Male surnames - "C"

color line

E-185 Charles E. Cade to Della Sturgis
D-205 James Cade to Angie Hawkins
B-83  Stephen Cade to Phebe Adams
F-86  William V. Cadmus to Minnie M. Stebbins
A-135 Joseph Cadu to Hannah Finnerly
E-352 Edward Cadwell to Irene R. Cathcart
E-281 John Cady to Minnie E. Graham
E-83  Peleg Cady to Lucy A. Webster
C-451 Joseph Cain to Anna Cain
E-369 John E. Cairns to Ella J. Kerr
F-92  Charles Calahan to Alice A. Moulton
F-30  Robert Frank Calam to Hattie May Stamp
C-474 Tindal Calam to Martha J. Metcalf
C-113 Tindal H. Calam to Ann Shilcock
E-12  Tindel H. Calam to Elizabeth Wachterhauser
E-369 John A. Calaway to Rosetta Allen
A-216 Alvin Calboun to Lois Bean
F-32  Lawrence A. Calboun to Mary Ann Dimick
F-116 Charles A. Caldwell to Electa A. Kneeland
D-211 Leoander L. Caldwell to Mary W. Dearing
F-52  Samuel S. Caldwell to Samantha A. Camp
E-217 Wallace M. Caldwell to Ollie Barnabee
C-210 William G. Caldwell to Martha A. Wilcox
E-94  Byron Calhoun to Criscinda Curtis
C-277 Charles W. Calhoun to Harriet L. Scobie
D-250 Marcellus Calhoun to C. J. Rowley
C-236 O. Calhoun to A. S Gray
F-100 Charles A. Calkins to Delia Kate Doane
E-277 Henry Calkins to Mary Simpson
C-234 O. H. Call to Mary Wachterhauser
E-215 Edmond Callgar to Elvira L. Johnson
E-293 George Calton to Dell Shellenbarger
D-202 Franklin M. Calvert to Sarah Morrow
E-98  Arnold V. Calvin to Mattie Brown
D-183 George W. Camp to Helen A. Betts
D-227 George W. Camp to F. M. Brant
E-3   George W. Camp to F. M. Brant
E-175 Milton E. Camparry to Marietta E. Vincent
E-278 Harding Campbell to Rebecca A. Buse
C-280 John R. Campbell to Sarah A. Jones
C-411 Nathaniel B. Campbell to Hattie M. Burdick
E-78  Robert W. Campbell to Elsie A. Cox
E-279 Calrence P. Can to Edie Benedict
E-149 Francis Canfield to Frances A. Bartell
E-185 Alvin B. Canlogne to Carrie A. Rice
E-84  David Cannaday to Frances M. Stickney
E-174 William H. Cannon to Mary E. Fink
D-172 Alonzo Car to Rebecca A. Tyler
E-164 Fred H. Carbin to Lizzie Logan
E-68  James J. Carbury to Dorothea Fulcher
E-199 Richard Card to Clarinda Mitchell
F-72  P. I. Cardeff to Rose Vernon
E-108 William E. Carder to Sarah J. Smith
C-308 Nathan B. Carey to Emma Francisco
F-114 William G. Carey to Loretta Wortinger
F-106 C. W. Carl to Sarah McClone
C-439 Herman Carl to Fredericke Sommer
B-162 William Carl to F. B. Wright
E-266 John Carlin to Mary I. Swartout
E-246 Samuel N. Carlin to Mary Long
E-30  William W. Carlin to Mary A. Autland
E-105 Charles D. Carlisle to Emma V. Pierce
E-141 Lucius A. Carlisle to Alice Brown
D-225 John M. Carlow to Susan E. Crumwell
E-30  Frederick Carls to Wilhelmina Bauman
E-96  Frank W. Carlton to Helen A. Davidson
C-122 Asabel Carlyle to Loretta Allen
F-28  Jason Carmon to Nellie Marton
D-216 Richard Carn to Hannah M. Warner
E-76  Charles F. Carnes to Flora V. Alfred
E-361 James P. Carney to Mary McCannell
E-269 Shedrick Carney to Anna Weaver
C-260 Samuel Carnings to Catherine Eirshard
E-129 Hulbert Caroer to Nancy Craner
E-196 Fred. Carpenter to Addie Austin
C-79  George Carpenter to Susan Cross
A-145 George W. Carpenter to Louisa Foster
C-417 James Carpenter to Amelia Frygang
E-318 John L. Carpenter to Ann Frankish
E-361 Norman Carpenter to Rosa Munsell
E-273 Ranson W. Carpenter to Mary J. Granger
B-111 Sidney Carpenter to Maud J. Slocum
E-260 Willis W. Carpenter to Grace Gould
C-72  Andrew J. Carr to Helen A. Huntley
A-283 James Carr to Lucinda Carmany
A-283 James H. Carr to Rachal Carmany
E-368 Jeremiah Carr to J. E. Strubble
C-458 Peter Carr to Mary M. Tompkins
E-402 Thomas Carr to Katie A. Neal
E-293 William Carr to Lydia E. Curtis
E-337 William Carr to Rorna Mooney
E-34  Henry M. Carrick to Eliza E. Hewson
E-200 Zeduchen G. Carrier to Lucy Kimble
E-166 George R. Carrol to Ada Clark
D-242 Alva J. Carsen to Hattie Hale
