Female surnames - "W"

color line

F-30  Clara Bell Wachterhauser to Sherman Fish
E-12  Elizabeth Wachterhauser to Tindel H. Calam
F-128 Lovice Wachterhauser to Samuel Young
C-234 Mary Wachterhauser to O. H. Call
C-431 Almena Wade to Emanuel Stricker
A-285 Eleanor Wade to Austin S. Rowley
C-280 Eliza J. Wade to M. L. Delamater
A-281 Ellen Wade to Thomas Catin
C-183 Elma Wade to Allen Bennett
E-308 Frances A. Wade to Charles E. Weatherwax
E-38  Harriet C. Wade to Charles P. Bates
F-54  Ida May Wade to Edward J. Farmer
D-73  Mary A. Wade to Orlando Shaw
E-187 Frederike Waeder to Charles Holtz
E-191 Allie M. Wagar to John W. Saunders
E-199 Margaret Wagar to William Young
F-102 Mary A. (Bayton) Wagar to Henry W. Barnhart
E-91  Annette Wager to James A. Brower
B-20  Caroline Wager to William W. Rumsey
C-49  Esther Wager to Benjamin C. Brooks
E-327 Ida Wager to Albert E. Knapp
B-148 Ellen Wagerman to Samuel Frankish
E-78  Adeline Wagner to Edgar Bennett
C-453 Alice Wagner to John Stewart
E-171 Alonia A. Wagner to Philip Eberhard
E-275 Amanda M. Wagner to William H. Acker
A-240 Ann Wagner to John Dalton
E-332 Anna E. Wagner to William H. Brown
E-272 Caroline Wagner to Charles Miller
E-223 Ellen Wagner to Joseph M. Cope
E-38  Frances A. Wagner to Edson J. Dunning
F-70  Francina Wagner to Lewis Baker
E-307 Isabella Wagner to Archibald Sinclair
E-140 Julia A. Wagner to Edward Steininger
E-15  Louisa Wagner to Jeremiah Kriagh
F-48  Louise Wagner to William L. Parker
C-480 Lucy Wagner to Henry W. Wagner
E-126 Lydia Wagner to Charles F. Emmons
E-341 Margaret J. Wagner to Edgar L. Tingley
F-44  Maria Wagner to Franz Classen
D-99  Mary A. Wagner to Henry Hecht
E-355 Matilda Wagner to Isaac W. Teller
E-166 Matilda J. C. Wagner to Benjamin F. Sharer
E-259 Minerva O. Wagner to Don Alanzo Goodrich
C-47  Polly Wagner to John Wagner
B-108 Sarah Wagner to Andrew Haefer
E-237 Sarah E. Wagner to Charles M. Sherch
F-38  Hattie P. Wagoner to Wm. B. Worthington
F-12  Lydia Ann Wagoner to Abner Smith
F-86  Nellie G. Wagrew to Eugene Grimes
C-421 Hannah A. Wail to John W. Free
A-166 Elizabeth Wait to Sylvanus Woolworth
E-17  Maria Wait to Peter A. Lartman
C-261 Mary Wait to John Huff
E-161 Mary K. Wait to Solomon Flowers
E-347 Madora Wakefield to Charles Fry
E-271 Annetta Wakeman to Louis Marantette
E-223 Mary Wakeman to William McPherson
E-7   Matilda E. Waker to Singleton King
E-9   Josephine Walbert to LaFayette Thornton
E-19  Lavina L. Walden to John Alman
A-258 Jane Waldron to Alexander Ferguson
B-80  Sarah Waldron to David Slote
E-146 Mary M. Walg to Michael J. Hack
F-6   Caroline Walkentine to Friedric John H. Neundorf
E-79  Anna Walker to Stephen Durgan
E-252 Ellen R. Walker to John F. Vroman
F-124 Georgiana Walker to George M. Rommel
D-251 Lucy F. Walker to John L. Watson
E-10  Lucy F. Walker to John L. Watson
E-145 Magdalena Walker to John G. Frich
E-64  Mary Walker to Henry D. Sickles
A-176 Mary A. Walker to Richard Pasham
E-140 Mary L. Walker to Reed Vanderburg
C-212 Ann Walkerwood to Stephen D. Jarrett
E-30  Catharine Wall to Andrew Burkhart
E-313 Orpha R. Wall to William Trimmis, Sr.
