Female surnames - "U"

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F-84  Minerva Uilt to Charles W. Comer
E-67  Josey Uiman to Edward Vaughn
E-127 Anna Ulam to Jacob Gordon
C-478 Mary Ulam to John Ulam
E-210 Libbie Ulch to Joel Schock
E-353 Sarah E. Ullery to James L. Sherlock
D-206 Mary J. Ulm to George Sturges
E-206 Huldah B. Ulmer to Benjamin M. Burnell
D-186 Lavina J. Ulmer to Theodore W. Sclover
C-418 Belinda A. Ulrich to John R. Shaffer
C-427 Christina Ulrich to Jacob B. Himeback
E-172 Hattie E. Ulrich to James S. Cowling
E-348 Lucida Ulrich to Jesse Kline
E-99  Sarah Ulrich to Daniel K. Himebaugh
C-377 Sarah Ulum to Morgan D. White
E-166 Phiania Ulz to Robert P. Eberhart
C-168 Anna Umsted to F. I. Schranger
E-153 Emma J. Underhall to Archibald J. Thoms
E-371 Katherina Underkercher to John L. Hoefele
E-312 Arvilla Underwood to Charles Bradshaw
E-21  Abbey A. Updyke to Stephen Barnabee
E-121 Lucy J. Upham to James Gordon
C-303 Rosa Uplager to Jacob Schlatter
E-106 Malvina Upman to Martin C. Reynolds
E-230 Ada M. Upson to Samuel T. Hull
B-128 Amanda M. Upson to Andrew Kilbury
C-411 Jennie Upson to Eugene M. Hartman
A-269 R. S. Upson to John Crandall
C-297 Esther S. Uptegrove to Lyman Noble
C-43  S. E. Uptegrove to Ephraim Wagar
F-20  Hattie Utter to George H. Frankfield
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