Male surnames - "F"

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E-72  Louis Faber to Mary B. Dider
F-56  Lewis Fage to Lavada Kline
F-136 James W. Fahnestack to Flora E. Rodabough
E-272 Edgar L. Failing to Nettie M. Stewart
E-143 Fred J. Fair to Kate Rowe
D-8   Robert Fair to Caroline Bucknell
E-112 Robert I. Fair to Helen L. Fisher
C-169 Wesley Fair to Mary P. Clark
C-329 Den D. Fairchild to Minnie M. Whitmire
B-6   Nathan S. Fairchild to Nancy I. Harwood
E-129 Charles F. Faison to Julia Rhenny
C-453 James Falchat to Marietta Pettit
F-88  John Falkenstein to Katharina Vogle
E-299 Gushunak Fankboner to Anna Williams
F-10  William Martin Fanning to Ida A. Holsinger
B-129 Walter Far to Melinda C. McKnight
E-305 William F. Farber to Rachel L. Helman
A-269 Luther S. Farewell to Helen M. Nobles
C-130 Dwight Fargo to Maggie E. Swan
F-54  Edward J. Farmer to Ida May Kauffman
F-54  Edward J. Farmer to Ida May Wade
E-42  Charles H. Farmham to Lena M. Finch
E-311 Mathew Farnell to Della M. Peek
E-115 James L. Farnham to Mary O. Coon
E-251 Mathew Farnum to Harriet Marble
E-267 Charles M. Farr to Chrissia McFarran
E-284 William C. Farr to Clara R. Roush
C-424 Charles C. Farrand to Mary Brown
E-148 Charles S. Farrand to Nettie Kimball
C-71  Ebenezer Farrand to Frances E. Vanbrunt
D-81  H. K. Farrand to Phebe M. Blanchard
A-79  Henry H. Farrand to Mariah Mathews
F-20  Henry K. Farrand to Anna A. Burrows
F-20  Henry K. Farrand to Anna A. Hoyt
A-271 Phineas Farrand to Betsey M. Kinne
E-101 Theron Farrand to Frances J. Barker
F-40  Ward E. Farrand to Fannie H. Strunk
E-228 William Farrow to Helen F. Wren
C-44  Ebenezer Farwell to Sarah Mason
C-107 Ebenezer Farwell to Sarah Mason
E-356 John L. Fasdic to Hannah D. Cussans
C-337 Elias Fashbaugh to Rachel Bensley
E-365 Frank Coridon Fast to Frances Elma Price
F-10  Stanley S. Fast to Nettie O. Baker
C-144 Josiah Faus to Elizabeth Straub
E-188 Henry C. Faxin to Ida E. Watson
C-332 S. E. Faxon to Rebecca E. Scranton
E-267 Charles J. Feagles to Hattie I. Monroe
B-68  Jacob Feagles to Martha Buck
E-4   D. W. Feas to E. Jane Stull
D-233 D. W. Feas to E. Jane Stull
E-70  John Featherton to M. J. Pashby
E-141 Frank G. Feegles to Wealthy L. Watros
E-105 Charles C. Fees to Helen L. Forte
E-81  Joseph Fees to Addie Fees
F-76  Francis Fegley to Francis A. Mack
E-297 Charles H. Felker to Ida Champlin
E-199 George Felker to Mary J. Weikman
E-163 Henry J. Felker to Lois L. Tusdale
E-249 Authur M. Fellows to Joanna Smith
E-302 Clarence Fellows to Codie Throp
E-189 Levi L. Fellows to Clarissa J. Reynolds
C-167 Milo Fellows to Clarissa Wheeler
A-27  Simon S. Fellows to Jane Benson
C-426 William Fellows to Susan Patchin
E-356 Clinton Felt to Augusta W. Hagerman
F-70  Rodolph B. Felter to Maria Belle Dillon
C-260 Edward Fensi to Elizabeth Try
D-159 Alford C. Fenstermacher to Margaret L. Hill
E-222 Burton Fenstermacher to Suzannah Crosby
E-37  Geo. A. Fenstermacher to Susan Bloom
C-218 Daniel Ferenback to Mary Shimp