A-25  Caroline Wallace to Philander A. Paiser
E-155 Charity Wallace to Rueben H. Hulbert
A-171 Cyntha Wallace to James Kerr
A-28  Esther Wallace to James W. Swan
A-10  Harriet A. Wallace to James M. Buel
E-131 Hattie E. Wallace to Zebina H. Wallace
F-6   Hattie W. Wallace to Charles Hill
E-303 Henrietta Wallace to Frank M. Lemkie
E-88  Julia M. Wallace to Christopher Mowry
E-345 Mary Wallace to Charles Gardner
A-217 N. M. Wallace to Frederick Robbins
A-263 Mary I. Waller to Charles Cook
E-69  Louisa J. Wallet to David F. Lowe
F-118 Amanda V. Walls to Frank A. Lewis
D-80  Celia Walsh to George A. Myers
E-214 Emma Walter to John E. Walls
F-118 Helen Felkner Walter to Frank Dellamothey
E-235 Ida C. Walter to Joseph Alonzo Tribbetts
E-165 Mary J. Walter to Jacob Sanders
E-171 Savilla Walter to Charles McKale
E-122 Ann E. Walters to Levi Hooper
C-25  Cynthia Walters to Philo Liddle
E-321 Ida S. Walters to Franklin E. Peters
D-59  Jenima Walters to James Hartgrove
F-32  Martha A. (Drummond) Walters to George W. Rohde
E-276 Martha Ellen Walters to Charles B. Welch
E-213 Mina Walters to John Strohpagel
E-343 Amanda Walterspaugh to Guy E. Russell
A-109 Ann Waltham to Thomas Stears
C-61  Jane Waltham to Henry Austin
C-55  Lizzie Waltham to Lefevre J. Rathfon
A-10  Mary Waltham to George Hawkin
F-36  Alvira A. Walton to Herman D. Herrod
F-36  Anna R. Walton to Stephen VanDorson
E-362 Mary E. Walton to Edmond A. Balyeat
E-100 Amanda J. Waltz to Lester C. Kennedy
C-461 Atellia Waltz to Peter Evert
E-297 Julia A. Waltz to Henry W. Speek
E-145 Marietta Waltz to Benjamin F. Knauss
F-102 Irene R. Walz to Benjamin F. Schoak
E-15  Lydia Ann Walz to Ottaway Kreisher
E-109 Alzeda Ward to Alvan T. Patterson
E-130 Elizabeth Ward to John Hinchet
A-113 Ellen Ward to Russell Darling
C-176 Maria Ward to Samuel Opie
C-72  Samantha Ward to William Drummond
E-86  Ella Warden to Solen K. Thurston
E-287 Lina Warden to William West
E-213 Amanda E. Ware to George W. Decker
E-188 Emma Ware to Henry A. Decker
C-270 Adaline P. Wares to Larenzo D. Frakes
F-132 Cora B. Warley to C. L. Klock
F-64  Anna Warner to Edward E. Singleton
E-246 Annie E. Warner to Frank D. Eckerson
E-277 Carrie L. Warner to William C. Bishop
C-475 Diana Warner to John W. Mankin
E-49  Effie A. Warner to Seth R. Kern
E-204 Ella Warner to Henry Platner
E-57  Emma F. Warner to Francis M. Foster
E-111 Eva D. Warner to Arthur M. Wilson
D-216 Hannah M. Warner to Richard Carn
E-91  Mary Warner to J. Fred Merrill
E-23  Sophia Warner to Francis B. Lane
A-79  Undine Warner to George W. Spragus
E-265 Amanda H. Warple to W. L. Johnson
C-305 Caroline Warren to George Metler
E-282 Ella Warren to John Schofield
D-69  Eveline Warren to Jeremiah Taylor
E-258 Leonora D. Warren to Hugh C. Eberhard
E-207 Lucy J. Warren to Merritt M. Lamb
E-91  Mary Warren to J. Frederick Merrill
B-101 Mary E. Warren to Robert Johnson
E-83  Elvina Warts to Abraham H. Wyant
E-368 Wilhelmina Wascher to Charles Wascher
D-29  Mina Wase to Carl Ahlgram
E-218 Addie Washburn to James F. Haldaman
D-83  Almira Washburn to George Sellack
A-80  Aurila Washburn to Albert McMillen
E-292 Cory Washburn to Frank Mann
D-257 Laura Washburn to John R. Benedict
A-79  Lavinia Washburn to Masena P. Thurston
C-279 Marian Washburn to David M. Tyler
A-124 Olive Washburn to Emmor K. Weaver
E-60  Wealthy A. Washburn to Reuben Trussel
E-39  Wealthy F. Washburn to Warren P. Bronson
E-354 Fredericale Washer to Chas. F. G. Herman
B-25  Polly Wasson to Joseph Harrison
B-149 Cynthia A. Waterman to Andrew J. Kennie
E-48  Julia A. Waterman to Wyman H. A. Godfrey
E-35  Lizzie H. Waterman to William H. Cotton
E-200 Anna R. Waters to John Myers
C-93  Elizabeth Waters to Abner Anible
E-240 Elizabeth A. Waters to Samuel C. Wilhelm
E-292 Emmine A. Waters to Fred L. Almon
E-185 Etna C. Waters to Washington Bowman
E-91  Hattie Waters to Joshua Phillips
E-6   Julia S. Waters to George N. Thompson
E-318 Lydia Waters to Peter Robinson
A-270 Ellen S. Waterson to John Vandewalker, Jr.
