Female surnames -"P"

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C-362 Caroline Packard to Humphrey H. Powers
F-80  Effie F. Packard to Judson B. Martin
C-286 Emma M. Packard to Henry S. Church
E-330 Gertrude A. Packard to Nelson J. Upham
B-58  Margaret Packer to Myres Vincent
E-61  Mary J. Packer to William H. Austin
B-32  Nancy Packer to William L. Conant
E-263 Jennie E. Packsbury to Henry McJury
A-80  Sarah Pactin to Thomas Tellitron
D-77  Mary Padget to James Garton
E-88  Eliza Page to Henry Romeyn
F-122 Laura M. Page to Charles Nichols
F-90  Lizzie B. Page to Albert M. Haybarger
C-134 Olive J. Page to William L. Stoghton
D-12  Sarah Page to Crebillion Jacobs
D-46  Sarah A. Page to Andrew S. Kilbury
E-89  Wilhemina Pagels to Charles Ginther
E-318 Fanny Paige to Samuel Cross
E-109 Anna C. Paight to Charles Butt
E-129 Catherine Paight to William H. Chupp
A-173 Catherine Paine to William Curtis
C-12  Jane E. Paine to William W. McBain
E-101 Maria Paine to David Earley
C-333 Lucy Palchin to Wellington Graves
E-104 Alice Palmer to Guy Anderson
C-465 Anna A. Palmer to George Martenas
E-232 Augusta Palmer to Henry Burgess
C-295 Augusta Palmer to Garrett Whitesides
D-213 Celia Palmer to William W. Howe
D-58  Cora A. Palmer to William B. Wynue
E-24  Cora A. Palmer to Martin Beckwith
C-241 Cordelia Palmer to Charles Ellis
E-4 Delia L. Palmer to Arthur A. Stephens
D-230 Delia L. Palmer to Arthur A. Stephens
D-77  Eliza Palmer to Chas. H. Caswell
E-180 Ella O. Palmer to Ellas A. Palmer
E-537 Emma Palmer to Edgar E. Christian
E-49  Frances Palmer to Wesley Jarvell
F-66  Harriet A. Palmer to Guy Anderson
E-204 Ida Palmer to John Whiteaker
E-237 Isabella L. Palmer to James H. Henry
E-270 Jennie Palmer to Samuel A. Snyder
E-149 Julia E. Palmer to Ephraim S. Watson
E-73  Lenora E. Palmer to David Michael
E-310 Lizzie Palmer to George B. Naylor
C-223 Lucy A. Palmer to Edgar A. Jones
C-288 Mahala D. Palmer to Aaron Wolcock
C-433 Marriet Palmer to J. Brown
E-313 Mary Palmer to Clayton Baird
C-109 Mary Palmer to John McClain
E-313 Mary Palmer to Clayton E. Baird
C-340 Mary A. Palmer to A. H. Blood
E-201 Mary E. Palmer to Walter T. Franklin
E-167 Mary J. Palmer to Charles H. Stillwell
D-118 Mary J. Palmer to William H. Melville
E-46  Mary L. Palmer to Mervin Givin
E-30  Rosa Palmer to Charles A. Waterons
E-164 Rosalla Palmer to Charles Craig
A-253 Sally Palmer to John Smith
C-57  Sally M. Palmer to Porter U. Baird
E-259 Sarah E. Palmer to Charles A. White
B-149 Sarah J. Palmer to Nelson Allport
E-203 Della M. Palmet to Jerome F. Alger
E-263 Mary J. Pancoast to Herbert Bishop
C-103 Phebe Pangburn to Joseph Gould
F-52  Belle R. Parent to Elmer H. Gilbert
E-298 Mary E. Parhum to Alva L. West
E-269 Emma A. Parish to William Dwight
C-279 Maria M. Parish to Horace Cross, Jr.
