Male surnames - "A"

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E-62  George W. Abbot to Jane Stevenson
F-48  James Abbot to Anna Conrad
C-352 Theron Abbot to Olive Ross
A-214 Eleazer L. Abbott to Sarah Ann Cook
E-105 George O. Abbott to Susan E. Cross
D-21  Hugh Abbott to Mary A. Chapman
E-86  Lewis C. Abby to Amanda Laird
D-33  Lewis Clark Abby to Nettie A. Loring
C-5   Thomas Aber to Elizabeth A. Miller
E-313 Charles Abshire to Ersula Rowe
E-25  Albert W. Achenback to Christiana J. Sidler
E-228 Alphonso C. Acker to Carrie J. Wolf
E-275 William H. Acker to Amanda M. Wagner
F-90  William J. Acker to Fannie R. Rorb
E-318 A. B. Ackerman to Belle Draper
A-266 David Ackerman to Marion Ford
E-61  George W. Ackerman to Mary M. Thatcher
E-156 Henry Ackerman to Mary Rowland
C-264 John C. Ackerman to Caroline F. Kuch
E-364 Horace Ackley to Jane C. Cleveland
E-336 Rosciance Ackom to E. B. Pruder
E-333 Rosciance Ackom to E. B. Pruder
F-98  Miner J. Acton to Belle Cary
C-252 John W. Adair to Mary E. Clark
D-105 Aaron H. Adams to Caroline Vliet
F-52  Andrew Adams to Jennie Smith
E-192 Byron J. Adams to A. L. Hopkins
E-217 Cornelius W. Adams to O. Eggleston
C-436 Daniel B. Adams to Lucy Jane Smith
C-86  David Adams to Aosina Schranger
E-84  E. L. Adams to P. O. Eaton
D-175 Erastus Adams to Martha J. Newell
E-357 Eugene E. Adams to Minnie Wilder
D-117 Francis M. Adams to Angeline Codding
E-250 Harvey Adams to Mary A. Nash
E-83  Henry M. Adams to Charlotte Phillips
A-168 James C. Adams to Lois Bryan
F-2   Jesse Adams to Julia C. Blodgett
C-57  John Adams to Hannah J. Menere
C-435 John M. Adams to Amadilla Smitely
A-282 John Q. Adams to Mary M. Salisbury
F-134 John W. Adams to Laura E. Wilcox
C-162 Jonas Adams to Julia Cooley
A-257 Joseph M. Adams to Rachel Dutcher
D-79  Marvin Adams to Betsy Hunter
C-69  Michael M. Adams to Adaline A. Powers
E-333 Thomas Adams to Carrie M. Shear
E-168 William K. Addison to C. Nichols
E-349 Iverson C. Adison to H. Dellinger
E-340 Charles J. Adrich to Jessie Hutchinson
D-196 George Ady to Mary Ady
E-204 Robert J. Ady to Ellen Aicher
E-366 Robt. J. Ady to R. Hagenbaugh
E-141 George Afred to Louisa Cory
C-20  Benjamin Age to Sarah Ann Hughs
E-174 Manual Agely to Mary Kilkeep
D-29  Carl Ahlgram to Mina Wase
E-83  Samuel Aiken to Mary N. Hunter
E-161 Thomas Aiken to Maria Will
C-386 William Aiken to Aravella Miller
F-98  William Aikens to Abbie Fryan
D-218 Alfred Akey to Genie J. Allison
E-1   Alfred Akey to Genie J. Allison
E-136 Alonzo Akey to Adelia Emess
E-15  Henry Akey to Sarah VanEllen
E-87  John B. Akey to Annie M. Emery
E-48  Samuel Akey to Ella C. Bulis
E-232 Daniel R. Albert to Minnie Housholder
E-47  Eli M. Albright to Amelia E. Sears
E-3   John T. Alcock to Sarah Bartlett
D-224 John T. Alcock to Sarah Bartlett
F-120 George H. Alcook to Josephine Reiling
B-159 Philander Alden to Sarah A. McKee
A-55  Charles Aldrich to Alvira Jones
A-64  Charles Aldrich to Alvira Jones
F-90  Frank Aldrich to Belle Egleston