E-237 Ada J. Watkins to Chas. F. Coddington
C-150 Ann M. Watkins to George Barker
E-317 Edith M. Watkins to Lambert Eckerson
E-178 Ellen M. Watkins to Andrew Wyncoop
E-199 Emma S. Watkins to Earl D. Pershell
E-313 Eva Watkins to Fred B. Greenleaf
C-146 Francis M. Watkins to George A. Arnold
B-16  Hannah Watkins to David Barker
B-134 Jane Watkins to Edwin Clark
E-334 Katie Watkins to Elliott S. Gray
A-139 Lucina S. Watkins to James Colwell
A-195 Sarah Watkins to Aaron Clermont
C-448 Sarah E. Watkins to Jay Whitaker
E-141 Wealthy L. Watros to Frank G. Feegles
E-47  Jennie Watrus to Harrison Rosenorans
E-331 Clara Watson to John S. Line
E-171 Desdemona Watson to Charles A. Palmer
B-68  Elizabeth Watson to William Dunlap
E-101 Emma E. Watson to Cassius E. McClellan
E-366 Eva Watson to Comfort A. Tyler
E-33  Harriet Watson to Ezra Roberts
E-188 Ida E. Watson to Henry C. Faxin
D-255 Louisa M. Watson to Marion A. Braiden
F-56  Luella A. Watson to Henry Harrison Beers
E-102 Maria Watson to William L. Plant
E-317 Sarah E. Watson to James McGinnis
C-5   Elizabeth A. Watt to Mach Wheneny
A-132 Mary J. Watt to John M. Anderson
E-24  Hattie Watts to Henry Sorter
E-74  Sarah J. Watts to Hiram Warner
C-259 Susannah Wear to Henry L. Schrouler
B-127 Charita A. Weatherbee to Philander N. Norton
C-430 Martha J. Weatherbee to Levi Whited
C-420 Mary Weatherbee to William H. Bloss
E-352 Lottie Weatherly to Albert Williams
B-31  Eunice Weatheroy to Marshall G. Craw
E-117 Bell C. Weatherwax to Niles B. Eckhart
E-213 Effie Weatherwax to Wilson Klick
E-257 Harriet Weatherwax to Benjamin F. Weiser
C-454 Mary E. Weatherwax to David S. Plummer
E-73  Matilda Weatherwax to Delevan Smith
E-318 Nora Weatherwax to Henry Catton
B-127 Ann M. Weaver to William Belamy
E-269 Anna Weaver to Shedrick Carney
F-22  Anna M. (Lutz) Weaver to George Rude
E-70  Anna M. Weaver to Augustus M. Wellman
E-357 Carrie Weaver to Charles D. Parsons
E-61  Catherine Weaver to Sylvanus B. Warusettler
C-433 Elizabeth Weaver to Jacob Minegar
E-184 Ella J. Weaver to Fred D. Jones
E-256 Eugena Weaver to Edgar Rarrick
E-53  Harriet Weaver to John E. Blackford
F-42  Jennie Weaver to William Start
E-165 Lydia Weaver to Eugene A. Mills
C-109 Margaret Weaver to William H. Poe
E-85  Mary Weaver to James Sheidler
E-360 Mary L. Weaver to Enos F. Reed
F-22  Mattie Weaver to Alonzo F. Strong
A-161 Nancy Weaver to Gardner W. Morehouse
E-322 Nancy J. Weaver to John Lehman
C-143 Sarah Weaver to William H. Weaver
E-171 Adelaid E. Webb to Aaron J. Wellets
C-340 Calista Webb to Harrison Hull
E-177 Elva Webb to Trumbull Hentley
C-403 Lydia J. Webb to L. L. Taylor
F-100 Edna A. Webber to John H. Northrump
C-312 Elener Webster to Cornelius Gould
C-341 Kate Webster to Oscar Waters
E-83  Lucy A. Webster to Peleg Cady
A-261 Malissa Webster to Orin W. Legg
A-65  Mary T. Webster to William H. Castle
E-310 Nevada Webster to William B. Cleckner
F-94  Rebecca J. (Morse) Webster to William W. Bates
E-61  Sarah E. Webster to C. R. Talbot
E-342 Fanny Weckerley to Clayton Field
E-372 Caroline Weeces to Luther Ferdinand Vincent
E-196 Martha Weeces to Arthur Greenside
E-354 Mary E. Weed to Hugh Travers
E-355 Emma Weeder to William L. Grimes
C-419 Mary E. Weegar to George N. Rich
E-28  Lola J. Weeks to Burt VanGuilder
A-28  Sarah Ann Weeks to William Conner
F-4   Caroline Wegner to John Lemke
E-155 Marian Weid to Daniel Williams
E-71  Minerva Weikel to John Rodgers
E-199 Mary J. Weikman to George Felker
E-193 Amanda M. Weinberg to Jacob M. Freese
E-197 Catherine J. Weinberg to Charles C. Sheffield
E-201 Eliza Weinberg to William Schweitzer
E-37  Elizabeth Weinberg to Daniel Hoch
E-357 Ellen Weinberg to William M. Hepler
E-164 Lizzie J. Weinberg to Noble B. Carter
E-132 Maria A. Weinberg to John G. Bunn
E-164 Mary C. Weinberg to Edward M. Tackaberry
F-84  Sarah Weinberg to Winfield S. Hopkins
E-152 Sarah Weinberg to Alfred Freese
D-202 Susan Weinberg to D. M. Francisco
E-309 Hannah Weinburg to Frank M. Huffsmith
E-29  Mary E. Weinburg to Adam Bloom
E-353 Kate Weinger to George Kline
E-102 Mary Weippert to Frank Wilkins
F-112 Mary Weir to G. M. Gary
E-60  Kate Weiss to Jacob Bell
E-197 Alice M. Weissel to Henry M. Driesbach
