5   Julia A. Hiesrodt to Caleb H. Rowson
E-8   Maria Hiesrodt to Perry W. Smith
E-369 Catherine E. Higber to Charles C. Cowen
E-29  Alma J. Higgins to Lemuel C. Smith
C-123 Mary E. Higgins to Isaac A. Williams
C-49  Sarah A. Higgins to Edward R. Pierce
E-80  Fanny High to Jeremiah Perkins
E-186 Mary Highee to William Miller
F-10  Mary Highland to Harrison Shobe
E-339 Phoebe Hight to George W. Hight
E-121 Sarah Higins to James H. Watkins
D-171 Delidah Hildreth to Lenuel Griffin
C-40  Caroline Hile to Peter Everet
E-9   Catherine S. Hile to George L. Bowers
D-115 Harriet Hile to William H. Try
F-10  Catherine Hileman to David Stoler
E-201 Jennie Hiles to William Hoffman
E-78  Laura A. Hiles to Johathan F. Bateman
E-152 Sarah C. Hiles to Henry C. Smith
C-245 Sarah R. Hiles to Joseph S. Berry
E-232 Abbie E. Hill to Abiner P. Yorton
E-34  Adaline Hill to Lyman Curtis
F-12  Alice Hill to William Huff
E-107 Alice R. Hill to Timothy P. Lighty
D-5   Amanda Hill to John Maxville
A-195 Barbary Hill to William M. Watkins
E-79  Carrie A. Hill to Almeron W. Randall
E-65  Clara Hill to Samuel Throp
C-118 Clarissa Hill to Henry Knight
D-203 D. D. Hill to John H. Stillman
E-288 Dora Hill to George Garter
F-44  Eliza J. Hill to William H. Frazier
C-34  Eliza Rosina Hill to Loomis H. Patten
E-322 Emma Hill to Alpeus Toms
E-185 Fannie Hill to L. E. White
E-168 Hattie M. Hill to Clayton J. Harris
B-142 Helen Hill to William Douglas
E-296 Ida M. Hill to Fred W. Reed
A-274 Jane Hill to Almerion Jacobs
F-94  Jennie Hill to Myron E. Whitcomb
A-3   Lucy Hill to James Telapaugh
A-284 Margaret Hill to James P. Grovenburg
A-171 Margaret Hill to Charles Ash
D-159 Margaret L. Hill to Alford C. Fenstermacher
C-123 Mary Hill to Robert Marvin
E-61  Mary J. Hill to William N. Boughton
E-151 Nancy B. Hill to George D. Deir
E-275 Olivia J. Hill to Albert C. Titus
E-300 Rosa Hill to Scott Clarke
E-289 Sarah T. Hillaya to Gay W. Cook
E-20  Dorothea Hillman to Adolph Ruchboft
E-48  Ada Hills to John Eldredge
C-290 Almira Hills to Oscar Parsons
B-97  Evy A. Hills to William Cook
E-70  Helen A. Hills to David Chapman
E-201 Lydia A. Hilpin to George F. Josette
C-259 Mary A. Himbaugh to Charles Schall
C-63  Sarah Himebauch to Jesse Battison
E-166 Clara Hincher to John D. Bastian
E-79  Electa H. Hincher to Elmer Cowles
D-205 Harriet E. Hincher to Samuel Mann
C-316 Mary H. Hincher to Jacob Weaver
E-160 Rosaline C. Hincher to Thomas Newton
E-109 Eliza Hinckley to William Thompson
E-207 Harriett R. Hincy to Finlay F. Ray
A-243 Elizabeth Hindley to Calvin Coe
E-62  Catherine Hinds to Thomas J. Hopkins
B-82  Ann J. Hines to Franklin Blood
F-62  Louise (Farling) Hinkle to Ellis Rumsey
E-108 Martha Hinkle to Thomas Hallam
E-49  Mary M. Hinkle to Henry M. Sidener
E-296 Matilda A. Hinkle to John K. Smith
C-343 ________ Hinkley to David Hutchinson
A-90  Huldah Hinman to Peter Roberson
F-98  Matilda Hirschler to Benjamin Stiefel
E-370 Sarah E. Johnson Hirst to Orville L. Tague
D-119 Reka Hirt to Henry Rose
C-317 Amelia Hise to Ebenezer D. Thompson
E-183 Frances E. Hise to Francis M. German
E-32  Mary E. Hise to William H. Mooney
C-41  Phobe Hise to John Smith
