Female surnames -"T"

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E-363 Sarah Jane Tabor to Charles Hatch
E-132 Alice Tackaberry to Franklin W. Fitch
E-142 Anna A. Tackaberry to John B. Everington
E-107 Mary A. Tackaberry to David Duers
C-189 Nancy A. Tackaberry to Robert Booth
E-125 Emma E. Tackabery to Andrew Swihart
E-78  Isabella A. Tacose to James W. Mizner
D-147 Sophia Tafel to Charles Witt
A-128 Lydia A. Taft to William Harrington
C-170 Maria Taft to Wesley Maring
E-23  Sarah Tagart to William A. Saxton
D-145 Sarah J. Taggart to Sidney Chapman
B-118 Cynthia A. Tainton to Hiram C. Ellsworth
D-190 Rossie S. Talbot to Henry H. Starr
E-192 Harriet L. Tames to William Tyler
F-82  Lettie Tandow to Marvin Anton
D-172 Sophia Tannyhill to Joseph Hivily
C-63  Nancy P. Tanuer to Harvey Newcomb
C-39  Anna M. Tappen to Caleb S. Cears
E-53  Martha S. Tappen to William H. Rediker
F-130 Mary Tappen to Rolla Hicks
E-271 Rosetta Tarian to Henry Hearter
E-337 Libbie Tase to Willard W. Smith
E-195 Libbie Tase to Chansford Bryant
C-408 Mary A. Tase to Walcott H. Lawrence
E-218 Mary E. Tase to Samuel McDonald
E-87  Sadie Tase to George J. Ketcham
E-275 Stella Tase to Elsworth Fuller
C-236 Mary Taski to Thomas Fountain
E-226 Jennie M. Tate to William H. Howay
B-144 Lucinda Tateo to Nelson King
A-191 Celestia Tatra to Victor Vadney
E-293 Paulina Tauz to Dalph E. Beinba
C-228 Alice Taylor to Simpson Anderson
B-23  Alma P. Taylor to William Miles
E-288 Augusta Taylor to Thomas A. Rogers
F-6   Cyrelia (Dyer) Taylor to George W. Zeigler
C-324 Eliza Taylor to Lorenzo Wilkenson
A-243 Elizabeth Taylor to Richard Wilcox
E-82  Emma Taylor to Thomas Ohls
F-20  Emma G. Taylor to Jerome E. Nichols
B-79  Hannah Taylor to Daniel Brooks
D-104 Hannah C. A. Taylor to Horace Keyes
C-313 Henriette Taylor to Henry H. Shurtle
E-89  Irene M. Taylor to Henry E. Wright
E-79  Judith Taylor to Chas. A. Cummings
E-123 Julia M. Taylor to William West
F-56  Mary Taylor to Albert George Wood
E-32  Maryetta Taylor to Daniel F. Drake
D-220 Medora E. Taylor to William H. Hafer
C-40  Sarah E. Taylor to Joseph Thwret
E-176 Nannie (Tyler) Taylor to E. E. Walker
F-52  Ida Teal to Robert Hayes
E-95  Jennie Teal to Ransom Button
C-302 Marion Teal to William H. Prott
A-169 Margaret Tealseah to Frederick Hogs
A-279 Lucy Teasdale to William Heywood
E-300 Emma R. Tegen to John Asher
E-10  Eliza Teisdale to Levi M. Machemer
D-255 Eliza Teisdale to Levi M. Machemer
B-47  Maria Teller to Addison Henry
E-355 Sophia Teller to Elmer E. Wagner
See Brook TenBrook 
C-213 Maria Tennison to Robert Tennison
E-263 Neretta Tennyson to John T. Masterman
C-443 Catherine H. Terry to Daniel P. Smith
E-191 Denzilla S. Terry to John Peterman
F-56  Mary F. Terry to Charles Heimbauch
E-209 Sarah A. Terry to Clinton Hackman
E-99  Rika Tessin to Jo Diedrich
E-269 Mary Test to James F. Nelson
E-21  Helen Tetts to William J. Langdon
F-30  Druisilla Bates Teyan to James Durr
E-17  Alice Thams to Alford R. Close
E-61  Mary M. Thatcher to George W. Ackerman
E-238 Caroline Thaw to Hally Chesley
C-132 Delia S. Thayer to George C. Crosette
E-369 Ida V.A. Thayer to Samuel McFlinn
F-74  Libbie M. Thayer to Walter G. Henry
C-63  Martha Therber to William Catton
E-208 Mary M. Therck to Edwin Wyland
E-22  Herrvine Theurer to George Koch
E-175 Maria M. Theurer to Leopold F. Theurer
E-179 Joanna Theuret to William L. Grimes
C-91  Sally J. Thiell to James Boutwell