A-258 Alexander Ferguson to Jane Waldron
E-264 James Ferguson to Malinda Curling
E-106 James W. Ferguson to Adda M. Cochran
D-46  John H. Ferguson to Marilla Cottrell
E-11  Miron Ferguson to Emeline Badisen
C-46  Peter S. Ferguson to Margaret Miller
C-480 W. J. Ferguson to Sarah A. East
E-9   William Ferguson to Emily Rider
D-152 Wm. R. Ferguson to Susan Fish
E-291 Julius Ferrill to Ella Moon
C-415 Albert Ferris to Addie Langdon
C-416 Byron Ferris to Elener Skinkle
E-358 Caleb Ferris to Alma Fuller
E-34  George Ferris to Calista Caroer
C-268 Orris S. Ferris to Maria A. Wilcox
E-228 Orris S. Ferris to Frona Kitchen
F-122 Robert B. Ferris to Hattie M. Atchinson
E-64  Jol F. Ferrn to Catherine M. Miller
B-52  Norman Ferry to Harriet Parker
E-12  William W. Ferry to Mary A. King
E-201 Henry Fetch to Ann Hate
E-219 Henry Fetteroff to Lucy A. Kapp
D-221 Henry Fetteroff to Ella A. Steinmeyer
E-2   Henry Fetteroff to Ella A. Steinmeyer
D-236 John Fetteroff to Beckie Bern
E-5   John Fetteroff to Beckie Bern
E-328 John F. Fetterolf to Minnie Kline
E-3   Elmore I. Fetters to Sylvia Fetters
E-350 Isaiah Fetters to Sarah A. Andrews
F-18  Carl Fetzner to Gertrude (Wood) Koutz 
E-342 Clayton Field to Fanny Weckerley
E-47  Cyrus Field to Martha Thompson
C-323 Emory G. Field to Lizzie Braginton
C-141 Nelson W. Field to Mary J. Pearsall
D-38  Benjamin Fieldhouse to Mary A. Tomlinson
A-64  William Fieldhouse to Hannah Barker
A-55  William Fieldhouse to Hannah Barker
E-286 Thomas J. Fields to Cora B. Myers
E-216 Francis L. Fiesel to Mary L. Strum
E-15  Renalo J. Fife to Clary L. Smith
E-60  Renalo J. Fife to Clary L. Smith
B-154 Elias Fike to Louis Sprague
E-277 Levi Fike to Mary E Bardwell
E-115 Peter Fike to Anna C. Stuck
C-45  Frederick Fikel to Eva M. Seabold
E-212 Steuben Filkens to Maria C. Bark
C-26  Amos Filkins to Carolina Marks
D-184 Steuben Filkins to Amy E. Gilkinson
D-76  William W. Filkins to Mary J. Marklin
E-200 Charles H. Filson to Mary McDonald
B-72  David Finch to Louisa Dane
D-185 Franklin A. Finch to Hattie A. Andrews
C-432 Gideon Finch to Elizabeth Hayes
D-185 Isaac B. Finch to Eliza A. Barn
A-262 Jeremiah Finch to Sarah Swift
C-418 Samuel H. Finch to Mary L. Bennett
B-110 Horace Fineout to Louisa Card
E-225 Cyrus Finlay to Allora M. Davis
F-52  Clinton Finley to Ida B. Stair
C-314 Cyrus Finley to Susan Slugle
C-203 Hugh Finley to Elizabeth Gillis
C-95  James Finley to Mary A. Clark
C-28  William Finley to Sarah A. Allen
D-21  William G. Finley to Ella Jack
D-188 Erastus A. Finn to A. M. Shoecraft
E-261 James Finnel to Maggie. Bierman
C-357 Isaiah Finney to Mary Jane McBeth
C-352 James Finney to Caroline Call
E-68  Michael Finney to Marietta Mead
F-116 George W. Fischbach to Clara R. Andre
E-7   Andrew P. Fish to Harriet M. Brainard
E-64  Arthur J. Fish to Harriet Rainbow
C-465 Charles Fish to Ann E. Coney
E-157 Charles H. Fish to Emma Reade
C-376 Charles H. Fish to Leonora Casle
E-332 Charles W. Fish to Anna E. Bakus
C-230 Francis Fish to Elizabeth McIntyre
