Male surnames - "J"

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C-16  Amos C. Jackson to Harriet Clark
F-104 Andrew Jackson to Ella Stailey
C-328 Carey E. Jackson to Anna Rowell
E-86  Charles K. Jackson to Mary E. Wellman
F-70  Erastois M. Jackson to Katy Ferguson
E-282 Erastus M. Jackson to Nancy A. Replogle
E-120 Eugene Jackson to Maria Vincent
E-364 Frank Jackson to Emma Grienfield
C-327 George Jackson to Mary Standerline
E-345 George Jackson to Frances Jane Sackett
C-22  Giles A. Jackson to Hannah Simonton
E-198 I. B. Jackson to Emeline Cole
E-148 Mark F. Jackson to Ella Vandebogart
E-196 Orville Jackson to Margaret C. Morton
E-286 Robert H. Jackson to Nettie M. Throp
E-277 Samuel Jackson to Ellen Stafford
E-68  Samuel Jackson to Mary F. Deamer
E-127 William A. Jackson to Lizzie Wickle
E-127 William A. Jackson to Nellie M. Moore
E-127 James T. Jackway to Lizzie Wickle
E-209 Hiram Jacob to Ann Hall
F-40  Jay Jacob to Ada Shaffer
E-135 Mortin V. B. Jacob to Anna M. Hostetter
A-274 Almerion Jacobs to Jane Hill
E-140 Charles G. Jacobs to Laura J. Whiting
D-12  Crebillion Jacobs to Sarah Page
C-203 Elisha Jacobs to Mary Chisman
E-295 George H. Jacobs to Carrie B. Drommond
E-314 Henry Jacobs to Frank Lamb
C-74  Henry Jacobs to Augustun Anged
E-60  John B. Jacobs to Lora A. Tyler
E-72  Lewis E. Jacobs to Lydia M. Tutewiler
E-113 Thomas H. Jacobs to Mary A. Hall
E-161 Silas A. Jacobson to Rebecca J. Rhodes
E-90  Edward W. Jager to Emma Cook
E-40  James N. Jager to Addie J. Doney
E-306 James Jakway to Fanny Alford
C-423 George W. James to Catherine E. James
E-342 Isaac W. James to Myrtie M. Filmore
F-2   Jasper James to Mary E. Strieby
E-334 Orville L. James to Alivilda Casper
E-78  John Jamison to Caroline Clark
E-303 Alvin Janes to Harriet A. Nice
D-248 John F. Janing to Charlotte S. Kastner
E-266 Charles Jank to Lovina Auten
E-10  Frederick Janning to Sophia Kastner
C-319 Frederick Janning to Mary Kasdorf
E-98  Anthony Jarne to Irene F. Locke
E-128 Robert F. Jarrett to Hattie E. Sheap
C-212 Stephen D. Jarrett to Ann Walkerwood
E-30  William D. Jarrett to Maretta J. Cooper
E-49  Wesley Jarvell to Frances Palmer
E-342 John F. Jarvis to Eugenia Long
D-66  Edward Jefferson to Maria Antes
C-35  John Jellings to Sarah Hopwood
D-117 George W. Jenkins to Phoebe J. Vanostwick
F-102 Joseph B. Jenkins to Ellettie Claypool
E-217 William N. Jenkins to Clara Blanchard
E-134 Henry H. Jenks to Celia Bussell
C-390 S. B. Jenks to Gertrude Ecker
C-324 Christopher Jennings to Frederike Shulz
E-255 David C. Jennings to Mary E. Putt
E-224 John A. Jennings to Melissa Sigler
E-40  Thomas J. Jennings to Libbie Spooner
C-321 William Jennings to Eliza Bennett
E-313 Magnus Jensin to Maren O. Hansen
C-32  Henry Jewell to Elizabeth Churchill
D-99  Hezekial Jewell to Eunice Daniels
B-140 John W. Jewell to Clarissa Maynard
E-268 Charles T. Jewett to Agnes M. Fisher
C-77  Stephen D. Jewett to Angelica Sixby
E-38  William E. Jewett to Kittie A. Rood
E-196 Andrew Jochens to Mary Labeke
E-86  Charles Johns to Anna W. D. Hopkins
E-272 Aaron C. Johnson to Sarah E. Hurst
E-192 Aaron W. Johnson to Elizabeth Vale
B-153 Abner Johnson to Mary Ann Bishop
C-104 Allen Johnson to Laura Miller
C-62  Amasa H. Johnson to Sarah A. Clark
E-152 Carl Johnson to Sophia Anderson
F-64  Charles Johnson to Lulu Ott
E-25  Charles Johnson to Sylvinna Snyder
C-425 Chas. C. Johnson to Mary E. Luce
E-189 D. W. Johnson to Elvira Wilson
A-193 Daniel H. Johnson to Magalene Putman
F-82  E. R. Johnson to Nettie Repbogle
E-259 Edwin S. Johnson to Katie Glofks
C-127 Ephraim Johnson to Adaline Wood
E-197 Errick M. Johnson to Christina Dahlberg
E-22  Francis P. Johnson to Mary A. Harros
F-110 Frank Johnson to Matie A. Hart
E-216 Fred D. Johnson to Stella E. Clark
E-227 George Johnson to Mary Cebold
E-124 George W. Johnson to Louisa Leach
E-100 George W. Johnson to Jennie McIver
C-68  J. C. Johnson to Caroline E. Daniels
B-96  James Johnson to Mary Sibler