E-264 Lydia Thiskell to William McMonies
C-462 Mary E. Thistler to Charles M. Holton
D-151 Estella Thom to Edward Newman
E-137 Theresa Thom to John Bare
E-173 Rachel Thoma to Joseph Lechner
D-186 Abigail Thomas to Andrew Almay
E-202 Betsey E. Thomas to John G. Elsam
E-281 Catherine Thomas to John F. Maybee
E-225 Ellen J. Thomas to Peter J. Dahley
C-223 Emily Thomas to John G. Sickles
E-232 Emma Thomas to Edgar Session
B-147 Maria Thomas to Volney Raymond
C-138 Mary J. Thomas to Enos Jones
D-232 Minerva Thomas to Timothy Gleason
E-4   Minerva Thomas to Timothy Gleason
F-36  Minerva Thomas to James M. Sloan
C-461 Orilla A. Thomas to Nehemiah S. Spencer
C-378 Sarah Thomas to Jesse Coates
E-280 Tillie Thomas to David Neal
E-186 Alice Thompson to Cyrus W. Freeman
C-168 Bertha Thompson to John Bent
E-339 Cornelia F. Thompson to Edwin P. Welsley
B-70  Delia Thompson to Reuben Champion
D-103 Eleanora Thompson to Jacob W. B. Fort
D-34  Electa Thompson to David W. Harwood
C-341 Ella Thompson to William H. Weller
C-7   Harriet Thompson to Patrick Donohue
A-242 Jemima Thompson to George Kershteller
E-94  Julia E. Thompson to Hiram Segwick
E-144 Laura A. Thompson to John E. Kester
A-3   Lydia Thompson to Abram Gable
A-3   Lydia Thompson to Abram Gable
E-47  Martha Thompson to Cyrus Field
B-37  Mary Jane Thompson to Leander VanBenschoten
E-269 Minnie B. Thompson to Casper L. Palmer
D-239 N. Thompson to John H. Whitmer
E-51  Nellie M. Thompson to Ernst M. Hutchinson
E-39  Ola Thompson to Alpheas Thomton
A-66  Phebe Thompson to Henry Kenton
D-178 Phebe J. Thompson to James A. Button
E-92  Phoebe Thompson to Robert Welburn
E-338 Rachel Thompson to Myron F. Bates
C-161 Rebecca A. Thompson to Henry Sevison
C-102 Sarah Thompson to Richard Wade
B-153 Sarah Thompson to Julius Jones
E-296 Fannie M. Thoms to Ambrose H. McKee
E-114 Jennie D. Thoms to A. G. McKinlay
E-133 Julia A. Thoms to Howard H. VanVrankin
C-199 Mary J. Thoms to James M. Duncan
C-205 Mary L. Thoms to Robert H. Dougherty
E-364 Nettie E. Thoms to Edwin E. Weeks
E-130 Rosina Thomson to George A. Morrison
E-215 Anna Thornton to John Monamas
E-76  Ella J. Thornton to Arthur Corson
E-308 Emma Thorp to Frank L. Burdick
E-88  Maria Thorp to Cyrus Roberts
D-148 Rosina Thorp to Clinton D. Wizner
B-138 Angeline Thrall to Sterne D. Kellogg
E-249 Ann E. Thrall to William Holcum
E-249 Clara A. Thrall to Charles Murphy
B-79  Margaret Thrall to Ezeriah Groomburg
F-126 Mary L. Thrasher to William A. Babcock
E-302 Codie Throp to Clarence Fellows
E-286 Nettie M. Throp to Robert H. Jackson
E-273 S. Clara Throp to Lee O. Miller
B-95  Charlotte A. Thuband to Charles H. Thoms
C-39  Cordelia M. A. Thurber to Abraham B. True
C-297 Lucinda Thurber to Henry E. Stone
A-80  Ann Thurstin to Nelson N. Bradley
B-10  Adaline Thurston to Lorenzo D. Ingraham
E-228 Allie Thurston to Kit C. Gray
A-118 Barbara Thurston to Peter Prough
A-113 Betsey Thurston to Joseph Wren
C-298 C. Thurston to Andrew C. Ruppell
C-296 Carrie Thurston to Martin Tinker
E-20  Elizabeth J. Thurston to Edward Greensides
E-291 Estella Thurston to John Spaid
D-16  Harriet Thurston to Charles A. Bates
C-350 Jane Thurston to Levi Hill
E-294 Joannah C. Thurston to Israel Slocum
C-209 L. I. Thurston to John C. Bennett
C-411 Lydia H. Thurston to E. C. S. Green
E-257 Roxie C. Thurston to George Engle
C-358 Sarah E. Thurston to William W. Bates
E-288 Sarah E. Thurston to George W. Woodyard
