Male surnames - "M"

color line

F-4   Carl H. Maak to Christian J. G. Meyer
A-37  Patrick Macantette to Fanny Monton
C-144 Eli Franklin Machemer to Catherine Barclay
E-272 Elwell E. Machemer to Harriett E. Ray
E-10  Levi M. Machemer to Eliza Teisdale
D-255 Levi M. Machemer to Eliza Teisdale
D-163 Perry Machemer to Elmira King
E-355 Edgar F. Machimer to Lotta F. Phillips
E-327 Charles D. Mack to Anna Fage
B-122 Orlando Mack to Nancy Wickham
C-140 Orson P. Mack to Catherine Foster
B-57  William Mack to Gratis Wilkerson
F-84  Myron MacKay to Irene Dohn
E-336 James W. Mackemer to Gertie B. Austin
E-219 Sylvester Mackey to Martha J. Blake
C-218 Edwin Macomber to Lydia Foreman
E-255 George M. Madder to Sarah E. Betts
C-54  Edward A. Madigo to Barbara Ivens
F-14  Orlando Madlam to Margarette Bell Roderick
E-19  Albert Magee to Isabell M. Ennis
E-117 Daniel Mahoney to Bridget Hunsey
B-147 Lorenzo Maides to Cordelia Saunter
E-10  Jefferson M. Main to Mollie B. Prooast
E-214 Joseph W. Mainard to Louisa H. Cronk
E-235 Wm. Henry Mains to Hannah E. Kline
E-300 George Mairr to Mary E. Akie
F-30  Isaac D. Major to Doll L. Stevens
C-393 John I. Major to Margaret Putnam
B-123 John I. Major to Phebe Donkin
C-339 John M. Major to Sarah Ann Stout
C-450 John Stewart Major to Catherine E. Yanney
E-99  Thomas C. Major to Phenie S. Spitzer
E-332 William J. Major to Elizabeth L. Allman
E-25  James Malam to Jane Pugh
C-387 Daniel Maler to Elizabeth Ives
E-164 William Mallen to Ella Boyer
D-144 Job Mallery to Maria Gillett
E-295 Lester H. Mallery to Adell Russell
A-242 George Mallow to Cassandra Murphy
E-231 George Mallow to Ellen J. Lamb
E-345 Joseph Malone to Ada Atwater
F-126 Thomas Malony to Kate Donahue
E-252 Theodore Malotte to Alice Flory
F-88  August Mamran to Caroline Join
E-274 George F. Manderville to Libbie Blair
C-231 Charles Mandeville to Louise Parker
F-100 Frank Mandeville to Mittie Abbott
E-158 Nicholas Mandiga to Emma Pashby
C-192 Archibald N. Mandigo to Julia M. Hopkins
C-130 David Mandigo to Adelia M. Cole
E-307 George D. Mandigo to Mamie Heisel
B-82  James W. Mandigo to Eliza J. Clark
D-24  Robert Mandigo to Anna Pashby
E-232 Will R. Mandigo to Ada I. Rogers
E-243 Alford A. Mankin to Gertrude Gould
E-127 Hiram B. Mankin to Almira Richard
E-90  Isaac H. Mankin to Melissa B. Newton
D-15  John W. Mankin to Charlotte Fickle
D-204 John W. Mankin to Charlotte Fickle
C-475 John W. Mankin to Diana Warner
E-243 Samuel L. Mankin to Carrie Barton
E-44  Stephen Manley to Susannah Yager
E-267 Wesley Manley to Mary E. Jones
E-276 Elba Manly to Hattie Bears
E-41  Alex T. Mann to Emelissa Chapin
E-40  Alford Mann to Hannah E. Brown
D-253 Eli Mann to Mahala Ivins
E-164 Eli Mann to Eliza J. Brockaw
E-292 Frank Mann to Cory Washburn
C-67  James Mann to Sarah Kestor
E-60  James P. Mann to Mary Fox
E-364 Jesse E. Mann to Nettie J. Hudson
E-212 John Mann to Emma J. Smith
F-8   Owen R. Mann to Hannah E. Bogart
C-97  Samuel Mann to Mary A. Stenenger
D-205 Samuel Mann to Harriet E. Hincher
F-134 Thomas J. Mann to Annie L. Wilbur
C-466 Willington J. Mann to Abba Newton
