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A-3   Abram Gable to Lydia Thompson
C-446 W. H. Gables to Sarah A. Arnold
E-285 Albert Gage to Ella B. Guiste
E-206 C. A. Gage to Julia A. Gamby
E-140 Eugene Gage to Amelia Sweet
C-440 James H. Gage to Martha Foster
C-37  Nathan Gage to Mary Hibbard
E-93  Orin F. Gage to Hamah M. Fish
E-27  William Gage to Elizabeth Evert
E-262 Willis Gage to Ella J. Pratt
C-81  Alfred M. Gaines to Helen A. Holmes
E-62  Louis Gale to Libia Burgard
E-75  Charles B. Gallaway to Melissa Vanansdel
E-189 Franklin Gallaway to Alice Dreber
C-43  Webster Gallaway to Amanda Day
E-228 Emmett Galloway to Susan Boals
C-378 Joseph N. Galloway to Mary J. Studer
E-133 Hammond D. Gallup to Cynthia M. Dexter
E-29  Hiram Gallup to Maryett Wells
F-66  Wardharn A. Galpin to Julia E. Cloys (Chaffee)
F-66  Wareharn A. Galpin to Julia E. Chaffee (Cloys)
E-342 Asa Galusha to Susan Leland
C-192 Zerxes Galusha to Jerusha Eddy
E-123 Casper Gamby to Mary A. Whitman
E-369 James Gangner to Emma Long
E-44  Balser B. Gardner to Clara Bishop
E-58  Caloin B. Gardner to Marie M. Stowe
E-146 Charles Gardner to Harriett A. Dailey
E-345 Charles Gardner to Mary Wallace
C-430 Charles G. Gardner to Calista Huntley
E-48  George W. Gardner to Henrietta Overley
E-317 Homer B. Gardner to Eva M. Williams
E-62  James M. Gardner to Adelle Libhart
C-305 John L. Gardner to Catherine Hollinger
E-359 Wilbur B. Gardner to Alberta M. Williams
B-75  William Gardner to Sarah M. Cross
E-182 William Gardner to Christian Lebma
E-333 Solomon Garfmiller to Francis M. Tyler
C-394 Henry Garit to Mary E. Stewart
B-34  George Garkins to Elizabeth Bondeman
E-134 Fred Garman to Phoebe J. Allen
C-292 Johnson Garman to Elizabeth Johnson
E-108 John C. Garmier to Lucretia Allen
E-92  James Garmin to Sarah C. G. Cronier
A-69  Jerome P. Garner to Sarah Kec
F-82  Shelby Garner to Orpha Bartmes
C-440 John Garnes to Rebecca Hummel
C-326 Samuel A. Garnett to Diana Dixon
C-253 Thomas Garnett to Margaret P. Smith
E-12  Thomas Garrett to Charlotte N. Sears
B-95  Andrew Garrison to Elvira Moses
D-166 Andrew L. Garrison to Louise Bole
F-177 Andrew L. Garrison to Alia M. Buchout
E-328 Fred A. Garrison to Anna F. Timm
D-134 George A. Garrison to Elizabeth Jasseph
A-63  Henry Garrison to Jane Catton
D-65  John Garrison to Samantha Francisco
E-248 John J. Garrison to Elvina Tietsut
A-125 William Garrison to Anna Crawford
E-288 George Garter to Dora Hill
F-126 George W. Garton to Amy Jane McMinnis
D-77  James Garton to Mary Padget
E-96  Jeremiah Garver to Rachel Allen
F-20  Frank Garvin to Nellie Ludlow
C-130 Thomas Garwood to Ann Stears
F-112 G. M. Gary to Mary Weir
E-336 Libbens R. Gaskill to Tallie Emery
D-8   Hiram Gaskins to Cordelia Spencer
C-353 Dan J. Gates to Delila McMillen
B-15  David B. Gates to Sarah F. Vought
A-246 George Gates to Sarah Schoonooer
D-96  Henry Gates to Naoma French