E-319 R. P. Carson to Maggie Artley
E-66  Braddock W. Carter to Catherine L. Kirk
E-21  Charles Carter to Helen Lampson
E-315 Charles Carter to Millie Moses
E-368 Charles H. Carter to Louise E. Reeves
E-327 George W. Carter to Sarah I. Replogle
E-130 Hiram A. Carter to Elizabeth J. Fickle
D-67  Kendrick Carter to Amy Daggerlincks
E-164 Noble B. Carter to Lizzie J. Weinberg
C-26  William Carter to Martha J. Virgil
E-23  William E. Carter to Darliske Smith
E-23  William W. Carter to Sarah E. Blanchard
F-10  William H. Cartright to Jennie May Harding
A-280 William Cartwright to Alvina Wonsey
E-305 Lincoln Cary to Carey Celostine
E-119 Abraham Case to Elizabeth Bassett
C-368 Amos P. Case to Sarah H. White
D-201 Daniel Case to Helen M. Stevenson
B-45  Dennis Case to Jane Hart
E-10  Eugene V. Case to Alice M. Ruick
E-79  George B. Case to Almeda Boyles
C-75  George W. Case to Mary S. Foreman
A-185 Hiram Case to Laura Ketcham
E-232 Ralph Case to Emma Snyder
B-78  Richmond E. Case to Laura A. Case
C-271 Wallace S. Case to Sarah Buel
D-160 William P. Case to Emeline A. Snow
D-261 Edward F. Caseman to Elizabeth J. Holmes
E-10  Edward F. Caseman to Elizabeth J. Holmes
E-93  Henry W. Caseman to Hattie McKey
C-391 John C. Casement to Mary Jane Eddy
E-201 Frank Caskey to Anna M. Kreps
E-118 John C. Caskey to H. A. Lanning
B-75  Philip Casper to Hester Clingerman
E-334 Edward B. Cassaw to Fanny Gronsburg
B-4   Henry Castle to Hannah Gustin
E-129 Montgomery Castle to Hannah J. Ketcham
A-65  William H. Castle to Mary T. Webster
D-85  James Sharon Castles to Mary W. Divine
D-77  Chas. H. Caswell to Eliza Palmer
E-8   George H. Caswell to Laura L. Howe
D-246 George H. Caswell to Laura L. Howe
D-110 Leonard Caswell to Delia West
E-30  Joseph W. Caten to Ursula A. Howe
E-153 Alva U. Cathcart to Anna M. Barrows
F-2   Alva Z. Cathcart to Mary A. (Cathcart) Wolf
F-2   Alva Z. Cathcart to Mary A. Cathcart
E-87  John C. Cathcart to Sarah Cook
E-49  Albert Catherman to Laura E. Hay
E-266 Carlan C. Catherman to Endora Field
D-111 Perry Catherman to Amelia Kleckner
F-2   Sylvester Catherman to Mary Elizabeth Klore
E-45  William Catherman to Rebekah Black
A-281 Thomas Catin to Ellen Wade
E-55  Alfred Cattell to Laura Seamans
E-84  Charles H. Cattell to Marian Vandermack
C-263 John Cattell to Amanda Engle
E-203 William Cattell to Mary E. Deal
E-42  Charles Catton to Sarah S. Bunn
E-233 Charles E. Catton to Ella Clement
E-297 Frank Catton to Ella M. Barnard
E-369 Harry J. Catton to Sila A. Creweling
E-318 Henry Catton to Nora Weatherwax
D-67  Thomas Catton to Charlotte O'Hara
C-63  William Catton to Martha Therber
E-24  A. F. Caul to Priscilla Godshalk
E-70  A. F. Caul to Ida L. Denio
C-105 John Caul to Catherine Lantz
D-187 Joseph Caul to Emma Calvin
B-42  Thaddeus Caul to Mary A. Ketcham
C-39  Caleb S. Cears to Anna M. Tappen
E-212 William H. Cease to Abba C. Parker
E-368 Henry Cekander to Mary Lublow
E-126 Herbert L. Chadwick to Marian L. Brigham
E-125 F. A. Chaffee to Mary B. Wilder
E-269 Willis M. Chaffee to Imogene Wolfe
E-304 Benj. T. Chamberlain to Lillie Falkenstine
C-99  Francis J. Chamberlain to Rachel Ann Kirby
E-98  Wallace Chamberlain to Ann C. Kirby
E-358 William Chamberlain to Eugenie Hoover
E-332 Wm. G. Chamberlain to Mary A. Maystead
E-309 F. A. Chambers to Elizabeth M. Kapp
E-314 F. A. Chambers to Estella Lancaster
D-7   Gabriel Champion to Electa R. Lowenburg
E-118 Gabriel R. Champion to Electa R. Jacobs
B-70  Reuben Champion to Delia Thompson
E-62  Schuyler Champion to Agnes Clark
E-43  Cap Champlin to Ella C. Wellemin
E-355 Renal Champlin to Ettie H. Hartman
E-22  Rowland J. Champlin to Ella A. Hutchins
E-235 Willoughby Champlin to Florence D. Lee
E-262 William E. Chance to Mary C. Butler
D-27  George A. Chandler to Diana Derthick