B-36  Munson Manning to Martha Butler
C-123 William Manning to Samantha Shannon
A-279 William Manning to Samantha Durfey
C-310 Samuel Mansfield to Mary E. Wells
E-251 Villa Mansfield to Ada Jordan
D-204 George Manwarren to Isadora V. West
E-14  Abram Mapes to Diana A. Cary
E-214 George Mapes to Corinda Wilcox
A-77  William W. Mapes to Mary Hoag
C-225 H. D. Maran to Altha Moon
E-211 Charles Marantette to Emma Peeke
E-284 F. C. Marantette to Mary T. Ewings
E-271 Louis Marantette to Annetta Wakeman
E-16  William Marantette to Cicelia Whiteman
E-43  Franklin C. Marantitte to Emma Johnson
C-478 Albert S. Marble to Mary E. Duncan
C-364 William M. Marble to Annetta Boyles
E-295 George E. March to Florence Karker
E-185 Henry March to Libbie Neidhardt
E-246 Jeremiah March to Esther A. West
C-367 Jacob W. Marcy to Mary E. Batcheloe
F-48 Seth T. Marcy to Malona Glover
E-81 Alford R. Mareness to S. B. Bittenbender
E-227 Marcellus Marguis to Laura E. Cook
C-170 Wesley Maring to Maria Taft
A-226 Ralph Markam to Catherine Sixby
C-111 John Markle to Sally Ann Fox
C-459 Lewis Markley to Corinda E. Garman
F-128 Abraham Marks to Frede Stutz
F-136 Charles Marks to Mary Reynolds
E-301 James E. Marks to Anna Cooper
E-322 Warren L. Marks to Isabella Huff
F-98  William H. Marks to Annie R. Bushong
E-308 John F. Marp to Frank Moore
E-271 Daniel P. Mars to Mary C. Vanannan
E-17  James D. Marsh to Ella M. Hoots
E-88  John Marsh to Celia Corwin
E-148 Anderw B. Marshal to Imogene Snooks
E-295 James Marshal to Eva M. Schuyler
C-257 Pharos Marshal to Elizabeth Smellzer
E-286 H. W. Marshall to Estella A. Cook
C-465 George Martenas to Anna A. Palmer
E-366 Albert A. Martin to Susie B. Kittell
A-41  Alford Martin to Elenor Hobson
C-471 Calvin Martin to Caroline M. Conner
D-159 Charles M. Martin to Mary A. Clemens
E-257 David L. Martin to Etta E. Shriver
E-257 Frank S. Martin to Alice L. Huff
E-108 Jacob A. Martin to Ida Shuley
E-208 James F. Martin to Maggie L. Huff
C-312 James L. Martin to Adelaide Davis
E-207 John Martin to Effa C. Hazzard
B-155 John S. Martin to Mary Ann Sellek
E-74  Joseph Martin to Louisa Woodworth
F-80  Judson B. Martin to Effie F. Packard
E-28  Kingsley Martin to Lena Shafer
F-122 Marinas K. Martin to Ida Shaffer
C-140 Miles Martin to Sarah E. Graham
E-157 Orlando E. Martin to Maria Gortner
A-243 R. J. Martin to Sally Ann Osmur
C-320 S. E Martin to M. C. Cross
E-297 Samuel G. Martin to Mary E. Secart
E-148 William Martin to Mary A. Miller
E-96  William A. Martin to Sarah E. Edwards
D-228 William R. Martin to Nettie Bryan
E-3   William R. Martin to Nettie Bryan
C-382 Isaac Martyn to Lucy E. Franklin
E-246 Edwin Marug to Susan LaMinun
E-305 Edgerton Marvin to Frank Cross
E-313 Edward Marvin to Ann Schermerhorn
E-141 Erigus Marvin to Priscilla J. Kline
C-93  Ira Marvin to Hannah M. McKinney
E-38  Marshal Marvin to Reckey L. Carpenter
C-123 Robert Marvin to Mary Hill
E-6   Wm. Andrew Marvin to Emma E. Silverthorn
D-240 Wm. Andrew Marvin to Emma E. Silverthorn
D-238 A. L. Mason to Angeline Moler
E-5   A. L. Mason to Angeline Moler