C-476 Catherine Hitesman to William Owles
C-354 Eliza J. Hitesman to Joseph R. Watson
D-113 Hannah S. Hitesman to George W. Dalton
E-13  Henrietta Hitesman to William H. Mills
E-11  Jane Hitesman to Josiah Yoder
B-137 Margaret Hitesman to Charles Hitesman
C-440 Mira J. Hitesman to Charles Edson
C-269 Sarah Hitesman to Henry Enders
F-20  Mary E. Hitler to Henry C. Cunningham
E-310 C. B. Hitzler to W. I. Sellers
A-25  Lucy Hix to Stephen A. Rice
C-248 Desieck C. Hoag to Albert Ryon
C-320 Jane M. Hoag to Benjamin F. Knapp
A-77  Mary Hoag to William W. Mapes
D-203 Sarah M. Hoag to Thomas Harris
D-212 Emma J. Hoagland to David Sidner
A-200 Margaret Hoagland to John Hoagland
C-232 Marietta Hoagland to Benjamin Panite
E-161 Marinda Hoaglund to John L. Strong
B-98  Catherine Hoard to Robert Ingles
E-243 Emily J. Hoard to George Haskins
E-138 Hanna Hoats to Charles F. Thoms
E-25  Sarah C. Hoats to Charles F. Thoms
D-151 Rachel Hobard to Samuel Condit
E-341 Catherine Hobson to William Driver
A-41 Elenor Hobson to Alford Martin
A-238 Perlina Hoby to Horatio N. Glazier
E-365 Leah Elizabeth Hock to Ross M. Smith
C-131 Maria Hocker to Matthias Nehern
C-241 Sarah Hockins to C. W. Bennett
E-18  Florence Hodge to Walter Tirrett
F-92  Maggie C. Hodgeman to James W. Bowdish
C-358 Mary Hodges to G. F. Straw
D-65  Mary Hodges to G. F. Straw
B-155 Polly Hodgkies to Lewis Cross
F-98  Lydia M. Hodgman to John William Guthrie
E-46  Lydia A. Hodskey to Martin V. Moore
F-120 Amelia Hoener to William H. Allen
F-32  Lucinda E. Hoeriger to Phillip L. Axel
E-278 Addie Hofer to Foyd Shade
D-190 Mary E. Hoff to Charles A. Beerstecher
E-237 Effa Hoffan to Emanuel Eichotz
D-152 Manda Hoffer to Robert S. Lawn
E-352 Emma R. Hofflefinger to Alva E. Whitcomb
C-266 Anna Hoffman to Christopher Shick
C-91  Elizabeth Hoffman to T. M. Clark
E-316 Ida Hoffman to Ludwig Scherman
B-25  Jane A. Hoffman to William C. McGaffay
A-201 Lydia Hoffman to Henry Snider
E-84  Marietta Hoffman to Emanuel C. Strome
F-88  Martha Catherine Hoffman to Arthur Henry Moody
E-233 Mary E. Hoffman to Isaac Walker
B-151 Mary Jane Hoffman to George Reed
F-64  Hattie Hoffner to Edmund I. Amidon
E-281 Kate Hoffner to George Moore
E-331 Phoebe Hofler to Alva H. Shaw
E-337 Helen E. Hogan to F. A. Beerstecher
E-154 Mary Hogan to Daniel Laban
E-91  Samantha A. Hogdell to Chauncey Dodge
E-148 Elizabeth Hogmier to Alonzo E. Butler
F-98  Malissa J. Hogmire to John B. Bushong
C-143 Mary Hogmire to Daniel Hinebaugh
D-96  Sarah Hogmire to Daniel Ernsberger
C-447 Pauline Hohnberger to Balsar Thousant
F-118 Susie A. Hohner to David Stahl
F-72  Addie (Brewster) Hohnes to William B. Price
E-24 Rebecca Hohnes to Emanuel Schug
C-274 Emily Hohns to Alvin Ryon
C-437 E. A. Hoisington to Daniel E. Krumm
C-436 Susan Hoisington to Benjamin F. Wells
E-71  Flora M. Hoisington to George R. Clemens
F-24  Emma J. Holbrook to Samuel Rosenberger
C-23  Sarah J. Holbrook to John C. Bishop
E-366 Clara U. Holcomb to Burton O. Graves
C-403 Harriet Holcomb to John Barney
B-20  Hester Holderman to Henry Frederick
C-190 Mary Holdworth to Amos Westen
E-50  Grace M. Hole to Charles T. Engle