E-212 Abba C. Parker to William H. Cease
E-31  Amy Parker to John H. Hawley
E-136 Bell Parker to Delbert F. Cook
E-184 Clara E. Parker to George O. Laughlin
E-38  Cora E. Parker to Frank L. Roade
C-55  Elizabeth Parker to David Sturgis
A-43  Elizabeth Parker to Peerfront Grover
E-354 Erlinda C. A. Parker to John J. Walker
E-360 Flora Parker to William Dailey
B-52  Harriet Parker to Norman Ferry
E-144 Hattie A. Parker to Daniel Kemple
E-63  Iantha Parker to Renel Blake
B-24  Isabel Parker to Asa P. Kenyon
F-76  Jessie B. Parker to Albert J. Klose
C-231 Louise Parker to Charles Mandeville
E-237 Lucy J. Parker to James B. Moore
D-42  Margaret Parker to Luther B. Goodrich
C-232 Maria Parker to Charles Baeson
C-423 Nancy A. Parker to Dan Driesbach
E-227 Netta Parker to Ephraim S. Richards
B-31  Rachel A. Parker to Oliver H. Shaw
F-68  Romilda S. Parker to David O. Schaeffer
E-370 Rosamond Parker to Charles A. Parham
A-185 Sarah Ann Parker to Nersel F. Seward
D-270 Sarah O. Parker to Philip D. Hense
C-332 Mary E. Parkhurst to John W. Van Alstine
A-267 Ann Parkinson to Thomas L. Laird
E-42  Elizabeth Parkinson to Henry N. Spencer
C-310 Amantha L. Parks to Chas. H. Hammond
E-216 Lilliam S. Parr to Oliver Moore
E-140 Augusta E. Parrish to William F. Sitz
C-106 Maria Parrish to Hiram Neckham
E-105 Phoebe A. Parrish to Joseph L. Linn
F-130 Helena Parrott to Thomas T. Walker
F-16  Anna Belle Parry to Frank Halbert Masten
B-136 Sophronia Parshal to Joel P. Scofield
B-66  Alvira Parsons to Harry Lee
C-18  Augusta Parsons to Oliver Hale
E-76  Cordelia M. Parsons to Joseph T. Pina
E-67  Elizabeth A. Parsons to Richard C. Goldsmith
E-160 Elizabeth J. Parsons to George W. Eddy
E-334 Hattie A. Parsons to John C. Friend
E-313 Helen B. Parsons to Charles W. Sheldon
B-96  Laura A. Parsons to Joseph Wolf
A-198 Loretta Parsons to G. W. Bennett
E-180 Lucy A. Parsons to Charles E. DeLong
C-330 Mary J. Parsons to Willard Hacket
E-199 Lena A. Partridge to William McCoy
A-256 Candace Pascha to Lyman Rhodes
D-24  Anna Pashby to Robert Mandigo
B-102 Elizabeth Pashby to Samuel Stears
E-158 Emma Pashby to Nicholas Mandiga
E-209 Georgie N. Pashby to James H. Langton
C-479 Hannah Pashby to Charles Oernot
F-80  Harriet A. Pashby to Eugene L. Hopkins
E-45  Louisa Pashby to Frank Hull
E-70  M. J. Pashby to John Featherton
E-183 Martha Pashby to Frank Waters
E-349 Wilhelmina Passche to Wilhelm Nehls
D-202 Sophia Passchl to John Beckman
E-241 Lena Passehl to Carl Hardwick
E-84  Mary Past to Ellen Olney
E-244 Alice Patchin to Joseph Lepley
C-2   Jane Patchin to George W. Moore
C-426 Susan Patchin to William Fellows
F-42  Sarah Wright Pate to Ira Chandler
E-88  Ann M. Patrick to Alfred G. Drake
E-232 Sarah Patten to Charles M. Smith
B-52  Sophia Patten to Enoch Kent
E-14  Adaline Patterson to Marcus Curtis