C-165 Germaine H. Mason to Esther C. Banker
E-120 John A. P. Mason to Florence E. Phelps
E-258 Andrew Y. Masser to Amelia H. Fulcher
F-46  Franklin E. Masser to Anna L. Lewerenz
C-443 Henry Masser to Fanny A. Eacker
D-61  John Masser to Elizabeth Shirkey
E-15  John H. Masser to Mary J. Falkner
A-38  Albert E. Massy to Jane Haywood
E-216 Jonathan G. Mast to Margaret Snelenberger
E-83  Samuel C. Mast to Jeminia Hooley
F-16  Frank Halbert Masten to Anna Belle Parry
E-263 John T. Masterman to Neretta Tennyson
E-144 John T. Masterman to George A. Tobey
C-414 A. R. Mather to Jennie Macomber
E-325 James W. Matherson to Cora A. Clark
F-74  Charles Matheson to Mary Freeland
A-77  Archer Mathews to Sarah R. Foster
D-201 Jesse R. Mathews to Elizabeth Middagh
A-50  Reuben Mathews to Lydia H. Bell
D-118 Sidney S. Mathews to Roda E. Grove
E-55  Timothy Mathews to Rebecca Fry
D-150 William Mathews to Elizabeth Boothley
F-38  William H. Mathews to Lizzie Tyler
E-356 William H. Mathews to Lizzie Tyler
C-51  William W. Mathews to Sophronia A. Welton
D-41  Jerry B. Mathewson to Sarah E. Donohue
E-151 John H. Mathewson to Mary E. Heimbach
E-371 Myron Mathewson to Hylinda Phillips
B-151 Nelson Mathewson to Lucy S. Ballow
A-248 Solomon Matt to Harriet Breyfogle
E-199 Frank Matteson to Frank Chase
C-75  Chas. B. Mattoon to Caroline A. Riley
E-237 Franklin P. Mauer to Cevilla Kline
E-333 John Maurey to Cordelia Hartranft
F-60  William H. Maurittus to Lillie (Torrell) Marr
C-457 Henry Maxfield to Matilda Reed
D-5   John Maxville to Amanda Hill
B-37  Degroff Maxwell to Emeline Donaldson
F-124 Edward L. Maxwell to Anna C. Sefton
F-102 Albert May to Catherine Wise
C-41  David Maya to Harriet Backer
E-64  Amos H. Maybee to Melissa Maybee
E-281 John F. Maybee to Catherine Thomas
E-52  William H. Maybee to Emily Forker
E-97  Cornelius Maybie to Mary A. McDonuel
A-66  Norman Mayfield to Julia Sterns
E-324 Charles O. Maynard to Polly Dunham
E-207 Johann H. Maystaedt to Johanna H. Rabien
F-26  Martin Maystaedt to Friederike Wilhelmine Bietz
E-214 Henry W. Maystead to Ella Start
C-364 Wilhelm Maystedt to Cash Shook
C-221 Conrad Maystett to Elizabeth Decker
B-30  James McAllister to Diploma Sutton
C-266 Jessie W. McAllister to Adaline H. Green
E-183 Alexander McAra to Abby R. Seelye
C-12  William W. McBain to Jane E. Paine
D-148 James H. McBride to Amelia M. Brown
E-65  Lewis P. McBride to Maria McKinney
E-224 Joseph McCain to Sarah M. McCain
C-387 Jacob McCaneley to Ely Savery
A-87  Milton McCaneley to Lydia Nichels
E-81  George McCarlin to Jennie Fritz
E-75  Samuel McCarlin to Hattie Corwin
E-56  William McCartney to Olive S. Koons
E-123 Frank B. McCarty to Adda Mingus
E-331 Ichamar U. McCarty to Ettie B. Whitinger
E-186 John McCarty to Mary Linch
E-149 John W. McChesney to Nellie M. Choate
E-370 Lorengo McClaflin to Jennie A. Jones
E-69  Daniel H. McClain to Adella Sprigg
E-49  George McClain to Jenny Coberts
C-109 John McClain to Mary Palmer
E-338 Reuben H. McClain to Clemey Carr
A-252 Alexander McClarran to Caroline Brown
E-101 Cassius E. McClellan to Emma E. Watson