B-48  Melvin Gates to Emeline Sweet
F-124 Melvin B. Gates to Hattie N. Skirvin
E-234 Melvin D. Gates to Ada Jane Lampser
C-355 Joseph H. Gaunt to Elizabeth Mansfield
F-100 William H. Gay to Louise M. Carl
E-243 John H. Geafmiller to Matie Piler
C-89  William Gear to Eliza Fonda
E-120 Aaron Gearhart to Mary C. Freese
E-194 Joseph Gearhart to Maria Hartman
F-104 Warren W. Geddis to Francis S. Longyear
C-33  Darius Gee to Almira H. Powers
E-176 Darius C. Gee to Elizabeth Fonda
E-284 Festus Gee to Alice A. Auten
E-274 Jacob A. Gee to Emma E. Black
C-64  James M. Gee to Lucinda Carr
D-66  Albert Geer to Marion Dimmick
C-409 Ellis Gehart to Elizabeth Herver
F-54  John Geiger to Sophia Cox 
C-227 Aaron Gelhams to Mary J. Smeley
E-158 David Gellis to Orlind Wilcox
E-344 George Gembeoling to Mary A. Wetty
E-344 Lincoln Gemberling to Tillie Zierle
C-394 Abiram K. George to Elizabeth A. Fairman
D-22  John B. George to Catherine Fisher
C-48  Marshall T. George to Mary E. Deane
E-177 Samuel E. George to Bessie Howard
F-68  McCoy George W. to Anna C. Grant
C-274 Augustus J. Georgian to Edith L. Bennett
E-240 H. W. Gephart to Mary A. Kimball
C-175 Peter Gerald to Mary Timm
E-183 Francis M. German to Frances E. Hise
E-179 Henry German to Mary Hensen
E-37  James M. Gerren to Lina Kiser
E-36  Joseph B. Gerry to Hannah M. Melendery
E-337 Zoachin Gerst to Sopha Stuedmann
E-246 Lee Getler to Frankie Harvey
E-219 Adam H. Geutzler to Mary E. Shwartz
E-165 Jacob H. Geutzler to Lydia H. Miller
E-202 John R. Geutzler to Catherine Miller
E-254 John W. Geutzler to Mary A. Stears
E-116 Wallace S. Ghrist to Mary E. Menining
D-90  George Gibbons to M. Morrison
E-112 George S. Gibbs to Hattie Rearick
E-197 William P. Gibbs to Anna B. Hice
D-190 Andrew Gibson to Lucinda S. Frankish
E-221 Andrew Gibson to Eunice Foot
A-103 Hiram Gibson to Caroline Voorhees
A-237 James Gibson to Matilda Morrison
E-349 John Gibson to Mary H. Campbell
F-54  Linzy Ellsworth Gibson to Lizzie Elsie Piederbaugh
E-125 Norman E. Gibson to Emily G. De Pew
C-304 Samuel Gibson to Martha J. Gran
E-53  William F. Gibson to Agatha Healey
E-23  Crawford S. Gifford to Fannie A. Lush
C-66  David Gifford to Eleanor Fowler
D-153 William Gifford to L. Howes
E-273 Alvin Gilbert to Emma Sherman
E-318 Charles E. Gilbert to America McMahon
C-10  Daniel Gilbert to Minerva Nelson
B-143 David Gilbert to Margara Hunt
E-105 Elmer A. Gilbert to Mary Dickinson
F-52  Elmer H. Gilbert to Belle R. Parent
E-287 Henry Gilbert to Myra Chapman
B-15  Ira F. Gilbert to Philena Wilcox
A-280 Ira L. Gilbert to Sophia M. Keth
E-270 John Gilbert to Densie Harrison
C-353 Robert A. Gilbert to Susan A. Gate
C-303 Samuel Gilbert to Sarah Morrils
E-231 Sylvester Gilbert to Harriett Shultz
C-309 Uriah C. Gilbert to Sarah Saunter
D-49  Washington Gilbert to E. Farquhar
E-270 William Gilbert to Adaline Notstine
