Female surnames -"N"

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F-50  Rose F. Nacket to Osborn B. Anderson
D-28  Charlotte Nagele to Martin Bostetter
D-237 Rachel Narber to George DeHass
E-5   Rachel Narber to George DeHass
C-296 Bridget M. Nash to Benjamin Cooley
E-245 Ida A. Nash to John W. Baxter
D-239 Jane A. Nash to Silas Bolster
E-6   Jane A. Nash to Silas Bolster
E-250 Mary A. Nash to Harvey Adams
C-139 Sarah Nay to John Limerick
E-357 Mina Naylor to James W. Beck
A-258 Wester Naylor to Emmer Ballow
E-346 Emma Jane Neack to Robert McNemnais
B-36  Amy Neal to Joseph Oudderkirk
E-236 Emma D. Neal to Everett W. Seaver
D-163 Hannah Neal to Isaac Benham
E-339 Hattie C. Neal to George A. Astray
E-350 Katie Neal to Mead Gindelsparger
E-402 Katie A. Neal to Thomas Carr
E-53  Harriett R. Neddo to James Parker
E-266 Louisa Neddo to Charles Roush
D-137 Mary Neddo to David C. Baker
F-30  Nora Nedow to Peter Stull
E-18  Frank N. Needham to Edwin F. Plant
C-93  Martha Needham to Levi Baughman
E-298 Lucy M. Needhart to Charles J. Baudinet
E-251 Barbara Neff to John Murray
E-260 Emma A. Negus to Anson Dolph
D-260 Rose Negus to Crosby C. Whitney
F-84  Caroline Neices to Henry E. Schuck
E-185 Libbie Neidhardt to Henry March
E-182 Amanda C. Neidigh to Levi W. Knapp
D-119 D. Neikart to Christian Hauck
A-269 Catherine Neilson to Philander Curtis
E-276 Lillie E. Neinsman to George P. Reed
C-472 Clarissa Nelson to John Miller
F-130 Cornelia E. Nelson to Charles O. Thomson
E-144 Eliza A. Nelson to Abram Crummell
E-368 Emma Nelson to Elza O. Fought
C-286 Louisa J. Nelson to David F. Hutton
C-304 Lucy A. Nelson to William H. Merrick
E-265 Lydian Nelson to Charles Snider
E-83  Matilda Nelson to Mark Bucknell
C-10  Minerva Nelson to Daniel Gilbert
E-354 Hannah Nenzel to Isaac C. Younger
E-315 Lizzie Nerhood to Levi Wetherbee
E-263 Mahala Nesbitt to James H. Nesbitt
E-329 Emma Neumann to James B. Weber
F-26  Friedricke (Alhgrims) Neundorf to John Henry Ricken
F-60  Lina Neundorf to Burdett Legg
F-26  Martha Neve to Theadore Bryant
E-264 Carrie E. Newark to Carl Green
E-158 Elizabeth Newark to Edmond Stears
B-53  Catherine Newel to Jesse Seely
E-306 Add Newell to William Edson
D-175 Martha J. Newell to Erastus Adams
E-292 Mary E. Newell to William B. Newell
D-84  Abby Newhall to Marcus Kirk
A-55  Eugene Newhall to Alonzo Douglas
E-46  Emma C. Newkirk to James M. Sheep
E-162 Sadie E. Newkirk to Fred C. Beisel
E-97  Arlinda Newman to Simon Rhinehart
F-120 Ida Eliza Newman to Ira Verheul
E-280 Ida M. Newman to Wallace Betts
C-466 Abba Newton to Willington J. Mann
D-108 Delia Newton to Abraham H. Wilten
E-90  Melissa B. Newton to Isaac H. Mankin
E-303 Harriet A. Nice to Alvin Janes
E-274 Ellen Nicely to Frederick C. Meneck
A-87  Lydia Nichels to Milton McCaneley
A-133 Alvina Nichols to John McKlelland
E-168 C. Nichols to William K. Addison
E-72  Caroline Nichols to J. W. Thomas
E-352 Carrie Nichols to La Fayette Summerlotta
E-68  Clara A. Nichols to Ransom G. Wilson
E-325 Della Nichols to Howard L. Reber
E-203 Eliza Nichols to John Nichols
A-42  Justina Nichols to Gideon W. More
C-434 Lottie Nichols to James M. Rawson
E-355 Lottie E. Nichols to James M. Rawson
E-77  Mary E. Nichols to Asbury Hovey
D-27  Olive Nichols to Chas. Wm. Jun
B-115 Cynthia C. Nickerson to Simon Sidener
D-39  B. J. Nickols to Jonathan Nichols
C-44  Emily Nickson to Luke Linkey
E-252 Amanda E. Nickum to Sylvanus Nickum
E-165 Johanna Nieman to John P. Hagelgans
A-77  Jane Ninters to Frankline Leonard
C-246 Lucy Nix to Ami G. Lawrence
A-263 Jane Nixon to Harman Gray
B-10  Sarah Nixon to Alexander H. Moore
C-206 Caroline Noble to B. F. Bauton
E-95  Gazelle Noble to Frank Jones
A-11  Harriet Noble to Timothy Roberts
E-125 Melissa E. Noble to Royal H. Smith
A-269 Helen M. Nobles to Luther S. Farewell
E-64  Elvina Noe to George W. Doan
E-277 Isabella S. Noe to Ozoheus E. Davis
E-146 Louisa Noe to Henry Bradley
E-319 Alice M. Noecker to James J. Oboyne
E-242 Emma Nogers to Calvin A. Shearman
E-237 Caretta D. Nolan to Seth D. Thompson
E-231 Amida Nolestine to Judson Preston
C-326 Sarah Nolestine to Horace Baker
E-343 Ida Noln to Lewis Lake
C-53  Lucy E. Norman to Henry McKinney
E-36  Caroline Norris to Henry Clay Porter
E-113 Elizabeth Norris to Aaron G. Hagg
E-186 Grazilla North to Lewis North
E-112Lucy J. North to Jeremiah C. Reams
C-201 Lucy J. North to S. Decker
C-60  Mary E. North to Theron Banker
C-310 Susan North to John Philips
E-296 Lydia A. Northrop to George W. Hardy
F-120 Mary L. Northrop to Jackson H. Romig
E-267 Sarah J. Northrup to Emery Swinehart
C-334 Emily E. Norton to Thos. H. Cumbacker
C-346 M. N. Norton to Isaac Blue
E-128 Marilla J. Norton to Amos Hewes
C-268 Mary M. Norton to Benjamin Critze
E-44  Phoebe E. Norton to Daniel Franklin
A-284 Priscilla Norton to Eli T. McLaughlin
E-270 Adaline Notstine to William Gilbert
E-240 Louisa Nowak to Fred Lose
A-237 Julia A. Noyes to Samuel Gorton
E-72  Addie J. Noys to Earl Rowe
E-184 Lucy E. Null to Alexander E. Baker
E-246 Martha E. Null to Howard Bumfer
C-7   Mary J. Null to Isaac Hubler
E-72  Mary M. Null to Calvin M. Burgman
E-144 Sarah Null to Herman Arndt
E-184 Sarah A. Null to Geo. F. Peters
F-72  Annie Nuth to Calvin C. Thompson
A-104 Lena Nutting to Nicholas Lamberson
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