E-193 William McClellan to Lydia A. Swartz
E-183 Joseph D. McCleverty to Saretta VanFleet
E-181 John H. McClish to Ezzie Brooks
E-354 Samuel A. McClish to Eliza E. Heiney
E-181 William McClish to Idia M. Etheridge
E-97  William C. McColgan to Lois M. Sagar
A-42  Thomas B. McCollister to Frances A. May
C-161 James McConnel to C. Shoemaker
E-14  William A. McConnell to Emma Graftmiller
A-236 Wilson McConnell to Margarette Wortinger
C-473 David McCord to Nellie Hackett
E-57  John McCord to Jemima Kline
E-19  John McCormack to Marian A. Rumsay
D-42  James S. McCormick to Mary E. Emery
C-163 James McCoy to Lucina A. Pierce
E-199 William McCoy to Lena A. Partridge
C-128 Henry McCreary to Jane E. Church
C-90  Thomas McCua to Mary Ann Shay
E-289 Frank McCullough to Millie Sinninger
E-46  Hugh McCullough to Mary B. Kirk
B-21  John McCurry to Lois Benton
E-249 David McDaniels to Emma Clark
E-564 James McDaniels to Ketie Keef
E-29  Samuel McDeid to Eliza H. Eddy
E-342 Hiram McDonald to Lida Banke
E-71  James McDonald to Mary E. Miller
F-22  James M. McDonald to Mary E. McDonald
C-327 John McDonald to Mary E. Purdy
E-218 Samuel McDonald to Mary E. Tase
C-352 James McDowell to Polly Tyler
E-84  Robert F. McDowell to Kate Danaline
E-89  Robert T. McDowell to Kate Danaline
E-123 Robert T. McDowell to Lizzie A. Hyier
E-264 Samuel J. McDowell to Mary A. Hand
D-233 William McDowell to Anna Vandebogart
E-4   William McDowell to Anna Vandebogart
E-105 Alexander F. McEachorn to Elizabeth McKinlay
C-217 Ambrose McElrath to Agnes Huff
E-55  Charles F. McElrath to Emma L. Perrin
E-177 John S. McEnteffer to Mary E. Schall
C-284 John McFaden to Calista Green
F-66  Irvin McFall to Edith M. Berry
E-40  Thomas McFall to Nettie L. Gibbs
E-369 Samuel McFlinn to Ida V.A. Thayer
E-220 Amos A. McGabey to Harriett A. Buchanan
B-25  William C. McGaffay to Jane A. Hoffman
B-41  George McGaffey to Sarah A. Fisher
C-106 Oliver McGaffey to Eliza Vansickle
B-127 Samuel McGaffey to Susan Huff
E-317 James McGinnis to Sarah E. Watson
F-96  Ira P. McGlasson to Mary (Lovejoy) Sparks
B-100 David McGoffey to Jane Drummond
B-103 Michael McGowan to Sophia Wood
F-88  Orlando McGowan to Flora Guipe
B-158 Robert McGowan to Mary Hotchens
E-163 John McGrange to Melissa Minegar
E-267 John McGuin to Viola Kline
E-78  William A. McIntire to Sarah Hackett
E-259 Milton McIntosh to Mary A. Olney
E-203 Dewitt McIntyre to Alice A. Brower
C-168 Duncan McIntyre to Elizabeth C. Hall
E-263 Henry McJury to Jennie E. Packsbury
E-171 Charles McKale to Savilla Walter
F-54  Florentine McKay to Clara (Fulton) Ayers
E-159 Amanders L. McKee to Mena E. Spaulding
E-296 Ambrose H. McKee to Fannie M. Thoms
E-53  David P. McKee to Mary Hower
E-154 Edward P. McKee to Sophronia Poe
E-120 Samuel McKee to Susan Barber
E-271 William P. McKee to Bell V. Cox
E-51  Daniel C. McKercher to Clara A. Buell
E-135 John C. McKercher to Mary Zen Brook
E-280 Malcolm McKercher to Lattie Zen Brook
C-57  John McKerley to Mary Chane
E-15  John McKerley to Sarah Davis
E-60  John McKerley to Sarah Davis