E-210 Betsy Welborn to Daniel N. Miller
E-215 Agnes K. Welbourn to Malta L. Bandholtz
D-37  Mary J. Welburn to Thomas Hawkins
C-399 Charlotte S. Welch to George W. Parkham
E-219 Emily Welch to Aloy Davis
E-348 Lizzie Welch to William H. Shellenberger
C-26  Harriet M. Weld to Henry J. Hollister
C-446 Mary E. Weld to Moses H. Goodrich
C-477 Nettie S. Weld to George Engle
C-377 Mary Welden to Elisha Wadsworth
C-248 Ann Welever to William McMichael
E-244 Martha Welever to Wesley Miller
E-84  Adaline Welington to William McMillan
E-7   Jane Weliver to Hiram Lowe
D-241 Jane Weliver to Hiram Lowe
E-229 Mary Welker to Augustus Baker
C-357 Ellen Wellburn to George H. Proudley
E-43  Ella C. Wellemin to Cap Champlin
C-2   Almira Wellever to Perry Sprague
B-127 Mary E. Wellever to Harmon Deldine
E-265 Josephine Wellington to Henry A. Ernsberger
E-86  Mary E. Wellman to Charles K. Jackson
E-108 Abbie S. Wells to Crayton N. Williams
C-166 Angeline Wells to Israel Pearshall
F-66  Anna C. (Granger) Wells to Judson W. Wells
A-99  Emily Wells to Albert Miller
A-130 Emily Wells to Albert Miller
E-278 Fannie H. Wells to Samuel D. Radley
B-92  Huldah A. Wells to David Hazard
E-244 Jeanette L. Wells to Levi B. French
A-100 Juliet Wells to James Brien
E-251 Laura S. Wells to Charles E. Wilbur
E-271 Leda Wells to Theo. H. Purple
E-140 Lucy M. Wells to Jacob H. Hahn
E-2   Lydia N. Wells to William M. Weyant
D-220 Lydia N. Wells to William M. Wyant
C-83  Martha Wells to Charles H. Kerr
C-310 Mary E. Wells to Samuel Mansfield
E-207 Mary M. Wells to D. L. Howard
E-29  Maryett Wells to Hiram Gallup
E-71  Sarah J. Wells to David W. Perry
D-119 Amelia Welsley to Spencer A. Greenwood
C-51  Sophronia A. Welton to William W. Mathews
E-57  Sarah C. Weltz to Urias Nye
E-239 Roxana Wemmer to William L. Paine
E-113 Anna Werland to Stewart M. Davis
C-24  Ann M. Wert to David Haynes
A-212 Mary Ann Wescot to Josiah Wolf
D-197 Ellen Wescott to Jacob Ennes
E-298 Carrie Wessel to Fred H. Moss
F-64  Lizzie Wessel to Simon P. Snyder
E-77  Alice E. West to Benjamin F. Watson
C-244 Amanda West to Nelson G. Lake
E-219 Ananda West to Lenuel Himebaugh
E-315 Bell West to Court Cummins
D-110 Delia West to Leonard Caswell
E-8   Delilah E. West to William H. Ennis
E-331 Effie West to Milan L. Belote
E-14  Emeline West to Hugh Vanpelt
E-246 Esther A. West to Jeremiah March
D-204 Isadora V. West to George Manwarren
E-243 Jennie West to Charles M. Arnold
E-118 Jennie West to Ira Lockwood
E-348 Lottie West to Henry Younger
E-217 Nettie West to Edward Thomas
E-369 Oramand West to John W. Holcomb
E-24  Priscilla West to Albert Lewis
E-211 Ellen Westbrouch to Harry Sharer
E-31  Sarah E. Westlake to John L. Thomas
A-81  Mary Westurber to John Hale
A-117 Betsey Wetherbee to Henry Whited
E-147 Lucy Wetherbee to John H. Watkins
E-109 Lydia C. Wetherbee to Daniel C. King
C-108 Sarah H. Wetherbee to William Hauts
D-148 Susannah Wetherbee to Daniel Cundick
E-170 Lovina Wetherley to James C. Avery
E-250 Addie E. Wetherwax to Charles E. Rudd
C-101 Marsha Wetherwax to William Rosebrook
F-108 Maggie Lena Wetkaoska to Samuel Wertman
F-128 Mary W. Wetmon to John R. Buchanan
E-121 Rosetta Wetmore to William Pasahles
E-344 Mary A. Wetty to George Gembeoling
E-273 Emma J. Wexterhyser to Avery Balinger
E-334 Mellie Weyeoch to Frank Patch
A-172 Sophia Whaley to Benjamin P. Doone
F-104 Rebecca Whan to William D. Eriscon
E-174 Sarah A. Wheaton to John West
E-46  Anna A. Wheeler to Emmet B. Dodge
C-167 Clarissa Wheeler to Milo Fellows
E-82  Hattie L. Wheeler to John A. Hughes
E-144 Helen L. Wheeler to John Liddle
C-239 Jane Wheeler to T. Rife
F-88  Jennie H. Wheeler to Samuel A. Walton
E-283 Jessie P. Wheeler to James W. Morgan
E-88  Lydia Wheeler to Rier N. Goodsell
D-2   Mary Wheeler to Alonzo Cross
E-266 Mary E. Wheeler to William A. Schuck
C-360 Mary Jane Wheeler to Jedediah Wilcox
E-345 Orissa Wheeler to Huron L. Henry
E-312 Augusta H. Whetsel to J. H. Benninghoff
E-172 Almina Whider to Cyrus Krumlauf
E-142 Mary E. Whipple to Will J. Cox
E-260 Mary J. Whirler to H. W. Lunger
E-321 Sarah Whisler to Hiram Ivins
E-183 Jennie Whitcomb to Myron J. Read