E-176 Adella Patterson to Cornelius J. Cromer
A-41  Angelina Patterson to Samuel Pratt
D-72  Clarissa Patterson to John Foot
C-440 E. S. Patterson to Lucius H. Knapp
C-317 Elizabeth Patterson to Thomas Cook
E-224 Ellen A. Patterson to William Chapman
C-61  Ellen F. Patterson to John H. Clowes
E-180 Henrietta Patterson to Hiram J. Pitts
B-1   Jane M. Patterson to Oliver Arnold
E-195 Jennie Patterson to Sidney E. Boyer
C-66  Ann M. Patton to William Judson Hills
E-235 Emma R. Pauce to Case Buck
E-184 Augusta Paulsbury to Joseph Meahrdere
E-13  Lydia Payne to Thaddeus Wilson
E-181 Mary E. Payser to Joseph P. Eldredge
A-65  Isabel Payter to Levi Hackley
E-334 Dora F. Pea to Fred H. Samka
E-96  Cordelia Peak to Thomas Watts
C-22  Elizabeth A. Peak to Joseph H. Tubbs
C-104 Margaret Peak to Joshua G. Wallace
F-138 Myrtle Peak to Elbert J. Stillman
E-137 Harriet Pearce to Noah D. Hagerman
E-361 Sarah F. Pearce to John R. Davis
C-6   Eliza F. Pearcens to Larance Clouse
C-141 Mary J. Pearsall to Nelson W. Field
C-75  Sarah C. Pearsall to Kensalan Van Holmes
E-220 Ida L. Pearson to William F. Hagerman
C-136 Maryette Pearson to Blackman Burgess
C-58  Mary Peas to Lewis Cropp
E-361 Elizabeth Sarah Pease to Charles Frederick Thompson
E-28  Emma A. Pease to Oliver H. Shaw
E-365 Grace A. Pease to Flavel Schermerhoin
C-426 Mercy Pease to Solomon Puffer
C-278 Mary Peatrie to Samuel Stamp
F-60  Melissa M. Pecht to Wm. Wallace Terry
B-52  Mary Ann Pechtel to George Frymire
F-26  Caroline Roderick Peck to George Walter Watson
A-140 Catherine Peck to A. C. Fisher
E-44  Emma Peck to Charles Haight
E-322 Julia Peck to William E. VanNess
E-124 Kate B. Peck to Eugene Woodworth
E-297 Nellie C. Peck to Clayton Lash
E-256 Rena B. Peck to Daniel M. Woods
F-128 Clara B. Peecket to Mack Melson
A-88  Cornelia Peek to Orin F. Howard
E-151 Della Peek to Frank E. Dayharsh
E-311 Della M. Peek to Mathew Farnell
F-36  Effie Peek to Walter G. Strong
E-191 Effie Peek to William F. Clapp
A-223 Eliza Jane Peek to Julian R. Howard
E-359 Mary Peek to Clarence Freeland
B-11  Sally A. Peek to Nathan Barlow
E-211 Emma Peeke to Charles Marantette
D-199 Josephine H. Peeke to Walter N. Trumbull
E-343 Hannah M. Pegasky to Bartlett Larimer
E-121 Martin A. Pegg to Edwards Simpson
E-6   Fanny Peirce to Ruel B. Peirce
E-250 Melina Peirigeny to Joseph Dumes
A-255 Harriet Pellets to David Langdon
E-360 Ella A. Pelton to Fred Dowler
E-366 Flora L. Pemberton to Frank R. Morton
F-102 Ella Pence to Allen B. Troyer
F-14  Cony Pendleton to Patrick Holden
C-370 Sarah A. Pepell to Samuel I. Wathews
F-108 Louisa Pepke to Friedrich Loehrke
D-246 Emily Pepper to George Toogood
E-8   Emily Pepper to George Toogood
E-83  Juliet Pepper to Charles Bucknell
D-175 Rachel A. Pepper to Warren Whitney
C-293 Mary A. Perehard to Levi H. Randall