A-75  George McKertie to Ann Dorner
F-94  Frank McKibbin to Eva Senbody
C-9   Francis L. McKindley to Susan M. Reynolds
E-114 A. G. McKinlay to Jennie D. Thoms
E-370 John A. McKinley to Dott Metzgar
C-53  Henry McKinney to Lucy E. Norman
C-239 Lewis B. McKinney to Emily G. Hazzard
F-92  Orlo McKinney to Nellie Lingberg
E-126 John A. McKinnion to Belle Rice
E-14  Kenneth McKinsey to Sarah Giles
A-133 John McKlelland to Alvina Nichols
D-244 James R. McKnight to Delia A. Briggs
D-173 Daniel McLain to Ellen Goodwill
E-257 John A. McLain to Mary E. Copenhaver
D-95  Myron McLamphere to Margaret Bryan
E-134 Alfonson McLaughlin to Emma C. Davis
E-300 Alford McLaughlin to Margaret Alexander
E-44  Edward McLaughlin to Anna Bolster
A-284 Eli T. McLaughlin to Priscilla Norton
E-368 George McLean to Lucy Flowers
C-282 John B. McLeod to Martha E. Wilson
C-238 W. C. McLeod to M. A. Gilson
E-323 Marcellus McLintick to Sarah E. Whitcomb
C-409 Wm. McLoughlin to C. Z. Marantette
E-63  James McLucas to Margaret Baer
C-86  Phares McMahon to Sarah I. Langdon
F-84  Ira McManners to Amelia Kabbe
E-353 Ira McMannus to Sarah E. Silliman
E-182 Nelson I. McManus to Mary A. Keasey
C-248 William McMichael to Ann Welever
E-113 Aaron McMillan to Clara M. Strong
B-69  Marcus McMillan to Elmira Mozer
E-84  William McMillan to Adaline Welington
A-80  Albert McMillen to Aurila Washburn
E-290 F. P. McMillen to Estella Post
A-127 Hugh McMillen to Harriet Butler
B-160 Ithureal McMillen to Elizabeth Platt
E-294 Robert McMinnis to Minerva J. Wood
E-264 William McMonies to Lydia Thiskell
D-158 Harris C. McMurtrie to Addie M. Wright
E-252 Hiram H. McMurtrie to Casey Gentzler
C-19  Pascal L. McMurtrie to Lorraine Gaskins
E-255 Abram R. McNair to Orcena Seby
B-159 Alexander McNair to Julia A. Brooks
F-90  Reuben McNair to Eva Aldrich
E-323 George P. McNamara to Mary Davey
F-30 John McNamara to Johanna (Connelly) Shanghnasy
A-251 David McNeish to Mary Dorchester
E-346 Robert McNemnais to Emma Jane Neack
E-317 Earl McPeek to Belle Hall
E-223 William McPherson to Mary Wakeman
E-264 Michael McQuinn to Sarah Stuttsmen
B-74  William McQuisten to Elizabeth Henning
A-213 Daniel M. McSweeny to Mary Grout
F-124 John W. McWilliams to Hattie M. Barhan
F-78  William McWilliams to Emily M. Kline
C-467 Duncan S. Mead to Susan A. Buck
E-44  Henry E. Mead to Angeline Worthington
E-265 William M. Mead to Lemintine Raines
E-184 Joseph Meahrdere to Augusta Paulsbury
D-211 William Meairs to Lovina Evans
E-160 Jeremiah C. Mears to Catherine Bevens
E-358 Jacob Meastead to Rose Decker
E-131 William Mechin to Frances J. Arney
E-312 William Mecker to Carrie Drumhiller
E-301 Henry Mecklenberg to Maria Brast
E-309 Robert Mecklenberg to Eva M. Lohrke
E-89  Ulrich Mecklenberg to Sophia Mecklenberg
E-54  Adam P. Mecum to Eliza A. Chuba
E-283 Alexander Meek to Nellie J. Dougherty
E-196 Charles M. Meek to Georgiana McLaughlin
E-335 Isaac Meek to Emeline Chiney
E-217 Otis M. Meek to Ida A. Spencer
E-152 John F. C. Meier to Wilhelmina C. Witting
E-39  John Meiser to Mary L. Fellows
E-74  William Meitland to Alida Allen