C-335 George H. Chandler to Sarah M. Allen
F-42  Ira Chandler to Sara (Pate) Wright
F-42  Ira Chandler to Sarah Wright Pate
C-367 John C. Chandler to Martha L. Howell
E-206 S. T. Chandler to Charlotte A. Kibbe
E-266 Elm Chapin to Mary E. Lester
E-234 Nelson Chapin to Rosa Abby
A-39  Samuel A. Chapin to Maria Kellogg
E-35  Chas. A. B. Chaplin to Alice F. Honeywell
E-188 Alphonse Chapman to Marinda Belle
C-320 Charles Chapman to Esther Blowens
E-70  David Chapman to Helen A. Hills
E-344 Edward E. Chapman to Carrie E. Graham
E-175 Frank Chapman to Belle Jacox
C-228 George A. Chapman to Huldah Samunion
E-144 Hudson T. Chapman to Angeline Shook
A-114 John B. Chapman to Betsey Dodge
C-415 Nathaniel Chapman to Martha Orcutt
F-70  Peter Chapman to Minnie Steiner
D-145 Sidney Chapman to Sarah J. Taggart
D-223 Sidney Chapman to Sarah J. Barrett
D-252 Sidney Chapman to Sarah J. Barrett
E-224 William Chapman to Ellen A. Patterson
E-130 Albert H. Chase to Catherine S. Osborn
C-321 Alden Chase to Henriette Reed
C-276 Henry Chase to Ann Cleveland
E-335 Herbert L. Chase to Lillian Pixley
C-106 John W. Chase to Sophia Phenix
C-35  Nelson Chase to Huldah A. Brown
D-109 R. W. Chase to Henriette VanAlstine
E-333 Rowland R. Chase to Samantha Garrison
C-100 Sidney E. Chase to Zelia Downing
D-278 Samuel Chatfield to Charlotte Lindley
C-365 George Cherry to Helen Barker
E-238 Hally Chesley to Caroline Thaw
C-334 Lorenzo D. Chesley to Susan Brown
A-100 Gurney Chester to Clarissa Bronson
C-235 C. A. Chestinden to Martha Tracy
E-274 Frank J. Childs to Mary F. Ray
B-139 J. W. Childs to Mary Campbell
C-87  James O. Childs to Roxenia A. Crouch
C-280 James W. Childs to Sarah King
E-27  John G. Childs to Mary McCracken
E-268 Ransom L. Childs to Lizzie Hopp
E-346 Norman H. Choates to Linda Button
A-46  Thomas Chooly to Anne Aderby
E-56  Samuel Chrisman to Maria Miller
E-215 Tice J. Chrisman to Isabel Shank
E-103 Tyrey J. Chrisman to Elizabeth Calvin
E-537 Edgar E. Christian to Emma Palmer
E-361 Horace M. Christian to Nellie M. Armitage
E-227 Manford Christian to Maria Stear
C-477 Wm. H. Christiance to Mary E. Carnahan
E-121 Albert L. Christie to Julia A. Williams
E-80  George F. Christler to Samantha J. Saylor
C-178 Peter J. Christler to Sarah M. Pulier
E-91  William Christler to Hannah Latta
E-341 Frederick Chupp to Cora B. Atwater
E-129 William H. Chupp to Catherine Paight
E-52  Allen H. Church to Mary W. Barlow
C-216 Alphonso Church to Mary Hastings
A-247 Benjamin Church to Nancy H. DeDew
D-52  Calvin Church to Catherine A. Clark
D-47  Ephraim C. Church to Mary Harding
E-69  Frank H. Church to Sadie E. Campbell
C-286 Henry S. Church to Emma M. Packard
B-55  Isaac Church to Sophia Bennett
A-10  Nelson Church to Abigail Gale
E-16  William J. Church to Mary M. Reynolds
E-313 William L. Church to Jennie E. Mills
E-133 James E. Churchill to Mary E. Green
E-239 Joshua P. Churchill to Martha P. Stamp
B-70  Silas Churchill to Permela Blodgett
D-9   Leverett A. Clapp to Amanda E. Hampson
F-108 Louis G. Clapp to Florence E. Eveland
C-183 Theodore E. Clapp to Mary A. Austin
E-191 William F. Clapp to Effie Peek
C-310 Alford Clark to Ursula Able
E-16  Alford Clark to Martha E. Brokaw
D-184 Alfred Clark to Louisa Kuch
D-220 Allen B. Clark to Lucy B. Rowley
D-32  Alonzo Clark to Elizabeth Winger
E-29  Amos Clark to C. Artley
C-34  Charles Clark to Priscilla B. Antes
E-177 Charles W. Clark to Mary L. Baer
C-318 Danforth Clark to Eunice Kinsman
C-184 Dexter Clark to Angeline Austin
B-134 Edwin Clark to Jane Watkins
E-171 Eli Clark to Millicent Bottomly
C-221 Elis Clark to Fileria Bennett
C-116 Elisha W. Clark to Julia A. Clark
F-82  Eugene M. Clark to Annie E. Brown
E-289 Franklin D. Clark to Ella Hopkins
A-275 George Clark to Jane Kellogg
E-49  George D. Clark to Ida Pine
C-118 George S. Clark to Caroline B. Gardner