D-207 Catherine E. Holiday to Darins Otis
E-216 Bertha Holin to Frederick Lertelman
C-271 Hannah Holla to George Harris
D-250 Christiana Holland to William Rusling
E-337 Mary C. Holland to John A. Hass
C-227 Elizabeth Hollenbeck to Riley P. Page
F-34  Emma Hollenbeck to Adam Duesler
A-77  Lydia Hollenbeck to Hiram Draper
E-66  Mary Hollenger to Chas. Engman
E-324 Jane A. Holliday to Lemuel H. Detwiller
C-32  Louisa Holliday to Henry Taylor
C-305 Catherine Hollinger to John L. Gardner
E-190 Celesta Hollinger to Lewis Gish
D-141 Sarah Hollinger to William Leiter
F-40  Delia Bell Hollingshead to Charles F. Wakeman
A-289 Julia M. Hollister to James G. Smith
E-189 Adelaide Holman to William W. Merrick
E-25  Agnes E. Holmes to Elias Shaver
E-61  Alice Holmes to Ransom E. Kemble
E-25  Almira J. Holmes to James S. Creighton
E-268 Calista A. Holmes to Lemon W. Weidler
E-256 Clara Holmes to John Laughlin
E-308 Clara Holmes to Useph Dunlap
D-78  Elizabeth Holmes to William Bradford
D-261 Elizabeth J. Holmes to Edward F. Caseman
E-10  Elizabeth J. Holmes to Edward F. Caseman
C-458 Eva Holmes to Francis Wagar
C-81  Helen A. Holmes to Alfred M. Gaines
E-292 Isabella E. Holmes to George M. Bucknell
E-244 Louisa Holmes to John E. Duck
D-156 Naoma E. Holmes to Edwin R. Green
C-30  Sarah E. Holmes to John W. Howk
C-361 Susan Holmes to Stephen A. Wagar
E-325 Anna C. Holsinger to George W. Wenkleblack
F-10  Ida A. Holsinger to William Martin Fanning
D-244 Amanda Holsmyer to Dutes Newton
E-28  Lydia Holt to John J. Rice
E-240 Lydia Holtz to Peter Mohney
E-90  Elise Holz to John Gottschalk
E-131 Sophia Holzin to Frederick Groll
E-202 Francis B. Homer to Wellington Engleman
E-290 Sadie Homer to William Whitehall
F-18  Rose Ella Homes to Miles Detwiler
E-234 Mary E. Hond to Frank Hogaboom
E-35  Alice F. Honeywell to Chas. A. B. Chaplin
E-118 Jennie Honeywell to Samuel Coon
E-45  Olive P. Honeywell to Robert C. Honeywell
C-338 Mary E. Hood to Henry Snyder
E-281 Anna L. Hoofer to George M. Bucklin
E-353 Emma J. Hooley to Jacob Hostler
E-83  Jeminia Hooley to Samuel C. Mast
E-31  Eliza C. Hoom to Harvey R. Ludington
E-297 Minnia Hoosen to Fred A. Hull
F-24  Alma H. Hoots to Charles D. Remington
E-17  Ella M. Hoots to James D. Marsh
E-362 Belle Hoover to Frank M. Rawlings
F-48  Ella Hoover to Frank Ingram
F-48  Ella Hoover to Frank Ingram
E-358 Eugenie Hoover to William Chamberlain
F-8   Hattie M. Hoover to Victor A. Wagner
E-27  Mary L. Hoover to Nelson B. Engle
E-192 A. L. Hopkins to Byron J. Adams
F-114 Alta K. Hopkins to Fred Sanborn
E-86  Anna W. D. Hopkins to Charles Johns
E-140 Caroline Hopkins to Joseph Conkling
C-408 Eliza N. Hopkins to John Morrow
E-263 Elizabeth E. Hopkins to John A. Bloom
E-289 Ella Hopkins to Franklin D. Clark
E-251 Ella A. Hopkins to George W. Winner
E-168 Ellen C. Hopkins to Julius H. Thompkins
E-133 Emma F. Hopkins to Marion A. Palmer
D-49  Estelle J. Hopkins to John Hopkins
C-192 Julia M. Hopkins to Archibald N. Mandigo
D-239 Susan S. Hopkins to William Scott
E-6   Susan S. Hopkins to William Scott
E-268 Lizzie Hopp to Ransom L. Childs
B-73  Livinia Hoppen to Thomas Silliman
E-15  Margaret E. Hopper to Aaron Weinberg