A-178 Robert Melborn to Pleasant Garton
D-415 Richmond Melendy to Belle Mason
D-106 Richmond Melendy to Belle Mason
C-256 C. M. Mell to F. E. Misner
E-351 Richmond Mellendy to Belle Mason
E-360 Irving Mellville to Emma Dickinson
F-128 Mack Melson to Clara B. Peecket
D-118 William H. Melville to Mary J. Palmer
D-158 John Melvin to Hattie Linn
C-414 John J. Melvin to Elizabeth Oliver
E-274 Frederick C. Meneck to Ellen Nicely
E-350 John D. Mengle to Clara S. Adams
E-290 John C. Mensch to Rhoda J. Gray
E-28  Harry V. Mensing to Harriett E. Doty
C-399 Edgar Merchant to Elizabeth Valentine
A-215 John Merchant to Sarah L. Reynolds
E-224 Amos L. Merifield to Susan Wilson
A-134 Charles W. Merine to Anna McCloud
C-197 Eastman Merrell to Mary C. Atwater
C-304 William H. Merrick to Lucy A. Nelson
E-189 William W. Merrick to Adelaide Holman
E-91  J. Fred Merrill to Mary Warner
E-91  J. Frederick Merrill to Mary Warren
E-246 Eber Merriman to Clara C. Spanks
E-350 William Merriman to Emma Baker
E-338 Byron E. Merritt to Elnora A. Arnold
F-124 Walter S. Merritt to Ida May Shultz
F-80  William N. Merritt to Lena Granger
E-203 Lewis E. Merry to Effa P. Daniels
E-299 Rance Mervine to Sarah J. Miller
A-163 William Mesler to Virginia A. Richardson
E-215 Chas. S. Messick to Mary J. Phillips
E-306 George W. Messinger to Louisa Wright
E-323 William B. Messinger to Laura H. Wright
E-262 Authur T. Metcalf to Flora J. Harris
E-248 Charles Method to Addie Deardoff
E-172 William Method to Nettie Shaver
C-78  Alva Metler to Lydia A. Sanderson
C-305 George Metler to Caroline Warren
C-359 Isaac Mettley to Sarah Blodgett
B-84  Gilbert Metty to Ellen Laird
B-136 Leander Metty to Molly H. Ferguson
E-258 John A. J. Metzgar to Maria J. Jefferson
B-124 John A. J. Metzgar to Eliza Ann Boyles
C-297 Josiah Metzgar to Hortense Miller
C-331 Abram Meuch to Acelia Staunton
E-347 Emmett C. Meusch to Harriet Snyder
C-59  Andrew Meyer to Margaret Bart
E-272 Fred H. Meyer to Olivia Iten
E-301 William F. Meyer to Rachel E. Senf
E-132 Christ Meyers to Sophia Smith
F-136 Jesse H. Meyers to Sarah J. Fulton
F-40  David Meystand to Susannah A. D. Peters
E-73  David Michael to Lenora E. Palmer
A-176 Nathan Michael to Hannah Huchinson
E-180 William Michael to Wilhelmina Hagel
E-96  William F. Michael to Mary C. Bittenbender
E-304 John. F. W. Michaelis to Caroline Bese
E-371 Ludwig Michaelis to Frederike Wittenberg
C-183 J. V. V. Middaugh to Mariette McClelland
C-164 John N. Middlebrook to Alice Canfield
E-242 Grandwell W. Middleton to Frank Willett
C-323 Isaac Middleton to Susan Gates
E-10  John Middleton to Eliza Kinne
D-254 John Middleton to Eliza Kinne
C-365 William Middleworth to Angeline Bobb
E-164 Fred Mier to Dora Buckholz
E-143 Charles I. Miles to Zoe M. Conella
F-62  Frederic H. Miles to Allie E. Cutshaw
B-23  William Miles to Alma P. Taylor
E-44  David Miligan to Cynthia R. Crumoell
D-29  Abram Millard to Effie M. Saulsbury
A-274 Alexander Millard to Sarah J. Babcock
E-22  Clark Millard to Jennie Bolster
A-205 Elisha Millard to Julia Ann Salsig
