Female surnames -"V"

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E-353 Maud L. Vail to John F. Clark
E-192 Elizabeth Vale to Aaron W. Johnson
C-300 Hannah J. Vale to George Dale
C-220 Susan Vale to Peter Surles
F-12  Wilma E. Vale to George A. Hughes
A-136 Dolly Ann Valentine to Samuel Stores
E-34  Eliza A. Valentine to Lyman Fox
C-399 Elizabeth Valentine to Edgar Merchant
D-180 Mary M. Valentine to John Yellings
C-339 Sarah A. Valentine to Dennis Babcock
C-250 Laura Van to Eli High
E-163 Jemima VanAiken to Herman Stabbe
B-136 Melinda Vanalstine to Arba D. Crane
D-109 Henriette VanAlstine to R. W. Chase
D-12  M. E. VanAlstine to Frances M. Tuttle
E-185 Martha VanAlstine to David Knox
E-271 Mary C. Vanannan to Daniel P. Mars
E-75  Melissa Vanansdel to Charles B. Gallaway
E-76  A. A. VanAntwerp to John V. Bellairs
F-80  Anna Vanator to William Wilkinson
C-71  Frances E. Vanbrunt to Ebenezer Farrand
F-44  Minnia VanBrunt to Nelson G. Peek
C-127 Charlotte Vanburen to George E. Smith
D-242 Eliza L. Vanburen to David H. Jones
C-174 Mary E. Vanburen to Marion D. Beeman
E-84  Phoebe A. Vanburen to John Fisk
E-7   Eliza L. VanBuren to David H. Jones
E-318 Esther O. VanBuren to George N. Spencer
A-114 Amelia VanBuskirk to John Leonard
E-252 Emma Vancat to George Miner
A-126 Jane Vance to Sanford Smith
D-180 Charity Vancuren to Jeremiah Allen
D-233 Anna Vandebogart to William McDowell
E-4   Anna Vandebogart to William McDowell
E-148 Ella Vandebogart to Mark F. Jackson
E-18  Henrietta Vandebogart to John R. Seymour
C-190 Lydia A. Vandemare to John Simpson
E-84  Marian Vandermack to Charles H. Cattell
F-66  Lizzie VanDeVanter to William Wert. Watson
E-84  Hannah J. Vandyne to Mil H. Ellis
E-15  Sarah VanEllen to Henry Akey
C-205 Elizabeth VanEtten to Henry Miller
E-208 Sarah J. VanFleet to James D. Burr
E-183 Saretta VanFleet to Joseph D. McCleverty
E-279 Frances Vangilder to Aaron Kinch
E-17  Jane VanGilder to Oscar Hewett
E-58  Ida Vangordon to Caloin M. Brown
C-141 Abigail VanGuilder to Ira Parker
C-279 Caroline A. VanKirk to Frederick Woods
C-266 Mary J. Vanloon to William Griffith
F-138 Carrie E. Vanner to Nelson Lane
B-9   Cornelia Vanness to Melvin M. Ketchum
E-343 Eulalia VanNess to Frank H. Whitney
E-19  Frances W. Vanoleck to Lewis C. Perrin
C-225 Harriet Vanordstrand to Daniel Ludwig
C-163 Helen Vanordstrand to Simeon Young
D-117 Phoebe J. Vanostwick to George W. Jenkins
A-63  Nancy VanPatten to Christopher C. Alvord
C-106 Eliza Vansickle to Oliver McGaffey
B-154 Cornelia Vantaflin to Cornelius D. Bennett
E-143 Ella Vanthing to Smith A. Weeks
A-282 H. E. VanVleck to Albert B. Kellogg
E-28  Mary L. VanVleck to Howard P. Robinson
E-356 Rosa VanVorse to Charles W. Bater
E-181 Lucy M. VanVorst to Charles Ward
C-84  Mary VanVotchten to Ralph B. Taylor
E-80  Sarah C. VanVrankew to James H. Fonda
A-141 Lucretia F. Varght to Peter G. Clement
E-38  Hattie A. Varness to Alvarado Glespie
E-253 Martha P. Vase to James B. Kispaugh
E-12  Lizzie Vaughan to Nelson Cone
A-70  Alvira Vaughn to Thomas West
D-189 Ellen Vaughn to Jamer Arney
B-146 Mercy A. Vaughn to Samuel Donkin
F-64  Rebecca (Bubb) (Snook) Vaughn to Oscar Weatherwax
A-130 Sarah Vaughn to Samuel Brown
E-15  Celia Frances Vebn to William Green, Jr.
E-182 Emma Vedder to William F. Hallaway
E-314 Immogene Vedder to William E. Bates
E-56  Julia A. Veder to William N. Wells
E-20  Mary J. Veder to Seth A. Wells
E-180 Nellie Veder to Smith Eggleston
E-139 Anna Veeder to Charley Dollberg
E-299 Treacy Veiman to Lucius C. Miner
C-42  Mary Velie to Rensalaer J. Welch
F-72  Rose Vernon to P. I. Cardeff
E-45  Harriett E. Vesey to Wallace H. Dodge
A-191 Maria Vesey to Norman Hudson
F-50  Louisa Vetterly to Joseph Brown
E-244 Julia Viall to Charles H. Beecher
E-275 Lydia V. Vickers to Wallace D. Haynes
E-121 Mary J. Vickery to Joseph Swartz
F-58  Joanna Vieman to James Bennage
E-338 Elgina Vincent to Reuben Try
E-295 Joannah H. Vincent to Edward H. Lee
D-140 Libba Vincent to Levi Cosselman
E-87  Lucy M. Vincent to William H. Rhodes
E-120 Maria Vincent to Eugene Jackson
E-175 Marietta E. Vincent to Milton E. Camparry
E-149 Mary E. Vincent to Jerome D. Smith
E-87  Mary L. Vincent to Daniel L Udell
B-19  Sarah Vincent to Heives Dana
E-323 Clara N. Vinson to George G. Griffin
E-76  Frances P. Virgil to George F. Halloway
C-26  Martha J. Virgil to William Carter
D-105 Caroline Vliet to Aaron H. Adams
F-88  Katharina Vogle to John Falkenstein
E-38  Mary J. Voohies to Oliver H. Harker
A-103 Caroline Voorhees to Hiram Gibson
E-225 Ellen S. Voorhees to George W. Hinkle
D-181 Maria L. Voorhees to Everett A. Fletcher
B-55  Mary A. Vorst to George Bennett
C-413 E. C. Votaw to Robert Chas. Sloan
E-327 Minnie F. Vought to Frederick H. Coon
B-15  Sarah F. Vought to David B. Gates
E-243 Mary Vouner to John A. Brenner
F-132 Minerva Vreeland to Francis M. Vreeland
E-30  Alice Vronian to William Blair
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