D-13  James Johnson to E. A. Townsend
A-115 James Johnson to Jane Mor
C-370 James M. Johnson to Annie Kerr
E-362 Jesse Johnson to Jennie Benfer
B-48  John Johnson to Sarah Ross
D-233 John Johnson to Louisa Lovejoy
E-283 John J. Johnson to Catherine M.T. Broker
E-63  Joseph Johnson to Catherine Snyder
C-172 Joseph Johnson to Elizabeth Gorman
E-235 Joseph F. Johnson to Hattie M. Metzger
C-249 Judson Johnson to Hester Baker
E-308 Lewis G. Johnson to Clara M. Fletcher
E-248 Lorenzo J. Johnson to Mary E. Zimmers
C-340 Lyman Johnson to Ellen M. Havens
B-119 Lynens M. Johnson to Susannah Klingman
E-204 Orrin J. Johnson to Emma Sands
E-206 P. P. Johnson to Nellie McElthans
C-375 Ransom Johnson to Meloina Jenkins
B-101 Robert Johnson to Mary E. Warren
D-88  Samuel S. Johnson to Lucy A. Eldridge
E-183 Samuel S. Johnson to Martha Cebald
F-38  Stephen C. Johnson to Altie Snyder
E-201 V. C. Johnson to Maggie Johnson
E-265 W. L. Johnson to Amanda H. Warple
C-424 W. W. Johnson to Mary King
E-75  Warren D. Johnson to Caroline Gillett
E-317 Will C. Johnson to Piceloncinni Gilbert
F-2   William Johnson to May Smith
E-221 William C. Johnson to Mary S. Atchinson
A-276 William H. Johnson to Jane W. Estes
E-113 William H. Johnson to Augusta Atkins
E-29  A. Johnsonbaugh to Alice M. Geist
E-238 Roland Johnsonbaugh to Della Schwartze
E-361 David D. Johnston to Asenath Carmer
E-135 James Johnston to Mary M. Gooden
E-87  Walter P. Johnston to Mary M. Barrows
E-218 Albert Jones to Mary Smith
E-6   Albert A. Jones to Harriett A. Morrison
F-80  Alfred A. Jones to Martha Clapp
B-155 Andrew J. Jones to Martha A. Carpenter
D-52  Charles Jones to Matha Cuttendon
C-395 Charles A. Jones to Elizabeth B. Bush
E-149 Charles W. Jones to Pauline S. Ruggles
D-242 David H. Jones to Eliza L. Vanburen
E-7   David H. Jones to Eliza L. VanBuren
C-223 Edgar A. Jones to Lucy A. Palmer
C-214 Eleazer Jones to Elizabeth Dean
B-62  Emilus Jones to Charlotte Miles
C-138 Enos Jones to Mary J. Thomas
E-340 Enos Thayer Jones to Sarah Ketcham
C-323 Eri Jones to Sarah Wilson
F-72  Frank Jones to Susanna Bennett
E-95  Frank Jones to Gazelle Noble
F-78  Frank Arthur Jones to Hattie Gustava Haynes
E-184 Fred D. Jones to Ella J. Weaver
C-240 G. Jones to L. Ray
A-273 George Jones to Mary Dawson
E-100 George F. Jones to Mary Moyer
B-7   George H. Jones to Adaline Sanford
D-225 George Henry Jones to Lucinda Scott
D-184 George T. Jones to Chlor M. Martin
E-196 Henry B. Jones to Mary Kitz
D-248 I. N. Jones to Lottie Wright
E-58  J. E. Jones to Irene Ingraham
A-225 John Jones to Perlina Blair
C-97  John C. Jones to Mary E. Boyer
C-477 John E. Jones to Louisa Hall
C-126 John H. Jones to Mary Putman
E-317 John J. Jones to Sarah G. Rowe
D-169 Joseph Jones to Phoebe Whiteside
F-98  Joseph Arthur Jones to Hallet D. Allen
B-153 Julius Jones to Sarah Thompson
A-67  Larenzo Jones to Catherine Engle
E-170 Levi Jones to Elmira Millard
A-129 Miner T. Jones to Eliza Jane Tyler
E-255 Samuel F. Jones to Mary A. Rinehart
B-68  Theodore A. Jones to Sarah Brown
E-136 Thomas Jones to Julia A. Wohn
E-223 Truman Jones to Frances Porter
E-220 William Jones to Josephine Ashley
C-334 William H. Jones to A. M. Osterhout
D-166 William H. Jones to Rebecca I. Rishel
C-90  William W. Jones to Ruth E. Ervin
E-285 Willis E. Jones to Anna Jordan
D-70  Ansel Jordan to Albertina L. Johnson
E-267 John Jordan to Mary Reilly
D-112 William N. Jordan to Albertina L. Jordan
E-199 Adam Joseph to Hannah Bruner
E-201 George F. Josette to Lydia A. Hilpin
E-81  Alfonso C. Judd to Helen Fisk
E-270 Charles F. Judd to Rachel A. Magley
E-88  Orrin S. Judd to Mary E. Bristol
A-9   Melankton Judson to Isbella Beesil
B-93  Willis Judson to Elizabeth Buck
D-27  Chas. Wm. Jun to Olive Nichols
F-88  Jacob Junker to Maria Schwab
F-118 Amos Junod to Ortha M. Sigsby
E-150 Charles A. Junod to Caroline Steininger
E-286 Frank Junod to Mary Dentler
C-291 Charles Jurke to Augusta Bork
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