F-12  Mary E. "Emerine" Peremer to Frederick Smith
D-185 Mabel Perkins to Jerome C. Lewis
E-55  Emma L. Perrin to Charles F. McElrath
E-336 Estella Perrin to Calvin J. Currier
E-209 Lulu Perrin to Milton Osbon
E-59  Luna M. Perrin to Edwin O. Thompson
F-78  Adaline O. Perry to Ellis E. Helsel
E-233 Catharine Perry to E. M. Van Horn
C-429 Fideha S. Perry to Isaac C. Counet
E-38  Ida Perry to Spencer D. Ross
E-61  Jane Perry to Marshal Lewis
E-256 Jane E. Perry to Nelson L. Bates
E-64  Mary J. Perry to John E. Gray
E-158 Eliza J. Persons to Henry E. DeLong
D-68  Francis E. Peterman to William Davis
C-221 Mary E. Peterman to David Shranger
E-301 Cassie Peters to Henry J. Morger
E-289 Mary M. Peters to Charles G. Sandel
F-12  Minnie Bell Peters to William Emery Lash
F-120 Sophia B. Peters to Charles W. Moyer
F-40  Susannah A. D. Peters to David Meystand
B-124 Eliza A. Peterson to Gershom P. Doane
E-118 Isabella Peterson to William H. Woodward
E-38  M. E. Peterson to Ephraim E. Brown
E-275 Ida Petrie to Horace Noland
C-453 Marietta Pettit to James Falchat
D-283 Marietta E. Pettit to James F. Livingsten
E-319 Addie Petty to Henry S. Wishaip
F-80  Eliza Pfenning to Fredrick Willms
E-133 Mary E. Pfliger to Andrico Baringer
C-211 Adelia Phelps to Stevens M. Cowley
C-189 Avis A. Phelps to David Stephenson
E-120 Florence E. Phelps to John A. P. Mason
E-143 Harriet P. Phelps to Fred P. Salmon
E-161 Maria Phelps to Eugene Lawrence
D-96  Phebe A. Phelps to Peter M. Eldridge
C-106 Sophia Phenix to John W. Chase
B-27  Amanda F. Philips to Armontage G. Moore
E-88  Bridget Philips to Charles Anton
E-214 Eliza Philips to Wm. H. Drummhille
B-99  Jane Philips to Lucuis Whitney
E-199 Amelia A. Phillips to William W. Swartz
E-279 Anna Phillips to John Barringer
E-251 Carrie B. Phillips to Frank Horn
E-94  Catherine Phillips to John J. Phillips
E-83  Charlotte Phillips to Henry M. Adams
A-184 Comfort Phillips to George D. Herington
E-371 Hylinda Phillips to Myron Mathewson
F-108 Ina A. Phillips to William M. Brown
E-355 Lotta F. Phillips to Edgar F. Machimer
E-347 Lucy Phillips to Damas Clement
D-207 Lucy M. Phillips to Seth Bartholomew
E-218 Margaret Phillips to Jacob Baumgartner
D-228 Margaret J. Phillips to John D. Brown
E-3   Margaret J. Phillips to John D. Brown
E-173 Mary A. Phillips to Stephen Sithens
E-215 Mary J. Phillips to Chas. S. Messick
F-72  Ozina Bell Phillips to Edwin Snyder
E-128 Sarah Phillips to Marshal Hermance
E-327 Lydia E. Philo to Albert H. Bunnell
E-113 Georgietta Philps to Melanchton Moore
E-183 Louisa V. Philps to Jairus C. Wall
E-265 Sarah B. Phinney to Levi Vandorstan
A-75  Catherine Phoenix to Nathaniel T. Louden
D-48  Frances Phoinix to Henry C. Preston
C-261 Susan Pickering to Thomas Skilton
E-92  Sarah Pickett to Joseph Everhart