E-78  Frederick A. Fish to Mary Gillett
C-228 George Fish to Mesha Kingsley
E-102 George M. Fish to Alice S. Barnes
E-91  Lewis H. Fish to Viola Henderson
E-117 Myndreth M. Fish to Susan Hendrickson
C-157 Robert Fish to Lovetta Coltrin
F-30 Sherman Fish to Clara Bell Wachterhauser
A-26 Stephen S. Fish to Anna Case
F-6   William G. Fish to Clara B. Briscoe
F-6   William G. Fish to Clara B. Harper
A-140 A. C. Fisher to Catherine Peck
E-288 Albert R. Fisher to Carrie Cross
D-35  Carl Fisher to Wilhelmina Lange
E-324 Charles Fisher to Theresa Schweitzer
E-163 Frank W. Fisher to Mary A. Howard
E-298 Fred L. Fisher to Eva Cotherman
E-125 George W. Fisher to Lucy Galin
E-223 George W. Fisher to Belle Desooignes
D-264 Henry Fisher to Frances Coam
C-54  Henry S. Fisher to Melinda C. Baker
C-42  Hezekiah Fisher to Marinda S. Gilmore
E-53  Jeremiah Fisher to Lydia A. Gruber
E-312 John Fisher to Lizzie Downs
C-175 John Fisher to Henrietta Sterner
E-363 John H. Fisher to Alice E. King
F-52  John W. Fisher to Lizzie (Biddle) Shoup
F-52  John W. Fisher to Lizzie (Shoup) Biddle
E-26  Joseph M. Fisher to Rosetta Syas
C-458 Michael Fisher to Harriet Burger
E-139 Oliver Fisher to Elenor Daily
E-41  Oscar G. Fisher to Jennie Drake
B-88  Reuben Fisher to Sarah Knader
E-118 Warren Fisher to Lucina Lyon
C-85  Ziba Fisher to Maria M.. Smith
C-476 Canfield Fisk to Agnes Aikins
E-173 Charles P. Fisk to Lucy E. Allard
E-25  Chauncey E. Fisk to Agnes Akey
E-297 Frank S. Fisk to May F. Jones
E-84  John Fisk to Phoebe A. Vanburen
A-167 John Fisk to Ellen Inman
E-203 John Fisk to Celia W. Bennett
F-16  Lavern Fisk to Minnie Carr
E-88  Franklin N. Fitch to Addie Howard
E-132 Franklin W. Fitch to Alice Tackaberry
E-261 John W. Fitch to Emma A. Ray
C-408 Milton B. Fitch to Susan Caseman
E-343 Ira O. Fitting to Elizabeth J. Berger
A-106 Edward P. Fitzpatrick to Julia Ann Childs
C-414 Andrus Fitzsimmons to Eliza Haynes
E-307 William Flach to Mary Haas
D-289 Herman H. Flandermeyer to Henrietta Best
E-262 Frank W. Flanders to Emma Drisbrow
E-321 John S. Flanders to Henrietta Sturgis
A-96  Zoroaster Flanders to Charlotte Brown
E-220 Charles A. Fleck to Eliza A. Routsen
F-128 Samuel P. Fleck to Amy Gerren
E-176 Barnard Fleishour to Minnie Timm
C-398 Josiah Flemmerfelt to Mary Straight
C-204 C. P. Fletcher to Jenny Heath
D-181 Everett A. Fletcher to Maria L. Voorhees
F-108 Lewis C. Fletcher to Helen C. Emmons
E-22  Martin A. Fletcher to Catherine Culvert
C-444 Roderick E. Fletcher to Frankie Lyman
E-29  Solomon Flickinger to Nancy Ann Miller
E-154 Charles M. Flinn to Mahala E. Ervin
D-157 Edward A. Flinn to Sarah E. Clemens
F-66  John B. Flint to Annie E. Siegert
E-10  John B. Flint to Sarah C. Gifford
D-251 John B. Flint to Sarah C. Gifford
C-274 Daniel Flock to Leah Swartz
C-91  Luther Flood to Almira Caldwell
C-7   Peter Florence to Azuba Cole
E-306 William A. Floto to John L. Anthony
D-171 Frederick Flower to Alice Brooks
E-161 Solomon Flowers to Mary K. Wait
E-280 William T. Flowers to Laura A. Francis