C-17  George S. Clark to Elizabeth Lough
E-39  George W. Clark to Lydia Whited
E-104 Gilbert P. Clark to Sarah F. Ely
A-277 Henry Clark to Maria Roberts
E-180 Isaac B. Clark to Mary E. Coons
B-145 James D. Clark to Melissa I. Powers
E-353 John F. Clark to Maud L. Vail
E-46  Jonas Clark to Martha Bottomly
E-110 Joseph E. Clark to Martha E. Goff
E-357 Leonard G. Clark to Addie M. Davis
D-109 Milo Clark to Amanda Williams
C-325 Norman A. Clark to Nancy A. Cooley
E-80  Patrick Clark to Barbara Spangler
E-108 Patrick W. Clark to Betsey E. Lamphere
D-66  S. M. Clark to Mary C. Masser
C-91  T. M. Clark to Elizabeth Hoffman
C-432 Thomas J. Clark to Ellen L. Leviosee
E-276 Whitman E. Clark to Mary E. Wolf
E-182 Alonzo B. Clarke to Fanny Gill
E-300 Scott Clarke to Rosa Hill
E-345 Charles J. Clarkson to Maragaret A. Gengmon
F-44  Franz Classen to Maria Wagner
D-203 Henry Clatfelter to Elizabeth Rauck
E-369 Charles Clawson to Mary Hide
E-47  Jonas J. Clayston to Lucy Rowe
E-310 William B. Cleckner to Nevada Webster
C-330 Andrew Clemee to Rebecca A. Dunkin
E-71  George R. Clemens to Flora M. Hoisington
C-109 William Clemens to Hester Rich
E-24  Allen E. Clement to Lucretia E. Williams
E-110 Charles Clement to Julia Wilcox
C-257 Charles M. Clement to Amelia Lincoln
E-17  Clifton W. Clement to Ada J. Jordan
E-347 Damas Clement to Lucy Phillips
F-16  Fremont S. Clement to Armilla Goodwin
A-141 Peter G. Clement to Lucretia F. Varght
B-25  Sylvester Clement to Catherine Legg
D-256 W. W. Clement to L. Tracy
F-48  William R. Clendenin to Luella Jackson
A-195 Aaron Clermont to Sarah Watkins
A-39  John Clermont to Christina Sixburg
C-292 William H. Clermont to Eloner Hawkins
C-96  Chauncey Cleveland to Saloma Engle
C-315 Edward Cleveland to Sophia Cleveland
E-307 George Cleveland to Etta Avery
C-287 George W. Cleveland to Sarah E. Benedict
E-91  Ira Cleveland to E. A. Downhouse
C-405 Lafayette Cleveland to Huldah Benedict
C-216 Stephen C. Cleveland to Elizabeth Spender
D-115 Steven C. Cleveland to Mary Plummer
F-132 Thomas Cleveland to Cora B. Blackwood
C-9   Cornelius Cline to Rebecca Brown
E-325 Harvey Cline to Fannie Aldrich
E-135 Henry Cline to Clara Farquhar
E-147 Henry J. Cline to Alvira L. Smith
E-321 John R. Cline to Anna Miller
E-285 Joseph Cline to Jennie Capbell
E-291 Peter Cline to Etta Regin
F-94  Peter Cline to Alice E. Frakys
D-79  Manasses Clingman to Hattie Clingman
C-44  William Clinton to Sarah A. Harvey
E-66  Henry F. Clipfell to Hannah M. Dale
F-14  Loring Clipfell to May Baird
A-240 Phillip Clipfell to Mary D. Wilcox
E-17  Alford R. Close to Alice Thams
C-133 George Close to Phebe Ann Evert
E-149 Jeremiah Close to Carrie White
C-330 Daniel Clouse to Mary Sears
C-6   Larance Clouse to Eliza F. Pearcens
F-20  Andrew W. Clover to Rosa Miller
E-248 Charles A. Clowes to Eva Richards
C-209 George Clowes to Eliza Engle
C-61  John H. Clowes to Ellen F. Patterson
E-56  George Clows to Dorothy Rosenback
D-163 Frank Cloyes to Tensia McIntyre
C-159 John Clubine to Mary E. Fowler
C-83  Lemison Clubine to Rebecca Ledick
C-356 Patrick Cluen to Chloe Stephenson
E-286 Charles F. Clugston to Isabella Dennett
D-203 John Clute to Sarah M. Freese
E-229 Wilber H. Clute to Ella Ackley
C-378 Jesse Coates to Sarah Thomas
E-319 Charles S. Coats to Emma M. Turner
E-80  George S. Coats to Belle Armstrong
C-243 Samuel Coats to Elizabeth Miller
E-33  Sylvester W. Coats to Eva G. Reed
E-277 Thomas Coats to Mary C. Henson
E-195 John Cobb to Melissa Sanders
C-378 Willard Cobb to Amelia Olmstead
E-367 David W. Cobburn to Sophia Maier
B-128 James Cobert to Susannah Foster
E-272 Aaron Cobill to Rosaltha Fields
C-359 John J. Coblentz to Mary Fish
E-362 Stephen M. Coburn to Mary Dory
E-75  Jacob H. Cochran to Malissa D. Hartgrove
E-254 Thomas L. Cochran to Elsie C. Butler