C-7   John Alexander to Mary J. Cutsfort
A-125 Peter F. Alexander to Saliva Orton
E-300 Thomas Alexander to Jennie Hough
C-263 William Alexander to Mary Elliott
C-167 William Alexander to Emma Ferris
C-83  J. B. Alford to Esther Woodworth
E-56  Hiram Alfred to Eliza Dickenson
E-203 Jerome F. Alger to Della M. Palmet
E-259 Jacob Alham to Mary Russell
C-194 John B. Allcock to Emeline Munson
C-109 Stephen Allcock to Elizabeth Anibel
A-10  Alfred Allen to Mary Jane Fellows
C-163 Benjamin Allen to Elizabeth Riley
F-134 Bindell Allen to Ida E. Machemer
E-196 Charles Allen to Laura Lavett
F-80  Charles A. Allen to Cora Fuller
E-372 Charles H. Allen to Emma A. Belk
A-202 Daniel C. Allen to Lucinda Baldwin
E-107 George A. Allen to Alice Fuller
E-337 Henry Allen to Nellie Williamson
E-115 Hiram D. Allen to C. B. Smith
D-174 Horatio Allen to Ellen E. Duel
C-103 Isaac F. Allen to Catherine Gould
E-173 Jeremiah Allen to Sophia Kunz
D-180 Jeremiah Allen to Charity Vancuren
D-65  John Allen to Mary J. Bird
E-29  John B. Allen to Calinda E. Bates
C-202 John L. Allen to Eliza A. Scribner
C-260 Lyman S. Allen to Mary E. Wren
C-329 Silas W. Allen to Juliett A. Dewell
E-356 William Allen to Louise Kennedy
F-120 William H. Allen to Amelia Hoener
D-103 William W. Allen to Susan D. Freeland
E-310 John C. Allenbug to Caroline H. Miller
F-130 William B. Allerton to Catharine Burger
F-120 Amos Allison to Edna Edleshaufer
E-287 Edmund B. Allison to Elizabeth E. Leister
E-223 George W. Allison to Jane Kittlevell
E-31  Joseph E. Allison to Sarah Hanna
E-180 John Allman to Elizabeth Ream
A-276 William Allman to Louisa Fairchilds
B-149 Nelson Allport to Sarah J. Palmer
E-19  John Alman to Lavina L. Walden
D-186 Andrew Almay to Abigail Thomas
E-292 Fred L. Almon to Emmine A. Waters
B-32  L. F. Almstead to Fidelia Brown
C-12  Adam Alotson to Ann J. Ellis
F-94  Henry E. Alshouse to Aachael Schrock
E-138 Swan Alson to Mary Boyden
D-236 Cornelius Altland to Frances A. Dalton
E-157 Lewis Altland to Mary A. Cooper
E-269 William C. Altland to Mary A. Bauchman
A-222 Joseph Alver to Polly Fowler
B-162 John Alvey to Margaret Stickle
C-84  Carlton E. Alvord to Imagine L. Porter
A-63  Christopher C. Alvord to Nancy VanPatten
E-70  Edwin G. Alvord to Emily R. Ainsworth
F-100 Jesse Alwin to Emma L. Stutzman
F-52  Alonzo Alwine to Nancy Miller
E-197 Frances Ambrose to Sarah A. Catton
F-64  Edmund I. Amidon to Hattie Hoffner
F-64  Emund I. Amidon to Hattie B. Haffner
C-457 Edward S. Amidow to Almeda Town
E-261 Peter S. Amstutz to Anna Roth
E-335 Albert Anderson to Lora Gilbert
E-239 Alonzo Anderson to Laura Harding
E-264 Benjamin A. Anderson to Alice A. Fulkerson
E-146 Charles Anderson to Minnie Dollery
E-217 Charles W. Anderson to Annie Kelley
E-190 Edwin S. Anderson to Bartha A. Berger
F-20  F. M. Anderson to Rachel Krug
E-295 Frank W. Anderson to Frank A. Shaw
C-76  George Anderson to Rebecca Garnett
C-450 George F. Anderson to Roxana Cohoon