C-446 Jacob Fluri to Catherine Reas
E-184 John Fogarty to Matie T. Cooper
F-26  Perry Fogle to Minnie Davis
E-181 Frank B. Foley to Sarah A. Mallen
D-261 Martin V. B. Follett to Sarah McKey
E-307 S. B. Follett to Mary E. Williams
E-37  Isaac E. Follis to Mary M. Lefler
C-100 Hiram Folsom to Ellen Masterman
E-140 Rufus H. Folwell to Belle Caseman
E-80  James H. Fonda to Sarah C. VanVrankew
E-50  John F. Fonda to Elizabeth Hasbrouck
F-42  John L. Foobes to Gertrude Canniff
C-54  Albert C. Foot to Sarah J. Johnson
C-466 Andrew P. Foot to Emma Draper
A-261 Elisha Foot to Augusta Libhart
D-72  John Foot to Clarissa Patterson
C-476 Elisha Foot, Jr. to Clara J. Borch
E-159 Elias B. Foote to Calista Richardson
E-162 Eugene Foote to Coella Crandall
E-318 Scott Forbes to Pernillia Forbes
E-159 Frank A. Force to L. A. Doughty
E-315 Hiram S. Force to Emma L. Backman
C-357 Charles B. Ford to Jane A. McGaffey
E-66  Charles D. Ford to Amanda C. Stillwell
E-161 Charles H. Ford to Evangeline A. Hamlin
D-269 Elijah Ford to Almira P. Cash
D-249 O. J. Ford to Emily M. Marcy
C-45  Cyrus Foreman to Sarah A. Bishop
D-187 John W. Foreman to Maria F. Carpenter
E-218 Robert E. Foreman to Sarah M. Schumerhorn
C-347 Stanton J. Foreman to Sarah Burch
E-243 Louis Forlriede to Mary Baker
E-184 Jacob I. Forney to Jane Richards
F-124 Whitfield Forrest to Hattie E. Seeley
F-132 Frank Forsyth to Iva Sayles
F-40  Elmer M. Fort to Caddie Fairman
E-107 Frank Fort to Eliza A. Hamilton
E-21  Isaac Fort to Susan J. Heth
C-223 Isaac Fort to Catherine O. Wolf
D-103 Jacob W. B. Fort to Eleanora Thompson
E-271 William A. Forte to Jennie Luke
D-17  James B. Fortner to Louisa Boudeman
E-332 Charles E. Foster to Ida E. Burns
F-58  David H. Foster to Caliminne Leland
E-228 David H. Foster to Sarah H. McClimont
E-67  Deury Foster to Mary E. Loor
F-118 Elmer C. Foster to Lillian Miller
E-57  Francis M. Foster to Emma F. Warner
C-13  Herschel Foster to Lydia Stanley
E-215 James Foster to Fanny A. Tyler
E-226 James Foster to Clarissa Jameson
D-193 James Foster to Laura A. Amidon
C-253 James Foster to Laura L. Curtis
C-42  Jesse Foster to Ann M. Fisher
C-247 John Foster to Hannah M. Green
D-62  John Foster to Jane Dewell
D-187 John Foster to Jane Dewell
C-193 Levi Foster to Lucy M. Rice
C-375 Merrell Foster to Flora E. St. John
B-86  W. L. Foster to Elizabeth Ratliff
B-16  William Foster to Mary Gilmore
A-240 William Foster to Rebecca Adler
E-368 Elza O. Fought to Emma Nelson
D-219 G. W. Fought to Martha J. Brilie
B-44  Jacob Fought to Roxanna M. Young
F-58  Charles L. Foulk to Vesta E. (Jordan) Haviner
C-236 Thomas Fountain to Mary Taski
E-276 Charles H. Foust to Lulu Smith
E-41  Joseph Foust to Esther D. Bennett
F-14  William H. Foust to Lillie M. Ryon
E-338 Austin A. Fowler to Rosa Geiger
E-356 Frank Henry Fowler to Miline Belle Mell
E-290 George H. Fowler to Hannah E. Miner
C-139 James Fowler to Emily Leckner
E-241 Martin S. Fowler to Lucy A. Runkell
B-78  Rufus Fowler to Sophia Gallup