E-197 Charles E. Gilchrist to Edna A. Williams
E-137 John Gilchrist to Sarah Harding
E-251 Seneca Giles to Rebecca Anderson
D-3   Parker Gilham to Phoebe B. Gardner
E-14  Chancey Gilhams to Libbie A. Pontius
E-67  Stephen Gilkinson to Jane Freed
C-293 Henry L. Gill to Marcella A. Breese
C-29  William Gill to Christiana Wineberg
E-255 Henry W. Gillett to Adie M. Jefferedo
D-34  Theodore C. Gillett to Ann J. Duncan
E-31  Cyrus C. Gilmore to Ella A. Mareness
C-226 William Gilmore to Angeline Helton
E-296 Homer Gilson to Frankie Murray
C-3   Sheffield Gilson to Almira Wisner
E-350 Mead Gindelsparger to Katie Neal
C-376 William Ginnaugh to Mary Oliver
E-89  Charles Ginther to Wilhemina Pagels
E-152 Fred J. F. Ginther to Johanna A. Lohrke
F-110 William Allen Ginther to Mary Louisa Giant
E-320 Edward P. Girard to Phoebe McDuffee
E-305 Jean Girard to Mabel E. Lee
C-233 Jason Girdley to Julia Culver
F-92  Edmund Girton to Minnie Gardner
E-190 Lewis Gish to Celesta Hollinger
E-46  Mervin Givin to Mary L. Palmer
E-196 B. O. Gladding to H. L. Lantz
C-144 Henry B. Gladding to Mary E. Huntington
A-132 John P. Gladding to Martha E. Harwood
E-246 Fred Glade to Anna Bark
E-251 Fred Glafke to Nettie Hagen
E-210 William H. Glase to Jennie H. McCullough
E-197 Daniel A. Glasgow to C. Julia Lantz
E-78  Elbert Glaspie to Jeanette Berry
E-79  Calvin Glass to Anna Trattles
E-127 John H. Glasup to Maria J. Shunk
E-128 Joseph Glatz to Flora E. Beckwith
E-367 Harry A. Glaze to Esther L. Foster
A-238 Horatio N. Glazier to Perlina Hoby
E-252 Charles F. Gleaser to Kittie M. White
D-144 Henry Gleason to Mary C. Burrow
E-8   Joel Gleason to Lucy J. Wyman
E-125 Otis A. Gleason to Mary A. Black
C-275 Perry S. Gleason to Sarah J. Felker
D-232 Timothy Gleason to Minerva Thomas
E-4   Timothy Gleason to Minerva Thomas
E-140 William C. Gleason to Elizabeth J. Morton
E-38  Alvarado Glespie to Hattie A. Varness
E-335 True S. Glidden to Rubertie Moore
E-51  Thomas J. Glore to Mary A. Keefer
A-76  Lewis E. Glover to Elizabeth M. Seelig
E-53  Martin H. Glover to Hattie Dart
E-257 John Glowman to Mina Burgwardt
C-159 Lewis Glowman to Elizabeth Libbing
C-174 Peter Gnagi to Ann E. Marsh
E-89  Oscar J. Gnerna to Julia A. Fleming
C-440 David R. Godfrey to Angeline Gilbert
E-48  Wyman H. A. Godfrey to Julia A. Waterman
E-95  Theodore Godschalk to Lucy J. Orten
F-88  William H. Godshalk to Cassie A. Klose
E-331 Charlie Goff to Frank Dunn
E-294 Frank L. Goff to Bertha Hughes
E-202 Daniel J. Gohne to Emma E. Youngman
F-104 William Golder to Lydia McClain
E-67  Richard C. Goldsmith to Elizabeth A. Parsons
E-20  Richard Gongee to Harriet Edwards
C-258 Andrew Gongiver to Matilda Blue
C-371 George Good to Mary Stiver
E-358 John F. Goodacre to Emily A. Rawson
E-38  Albert E. Goodale to Jane Rhodes
E-89  Frederick Goode to Lavinia Dailey
E-149 Charles A. Goodell to Anna E. Wright
C-2   Samuel Goodell to Elizabeth Coryell
