Female surnames -"O"

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E-53  Elizabeth Oakes to Adam Knoflauch
C-156 Etethed Oakes to William Cox
E-321 Jessie F. Oakes to Henry R. Curtis
F-74  Rosa Oakleaf to George H. Cook
C-267 Catherine Oberlin to John Kiteur
C-314 Keziah Ocker to John B. Lind
F-90  Katie O'Connor to Martin Underhalt
C-105 Johanna Oddana to John Bradee
A-283 Julia Odell to Slephen Walter
B-49  Caroline O'Dell to Charles Butler
F-130 Carrie N. O'Dell to Fred Shelden
A-164 Rebecca Odill to Charles Miller
E-317 Sophia Oemkey to Charles Rath
E-106 G. Oernst to Dallas Bondeman
F-80  Mamie C. Oernst to William E. Davis
E-186 Ella Officer to Joseph Sholi
B-109 Catherine C. Ogden to John G. Reheldaffer
A-280 Emily T. Ogden to James Greer
C-441 Oralia M. Ogden to Lewis Haller
E-260 Sarah A. Ohara to James B. Emerick
D-67  Charlotte O'Hara to Thomas Catton
E-285 Mary J. O'Hara to Chalen E. Edwards
C-94  Margaret Oinau to Andrew Burkhimer
A-23  Louisa Old to Daniel Robinson
E-121 Maria Oldenburg to Nicholas Schmidt
A-99  Pomelia Olds to Stephen K. Pierce
C-414 Elizabeth Oliver to John J. Melvin
F-68  Lillie Oliver to Ab Snellenberger
C-376 Mary Oliver to William Ginnaugh
C-378 Amelia Olmstead to Willard Cobb
E-358 Libbie Olney to Henry Powers
E-358 Libbie Olney to Henry Powers
E-70  Martha M. Olney to Henry E. Mowry
E-259 Mary A. Olney to Milton McIntosh
E-290 Marietta O'Leary to Frank E. Miller
F-4   Alta C. Oman to Delzon Crooks
E-341 Ella M. Oman to Fremont Burkholder
F-98  Adalade (Davidson) Omen to William Renner
B-49  Sarah Omer to William Dilldine
C-438 Mary A. Oneal to Oliver Green
F-98  Harriet E. (Borbeo) Opie to William J. Opie
C-465 Maria L. Opliger to Charles Dewel
E-11  Eliza Oppliger to David Stafford
E-93  Lucy B. Orbison to Ira W. Pendleton
E-138 Mary M. Orbison to William D. Vandeventer
E-262 Mary S. Orbison to Alexander Orbison
F-108 Marcia Orcutt to Levi J. Steinbarger
C-415 Martha Orcutt to Nathaniel Chapman
E-43  Mary A. Orcutt to David B. Purdy
F-64  Ocie Orixon to Brandon Ricket
E-117 Seraphine Ormsby to Simeon A. Bower
E-21  Martha E. Orr to William E. Blanchard
C-392 Susan Orr to Seneca Talladay
E-360 Anna Ort to Nicholas Schmidt
E-114 Eliza G. Orten to Cyrus Lohr
E-95  Lucy J. Orten to Theodore Godschalk
E-274 Della Orton to Charles E. Isbell
E-42  M. J. Orton to Benj T. Blakesly
A-125 Saliva Orton to Peter F. Alexander
E-327 Hattie E. Osbon to John S. Snow
E-82  Alice G. Osborn to Frank W. Lambert
E-324 Alzoa M. Osborn to Charles W. Schellhous
C-230 Amelia E. Osborn to William Fowler
E-30  Betsey A. Osborn to James O. Shedel
E-189 Carrie Osborn to Albert Perrin
E-130 Catherine S. Osborn to Albert H. Chase
C-89  Clara Osborn to Amesa I. Davis
D-47  Eleonora D. Osborn to Hiram G. Platt
E-154 Ella Osborn to Elias Raber
A-203 Jenette Osborn to Robert Crawford
B-127 Julia A. Osborn to Harrison Truesdell
A-166 Julia Ann Osborn to Thomas C. Odle
E-22  Julietta Osborn to Lester Wood
C-80  Mary Osborn to Richard Wait
C-288 Mary E. Osborn to Spencer Williams
F-36  Mary M. Osborn to William J. Osborn
E-372 Nellie A. Osborn to Isaac N. Mooney
C-180 Sophia Osborn to James B. Skicvin
C-52  Catherine Osborne to Robert D. Irwin
A-275 Harriet Osgood to John Young
F-92  Laura Osgood to Charles E. Weightman
A-195 Samantha Osgood to William R. Brown
E-211 Sarah O'Sherry to Walter S. Bedford
A-243 Sally Ann Osmur to R. J. Martin
C-334 A. M. Osterhout to William H. Jones
C-177 Mary Osterhout to George Eggleston
F-78  Katie Ostheimer to Herman C. Austin
E-191 Elizabeth Oswalt to Banak White
F-36  Mary Oswalt to Isaiah Barton
E-372 Eva C. Otis to David Noe
E-325 Mary Otis to James B. Donelson
F-64  Lulu Ott to Charles Johnson
C-130 Ann Overfield to Jacob Evert
C-10  Sarah E. Overfield to Abraham Angevine
E-48  Henrietta Overley to George W. Gardner
B-21  Elizabeth Overly to Robert Randall
A-129 Rebecca S. Oviatt to William S. Strong
A-140 Sarah Ovict to Albin Hoyt
D-49  Clarissa Owen to Mason Hand
C-168 Helen Owenmeyer to Peter Doir
D-113 Rebecca J. Oxander to Philip Hall
E-250 Samantha Oxander to John Snelenkurgar
C-464 Gracie P. Oxenham to Silas Schuynieley
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