html> Indexes of Marriages in St. Joseph County 1832 through 1887-Z

Female surnames ending in "Z"

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E-189 Ida Zabel to Edward Hagadorn
E-275 Sophia Zabel to Christian C. Sturm
E-196 Mary Zable to Charles Balke
E-32  Mary Zarat to Frederick Westphal
E-266 Emma Zeibel to David Hosler
E-309 Amanda Zellers to Andrew J. Kemberling
D-91  Eva Zelt to Fredrick Stube
D-104 Philippina Zelt to Gottlieb J. Letz
E-178 Annetta Zerby to Simon T. Rosling
E-162 Elizabeth Zerby to Joshua Walker
E-344 Tillie Zierle to Lincoln Gemberling
F-112 Louise Zierlie to Frank G. Hickox
E-91  Wilhelmina Ziezare to Gustav Sengstock
E-173 Alice Zimmer to Emory Phillips
C-381 Mary E. Zimmer to George D. Lee
E-260 Emma J. Zimmerman to W. M. Sixby
E-311 Flora M Zimmerman to Wm. F. Armington
B-35  Leah Zimmerman to George Williamson, Jr.
C-422 Mary Zimmerman to Cornelius T. Bean
E-342 Mary Zimmerman to Elmer E. Blesing
E-321 Fannie M. Zimmers to Andrew J. Wait
E-255 Hattie M. Zimmers to Delos W. Lee
E-248 Mary E. Zimmers to Lorenzo J. Johnson
C-166 Troze Zorn to Henry Senf
E-142 Sophia Zornd to Fred Dehn
E-50  Sophia A. Zorndt to Ernst C. Miller
E-231 Clara A. Zuck to Isone A. Miner
E-103 Priscilla Zuck to Franklin D. Long
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