C-35  Sarah Hopwood to John Jellings
E-104 Bertha Horn to Fred C. Miller
C-74  Eleanor Horn to Frederick Burmeister
E-100 Hanna Horn to Thomas Ragan
E-272 Louisa Horn to John Harder
E-240 Mary Horn to Louis Timm
E-290 Minnie S. Horn to Frederick Dehn
E-361 Emma Horner to Benjamin F. Hoops
F-130 Mary C. Horner to Marcus D. Bushing
E-35  Varilia Horner to Isaac C. Toffin
A-42  Abigail Horsley to James Laird
F-116 Lula Horten to Charles P. Shepard
E-356 Dora E. Hortman to Charley M. Nusbaum
F-44  Mary Horton to John King
E-264 Harriet M. Hoshel to Frank J. Robinson
F-106 Lena D. Hosier to Alden J. Brothwell
E-99  M. J. E. Hoskins to M. W. Emmons
E-71  Mary H. Hoskins to Phineas B. Harwood
E-110 Harriet R. Hosley to Daniel Bowe
E-135 Anna M. Hostetter to Mortin V. B. Jacob
E-126 Fanny Hostetter to Simon Morningstarr
D-198 Nancy Hostetter to Henry Wolf
F-24  Sadie Hostetter to Charlie B. Parsons
F-32  Susan Hostetter to Adam Baker
E-282 Mary J. Hostettler to Nicholas Boyle
D-169 Zerilla Hostter to J. L. Shoup
B-158 Mary Hotchens to Robert McGowan
A-247 Ann Hotchin to William Watson
C-130 Anna Hotchin to Francis Putman
E-183 Ellen A. Hotchin to John Simpson
C-358 Harriet Hotchins to Edmund H. Stears
D-173 Clarissa Hough to Andrew Butts
E-143 Frances Hough to Delbert Moore
E-300 Jennie Hough to Thomas Alexander
E-167 Kate Hough to William Stafford
E-110 Clarinda Houghland to James Read
F-32  Gertrude E. Houghland to Frank D. Parish
E-41  Mary J. Houghtaling to Fred Tressler
F-12  Hattie Houghton to Frank E. Warren
E-259 Elizabeth S. Houghtty to Zezah B. Timmerman
C-380 Catherine House to Christian Snider
E-90  Helen House to Henry G. Arnold
E-232 Minnie Housholder to Daniel R. Albert
D-104 Ella Houston to Henry Winton
D-77  Harriet Houston to James W. Pitts
C-350 Mary Houston to Joseph Gunthorpe
E-320 Mary A. Houths to William A. Smith
E-59  Mary A. Houts to Alford Lane
D-92  Nancy Houts to Cyrus W. Kerrick
F-104 Barbara E. Hovies to G. W. Shafer
B-9   Malinda How to Alden Bill
E-285 Achsah L. Howard to Ward Woodward
E-88  Addie Howard to Franklin N. Fitch
E-177 Bessie Howard to Samuel E. George
E-182 Ellen Howard to Elton Ewing
E-227 Emma Howard to Lenoir White
C-348 Evaline M. Howard to Albrot Blanchard
E-57  Helen Howard to Abyah Wagar
F-24  Ida Howard to William Patterson
F-112 Lilian Howard to Matthew Bland
E-213 Lillie J. Howard to Benjamin F. Beutz
E-280 Lucy Howard to William H. Skur
E-151 Lucy Howard to Alfred Gowan
C-147 Lucy C. Howard to Francis L. Salmon
E-107 Mary A. Howard to George W. Ansel
E-163 Mary A. Howard to Frank W. Fisher
C-407 Mary J. Howard to John Yanney
D-266 Mary L. Howard to Alexander Young
D-269 Mary L. Howard to Alexander Young
E-35  Lizzie Howarth to Thomas Van Kirk
D-50  Elizabeth Howder to Collet Thomas
E-308 Allie Howe to Judson R. Knight
D-107 Emily Howe to Abner J. Van Busen
D-139 Emma L. Howe to David H. Norris
D-246 Laura L. Howe to George H. Caswell
E-8   Laura L. Howe to George H. Caswell
C-472 S. A. Howe to A. L. Scofield
C-309 Sarah A. Howe to Robert Shaffer
E-30  Ursula A. Howe to Joseph W. Caten
A-76  Jane Howell to Henry Lockwood
C-359 Julia A. Howell to Daniel Thurston