E-75  Edwin F. Goodenough to Annie F. Rosencranse
C-180 Esbon Goodman to Mary L. Haynes
E-276 Andrew S. Goodnow to Ella Crawford
D-92  Byron Q. Goodrich to Charlotte A. Bolt
A-117 Calvin A. Goodrich to Adaline Clark
B-129 Charles Goodrich to Mary Ann Baker
E-36  Charles W. Goodrich to Ester M. Chase
D-256 David S. Goodrich to Ann Sull
E-13  David S. Goodrich to Ann Sull
E-259 Don Alanzo Goodrich to Minerva O. Wagner
F-126 Elmer Goodrich to Mabel Raymond
E-175 Frank H. Goodrich to Nellie E. Langley
C-116 Hector A. Goodrich to Adaline E. Bower
C-12  James Goodrich to Mary J. Fowler
D-204 Joshua C. Goodrich to Mary J. Forman
D-92  Julius A. Goodrich to T. J. Moses
C-389 Luther B. Goodrich to Eliza Dowling
D-42  Luther B. Goodrich to Margaret Parker
B-125 Luther B. Goodrich to Mary H. Doughty
C-446 Moses H. Goodrich to Mary E. Weld
C-466 Noah D. Goodrich to Amanda E. Snook
E-330 Phillip M. Goodrich to Mattie J. Cross
E-9   Pierce C. Goodrich to Nattie M. Tyler
E-289 Roscoe P. Goodrich to Eva Rogers
E-88  Rier N. Goodsell to Lydia Wheeler
E-157 Napoleon Goodsmith to Mary F. Ives
E-234 John H. Goodwill to Martha M. Smith
E-4   John H. Goodwill to Martha M. Smith
E-50  Francis M. Goodwin to Isabella J. Rutherford
B-138 Robert Goodwin to Sarah L. Cobb
E-167 Seth F. Goodwin to Eva A. Legg
E-136 Andrew Goodyear to Anna Yeoter
E-364 George H. Gorbett to Mary R. Hunt
C-412 George W. Gordan to Nancy McDonald
C-292 William Gordner to Adelaide Meek
E-127 Jacob Gordon to Anna Ulam
E-121 James Gordon to Lucy J. Upham
E-274 James A. Gordon to Nellie S. Keeler
E-223 Francis A. Gorn to Alma A. Crout
F-8   Ed. C. Gortner to Hattie A. McKee
F-70  Jacob M. Gortner to Almie L. Pressler
D-250 Luther B. Gortner to Kate A. Willett
E-344 Clarence E. Gorton to Flora May Pike
E-193 Fremont Gorton to Lillie V. Clement
C-476 Nahan C. Gorton to Caroline Franklin
A-237 Samuel Gorton to Julia A. Noyes
E-257 George N. Goshorn to Mary E. Bevington
E-90  John Gottschalk to Elise Holz
C-312 Cornelius Gould to Elener Webster
E-297 John L. Gould to Mary C. Anderson
C-103 Joseph Gould to Phebe Pangburn
D-192 William Gould to Jennie Buchanan
C-237 H. A. Gouley to B. H. Hamilton
E-271 Jacob Gouser to Barbara Miller
E-151 Alfred Gowan to Lucy Howard
E-155 Thomas Gowan to Maria Molton
E-288 Adam L. Gowker to Estella Simpson
E-294 Marion Grabber to Helen Goodrich
E-314 George Grabe to Caroline M. F. Strohpagel
D-11  Joachim Grabe to Frederica Kruger
A-220 Henrich Graeber to Elizabeth Rhoa
A-261 Henrich Graeber to Elizabeth Rohr
C-357 J. M. Gragg to Mary E. Casky
E-45  Andrew M. Graham to Augusta Tobey
E-315 Charles W. Graham to Lou G. Stock
E-42  James H. Graham to Julia Briggs
A-116 John Graham to Mary Ann Foster
E-12  John P. Graham to Susan Probst
E-341 Seth Graham to Melissa Browand
E-49  Watson Graham to Margaret J. Miller
C-95  William W. Graham to Amanda Cutler