E-41  George M. Anderson to Lucinda Hallenbeck
F-66  Guy Anderson to Harriet A. Palmer
E-104 Guy Anderson to Alice Palmer
A-40  John Anderson to Harriet Cobb
C-205 John Anderson to Eliza F. Fowler
A-132 John M. Anderson to Mary J. Watt
E-128 Julius B. Anderson to L. R. Benham
E-291 Milton Anderson to Lydia Barr
E-35  Noah Anderson to Caroline Henzey
F-50  Osborn B. Anderson to Rose F. Nacket
D-59  Reubin L. Anderson to Maggie McIntyre
C-228 Simpson Anderson to Alice Taylor
E-271 Thomas Anderson to Mary McConskey
C-306 Thomas Anderson to Annie E. Robbins
C-191 William Anderson to Emily C. Moyer
C-207 William H. Anderson to Roxanna L. Messer
A-254 Williams Anderson to Mary Cliffell
D-6   Wm. H. Anderson to Isabella Gee
E-303 Samuel Andre to Mary E. Klose
D-249 Samuel Andres to Catherine Hutchison
C-183 Abram Andrews to Sylvia Damon
A-223 Elias Andrews to Mary Foot
E-38  James Andrews to Jane Fowler
C-23  Norman S. Andrews to Martha G. Carlisle
C-182 Eli Andrus to Mary E. Pierce
B-132 Abner Anebel to Susan L. Herwood
E-96  Augustus Aneidon ? to L. Butts
C-10  Abraham Angevine to Sarah E. Overfield
E-32  George W. Angevine to M. A. Hendricksen
E-146 Sanel H. Angevine to Clara M. Campbell
A-215 Stephen D. Angevine to Jane Ann Pomeroy
C-93  Abner Anible to Elizabeth Waters
C-93  Sidney Annis to Ann A. Aldridge
E-107 George W. Ansel to Mary A. Howard
E-205 Frederick Anterorub to Mary Rath
C-22  David Antes to Mary Ann Wolf
E-126 William L. Antes to Irene Crossett
E-93  H. L. Anthony to Emma A. Morse
E-180 Henry L. Anthony to Louisa M. Pinney
C-340 Milan Anthony to C. A. Hermance
E-329 John D. Antis to Florence Campbell
E-88  Charles Anton to Bridget Philips
E-9   Charles L. Anton to Louisa Crawford
A-222 James Anton to Lydia Gary
F-82  Marvin Anton to Lettie Tandow
E-335 Albert Appleman to Ida Dunten
E-244 William E. Appleman to Ida Barbar
E-282 Willis E. Appleman to Gertrude Reiterman
E-244 Wm. E. Appleman to Ida Barber
C-162 John Appleton to Mary Poppino
E-76  Benjamin Arbogast to Esther Hutchison
E-282 Sylvester G. Archer to Mary S. Dungey
F-18  Charles W. Argerbright to Sarah Shiveley
B-7   John Armitage to Mary Bondeman
C-297 Joseph Armitage to Mary E. Clark
E-331 Dewitt Clinton Armstrong to Mary Inabelle Quinvey
E-220 Eldridge Armstrong to Anna Gwist
F-38  James H. Armstrong to Bertha Johnson
E-327 John H. Armstrong to Jane Wilcox
E-144 Herman Arndt to Sarah Null
E-124 Daniel L. Arney to Emma Hibbard
E-133 Fred Arney to Ellen Whitmer
D-189 Jamer Arney to Ellen Vaughn
B-139 John T. Arney to Frances Cummings
E-233 Gilbert S. Arnis to Addie H. Kingsley
E-124 Aaron Arnold to Emma Hartman
D-217 Augustus Arnold to Maryetta Bradshaw
E-113 Charles F. Arnold to Anna Clugston
D-242 Charles H. Arnold to Martha A. White
E-243 Charles M. Arnold to Jennie West
A-219 Daniel Arnold to Alida Arnold
A-81  David Arnold to Susan B. Tracy
A-204 Edward Arnold to Mary Starking
D-157 Edwin P. Arnold to Mary L. Mizener
E-127 Eli Arnold to Clara M. Hayman