C-367 Martha L. Howell to John C. Chandler
A-90  Ann Hower to Amos Reed
E-84  Emma Z. Hower to David Hoch
E-195 Margaret Hower to Mark Worthington
B-4   Mary Hower to George King
E-53  Mary Hower to David P. McKee
D-50  Eliza Howes to Sylvester Harding
C-25  Eliza R. Howes to John A. Wallace
F-60  Elva A. Howes to George Will
B-5   Julia Howes to William Simpson
D-153 L. Howes to William Gifford
C-88  Helen M. Howid to Theodore M. Ross
C-335 Ann Howlan to John Cook
E-318 Mary A. Howlett to Henry Ham
B-63  Adaline Howley to Jonas V. Hibbard
D-246 Jeanett Howley to Joseph Gray
F-20  Anna A. Hoyt to Henry K. Farrand
E-46  Barbara A. Hoyt to Joseph A. Willard
B- 40 Elizabeth Hoyt to Hiram Renolds
E-206 Emma Hoyt to William L. Wade
E-159 Harriet M. Hoyt to Leslie C. Legg
E-178 Ida E. Hoyt to Leroy Azchelt
E-142 Silonia Hoyt to James W. Davis
E-79  Ida Hubard to Andrew T. Stewart
E-140 Lawella Hubbard to Joseph Bell
E-26  Olive Hubbard to Edward Lowe
C-403 Viennia Hubbard to Daniel Weaver
E-24  Margaret Huber to J. G. Bliss
C-306 Hannah Hubler to Abram R. Buys
A-176 Hannah Huchinson to Nathan Michael
E-108 Mary Huck to T. E. Woodhouse
A-108 Ann Huckle to Reuben Kepler
C-102 Catherine Hudor to John Hansell
B-147 Elizabeth Hudson to Samuel Hebberly
E-364 Nettie J. Hudson to Jesse E. Mann
E-227 Wilhelmina Huebner to William C. Lohrke
E-311 Anna Huemer to Martin Hass
C-217 Agnes Huff to Ambrose McElrath
E-257 Alice L. Huff to Frank S. Martin
E-23  Anna Huff to George Hofeld
E-329 Anna Huff to George W. Blanchard
E-195 Anna Huff to Elbert O. Ellis
E-285 Anna M. Huff to William H. Baughton
F-70  Ida O. Huff to Erasmus R. Moore
E-322 Isabella Huff to Warren L. Marks
E-208 Maggie L. Huff to James F. Martin
F-76  Maria Louisa (Embley) Huff to Joseph Scott
B-59  Mary Huff to John Swartz
C-46  Mary M. Huff to Francis I. Powell
D-10  Regina Huff to George W. Davis
B-127 Susan Huff to Samuel McGaffey
E-296 Kate B. Huffman to Francis G. Ramsburg
C-282 Margett Huggins to George Tobias
E-294 Bertha Hughes to Frank L. Goff
F-48  Cora A. Hughes to Jesse Prescott
D-106 Mary Hughes to Payson Whitmore
E-133 Mary A. Hughes to Edwin L. Ruggles
C-279 Melissa F. Hughes to A. M. Rickels
E-210 Rebecca J. Hughes to Jacob B. Peters
E-150 Sarah A. Hughes to Christopher C. Howard
C-20  Sarah Ann Hughs to Benjamin Age
C-49  Catherine Hulbin to Moses Kunselman
F-70  Lydia A Hulbun to Derins E. Weinberg
E-274 Belle Hull to Hiram O. Bliss
F-72  Helen N. Hull to Bastian Smits
A-222 Polly Hull to George W. Titus
E-165 Hattie M. Hullen to Benjamin F. Ingall
C-14  Mary Hullet to Daniel Atkins
C-219 Margaret Hultey to George Homel
B-84  Caroline M. Hulton to Elias Schall
E-353 Nellie A. Humbargh to Adam M. Graner
F-12  Julia Inez Hummel to Charles Clark Gumbert
E-317 Mary Hummel to Cornelius Theobald
C-440 Rebecca Hummel to John Garnes
F-90  Lile (Ferguson) Humphrey to Charles W. Stout
F-62  Lizzie Humphrey to Robert A. Watson
E-138 Mary A. Humphrey to J. H. A. Smith
E-198 Mary J. Hungerford to C. G. Barclay
E-117 Bridget Hunsey to Daniel Mahoney
E-73  Elizabeth Hunt to Henry C. Wood
F-100 Ellen Luna Hunt to John Smith White