E-159 Thomas Cochrin to Viola Ferguson
B-77  John Cockett to Catherine Clark
E-250 Benjamin F. Coddings to Minerva Robins
E-237 Chas F. Coddington to Ada J. Watkins
E-330 Frank Coddington to Dimmie L. Adams
C-254 William Cody to Elizabeth Barnabee
A-243 Calvin Coe to Elizabeth Hindley
E-315 Harvey Coe to Alice Dean
E-68  Herman N. Coffinberry to Hannah E. Shurtz
C-39  Archibald Coffman to Claretta Wilkinson
D-30  George Coffman to Elizabeth Freed
C-69  Nicholas Coffman to Madena. Plank
E-286 Jacob Cogan to Mary A. Smith
E-282 Peter J. Cogan to Hattie L. Brown
C-264 Julius Cogswell to Mary Moyer
C-156 Christian Cohon to Amelia Trous
E-319 Lyman Colburn to Sarah Most
E-142 A. J. Cole to Jennie Sawyer
F-40  Bruce Cole to Alma Michaels
F-52  Byron J. Cole to Lizzie E. Gospiel
E-213 Byron J. Cole to Martha E. Sidener
E-51  Calvin D. Cole to Elizabeth A. Wolfinger
E-158 Fred D. Cole to Hannah D. Bowdish
E-225 George Cole to Martha Woolford
D-206 George C. Cole to Sarah M. Ross
E-222 George W. Cole to Hattie E. Tuttle
D-147 James D. Cole to Nancy M. Pine
E-319 James J. Cole to Emma McGan
E-95  Joel Cole to Nancy D. Tracy
D-145 John H. Cole to Caroline E. Frank
E-177 John L. Cole to Emma J. Swartz
C-396 John N. Cole to Mary C. Sixby
C-427 Levi Cole to Emma A. Gibbs
E-237 Lewis J. Cole to Agnes M. Reed
E-110 Sheldon Cole to Anna Green
C-262 William Cole to Hanah M. Shurtz
E-128 William H. Cole to Delia L. Bissel
A-220 William Coleby to Elizabeth Williams
C-403 N. A. Colefoot to Mary Wilder
C-173 George Coleman to Mary A. Shick
D-134 John L. Coleman to Mary E. McCuller
E-320 David Coler to Emma Jeffrey
E-55  James Coler to Ellen Heyward
E-87  James A. Coler to Sarah A. Scholl
E-177 Stephen Colescott to Luella Chandler
C-267 Isaac Collar to Mary Moot
E-49  Lafayette Collein to Nora Champion
E-126 John Colliflower to Emma B. Dodge
C-211 James Collingwood to Eliza J. Kuch
C-271 William Collingwood to Elizabeth Klinger
C-277 George A. Collins to Henriette Blodget
A-81  James Collins to Hannah Brooks
E-106 James Collins to Isabella Wilson
E-231 Joel T. Collins to Lydia Ham
E-147 Thomas Collins to Mable L. Bristol
B-145 Warren Collins to Eunice Carpenter
E-122 William Collins to Martha Feagles
E-265 William Collins to Lydia Anders
E-42  Jacob Colliso to Christine Lintz
E-149 Lewis Collissi to Agnes Smith
C-194 Lewis Colterman to Margaret Runey
E-366 Daniel B. Colton to Stella M. Beckley
C-149 Joseph L. Colweel to Marilda Grover
C-1   Hugh Colwell to Saloma Bartholomew
A-139 James Colwell to Lucina S. Watkins
F-84  Charles W. Comer to Minerva Uilt
E-4   Clinton L. Compton to Maggie A. McVicker
C-385 W. H. H. Compton to Mary E. Jackson
A-127 William Conant to Rozanna Bradley
B-32  William L. Conant to Nancy Packer
D-67  Charles W. Cond to Jane F. Driggs
D-151 Samuel Condit to Rachel Hobard
E-349 Charles Cone to Laura A. Counts
E-12  Nelson Cone to Lizzie Vaughan
C-420 Erastus Coney to Elizabeth Hafer
B-112 Hiram Congdan to Amanda Smith
C-265 Marcus Congdon to Ellen Goodspeed
C-188 John H. Conine to Letitia Churchill
E-180 John J. Conklin to Mary H. Sweet
E-265 William Conklin to Sarah J. Float
E-140 Joseph Conkling to Caroline Hopkins
C-391 Hiram Conkwright to Martha A. Smith
E-173 Ephraim Conley to Lilly Ackerman
E-301 Frank J. Conn to Ellen B. Price
C-408 George Conner to Margaret A. Hen
D-34  Lafayette Conner to Sarah E. Cooper
A-28  William Conner to Sarah Ann Weeks
C-356 William Conner to Rebecca Mosher
C-42  Andrew Connor to Lydia Cummings
D-53  Charles D. Connor to Affie Belote
A-79  William Connor to Ann Jenette Powers
E-184 Joseph Conrad to Eliza Plum
E-290 William Conrad to Amanda Andre
C-102 Seldin D. Converse to Samantha Leak
E-241 John W. Coofere to Mary A. Stufflet
D-3   Charles Coohon to Hannah Lowe
A-114 Abraham Cook to Julia Ann Finch