E-327 Joseph Grambach to Mary Davis
E-240 Henry A. Gramberry to Ada M. Mitchell
E-353 Adam M. Graner to Nellie A. Humbargh
A-270 Orin M. Grannis to Mary W. Crandall
E-174 Levi Grant to Eva Cutler
B-137 Lyman W. Grate to Roxy I. Rowland
E-340 Albert Henry Graves to Jennie E. Wood
E-366 Burton O. Graves to Clara U. Holcomb
F-38  Daniel Graves to Sadie Mowry
C-333 Edward Graves to Maranda Marble
E-206 Frank E. Graves to Nellie Miller
F-20  John D. Graves to Eva Jewell
E-297 Josephine F. Graves to Ada F. Kellogg
C-475 Linas L. Graves to Susan Champlin
C-333 Wellington Graves to Lucy Palchin
D-198 Wilson B. Graves to Harriet Snocks
E-209 Charles Gray to Mary E. Fetteroff
E-334 Elliott S. Gray to Katie Watkins
A-263 Harman Gray to Jane Nixon
C-247 J. H. Gray to Ann E. Calhoun
C-207 John Gray to Sarah P. Smurr
E-60  John B. Gray to Ann Kichly
E-15  John B. Gray to Ann Hickley
E-64  John E. Gray to Mary J. Perry
D-246 Joseph Gray to Jeanett Howley
E-9   Joseph Gray to Julietta Hawley
E-228 Kit C. Gray to Allie Thurston
E-39  Albert Greek to Sarah J. Hart
E-53  Addison Green to Elizabeth Potter
D-63  Albert F. Green to Sophia A. Seger
E-135 Allen Green to Agnes Bartley
E-129 Augustus Green to Frank A. Burch
E-264 Carl Green to Carrie E. Newark
E-131 Charles Green to Lurena Wilson
D-29  Charles R. Green to Mary E. Wilcox
C-428 Charles W. Green to Lydia M. Dickinson
C-428 Charles W. Green to Lydia M. Dickinson
C-264 Christopher F. Green to Margaret Hamilton
B-101 David N. Green to Marion A. Gray
C-411 E. C. S. Green to Lydia H. Thurston
C-448 Edward R. Green to Naoma Stahner
D-156 Edwin R. Green to Naoma E. Holmes
E-221 Henry Green to Lucy A. Sager
B-33  Henry Green to Hannah M. Preston
E-34  Henry D. Green to Harriet M. Greenamyer
C-184 Ira Green to Martha M. Bond
E-59  Irving Green to Hattie Freeman
E-42  James N. Green to Rose C. Marsh
E-156 James N. Green to Emma Hannah Stuck
B-73  James W. Green to Fanny N. Green
C-441 John Green to Mary A. Burch
E-131 John Green to Mary Graden
E-327 John S. Green to Rosa Richmond
E-42  Leonard C. Green to Fanny A. Dolph
C-346 Myron H. Green to Rebecca N. Sprague
C-438 Oliver Green to Mary A. Oneal
C-313 Reuben H. Green to Lucy A. Lawrence
F-38  Robert H. Green to Fanny L. Burch
C-323 Samuel C. Green to Philinda P. Allen
C-73  Schuyler Green to Maria Ball
E-179 Secory A. Green to Nancy D. Wood
E-199 Vintroy Green to Ellen M. Godfrey
E-350 William H. Green to Maria Richelderfer
E-225 William H. Green to Cora F. Day
E-15  William Green, Jr. to Celia Frances Vebn
C-253 Thomas G. Greene to Julia A. Gibson
E-313 Fred B. Greenleaf to Eva Watkins
E-196 Arthur Greenside to Martha Weeces
F-86  John James Greenside to Francis Carrick
E-299 Charles H. Greensides to Cora M. Green
E-20  Edward Greensides to Elizabeth J. Thurston
E-160 John Greenwald to Sarah Mullen
D-119 Spencer A. Greenwood to Amelia Welsley
A-280 James Greer to Emily T. Ogden