E-306 Lucy L. Whitcomb to Eli W. Sloch
E-323 Sarah E. Whitcomb to Marcellus McLintick
E-354 Alpharetta White to Levi Lamphier
C-463 Amelia White to Edwin Mosher
C-278 Caroline White to Samuel Houser
E-149 Carrie White to Jeremiah Close
E-352 Carrie F. White to William Weigand
C-300 Charoltte White to John Saunders
C-112 Elizabeth White to Alejer J. Vanvorit
C-103 Eunice White to Ambrose Nichols
A-92  Harriet White to Timothy H. Prindle
E-338 Hattie E. White to Calvin C. Bobb
E-112 Jennie D. White to Adoniram Wyman
E-252 Kittie M. White to Charles F. Gleaser
E-214 Loselta White to William F. Watkins
E-240 Lottie A. White to Joseph L. Selby
E-356 Lovina A. White to Adelbert Lamphier
C-186 Lucinda White to Gardner Terry
F-64  Luella White to Charles W. Whitmire 
C-337 Mahala White to William W. Roberts
C-274 Martha White to Edan Hall
D-242 Martha A. White to Charles H. Arnold
D-21  Mary White to Mahlon S. Daniels
D-177 Mary A. White to Berris O. White
C-87  Melvonia White to William Cook
E-206 Phoebe M. White to Eugene Hazzard
C-368 Sarah H. White to Amos P. Case
E-227 Sarah S. White to Ira M. Barnabee
C-284 Savilla White to Merrit Harwood
E-27  Violetta White to Charles W. Schace
E-39  Lydia Whited to George W. Clark
A-110 Permilia Whited to Hiram Blodged
F-78  Mary Ann Whitehead to Joseph Hayter
D-76  Sarah E. Whitehead to Arthur Atridge
E-358 Anna Whitehorn to John Peterman
D-22  Jane Whitehorn to William Holmes
E-16  Cicelia Whiteman to William Marantette
D-169 Phoebe Whiteside to Joseph Jones
D-80  M. C. Whitford to C. G. Cookingham
E-316 Mary Whitford to George W. Spencer
C-456 Charity A. Whiting to Jonathan G. Waltham
E-201 Effie E. Whiting to John Frisbie
D-81  L. E. Whiting to Harrison H. Beall
E-140 Laura J. Whiting to Charles G. Jacobs
E-287 Linnie B. Whiting to Alonzo A. Griffith
C-400 Mary E. Whiting to John M. Lovett
C-110 Sarah F. Whiting to Hiram Lahym
E-331 Ettie B. Whitinger to Ichamar U. McCarty
E-141 Emma Whitman to Frank Loranger
E-261 Hannah E. Whitman to James Cornic
E-141 Mary Whitman to Jesse Troyer
E-257 Mary A. Whitman to Jasper J. Stowell
E-123 Mary A. Whitman to Casper Gamby
E-133 Ellen Whitmer to Fred Arney
E-251 Martha L. Whitmer to William J. Hathaway
C-329 Minnie M. Whitmire to Den D. Fairchild
E-150 Ida Whitmore to Ransom Munson
D-183 Letitia N. Whitmore to Harrison Lamb
D-106 Phylette Whitmore to Edmund C. Bathwick
B-5   Eliza Whitney to Abel J. Wilkinson
E-144 Jane Whitney to William VanBuren
C-418 Louisa J. Whitney to Cortland Dougherty
E-161 Malissa Whitney to Nathan Smith
E-79  Sarah Whitney to Asa Bullman
B-16  Selina Whitney to Henry Hyde
F-58  Mary Whittel to Silas C. Weinberg
B-142 Janette Whittimore to Henry VanGelder
B-3   Catherine Whittlesey to Thomas Hill
F-122 Kate L. Whittlesey to Edward E. Sheap
E-213 Mary A. Wiandt to Daniel Fox
E-365 Matilda Ann Wickershaw to Elias Nathaniel Tyrill
C-474 Louisa S. Wickham to James W. Dunlap
B-122 Nancy Wickham to Orlando Mack
E-127 Lizzie Wickle to James T. Jackway
E-127 Lizzie Wickle to William A. Jackson
B-87 Sarah Wigant to George Moyer
E-137 Malinda Wightman to John Seymour
F-28  Chloe Wilber to Floyd M. Terril
C-8   Polly S. Wilbour to Ebridge Sweeting
F-134 Annie L. Wilbur to Thomas J. Mann
E-306 Lucy M. Wilbur to Irwin Simpson
C-73  Adaline Wilcox to Abraham Crawford
C-159 Betsy A. Wilcox to Charles Burch
E-214 Corinda Wilcox to George Mapes
D-212 Elizabeth Wilcox to Jackson D. Parker
E-276 Emma R. Wilcox to Russel R. Beebe
C-410 Harriet W. Wilcox to Marvin D. Wilson
E-124 Hattie Wilcox to George Brooks
D-279 Jane Wilcox to Jacob Leginger
E-327 Jane Wilcox to John H. Armstrong
E-110 Julia Wilcox to Charles Clement
F-134 Laura E. Wilcox to John W. Adams
E-164 Lucy Ann Wilcox to George Frankish
C-268 Maria A. Wilcox to Orris S. Ferris
C-210 Martha A. Wilcox to William G. Caldwell
A-240 Mary D. Wilcox to Phillip Clipfell
D-29  Mary E. Wilcox to Charles R. Green
E-158 Orlind Wilcox to David Gellis
B-15  Philena Wilcox to Ira F. Gilbert
E-143 Sophrona Wilcox to Harley Strong
C-265 Annette Wilde to Charles Hiller
C-403 Mary Wilder to N. A. Colefoot
E-125 Mary B. Wilder to F. A. Chaffee
E-357 Minnie Wilder to Eugene E. Adams