E-93  Andrew J. Cook to Phebe P. Gilbert
C-421 Austin Cook to Maria Sprague
F-126 Austin P. Cook to Joicie Bottomly
A-250 Carlos Cook to Mary E. May
A-263 Charles Cook to Mary I. Waller
A-261 Conrad Cook to Caroline Garrison
B-161 Conrad Cook to Ann E. S. Winaus
E-136 Delbert F. Cook to Bell Parker
E-245 Edwin S. Cook to Mollie Sawyer
D-40  Edwin W. Cook to M. A. Richardson
E-289 Gay W. Cook to Sarah T. Hillaya
F-74  George H. Cook to Rosa Oakleaf
E-115 Harlan F. Cook to Jennie C. Troxel
E-41  Henry Cook to Sarah C. Moroser
E-151 James V. Cook to Mary J. S. Gilhams
C-335 John Cook to Ann Howlan
C-298 Lewis B. Cook to Susan F. Halstead
E-90  Myron S. Cook to Alice Mullen
A-260 Peter Cook to Lucia C. Sauger
E-121 Roilson Cook to Maria Shaw
E-225 Sidney H. Cook to Corinna Bingham
C-317 Thomas Cook to Elizabeth Patterson
C-87  William Cook to Melvonia White
E-338 William Cook to Lydia Miller
B-119 William Cook to Maria A. Shurtz
C-194 William Cook to Mary Helm
E-322 William Cook to Lena Timm
B-97  William Cook to Evy A. Hills
E-364 Martin Cooke to Anne E. Hickok
D-80  C. G. Cookingham to M. C. Whitford
C-215 D. D. Cookingham to Lucunda Selby
F-130 William H. Cookingham to Eliza Rorsman
B-157 Alfred Cooley to Julia Bronson
C-296 Benjamin Cooley to Bridget M. Nash
C-201 Charles B. Coon to E. M. Saunderson
E-149 Frances Coon to Eunice Brown
E-327 Frederick H. Coon to Minnie F. Vought
C-175 Nelson W. Coon to Jane W. Johnson
C-475 Ransom Coon to Margaret Eigtimey
E-118 Samuel Coon to Jennie Honeywell
E-212 Aaron Coonfer to Sarah E. Kline
A-113 Charles M. Cooper to Anna A. Rich
A-186 George Cooper to Lucinda Champlain
E-79  George Cooper to Elizabeth Hall
E-51  J. C. Cooper to Elizabeth Conrath
A-4   Justin Cooper to Lauilla Hazard
D-114 Lorenzo C. Cooper to Harriet Smith
E-68  Morris Cooper to Cyrene McGaffey
D-180 Thomas Cooper to Helen E. Cooper
B-379 William B. Cooper to Lucinda L. Sheap
E-368 William F. Cooper to Letta J. Conkling
E-223 Joseph M. Cope to Ellen Wagner
E-290 Joseph W. Cope to Amanda L. Dixson
E-279 Emanuel Copenhafer to Ellen Derham
E-58  George Copenhafer to Sarah Dean
B-14  Henry Copenhagen to Rebecca Cosper
E-340 George W. Corben to Molly Harless
F-94  Willis Corbet to Lillie Richardson
E-106 Francis E. Corbin to Sarah H. Leidy
F-136 Willie E. Cordray to Georgia Snyder
E-231 Alfred B. Cornell to Mary E. Rooney
E-179 Wesley A. Cornell to Martha McAuley
E-261 James Cornic to Hannah E. Whitman
E-209 David J. Corning to Ellen J. Boyd
E-268 Dell A. Corning to Lydia Truce
B-36  Hiram Corning to Mary Eaton
C-85  Lorenzo Cornish to Mary Johns
E-168 William Cornwall to Mary L. Powers
D-167 Emerson J. Corpe to Hannah M. Turbitt
E-350 Milo F. Corpe to Rosette Bennage
C-471 Jeronie J. Corsett to Margaret E. Clubine
E-314 Norman S. Corsine to Almida Eorosale
E-76  Arthur Corson to Ella J. Thornton
B-8   Laffered Corson to Sarah A. Culver
E-288 John F. Corter to Ollie Frankenberger
C-229 B. J. Cory to Charlotte F. Carde
E-361 Edward D. Cory to Mary L. Roberts
E-148 Sidney H. Cory to Gertrude Armstrong
F-24  William B. Cory to Susan E. (Crois) Roberts
F-24  William B. Cory to Susan E. Roberts Cross
D-140 Levi Cosselman to Libba Vincent
C-344 Adam Costleman to Susan Knapp
C-450 Moses Cotherman to Sarah Aswick
B-61  Samuel Cotherman to Charlotte Klingman
E-312 Walter Cothrin to Mary Tobin
E-35  William H. Cotton to Lizzie H. Waterman
B-135 James Coulon to Ann Gardner
B-135 James Coulon to Ann Merrell
C-429 Isaac C. Counet to Fideha S. Perry
D-252 Seymour Countryman to Lucinda Crabtree
E-10  Seymour Countryman to Lucinda Crabtree
E-49  Levi Coup to Mary E. Johnson
C-479 William Coupland to Clara G. Cox
E-106 Oscar V. Covrot to Emma A. Willis
C-146 Mareness Cowan to Eliza M. Barnes
E-369 Charles C. Cowen to Catherine E. Higber
F-24  Charles E. Cowgill to Eva A. Abbott