E-23  Rufus W. Fowler to Emma Gardner
D-225 Stephen Fowler to Mary Butts
C-422 Stephen Fowler to Eliza Rowley
B-130 Thomas Fowler to Eleanor E. Butler
C-230 William Fowler to Amelia E. Osborn
E-110 Anthony J. Fox to Mary E. Gortner
E-167 Charles Fox to Rachel Cosgrove
F-20  Charles Fox to Stena Ida Lamp
E-158 Clarence R. Fox to Mary A. Kelly
E-213 Daniel Fox to Mary A. Wiandt
C-213 George Fox to Lydia A. Smith
E-90  George E. Fox to Hattie A. Stabler
C-179 Hiram Fox to Ann Bond
C-314 John W. Fox to Eliza Corey
C-213 Joseph Fox to Mary J. Francis
E-15  Julius H. Fox to Emma A. More
E-108 Lorenzo Fox to Mary Miller
E-34  Lyman Fox to Eliza A. Valentine
C-410 Lyman C. Fox to Caroline Smith
C-355 Ralph T. Fox to Samantha M. Fox
C-226 Ralph T. Fox to Samantha M. Johnson
E-273 William Fox to Martha M. Kline
E-165 William H. Fox to Mary A. Byers
C-396 Henry M. Fraates to Annet Best
C-469 James Frail to Bridget McGuire
C-270 Larenzo D. Frakes to Adaline P. Wares
E-263 Cyrus C. France to Mary A. Richardson
E-155 William France to Maggie Skellen
B-13  Theodore Francis to Helen M. Farewell
E-298 Charles Francisco to Emma Shoemaker
D-202 D. M. Francisco to Susan Weinberg
F-84  Frank E. Francisco to Nellie Clapp
B-117 George Francisco to Sarah Bryan
E-173 Henry W. Francisco to Marion A. Johnson
C-204 Stephen B. Francisco to Sarah A. Darling
E-73  John A. D. Frane to Francis A. Stafford
E-207 Charles Frank to Ada Pontius
E-229 Charles Frank to Angeline Steininger
D-16  G. W. C. Frank to Mary C. Riegel
C-309 Isaac Frank to Ann Belden
E-22  Joseph Frank to Sarah E. Sparks
F-94  Peter Frank to Sarah T.(Ball) Eby
F-94  Peter Frank to Sarah T. (Eby) Ball
F-20  George H. Frankfield to Hattie Utter
E-164 George Frankish to Lucy Ann Wilcox
B-148 Samuel Frankish to Ellen Wagerman
E-176 William Frankish to Ellen Clowes
F-96  Alonzo B. Franklin to Hettie Schrock
E-44  Daniel Franklin to Phoebe E. Norton
A-130 David Franklin to Harriet Witter
A-105 David Franklin to Harriet Witter
E-25  Edgar Franklin to Zenobia L.C. Laros
C-480 George Franklin to Harriet M. Dibble
E-239 James Franklin to Ida Baker
D-92  James K. Franklin to Mary C. E. Franklin
E-38  Joseph A. Franklin to Anna M. Allen
E-201 Walter T. Franklin to Mary E. Palmer
E-300 Solomon Franks to Nancy J. Clarke
E-79  Frank W. Frary to Mary A. Cook
F-4   Leander D. Frary to Ida M. Lehr
E-150 Roscoe G. Frary to Sarah A. Cline
E-203 Alex Fraser to Louisa Ream
E-343 Oscar A. Fraught to Hettie Gerrin
E-255 Henry C. Frayes to Carrie Lillie
E-115 Henry J. L. Frays to Caroline Stube
E-193 William Frays to Ida Will
E-47  John C. Frazer to Elizabeth Flitcraft
E-68  Daniel E. Frazier to Theresa L. Sterling
E-19  Eli Frazier to Elizabeth Corbett
F-80  Stephen Frazier to Jennie Quinn
F-44  William H. Frazier to Eliza J. Hill
E-88  George W. Frederick to Lucy Hamilton
B-20  Henry Frederick to Hester Holderman
E-21  Samuel H. Frederick to Huldah J. Maynard
E-339 Shannon Frederick to Chattie Denies
E-262 Henry F. Free to Sarah Glor