E-59  Francis M. Arnold to Isabelle C. Briggs
E-347 Frank E. Arnold to Eliza A. Root
C-146 George A. Arnold to Francis M. Watkins
E-298 Henry Arnold to Sophie Sargood
E-90  Henry G. Arnold to Helen House
E-340 Hiram Arnold to Neoma M. Beebe
E-288 Ira P. Arnold to Emma F. Bates
E-1   James Arnold to Rovena S. Robinson
E-69  James Q. Arnold to Josephine Shoemaker
E-218 Lot Arnold to Silence Dimick
E-67  Luther Arnold to Lizzie Green
B-1   Oliver Arnold to Jane M. Patterson
B-156 Otis Arnold to Sarah J. Gibson
E-291 William L. Arnold to P. M. Sweetland
E-250 William S. Arnold to Caroline Ferguson
E-73  Benjamin F. Artley to Eliza Artley
E-348 George D. Artley to Mary E. Kleckner
E-148 George H. Arver to Mary L. Berridge
A-171 Charles Ash to Margaret Hill
E-363 Wm. Ash to Delia Sassaman
E-300 John Asher to Emma R. Tegen
C-335 Henry Asmus to Mary Butcher
E-339 George A. Astray to Hattie C. Neal
E-224 Morris Atchinson to Mary Sipe
E-224 William Atchinson to Della Hebrolee
E-149 Allen B. Atkins to Hortense J. Allen
C-14  Daniel Atkins to Mary Hullet
E-218 John Atkins to Allie S. Austin
E-236 Lawrence W. Atkins to Lizzie A. Caulfield
D-76  Arthur Atridge to Sarah E. Whitehead
E-71  Charles Atwater to Sarah Boot
E-268 George F. Aubertson to Anna V. Russell
F-46  Emile Aufrance to Louisa (Opligar) Duel
E-123 Sylvester Augsbury to Lottie Green
E-65  Robert H. August. to Frankie Bates
F-114 Julius H. Aulabrook to Clara B. Sidener
F-86  Charles O. Aures to Anna Maria Manges
E-336 Eugene Austin to Tetila Redmour
E-163 Frank Austin to C. E. J. Hibberlee
C-379 Frederick A. Austin to Anna E. Roys
C-92  Gilbert Austin to Julia Alger
C-61  Henry Austin to Jane Waltham
F-78  Herman C. Austin to Katie Ostheimer
E-87  Lambert Austin to Lavinia Achenbach
E-147 Sherman A. Austin to Rhoda Cook
E-61  William H. Austin to Mary J. Packer
C-81  William O. Austin to Frances McAllister
E-238 Philip Epheream Aver to Addie Belle Sayles
D-196 Albert Averill to Anna DePuy
C-373 S. H. Averill to Martha A. Hart
C-79  Aaron Avery to Sophia Ketridge
E-147 Aaron B. Avery to Ellen R. Grier
E-268 Alvin H. Avery to Araminta Knight
F-126 David R. Avery to Martha A. Johnson
E-213 Frank D. Avery to Jennie D. Lohr
E-219 George F. Avery to Mary E. Babcock
E-97  Horace B. Avery to Lucinda Clark
C-164 James Avery to Sarah A. Sutler
E-170 James C. Avery to Lovina Wetherley
F-132 Joseph H. Avery to Margaret Clark
E-226 Joshua D. Avery to Clara M. Blair
E-144 Moses E. Avery to Ida J. Cross
F-38  Oliver T. Avery to Anna Meyers
E-135 William Avery to Phoebe J. Chronister
E-265 Wm. H. Avery to Mary E. Findlay
E-297 Wm. J. Avery to Ada A. Blanchard
F-10  Philip I. Axel to Florence Isabell Shook
F-32  Phillip L. Axel to Lucinda E. Hoeriger
C-46  John B. Ayers to Margaret Gibler
E-355 John G. K. Ayers to Emma A. Gilson
E-136 John H. Ayers to A. L. Montgomery
E-122 Allen Ayrault to Lavilla Smith
E-178 Leroy Azchelt to Ida E. Hoyt
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