D-105 Alva J. Cowles to Mary A. Woodcock
C-351 Calvin Cowles to Mary Moore
E-79  Elmer Cowles to Electa H. Hincher
C-473 Talmage P. Cowles to Ursula Engle
C-211 Stevens M. Cowley to Adelia Phelps
E-172 James S. Cowling to Hattie E. Ulrich
E-150 Charles E. Cox to Laura B. Harvey
C-311 Charles P. Cox to Alice Green
E-160 Franklin P. Cox to Charlotte M. Inman
C-241 John Cox to Alice Cousins
E-295 Joseph W. Cox to Ella L. Graham
F-66  Shuyler S. Cox to Ella M. Gale
E-142 Will J. Cox to Mary E. Whipple
C-156 William Cox to Etethed Oakes
E-185 William Cox to Rosa Eddy
E-239 Henry C. Rand Coy to Mattie Ditten
E-291 Willard G. Coy to Fannie Kenyon
E-372 John S. Crabbs to Susan Simington
F-84  Henry Cracknell to Clara Argus
E-250 Henry J. Craft to Emma Roby
B-87  Nelson Craft to Emeline Compton
C-253 Jasper M. Crager to Charlotte L. Sixby
F-136 Augustus P. Craig to May Ferguson
E-164 Charles Craig to Rosalla Palmer
E-13  James R. Craig to Eliza Fike
D-100 John Craig to Sarah A. Johnston
E-132 John B. Craig to Bertha Edgerden
C-290 Jonas W. Craig to Adaline B. Barrett
E-46  Melanchton Craig to Nancy Simpson
E-82  Stephen Craig to Christiana Gruver
E-93  Stephen Craig to Christiana Gruver
E-149 William E. Craig to Caroline F. Hardy
E-269 William Crainer to Jennie Steninger
F-10  Edwin Cramer to Florence A. Cramer
E-308 Ephraim Cramer to Eliza Myers
D-246 Henry H. Cramer to Harriet V. Blodget
E-9   Henry H. Cramer to Harriet V. Blodget
C-150 Thomas Crampton to Ann E. Munson
A-138 Ira W. Crandall to Sarah Jane Francis
A-269 John Crandall to R. S. Upson
B-136 Arba D. Crane to Melinda Vanalstine
E-97  Benjamin F. Crane to Sarah A. Darvin
F-114 Clement A. Crane to Ettie M. Fry
F-56  Frank Byron Crane to Minnie Giles
E-82  James B. Crane to Rachel A. Caul
E-236 Samuel D. Crane to Emma L. Benham
A-259 Stephen L. Crane to Maria H. Dutton
E-287 Webster J. Crane to Hattie Brockway
E-259 Andrew Craner to Lizzie Stears
E-343 William Craner to Charlotte Hess
B-64  George Crapo to Catherine Butler
E-260 James A. Craven to Mary E. Adams
B-71  George W. Craver to Sarah E. Gump
B-31  Marshall G. Craw to Eunice Weatheroy
C-73  Abraham Crawford to Adaline Wilcox
E-147 Chas. R. Crawford to Elizabeth Rice
E-85  E. T. Crawford to Sarah E. Locke
E-6   Jacob N. Crawford to Ella K. Clute
C-195 James Crawford to Amanda Chambers
C-131 John S. Crawford to Parney S. Spaulding
E-254 Perry L. Crawford to Anna M. Butts
A-203 Robert Crawford to Jenette Osborn
C-162 Solomon Crawford to Elizabeth Bowers
C-102 Vienus Crawford to Phebe Gilbert
E-80  William J. Crawford to Mary F. Arnisworth
E-62  O. W. Creagar to Maria Hart
E-246 Jacob Creager to Susan Kinight
E-160 Rufus M. Creager to Amanda Breininger
F-58  Rufus M. Creager to Annie E. Blain
D-86  Stephen Creasy to Addie Culver
E-17  John F. Cree to Sarah E. Cross
C-341 Thomas Creed to Catherine Adams
E-347 William E. Creglow to Celia E. Tinker
B-69  Nathaniel H. Creig to Nancy Lown
E-99  Daniel E. Creighton to Louisa Daniels
E-25  James S. Creighton to Almira J. Holmes
E-7   Casper Cressler to Loretta L. Gardner
E-4   Andrew Creveling to Sally A. Harvey
D-234 Andrew Creveling to Sally A. Harvey
D-176 Frederick Crevitts to Frederica Loth
E-152 William E. Creweling to L. J. Morrison
E-303 William A. Cribbs to Abbie J. McKenzie
F-94  Jessee Cripe to Jennie Cripe
E-217 William Crissel to Kate Decker
B-149 John H. Crits to Margaret Caul
E-87  Horace Crittendon to Mary Adams
E-59  Arthur L. Critz to Almeda E. Jones
C-268 Benjamin Critze to Mary M. Norton
E-200 George C. Crofford to Melvina George
B-86  Stephen N. Crofoot to Sarah Ball
C-295 Joseph Crogin to Cynthia A. Harris
E-176 Cornelius J. Cromer to Adella Patterson
F-4   Delzon Crooks to Alta C. Oman
C-58  Lewis Cropp to Mary Peas
E-195 Alfred Crosby to Ella Good
C-327 Asaph Crosby to Lucy Chamberlain