C-421 John W. Free to Hannah A. Wail
D-174 Isaac Freece to Philena Witt
E-286 John H. Freed to Sarah Foster
E-95  James Freel to Johephine Briggs
E-359 Clarence Freeland to Mary Peek
E-201 Frank B. Freeland to Minnie E. Slansbury
E-107 Howard Freeland to Julia A. Achenbach
B-112 Leander Freeland to Eveline Ennis
A-266 William Freeland to Charlotte Brooks
E-186 Cyrus W. Freeman to Alice Thompson
E-169 Peter W. Freeman to Melvina Johnson
F-82  Albert H. Freese to Mary Ann Andre
E-152 Alfred Freese to Sarah Weinberg
F-139 Edward Freese to Amanda Heckman
E-193 Jacob M. Freese to Amanda M. Weinberg
F-26  Johann Freese to Mina Will
E-129 John W. Freese to Mary T. E. France
E-314 William Freese to Sarah E. Allman
E-111 Albert French to Agnes D. Finn
A-24  Alfred French to Lucy Codner
F-134 Edward J. French to Jennie B. Grout
E-105 Francis E. French to Clara A. Billings
E-283 Frank E. French to Francis B. Farrand
E-244 Levi B. French to Jeanette L. Wells
C-247 Milo D. French to Eunice R. French
E-39  O. F. French to Almira Ingalls
E-157 Orlo O. French to Emma Blake
E-181 Seth M. French to Sarah E. Roberts
F-62  Alfred C. Frese to Alice Bartlett
E-133 Fred Frey to Rebecca Butler
E-172 George W. Frey to Hannah L. Curtis
E-138 Henry Frey to Sarah Reigel
E-229 Henry S. Frey to Mary Jackson
E-135 John Frey to Maria Scott
E-18  William H. Frey to Emma Willis
E-145 John G. Frich to Magdalena Walker
E-359 John H. Fried to Sarah Foster
E-334 John C. Friend to Hattie A. Parsons
B-65  Willard Friend to Prudence Stevens
F-136 Frank W. Frisbee to Cora E. (Ernsta) Hunter
C-392 Gideon Frisbee to Sarah Dubois
F-136 Frank W. Frisbie to Cora E. (Hunter) Ernst
E-201 John Frisbie to Effie E. Whiting
E-19  Thomas F. Frith to Mary E. Bunn
E-328 John T. Fritsche to Maria Gutbrodt
F-40  Frederick Fritschler to Elizabeth Monper
E-82  Peter Fritzen to Mary Green
E-184 John Frogarty to Matie T. Cooper
C-198 Ludwig J. C. Froh to Wilhelmina Sholz
E-137 Fred Frohriep to Bertha Sukow
E-209 Solomon Fromfield to Rosina Craig
E-338 George W. Frost to Lydia Gearhart
E-182 William R. Frost to Hennie Cook
E-305 James A. Fruse to M. A. Gross
E-347 Charles Fry to Madora Wakefield
D-139 David Fry to Harriet Day
E-72  Samuel Fry to Ella A. Hazen
F-26  Franklin A. Frymier to Lovina Corwin
B-52  George Frymire to Mary Ann Pechtel
F-100 Charles Frysinger to Norma Hays
A-289 Richard Fulcher to Esther I. Bridgman
E-99  John E. Fulkerson to Frances E. Schuyler
C-303 William J. Fulkerson to Maggie Carnes
E-119 Albert A. Fuller to Emma J. Ellis
E-275 Elsworth Fuller to Stella Tase
E-277 Frank B. Fuller to Eliza J. Jackson
C-16  Hoxie Fuller to Laura Dunbar
F-98  Isaac Fuller to Mary R. Kellam
A-174 Jonathan Fuller to Eliza Chapman
E-10  William Fuller to Louisa M. Randolph
E-223 Elgin P. Fulton to Henrietta McMillen
E-255 Jacob Funk to Carrie E. Kincade
F-66  Will Edwin Funk to Effie A. Barber
E-222 Oscar T. Furey to Leonab Young
F-116 John Furtenbaugh to Dora Sigler
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