E-198 Louisa J. Pidgeon to William Bandholtz
F-54  Lizzie Elsie Piederbaugh to Linzy Ellsworth Gibson
C-298 Ardelia S. Pierce to Harvey A. Barkman
C-322 Elizabeth Pierce to Joshua White
E-105 Emma V. Pierce to Charles D. Carlisle
A-216 Eunice L. Pierce to Malin W. Hobart
C-62  Hester A. Pierce to Humphrey C. Barrett
D-47  Julia Pierce to Ezra Stewart
C-163 Lucina A. Pierce to James McCoy
E-28  Marian Pierce to Charles Bruner
C-182 Mary E. Pierce to Eli Andrus
E-10  Mary L. Pierce to Asher M. Miller
B-18  Zuilda Pierce to Albert H. Partidge
F-38  Hattie Pierson to Edward Phillip Young
E-42  Cath.J. Pifer to Edward J. Bannon
E-156 Angeline Pigion to James S. Hill
E-344 Flora May Pike to Clarence E. Gorton
C-41  Mary A. Pike to William Wood
E-243 Matie Piler to John H. Geafmiller
E-285 Anna Pincade to William B. Knepp
C-343 Minerva Pincherton to John Sager
E-49  Ida Pine to George D. Clark
E-199 Inez Pine to Henry W. King
F-82  Lorinda (Mead) Pine to Cornelius Vangilder
D-147 Nancy M. Pine to James D. Cole
E-180 Louisa M. Pinney to Henry L. Anthony
E-199 Nettie E. Piny to Eugene H. Shoib
E-51  Ellen E. Piper to George F. Rockwell
D-6   Cordelia A. Pitts to Geo. B. Wilkinson
B-89  Elizabeth Pitts to Adam Bower
A-238 Hannah M. Pitts to John A. Smith
B-4   Harriet Pitts to Perry Smith
E-56  Louisa A. Pitts to Horace Beckwith
E-363 Mary L. Pitts to W. K. Mowery
A-246 Rachel N. Pitts to Ransom I. Hazen
E-157 Alice Pixley to Albert E. Spaulding
E-298 Emma J. Pixley to Chas. F. Edelman
E-335 Lillian Pixley to Herbert L. Chase
E-9   Ellen Place to William Kelley
E-248 Susannah A. Plack to John Lois
E-365 Lizzie A. Plank to Samuel E. Smith
C-69  Madena. Plank to Nicholas Coffman
E-292 Nettie A. Plank to George W. Roth
E-183 Susan Plank to Jacob Lintz
E-283 Adelia J. Plant to Elliott A. Dudley
E-71  Caroline A. Plant to Elias P. Williams
E-13  Frances A. Plant to Charles H. Needham
E-248 ------- Platt to ---------- Payson
C-244 Amanda S. Platt to J. A. Beeman
B-160 Elizabeth Platt to Ithureal McMillen
E-289 Ella E. Platt to Thomas Cuddy
E-26  Jennie Platt to Byron Howley
C-434 Lottie A. Platt to Andrew H. Monroe
C-216 Malrissa Platt to Alford Richards
C-333 Mary J. Platt to Jacob R. Keasey
D-164 Mary L. Platt to Frank Montaw
C-60  Susan Platt to Wilson G. Bishop
C-316 Henriette M. Plaul to Loranie Powers
E-298 Mary Pleifer to Martin Doll
E-169 Sarah Plerod to John Wouser
E-184 Eliza Plum to Joseph Conrad
E-2   Emma A. Plum to Albert C. Sheldon
D-223 Emma A. Plum to Albert C. Sheldon
C-227 Charlotte E. Plumb to William Brooks
C-1   Sophronia Plumly to Azacheus Blood
E-176 Jane Plummer to William H. Darling
E-277 Jennie M. Plummer to Henry K. Stuck
D-115 Mary Plummer to Steven C. Cleveland
C-276 Mary Jane Plummer to James Berry
E-179 Rose F. Plummer to Buna L. Hamlin