E-166 Mary A. Tice to James E. White
D-263 Mary A. Tice to Thomas Smith
E-243 Emma D. Tidericks to Alvin M. Lovel
F-24  Minnie Tidrick to James F. Berger
E-248 Elvina Tietsut to John J. Garrison
E-174 Emma Tiffany to Donald L. Bush
C-14  Emily Tilloston to William F. Zuck
E-23  Addie Timerson to George Shaffmaster
E-328 Anna F. Timm to Fred A. Garrison
E-59  Christina Timm to Frederick Willing
C-251 Elizabeth Timm to Charles Bent
E-58  Frederica Timm to Fred Turkon
E-322 Lena Timm to William Cook
C-175 Mary Timm to Peter Gerald
E-176 Minnie Timm to Barnard Fleishour
E-197 E. H. Timmerman to Marcus F. Bailey
E-168 Carrie E. Tinker to Edmond Bean
E-347 Celia E. Tinker to William E. Creglow
D-199 Elizabeth Tinker to Daniel Schug
E-129 Luella Tinker to Sidney T. Beam
E-339 Cora F. Titus to Filorus Barbour
E-343 Flora C. Titus to Andrew Whitehead
E-263 Lizzie Titus to Frank Harding
E-45  Augusta Tobey to Andrew M. Graham
C-138 Elizabeth A. Tobey to Nelson I. Packard
E-144 George A. Tobey to John T. Masterman
E-346 Mary A. Tobey to Frank J. Wilson
E-312 Mary Tobin to Walter Cothrin
E-28  Elizabeth C. Tod to Peter Tager
E-47  Elizabeth Todd to Peter Yaegar
C-250 Lucy A. Todd to Alford N. Poyner
C-297 Mary A. Todd to Peter E. Schriber
E-90  Mary Tofferd to Albert Kelchuer
E-189 Eliza Togood to Charles Osborn
A-278 Elizabeth Toll to Laurin E. Lane
D-145 Leona E. Tomblinson to David B. Waygoner
F-2   Diana Tomlinson to Charles Wilkinson
E-104 Ellen J. Tomlinson to Perry Russell
D-38  Mary A. Tomlinson to Benjamin Fieldhouse
E-279 Rosa Tomlinson to Levi Strong
E-335 Rose Tomlinson to Dixie H. Thoms
C-221 Angeline Tompkins to Valey Vansickle
B-116 Catherine Tompkins to Elisha Bennett
C-127 Julia S. Tompkins to William R. Damon
E-195 Laura J. Tompkins to Peter Stout
C-458 Mary M. Tompkins to Peter Carr
C-1   Sarah Tompkins to Edward Teesdale
E-198 Sarah B. Tompkins to George Watkins
E-345 Belle Tompkinson to Frederick A. Wheeler
E-40  Mary Torbury to John Butts
E-154 Eva L. Torey to Anthony Dennis
E-56  Lorrain Torrey to Alexander Custard
E-99  Mary H. Tousley to Nathan C. Skinner
C-108 Clara Touzer to Franklin Wallace
C-457 Almeda Town to Edward S. Amidow
C-254 Angeline M. Town to Warren Rogers
E-156 Stella Town to Chaucey D. Bassett
B-97  Cynthia A. Townsend to Sanford Samuel
D-13  E. A. Townsend to James Johnson
C-85  Louisa Townsend to Orvis B. Swan
E-270 Maggie Townsend to Silas R. Williams
D-256 L. Tracy to W. W. Clement
C-235 Martha Tracy to C. A. Chestinden
C-76  Mary Tracy to Lewis D. Buck
E-95  Nancy D. Tracy to Joel Cole
E-137 Sarah E. Tracy to Levi Tracy
A-81  Susan B. Tracy to David Arnold
E-207 Elizabeth J. Trash to Fred A. Ensign
E-79  Anna Trattles to Calvin Glass
E-6   Emily F. Trattles to George Whited
E-87  Emily F. Trattles to George Whited
E-360 Locetta Traver to Lewis La Gro
C-427 Sarah F. Travers to Alford L. Savier
E-48  Alice G. Traverse to Noah Drissell
E-318 Ella M. Traverse to William Lyon
E-66  Evaline Traverse to Aaron Shellenbarger
E-20  Helen Traverse to Henry Hartman
E-98  Louise Traverse to Edgar E. Orr
E-349 Adella Trayer to Allen A. Warner
A-268 Betsey Treadwell to James Orcott
A-68  Delia Treat to Zera Hamilton
C-52  Jane Treat to Lyman Roads
D-225 Clara E. Trebis to James Tilfer
E-3   Clara E. Trebis to James Tilfer
E-105 Sarah Triest to Samuel Todd
C-344 Eliza Trobridge to Isaac Druse
E-331 Sarah Trott to James T. Hunt
C-156 Amelia Trous to Christian Cohon