B-18  Emeline C. Hunt to Merret W. Seely
E-54  Emma D. Hunt to Samuel M. Underwood
E-362 Jesse Hunt to Levi M. Parsons
E-340 Josephine A. Hunt to Geo. P. Peckhaven
E-140 Josephine H. Hunt to George A. Morgan
B-143 Margara Hunt to David Gilbert
A-146 Martha Hunt to Bush Sutherland
E-257 Mary Hunt to Frederick Dopperlin
E-364 Mary R. Hunt to George H. Gorbett
C-37  Nancy A. Hunt to Isaac Spencer
A-138 Wealthy Hunt to William Loffay
A-80  Almira Hunter to Gabriel S. Sayer
D-79  Betsy Hunter to Marvin Adams
F-6   Catherine J. Hunter to Levi M. Hill
E-1   Catherine M. Hunter to George W. Pettitt
D-216 Catherine M. Hunter to George W. Pettitt
F-136 Cora E. (Ernsta) Hunter to Frank W. Frisbee
B-99  Elizabeth J. Hunter to Calvin H. Everhard
C-436 Maria Hunter to Willis Wood
E-83  Mary N. Hunter to Samuel Aiken
E-228 Hattie M. Huntington to Hezekiah Buss
C-144 Mary E. Huntington to Henry B. Gladding
C-111 Alvira Huntley to Charles Grover
C-430 Calista Huntley to Charles G. Gardner
E-138 Eliza Huntley to Nelson Hower
E-299 Elizabeth A. Huntley to John A. Roberts
C-72  Helen A. Huntley to Andrew J. Carr
C-389 Jennie M. Huntley to Byron W. Uptegrove
A-268 Ruth M. Huntley to Levi G. Hoag
D-270 Clarissa Hurd to Albert M. Hobert
C-203 Laura A. Hurley to Michael Yetter
E-321 Minnie A. Hurne to Lyman H. Dodge
E-79  Susan C. Hurrington to J. D. Turner
C-290 Martha Hurs to Samuel W. Scott
E-272 Sarah E. Hurst to Aaron C. Johnson
E-299 Susan E. Hurst to Charles Shepherd
E-194 Cora Huss to John Leimbach
E-283 Emma Huss to N. F. Spencer
F-38  Josie Hussley to Harry Keasey
E-367 Mary A. Hustter to Daniel B. Troyer
E-22  Ella A. Hutchins to Rowland J. Champlin
E-10  Emma Hutchins to Harry V. Miller
E-31  Amanda M. Hutchinson to Marvill Turnbull
C-406 Amelia S. Hutchinson to Delos T. Breese
D-194 E. Hutchinson to Adam G. Weinberg
D-245 E. H. Hutchinson to Reuben Rockwood
C-95  Elizabeth Hutchinson to Aaron P. Emery
E-85  Ella H. Hutchinson to J. Addison Ranney
E-192 Isabella J. Hutchinson to David Patterson
E-340 Jessie Hutchinson to Charles J. Adrich
E-276 Josephine S. Hutchinson to Charles E. Klose
E-72  Labina A. Hutchinson to Benjamin F. Groner
E-154 Lydia Hutchinson to Abner M. Beardsley
E-51  Mary J. Hutchinson to John A. Hass
E-263 Mary J. Hutchinson to B. P. Scoville
A-65  Rachel Hutchinson to Josiah Livermore
E-59  Rosalthe Hutchinson to Amos A. Ruch
D-85  Sylvia M. Hutchinson to Allen D. Hunt
E-367 Blanche Hutchison to Charles T. Harris
D-249 Catherine Hutchison to Samuel Andres
F-72  Clary U. Hutchison to William A. Sambaugh
E-76  Esther Hutchison to Benjamin Arbogast
E-115 Frances Hutchison to Elisha B. Heimbach
A-197 Jane Hutchison to Joseph B. Millard
C-308 Sarah Hutts to Francis N. Grove
E-73  Mary Huylar to William H. Kissler
E-21  Sybil E. Hyat to Washington D. Embly
E-88  Della Hyatt to Charles L. Hasbrouck
E-144 Fanny Hyatt to George W. Berry
E-128 Emma Hyde to William E. Boies
C-384 Julia Hyde to Olivir Remington
C-463 M. R. Hyde to W. J. Swart
B-121 Mary J. Hyds to Jacob Mills
E-59  Mary Hye to William J. Miller
E-123 Lizzie A. Hyier to Robert T. McDowell
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