A-128 Emmer Millard to Anna Maria Moore
E-247 George F. Millard to Elizabeth Stolz
E-66  George G. Millard to Albertine DeFrance
E-275 Isaac K. Millard to Mary Cook
E-252 J. Millard to Belle Eichholz
C-405 Jehoida Millard to Lovinia Can
A-197 Joseph B. Millard to Jane Hutchison
E-170 Layland Millard to Celia Canine
E-108 Oscar Millard to Anna E. Daniels
A-96  Ransom Millard to Mary Ann Carr
E-41  Nathaniel Millen to Helen Butler
F-46  Aaron J. Miller to Allice Kagy
F-74  Adam G. Miller to Christina M. Seibert
E-258 Adam R. Miller to Martha A. Klose
A-99  Albert Miller to Emily Wells
A-130 Albert Miller to Emily Wells
E-322 Alford D. Miller to Olive Deal
D-87  Ambrose E. Miller to Hattie A. Buchanan
E-215 Amos Miller to Mary C. Kife
E-323 Andrew H. Miller to Birdie M. Rockwell
C-214 Arthur W. Miller to Eliza A. Barrett
E-10  Asher M. Miller to Mary L. Pierce
E-83  Carl Miller to Sophia Harder
D-73  Charles Miller to Cordelia Powers
A-164 Charles Miller to Rebecca Odill
E-272 Charles Miller to Caroline Wagner
E-366 Cyrus V. Miller to Frances E. Brooks
E-318 Daniel E. Miller to Frances G. Riley
E-210 Daniel N. Miller to Betsy Welborn
D-177 David Miller to Mary A. Skelton
E-269 Edwin D. Miller to Maria Knevils
E-224 Edwin M. Miller to Jennie B. Drake
F-6   Eli Miller to Mary R. Miller
E-135 Elias B. Miller to Mary A. Kline
F-106 Elias R. Miller to Elizabeth Hartzler
B-3   Elisha B. Miller to Eliza Griffith
E-137 Elmer P. Miller to Ella M. Hall
B-81  Ephraim Miller to Amy S. Bowen
B-101 Ephraim Miller to Amy S. Bowen
E-85  Erastus J. Miller to Sarah A. Long
E-292 Ernst Miller to Fredrica Schlorf
E-118 Ernst Miller to Harriet Rode
E-50  Ernst C. Miller to Sophia A. Zorndt
E-290 Frank E. Miller to Marietta O'Leary
E-104 Fred C. Miller to Bertha Horn
F-60  Fred H. Miller to Ida B. Cooper
E-91  Frederick Miller to Sophia Ragelian
F-68  George O. Miller to Cora A. Wolf
E-10  Harry V. Miller to Emma Hutchins
C-205 Henry Miller to Elizabeth VanEtten
C-219 Henry Miller to Hannah Sturgis
E-368 Henry C. Miller to Mary M. Fought
C-188 Herman Miller to Caroline Baueh
E-11  Hiram J. Miller to Sophia Showalter
C-370 J. G. Miller to Deborah Jackson
C-6   James Miller to Mary E. Clouse
E-211 James Miller to Julia Lane
C-384 James Miller to Lydia A. Sutten
E-304 James H. Miller to Mandella Marks
C-437 James W. Miller to Sarah A. Benfer
E-327 Jas. Franklin Miller to Ella M. Bates
E-229 Jesse H. Miller to Ellen C. Freese
E-154 Jesse H. Miller to Harriet N. Adams
E-112 John Miller to Mary Schrader
C-472 John Miller to Clarissa Nelson
C-207 John Miller to Almira Williams
E-355 John Miller to Bertha Jacobus
E-314 John D. Miller to Libbie Clark
E-195 John H. Miller to Myra P. Hall
E-86  John S. Miller to Lizzie Cady
E-318 John W. Miller to Mary A. Lareg
D-193 John W. F. Miller to Christina J. L. Shlorf
E-205 Jordan Miller to Ida A. Heimbaugh
E-179 Joseph Miller to Susan Johnson
F-44  Joseph Miller to Mary A. Kirby
E-60  Joseph Miller to Mary C. Ketner
E-273 Lee O. Miller to S. Clara Throp
E-136 Levi Miller to Margaret Fennel
E-202 Levi B. Miller to Jennie Engleman