F-90  Annie Wilfort to Charles H. Reed
C-70  Lovina Wilhelm to John D. Brown
E-20  Matilda Wilhelm to Venal Dupois
D-91  Ellen Wilke to Elias Ware
B-57  Gratis Wilkerson to William Mack
E-115 Belle Wilkinson to John Edwards
C-39  Claretta Wilkinson to Archibald Coffman
C-160 Eliza Wilkinson to Thomas A. Nichols
C-428 Mary Wilkinson to William Rich
E-257 Nettie Wilkinson to Marenus Nysson
E-358 Minnie Wilks to Christian Wilks
E-357 Caroline Will to Rudolph Bark
E-193 Ida Will to William Frays
E-146 Maggie E. Will to Fred Benfer
E-161 Maria Will to Thomas Aiken
F-26  Mina Will to Johann Freese
E-202 Parthenee Will to John W. Phillips
A-284 Eliza Willard to Bunnfield Lang
E-352 Mary E. Willemin to Samuel B. Tallman
E-315 Mattie Willemin to Solomon N. Beckwith
E-252 Mary S. Willets to Jeremiah E. Hummel
E-242 Frank Willett to Grandwell W. Middleton
D-250 Kate A. Willett to Luther B. Gortner
E-73  Lydia A. Willey to George W. Welley
E-359 Alberta M. Williams to Wilbur B. Gardner
C-475 Alice Williams to Barns Moore
C-207 Almira Williams to John Miller
D-109 Amanda Williams to Milo Clark
E-299 Anna Williams to Gushunak Fankboner
C-40  Annie Williams to Pollard Palmer
C-27  Charlotte M. Williams to John Bennett
E-197 Edna A. Williams to Charles E. Gilchrist
A-220 Elizabeth Williams to William Coleby
E-144 Elizabeth A. O. Williams to Nathan Tyler
E-317 Eva M. Williams to Homer B. Gardner
C-34  Harriet E. Williams to Lewis D. Myers
E-209 Helen Williams to Elias R. Barten
D-207 Hellen Williams to Orange Budan
C-340 Isabel Williams to John H. Helwig
C-34  Jane F. Williams to Franklin H. Thurston
E-121 Julia A. Williams to Albert L. Christie
E-158 Julia A. Williams to Fred J. Ketcham
E-24  Lucretia E. Williams to Allen E. Clement
A-37  Lucy Williams to David Smith
E-80  Lucy Williams to Almy Smith
C-320 Lucy A. Williams to Alfred East
D-147 Margaret J. Williams to Hiram Lindsley
E-318 Mary Williams to Edward A. Morehouse
C-65  Mary Williams to William Stephens
E-307 Mary E. Williams to S. B. Follett
C-281 Melissa Williams to Ezra Laecora
B-114 Rebecca Williams to Noah Hagerman
E-254 Rhoda Williams to William H. Bryant
E-127 Sabina Williams to Mark Virgil
D-110 Sarah Williams to John Wolgamwood
C-87  Sarah H. Williams to Elizier Lathrop
C-372 Sophronia Williams to Sylvanus T. Towce
C-417 Sophronia J. Williams to John Tanner
B-114 Susan Williams to John Hagerman
E-47  Victoria Williams to James A. Harding
C-157 Julia Williamson to Alexander Tweedle
E-26  Matilda Williamson to John W. Swatzell
E-337 Nellie Williamson to Henry Allen
A-109 Sarah Williamson to Benjamin Woolworth
F-42  Sophia Williamson to Jerome Eastman
C-273 Louisa Williamson to C. C. Hutchinson
D-251 Elenore Willis to H. M. Dunbar
E-18  Emma Willis to William H. Frey
E-106 Emma A. Willis to Oscar V. Covrot
E-97  Mary A. Willis to George T. Thomas
E-114 Harter J. Williser to Thomas L. Phillips
E-112 Laura Willits to John Tracy
E-170 Hattie J. Wilmot to Francis Winfield
C-212 Susan H. Wilsie to Andrew Squires
A-91  Altha Wilson to Miron Saury
C-266 Amelia S. Wilson to James H. Hall
E-282 Anna R. Wilson to William F. Seaman
A-137 Arminda Wilson to John Henry
C-85  Clarissa Wilson to Abram D. Stevens
E-202 Druzella Wilson to William H. Taylor
F-20  Eliza Wilson to Samuel Dreibelbis
E-189 Elvira Wilson to D. W. Johnson
E-245 Franc S. Wilson to Albert H. Olmstead
F-128 Gertrude E. Wilson to John Sturgis
E-190 Hattie C. Wilson to Joseph Gurie
E-106 Isabella Wilson to James Collins
E-256 Loese Wilson to Thomas C. DeJean
E-221 Lottie Wilson to Albert A. Culver
E-131 Lurena Wilson to Charles Green
D-113 Maggie Wilson to Levi Hoake
C-282 Martha E. Wilson to John B. McLeod
E-102 Mary Wilson to Luke Stellings
F-32  Mary (Herley) Wilson to Henry A. VanWert
D-100 Mary A. Wilson to George L. Thorp
E-226 Mary J. Wilson to John W. Stimpson
E-275 Mary M. Wilson to Richard Kenyon
F-44  Minnia B. Wilson to Othio Briscoe
E-179 Sarah Wilson to George H. VanAntwerp
C-323 Sarah Wilson to Eri Jones
A-223 Sarah Ann Wilson to Charles Bond
A-26  Sarah Ann Wilson to William Knapp
E-224 Susan Wilson to Amos L. Merifield
E-155 Mary L. Wilson to James Whitehead
E-259 Anna Wilt to Isaac N. Lewis