E-252 Elizabeth A. Poe to Gustavus A. Ely
C-28  Nancy Poe to Finis Brown
E-154 Sophronia Poe to Edward P. McKee
E-171 Lizzie Poel to Charles Els
F-72  Elizabeth (Rudolph) Pohlman to Christian Pohlman
F-126 Cordelia Poiser to Albert Rinehart
A-39  Rosameah Poland to Albert Beckwith
C-258 Roby P. Pollack to Thomas G. Isherwood
E-175 Harriett Pollock to David Pollock
C-63  Lucinda Pollock to Robert Estes
F-28  Pheobe Pollts to George G. Scoville
A-215 Jane Ann Pomeroy to Stephen D. Angevine
C-363 Irene Pomroy to Joseph Batey
E-41  Almira A. Pond to William Prentice
E-207 Ada Pontius to Charles Frank
E-14  Libbie A. Pontius to Chancey Gilhams
C-347 Soloma Pontius to Savier Kyte
D-105 Clara E. Poorman to Eli Hartman
E-107 Elizabeth J. Poorman to Samuel C. Planck
E-341 Hannah L. Pope to Charles White
E-72  Lavinia S. Pope to Edwin C. Wagner
E-255 Ella Popping to John C. Stearns
C-162 Mary Poppino to John Appleton
E-291 Alla Porter to Adam E. Holenbeck
F-34  Almira Porter to David Knox
E-304 Anna M. Porter to John F. Keck
D-160 Ella M. Porter to H. D. Palmer
E-223 Frances Porter to Truman Jones
C-84  Imagine L. Porter to Carlton E. Alvord
D-99  Jane Porter to Henry Ellis
E-28  Sylva V. Porter to William N. Weaver
C-98  Theresa J. Porter to Holden Beard
D-4   Abgail Post to Samuel H. Bryant
F-74  Anna M. Post to George A. Hyde 
E-290 Estella Post to F. P. McMillen
C-96  Magdaline Postid to Michael Rommel
C-354 ------- Potter to Benson R. Robbins
E-53  Elizabeth Potter to Addison Green
F-68  Jennie S. Potter to John H. Neff
A-41  Laura Ann Potter to Joseph B. Hartsough
F-84  Sarah J. Potter to Charles H. Hatch
E-187 Delila Potts to Harrison F. Parmeter
E-8   Ella W. Pound to Fred W. Timm
E-336 Ella W. Pound to Fred W. Timm
A-175 Isabella Pound to Elijah Hance
E-45  Julia A. Poust to William D. Sayer
D-166 Adelaide Powell to Martin Hilts
E-168 Mary Powell to Ezra Hilts
F-32  Mary May Powell to Daniel Weaver
F-86  Molly Bidner Powell to Robert F. Cunningham
F-56  Vie Power to William Null
C-69  Adaline A. Powers to Michael M. Adams
C-249 Adaline P. Powers to Mason W. Spencer
A-273 Adaliza Powers to Frederick Huntley
C-33  Almira H. Powers to Darius Gee
A-79  Ann Jenette Powers to William Connor
A-44  Arabella Powers to Leonard Stilson
C-116 Caroline E. Powers to Jonas C. Draper
D-73  Cordelia Powers to Charles Miller
D-14  Ella N. Powers to Charles A. Palmer
E-106 Genevive A. Powers to William B. Hewes
D-91  Isabel Powers to John Schellmyer
B-91  Martha Powers to Harvey Dane
E-168 Mary L. Powers to William Cornwall
E-188 Mattie Powers to Edwin Skelenger
B-145 Melissa I. Powers to James D. Clark
B-58  Sybil Powers to Lewis Cross
E-36  Zadia A. Powers to Meredith E. Lockewood
B-38  Harriet A. Poynier to Charles L. Smith
C-139 Harriet Poyser to Henry Billings
E-262 Ella J. Pratt to Willis Gage