A-252 Charles Gregg to Sarah Wiree
E-114 Delos Gregg to Ellen McCrea
E-199 John Gregg to Eliza M. Pridgeon
E-191 Walter Gregg to Susie L. Jefferson
E-139 Charles Gregory to Louisa Lowen
E-262 Solomon Gretzinger to Lucetta Roberts
C-12  George Grey to Sarah A. Baker
E-358 James G. Gridley to Elizabeth Blackmer
C-336 Joseph H. Grier to Ellen B. Rice
E-323 George G. Griffin to Clara N. Vinson
D-171 Lenuel Griffin to Delidah Hildreth
E-287 Alonzo A. Griffith to Linnie B. Whiting
E-186 George W. Griffith to Martha Riggle
E-146 John Griffith to Sarah E. Armitage
A-90  Lorenzo Griffith to Eliza McKinney
C-266 William Griffith to Mary J. Vanloon
E-370 William Henry Griffith to Mary James
C-84  William H. Griggs to Mary H. Seeley
F-86  Eugene Grimes to Nellie G. Wagrew
E-363 James C. Grimes to Christa Kline
E-179 William L. Grimes to Joanna Theuret
E-355 William L. Grimes to Emma Weeder
E-174 Eber Grimm to Huldah M. Davis
C-219 Jacob Griner to Sarah Foust
no #  William Griner to Ella Romig
E-216 Henry Grisbo to Mina Somer
D-97  Henry N. Griswald to Sarah A. Bowman
E-298 Henry A. Griswold to Ada A. Rising
E-258 Frank A. Griswould to Emma A. Luce
A-250 Israel Grodin to Martha Casper
E-131 Frederick Groll to Sophia Holzin
E-145 Johann Groll to Harriett John
E-72  Benjamin F. Groner to Labina A. Hutchinson
B-79  Ezeriah Groomburg to Margaret Thrall
E-367 L. Grosenbaugh to Jennie C. Cottrin
E-177 Lewis Grosenbaugh to Cath. V. Graybill
E-172 Adam Gross to Edna M. Stofflet
E-151 Charles E. Gross to Ruth Kline
E-234 John W. Gross to Ida Hattow
E-342 Joseph C. Grossel to Clara Jenning
F-92  Elliot O. Grosvenor to Minnie Hamilton
C-308 Francis N. Grove to Sarah Hutts
C-426 Andrew Grovenburg to Nancy Green
A-284 James P. Grovenburg to Margaret Hill
E-208 Benjamin Grover to Margaret McClellan
C-111 Charles Grover to Alvira Huntley
B-91  George Grover to Lowin J. Hibner
B-161 Orin Grover to Eliza Booth
A-43  Peerfront Grover to Elizabeth Parker
E-109 William E. Grover to Mary E. Goodwin
E-290 Anthony Groverich to Lydia A. Riley
E-102 William B. Grubb to Ada J. Dalton
E-81  Andrew J. Gruoen to Alice C. Faulkes
B-88  William Gueer to Amanda Bass
E-288 George A. Guerrier to Mary R. Reed
F-48  Russell W. Guilford to Anna C. Ankney
E-7   Isaac Guise to Margaret Shaver
A-285 John Gulick to Mary Kownower
F-12  Charles Clark Gumbert to Julia Inez Hummel
E-120 Jacob Gundlesparger to Lydia A. Clark
C-350 Joseph Gunthorpe to Mary Houston
E-173 Joseph Gunthrorp to Agnes Finke
C-104 John G. Gurbert to Sarah Couter
D-52  G. Gurburt to Sarah Corder
E-190 Joseph Gurie to Hattie C. Wilson
A-141 Nathany Gurney to Hannah Brown
B-58  Daniel Gustin to Eliza J. Harrington
A-207 Jonathan Gustin to Lydia Bennett
D-218 John Guthrie to Martha Burgess
F-98  John William Guthrie to Lydia M. Hodgman
E-85  John Gutt to Ella Lyter
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