E-345 Jennie Wilt to Elmer E. Banker
E-266 Sarah J. Wilyard to Noble Musen
B-161 Ann E. S. Winaus to Conrad Cook
E-276 Catherine Winchel to William H. Myer
C-29  Christiana Wineberg to William Gill
E-168 Mary E. Wineberg to August L. Salsig
E-319 Carrie Winegar to Charles W. Blood
C-332 Augusta Wing to George Hulbert
C-208 Harriet M. Wing to Charles F. Snow
F-74  Ida Luella Wing to Nelson H. Healy
E-129 Lydia Wing to Delos Stephenson
E-36  Lydia M. Wing to Alonzo L. Lane
C-469 Polly A. Wing to Alexander Hilts
D-32  Elizabeth Winger to Alonzo Clark
E-251 Mary Winger to Levi Berger
F-54  May Winger to Rolla J. Stevens
C-265 Margaret Winhart to Christopher Kielkoft
E-99  Amanda Winkeler to Norton Phillips
A-76  Cornelia Winney to Richard Newhall
B-35  Elizabeth Winney to Henry Moah
C-410 Margaret Winslow to Martin V. Eighmey
C-66  Melinda Winslow to James M. Doud
E-360 Mary Ann Winters to John R. Stephens
A-252 Sarah Wiree to Charles Gregg
F-102 Catherine Wise to Albert May
E-368 Eva L. Wise to Arthur Lowe
E-141 Maria Wise to Giles W. VanVleck
E-339 Della Wiseman to Basil T. Piles
C-3   Almira Wisner to Sheffield Gilson
C-343 Charlotte Wisner to Nicholas Plough
E-37  Julia E. Wiss to Simon H. Landis
D-160 Mary Wiss to James K. Vanburen
E-192 Emma J. Withers to Adam Smith
D-90  Johanne Witt to Christian Vogler
E-142 Louisa S.C. Witt to Fred L. A. Balke
D-174 Philena Witt to Isaac Freece
E-371 Frederike Wittenberg to Ludwig Michaelis
E-159 Sarah Wittenberg to John D. Hamblin
A-105 Harriet Witter to David Franklin
A-130 Harriet Witter to David Franklin
E-152 Wilhelmina C. Witting to John F. C. Meier
E-56  Rachel M. Wnslow to Jacob Lintz
E-136 Julia A. Wohn to Thomas Jones
C-288 Mary M. Wolcott to Alexander S. Barker
E-85  Carl J. R. Wolf to Fred H. Workentine
E-110 Caroline V. Wolf to Stephen B. Davis
E-228 Carrie J. Wolf to Alphonso C. Acker
C-223 Catherine O. Wolf to Isaac Fort
F-68  Cora A. Wolf to George O. Miller
E-103 Cynthia Wolf to Francis Shoemaker
E-107 Dorothea S. Wolf to Fred J. H. Hardt
C-222 Elizabeth Wolf to Lewis Einsel
E-266 Emma Wolf to Benjamin Williams
E-81  Etta Wolf to Frank Munsill
F-2   Mary A. (Cathcart) Wolf to Alva Z. Cathcart
C-22  Mary Ann Wolf to David Antes
E-276 Mary E. Wolf to Whitman E. Clark
F-56  Ollie Wolf to Harry P. Ray
E-103 Sally Wolf to A. J. Reynolds
D-4   Sarah Wolf to J. D. Russell
C-394 Sarah A. Wolf to Francis M. Rockwell
E-224 Annie E. Wolfe to Samuel Sidner
F-80  Cora A. Wolfe to Charles J. Bohrer
E-47  Cynthia Wolfe to Henry Kisel
D-120 Esther Wolfe to John P. Hastler
E-269 Imogene Wolfe to Willis M. Chaffee
F-80  Mary A. Wolfe to Oliver P. Super
E-280 Rittie M. Wolfe to Ellis W. Summey
E-288 Carrie Wolfinger to Elmer Benham
E-51  Elizabeth A. Wolfinger to Calvin D. Cole
F-114 Maggie M. Wolfinger to Charles H. Bemenderfer
C-319 Mary A. Wolfinger to Geo. W. Robinson
E-259 Belle Wolford to George Patterson
C-148 Jane Wolverton to William Tyler
A-103 Mary Wolverton to Alanson Cummins
A-280 Alvina Wonsey to William Cartwright
A-285 Harriet Wonsey to Samuel Dorrant
C-127 Adaline Wood to Ephraim Johnson
E-102 Alvira Wood to Dellen Palmer
E-119 Arvilla Wood to William H. Weatherbee
E-104 Ella A. Wood to Isaac A. Rowell
E-109 Ellen M. Wood to Fred M. Bent
C-367 Elza Wood to Peabody Ingalls
F-32  Frances Wood to William O. Elliott
E-340 Jennie E. Wood to Albert Henry Graves
D-176 L. Wood to Richard Rosser
D-277 Lydia Wood to William T. Cross
B-32  Margaret L. Wood to G. W. Kimball
C-125 Mary Wood to Watson Cutsforth
D-249 Mary G. Wood to W. A. DeGroot
F-138 Melissa Jane Wood to Charles H. Lounabery
E-294 Minerva J. Wood to Robert McMinnis
E-179 Nancy D. Wood to Secory A. Green
E-153 Sarah A. Wood to Amos Miricle
C-67  Sarah C. Wood to John R. Seely
B-103 Sophia Wood to Michael McGowan
C-269 Alice S. Woodbury to C. A. Mitchell
C-31  Betsy M. Woodcock to John Raifsnider
C-427 Catherine Woodcock to Garrett E. Moyer
D-105 Mary A. Woodcock to Alva J. Cowles
A-44  Susannah Wooden to Daniel Woodard
A-220 Vashti Wooden to John Truesdell
C-26  Sarah Woodruff to Isaac Sturgis
B-27  Susan Woodruff to John F. Keables
D-75  Betsie E. Woods to William S. Thomas
A-175 Sarah Woods to John Bower, Jr.