E-261 Minnie A. Pratt to John O. Turnbull
E-270 Willima C. Pratt to William H. Seby
F-114 Lizzie Prentice to E. L. Drumhiller
F-70  Almie L. Pressler to Jacob M. Gortner
A-217 Mary M. Prestler to Frederick Baum
F-106 Elizabeth Preston to Edward B. Pierson
E-323 Flora A. Preston to Abraham M. Weiser
E-43  Hannah J. Preston to William Roberts
B-33  Hannah M. Preston to Henry Green
D-78  Martha C. Preston to James K. P. Bryan
E-274 Mary D. Preston to Charles A. VanHorst
E-357 Stella A. Preston to John J. Kline
C-176 Parmelia Preswick to George D. Thorn
E-364 A. Price to Solomon Bowersox
E-301 Ellen B. Price to Frank J. Conn
E-365 Frances Elma Price to Frank Coridon Fast
E-203 Mary M. Price to William H. Miller
E-258 Sarah M. Price to Isaac Eberhart
E-199 Eliza M. Pridgeon to John Gregg
E-128 Mary A. Priest to William Bair
F-102 Ora Priest to Jacob Howfer
E-126 Lydia J. Primmer to Jacob G. Decker
F-108 Carrie I. Prior to Elmer E. Kern
E-12  Susan Probst to John P. Graham
E-153 Mary Prolo to Franklin Hiney
D-81  Mary Prolo to George Denoo
E-10  Mollie B. Prooast to Jefferson M. Main
C-389 Emily E. Proudfit to James M. Nicar
E-9   Hannah M. Proudfit to William H. Shaffer
D-186 Mary L. Proudfit to John B. Shipman
C-23  Susanna J. Proudfit to Thomas C. Langley
F-94  Sarah Prough to Elmer E. Shoap
C-140 Sarah Prough to B. F. Hedricks
C-432 Mary A. Prouty to Robert S. Ivins
E-336 E. B. Pruder to Rosciance Ackom
E-333 E. B. Pruder to Rosciance Ackom
F-134 Elma W. Prutzman to Harry E. Shylinger
E-25  Maggie M. Prutzman to Charles B. Tucker
C-273 Maris Prutzman to Sherman Roberts
E-19  Sarah Prutzman to Wm. S. DeArmend
E-103 Mary Puffer to Robert A. Moyer
E-25  Jane Pugh to James Malam
C-95  Margaret Pugh to Robert Hill
C-178 Sarah M. Pulier to Peter J. Christler
C-275 Sophiat Pulker to Frederick Telster
E-133 Frances C. Puloer to Charles R. Hardy
F-28  Hally Pulver to George W. Sowers
E-110 Arabella Pumphrey to John H. Short
F-136 Fanny Pumphrey to William Miller
D-57  Pamelia Purcel to Albert W. Williams
C-327 Mary E. Purdy to John McDonald
F-124 Nora R. Purviance to John B. Haller
E-194 Ella M. Putman to Edward R. Willard
A-193 Magalene Putman to Daniel H. Johnson
E-157 Maria Putman to Stanton Slowits
E-345 Marietta Putman to Eaton D. Slayton
C-126 Mary Putman to John H. Jones
A-75  Susan Putman to Joseph Embly
C-393 Margaret Putnam to John I. Major
F-128 Mary M. Putnam to Roy E. Layton
C-148 Susan C. Putnam to James Dale
F-16  Jane A. (Langton) Putney to William J. Rundel
B-134 Louise Putney to William Taes
C-63  Mary Putney to Daniel L. Bacon
B-2   Phoebe J. Putney to Russell Salsbury
F-22  Jennie L. Putt to Charles F. Putt
E-255 Mary E. Putt to David C. Jennings
F-52  Sarah E. Pyle to David P. Plant
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