C-132 George C. Crosette to Delia S. Thayer
B-161 George H. Crosette to Mary DeMott
D-2   Alonzo Cross to Mary Wheeler
C-119 Asa H. Cross to Jane Arnold
E-166 Charles Cross to Lulu C. Mingus
C-451 Cyrus J. Cross to Nancy Rhoads
E-118 Edwin Cross to Lydia Cross
C-191 Eliher Cross to Sally Rood
B-63  Elihu Cross to Hannah Trussell
E-14  George M. Cross to Mary L. Bent
B-58  Lewis Cross to Sybil Powers
B-155 Lewis Cross to Polly Hodgkies
E-318 Samuel Cross to Fanny Paige
C-196 Samuel Cross to Lorena Finout
E-170 Volney J. Cross to Mary R. Gerard
A-41  William Cross to Anna Coats
E-330 William Cross to Luvinia Brown
D-277 William T. Cross to Lydia Wood
C-279 Horace Cross, Jr. to Maria M. Parish
E-73  Frank M. Crossette to Mary A. Driggs
F-86  James Crossgrove to Mary Ashler
D-51  Thomas Crossman to Sarah A. Youngs
E-232 Joseph A. Crotser to Ella Snyder
E-233 Allen F. Crotzer to Emma Lewis
D-22  Caleb C. Crouch to Mary E. Austin
C-289 Hiram H. Crowell to Sarah A. Adams
F-14  Melvin K. Crowl to Rebecca N. Lampman
E-203 Martin W. Croy to Nancy J. Boudie
E-144 Abram Crummell to Eliza A. Nelson
F-106 William C. Cruse to Rose A. Swartz
E-226 Franklin Cruthers to Mary E. Young 
A-139 John Cuddy to Nancy Carlin
C-241 Thomas Cuddy to Catherine McKinley
E-289 Thomas Cuddy to Ella E. Platt
E-88  Thomas Cuddy to Catherine Culbertson
E-132 John Culbertson to Martha A. Dunett
C-296 Michael Culow to Harriet Ludwig
E-368 Wm. W. Culreyhouse to Isa D. Riten
A-275 Robert Culsforth to Fanny Roberson
E-221 Albert A. Culver to Lottie Wilson
E-333 Albert R. Culver to Josephine A. Bush
C-244 Charles Culver to Sarah J. Engle
E-182 Charles Culver to Fannie Aiken
E-194 Clarence Culver to Carrie B. Rich
E-35  Lester Culver to R. A. Myers
C-8   Levi Culver to Cynthia Woodworth
C-230 William Culver to Amanda Amidon
C-334 Thos. H. Cumbacker to Emily E. Norton
E-283 Lazarus T. Cumbo to Mary E. Harris
E-209 Ira Cumley to Catherine Sutter
C-129 Charles Cummings to Hannah M. Grinnell
E-79  Chas. A. Cummings to Judith Taylor
A-252 Solomon Cummings to Nancy Gray
C-228 W. G. Cummings to Mary J. Kingsley
A-103 Alanson Cummins to Mary Wolverton
E-315 Court Cummins to Bell West
E-85  Dwight F. Cummins to Ella E. Beadle
E-83  Philander J. Cummins to Eunice Lease
D-148 Daniel Cundick to Susannah Wetherbee
F-20  Henry C. Cunningham to Mary E. Hitler
F-86  Robert F. Cunningham to Molly Bidner Powell
F-86  Robert F. Cunningham to Mollie Powell Bidner
E-276 Eli Cupp to Emma J. Downey
E-330 James W. Cupples to Carrie Morton
D-3   Almeron C. Currier to Christina Klody
E-336 Calvin J. Currier to Estella Perrin
E-161 Ira Currier to Mary Hase
E-224 Oscar D. Currier to Estella S. Adams
C-229 Seth M. Curry to Mary McIntosh
D-30  William Curry to Sarah A. Frazer
E-150 Joseph Curtin to Elizabeth Corlis
B-50  Amariah Curtis to Mary A. Beach
E-321 Henry R. Curtis to Jessie F. Oakes
E-121 Henry V. Curtis to Elma Comstock
D-146 Levi H. Curtis to Diantha Beaterson
E-34  Lyman Curtis to Adaline Hill
E-14  Marcus Curtis to Adaline Patterson
C-464 Nelson Curtis to Julia A. Brown
B-106 Northup Curtis to Helen Schellhouse
C-85  Orange D. Curtis to Mary Ann Jones
A-269 Philander Curtis to Catherine Neilson
A-173 William Curtis to Catherine Paine
E-163 Wilson J. Curtis to Mary F. Bailey
E-356 Wm. Wallace Cussans to Lizzie A. Hess
D-107 Wesley P. Custar to Alice Estes
E-56  Alexander Custard to Lorrain Torrey
E-40  Moses Custer to Patty M. Runyon
E-369 Stephen W. Custer to Nancy Long
E-273 Jeremiah Cutler to Mary A. Allman
A-162 Thomas Cutler to Amanda Belote
C-15  Robert Cutsforth to Sarah Harrison
C-125 Watson Cutsforth to Mary Wood
E-256 Thomas W. Cutter to Eva A. Dickinson
E-260 David S. Cutting to Drusilla Kent
E-335 James W. Cuykendal to Harriet M. Comins
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