B-126 Angeline Woodward to Henry Bowen
D-245 Harriet Woodward to William A. Powling
E-113 Isabella Woodward to Miles L. Locke
E-125 Margaret Woodward to Albert Woodward
A-69  Rachel Woodward to John Hawkins
C-125 V. M. Woodward to George H. Tice
E-67  Alice Woodworth to Charles F. Wing
C-114 Amy Woodworth to Mark H. Roach
E-229 Bell Woodworth to Cornelius VanHolst
C-8   Cynthia Woodworth to Levi Culver
E-157 Ella M. Woodworth to George W. Phillips
E-86  Emma Woodworth to J. Wirt Hyatt
C-83  Esther Woodworth to J. B. Alford
C-195 Harriet Woodworth to Halden S. Wing
C-252 Harriet A. Woodworth to Samuel C. Thoms
E-74  Louisa Woodworth to Joseph Martin
D-240 Mary A. Woodworth to Marcellus Washburn
E-6   Mary A. Woodworth to Marcellus Washburn
C-208 Sarah D. Woodworth to Jonathan E. Barrows
C-352 Laura Wooley to Joseph F. Kidd
E-225 Martha Woolford to George Cole
E-61  Emma J. Wooloer to George S. Priest
B-105 Catherine Woolworth to Austin Terry
E-322 Mary Word to Milton Thomas
C-101 A. Worden to W. S. Worden
C-287 Harriet M. Worden to William Lother
A-263 Margaret Worden to Amariah Worden
B-133 Minerva Worden to Silas Powers
C-231 Sarah A. Worden to Edwin Wright
E-175 Emulia Worlelman to John Koch
F-54  Amanda E. Worner to Daniel P. Zimmerman
E-44  Angeline Worthington to Henry E. Mead
D-191 Carrie Worthington to John J. Hasbrouck
E-107 Catharine Worthington to Charles F. Wood
F-44  Jennie S. Worthington to Charles S. Hovey
F-16  Kate H. Worthington to Clifford C. Dougherty
F-8   Sarah May Worthington to Charles Shaw
F-114 Loretta Wortinger to William G. Carey
A-236 Margarette Wortinger to Wilson McConnell
D-93  Annie E. Worts to John Wright
F-86  Althea Wren to Anthony Brothers
E-228 Helen F. Wren to William Farrow
C-260 Mary E. Wren to Lyman S. Allen
E-214 Fannie Wressel to Frank W. Baker
E-273 Julia A. Wressle to Washington D. Teller
D-158 Addie M. Wright to Harris C. McMurtrie
E-165 Alta M. Wright to Wallace E. Rundall
E-149 Anna E. Wright to Charles A. Goodell
E-6   Ellen L. Wright to Albert W. Rising
D-240 Ellen L. Wright to Albert W. Rising
B-162 F.B. Wright to William Carl
E-133 Hattie Wright to Charles Moody
E-323 Laura H. Wright to William B. Messinger
F-118 Libbie Wright to James Wagner
D-248 Lottie Wright to I. N. Jones
E-306 Louisa Wright to George W. Messinger
E-314 Maggie Wright to Benjamin Dainey
C-86  Mary Wright to Joel North
E-170 Mary A. Wright to Francis M. Odell
E-206 Mary F. Wright to William H. Munson
E-117 Paulina A. Wright to Jacob M. Dice
F-42  Sara (Pate) Wright to Ira Chandler
D-158 Virginia Wright to Solomon Seward
C-14  Wilhelmina Wright to Jacob Reinhart
C-222 Elizabeth Wyand to Irael Louder
F-122 Joanne (Hall) Wyatt to James L. Wyatt
D-45  Barbara Wyers to William Mininger
E-218 Lizzie A. Wykle to Henry R. Parker
F-128 Minnie Wyland to Walter R. North
E-258 Bertha Wyman to John H. Phillips
E-124 Harriet Wyman to Henry Young
E-8   Lucy J. Wyman to Joel Gleason
E-238 Minnie Wymer to Deris Sanford
A-221 Deborah Wyrick to Valentine Wyrick
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