E-204 Flora Trout to William Holmes
E-192 Jeannette M. Troxel to Benjamin F. Pashby
E-265 Jeazette Troxel to Herbert W. Runyon
E-115 Jennie C. Troxel to Harlan F. Cook
E-116 Joanna P. Troxel to Alam J. Troxel
C-383 Janetta Troxell to John J. Rosebrook
E-199 Janette S. Troxell to Charles Brush
C-358 Margaret E. Troxell to John R. Hassenphey
E-216 Francis E. Troy to John L. Lane
B-33  Lydia Troy to John W. Dougherty
F-18  Amanda Troyer to George Schweetzer
E-231 May Truberg to Joseph Vandette
E-268 Lydia Truce to Dell A. Corning
B-140 Phebe C. True to George Trott
E-103 Elizabeth Truesdell to Michael Barber
A-192 Ruth Truesdell to Russell Post
E-306 Flora E. Truex to Jacob O. Routz
E-286 Louinda Truman to James Bullers
E-98  Ruth Truman to Oscar F. Beutley
A-112 Lois Trusdell to Marshall Livermore
F-34  Mary Jane Trusdell to Jacob Henry
B-63  Hannah Trussell to Elihu Cross
E-173 Wealthy Trussell to Franklin Lendson
C-260 Elizabeth Try to Edward Fensi
F-64  Lizzie Try to Charles M. Smith
C-149 Polly Try to Simeon Parker
E-115 Sarah Try to John Barnhart
E-160 Henriette A. Tryen to Charles Hopkins
E-305 Mina Tryen to Wm. H. Daymance
B-144 Druzella Tryon to Ransom Terry
C-151 Martha Tryon to Howard Hopkins
D-23  Cornelia Tubbs to James J. Hassinger
E-314 Elizabeth M. Tubbs to William Pickett
F-92  Francis Tucker to Henry H. Teneyck
E-134 Sophia Tucko to George W. Ranck
C-157 Hannah A. Tugwell to Joshua M. Moore
C-180 Mary Tugwell to James M. Booth
C-114 Elizabeth Tullus to John C. Roy
E-221 Cinderella Tultle to George Shidler
A-216 Matilda Tumblesome to Philip Smith
C-433 Angeline Tuple to Ashley Wilson
D-167 Hannah M. Turbitt to Emerson J. Corpe
E-31  Sarah Ann Turby to William J. Steele
E-130 Hattie Turnbull to John Hagadorn
E-36  Lorinda Turnbull to Alva Pine
C-72  Clarinda Turner to Isaac Bower
A-78  Deborah Turner to Leonard W. Travis
E-319 Emma M. Turner to Charles S. Coats
F-40  Eva May Turner to Justics F. St. Clair
F-40  Eva May Turner to Justus F. Saint Clair
E-95  Martha U. Turner to Moses H. Turner
E-105 Harriet Tusdale to James E. Bittenbinder
E-286 Lina Tusdale to William H. Thorne
E-163 Lois L. Tusdale to Henry J. Felker
C-334 D. A. Tutewiler to Henry M. Harrington
C-284 Hannah J. Tutewiler to Samuel Oman
E-72  Lydia M. Tutewiler to Lewis E. Jacobs
E-304 Ella A. Tuthill to Thomas S. Dowey
B-104 Crusa A. Tuttle to John Peterman
E-222 Hattie E. Tuttle to George W. Cole
E-242 Mary Tuttle to Otto Reynolds
E-189 Viola E. Tuttle to Milan H. Eaton
C-45  Elizabeth A. S. Twichell to Joseph Odren
E-250 Lucina Tyar to Major G. Pocock
E-56  Ada Tyler to Samuel F. Willets
E-148 Cynthia M. Tyler to George R. Danberry
A-129 Eliza Jane Tyler to Miner T. Jones
E-215 Fanny A. Tyler to James Foster
E-333 Francis M. Tyler to Solomon Garfmiller
F-68  Frank M. Tyler to Charles Schermerhorn
E-366 Helen D. Tyler to Dewitt C. Bennett
E-290 Ida L. Tyler to Edwin G. Davis
E-231 Josephine Tyler to Edward James Duff
F-38  Lizzie Tyler to William H. Mathews
E-356 Lizzie Tyler to William H. Mathews
E-60  Lora A. Tyler to John B. Jacobs
E-168 Mary Tyler to Farley A. Danberry
E-261 Mary Tyler to Benjamin Thurston
F-78  Minnie M. Tyler to Frank T. Dickinson
E-9   Nattie M. Tyler to Pierce C. Goodrich
E-278 Nettie M. Tyler to Albert L. Wellington
C-352 Polly Tyler to James McDowell
D-172 Rebecca A. Tyler to Alonzo Car
C-95  Sally Tyler to Comfort Tyler
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