C-10  Lewis Miller to Harriet S. Murray
E-368 Lewis M. Miller to Mabel A. Coldwell
E-350 Lute Miller to Ella Cook
C-386 Luther G. Miller to Ellen J. Cook
E-316 Martin Miller to Lina Haker
E-269 Martin Miller to Ida F. King
E-43  Mathias Miller to Anna Smith
E-120 Moses Miller to Mary M. Rice
E-212 Nicholas J. Miller to Sarah A. Keightley
E-266 Nicholas J. Miller to Mary E. Barnes
E-53  Peter Miller to Margaret Foster
E-54  Peter Miller to Margaret Foster
D-108 Peter M. Miller to Mary J. Downey
E-124 Robert Miller to Cath. Martin
F-22  Robert E. Miller to Katie Kielkopf
C-21  Samuel J. Miller to Lucelia Richards
F-120 Sherman Miller to Anna R. Young
E-204 Simeon C. Miller to Adeline Gilbert
C-349 Stephen Miller to Samantha Clouse
C-26  Stephen P. Miller to Elizabeth Blanchard
E-116 Theodore D. Miller to Sarah A. Keyport
E-254 Wesley Miller to Sarah Snyder
E-244 Wesley Miller to Martha Welever
E-118 William Miller to Mary Burnside
F-136 William Miller to Fanny Pumphrey
E-186 William Miller to Mary Highee
E-203 William H. Miller to Mary M. Price
E-336 William H. Miller to Abba L. Scherk
E-59  William J. Miller to Mary Hye
E-301 William W. Miller to Maria Johnson
E-192 William W. Miller to Ida Slocum
A-76  Charles Miller 2nd to Harriet B. Montross
E-190 Frederick Millhahn to Elizabeth Bend
E-339 Lewis Milliman to Hackett Cora
E-324 Mark Milliman to Jennie Depew
F-40  William Milliman to Sarah Janett Deal
E-138 Andrew S. Mills to Sarah M. Minnerick
D-84  Erastus Mills to Maria Clemins
E-165 Eugene A. Mills to Lydia Weaver
E-277 Harry N. Mills to Mary A. Lawaway
D-216 Ira C. Mills to Sarah J. Bisbey
B-121 Jacob Mills to Mary J. Hyds
E-15  John A. Mills to Mary E. Masser
C-413 Samuel K. Mills to Lydia Allen
C-309 Thomas J. Mills to Ann E. Morrow
F-138 Thomas J. Mills to Ann E. Morrow
C-336 William Mills to Betsy J. Miles
E-13  William H. Mills to Henrietta Hitesman
E-295 Garrett D. Millspaugh to Ella E. Brown
F-50  Jacob M. Millspaugh to Nora Frances Herrick
E-12  Charles H. Milnes to Cecelia A. Dumoell
E-129 Robert Milnes to Ella E. Harrison
B-94  James W. Milton to Elizabeth G. Campbell
C-433 Jacob Minegar to Elizabeth Weaver
C-331 David W. Miner to Catherine Rhinearson
E-252 George Miner to Emma Vancat
E-231 Isone A. Miner to Clara A. Zuck
E-299 Lucius C. Miner to Treacy Veiman
E-14  Lyman B. Miner to Mary M. Yates
E-334 Orville O. Miner to Mary J. Butler
D-167 Philo D. Miner to I. L. Littlefield
C-171 Thomas Miner to Mary Bacon
C-179 William Miner to Abigail Rynearson
E-279 William J. Miner to Clara C. Jones
C-4   Abraham Minges to Elsie A. Cowlan
E-53  Benjamin F. Mingley to Mary M. Millard
E-82  Alonzo Mingus to Angeline Fox
E-101 Danforth Mingus to Elizabeth Lytle
E-90  Frank Mingus to Jerusha Lytle
E-170 James H. Mingus to Helen Sayler
E-65  Lafayette Mingus to Cory Kilburn
D-45  William Mininger to Barbara Wyers
F-110 George W. Minnich to Margaret A. Kelly
B-6   William H. Minor to Ellen M. Yaple
E-153 Amos Miricle to Sarah A. Wood
E-348 Alton A. Misener to Elizabeth J. Maynard
C-278 William H. Misner to Lauretta Smith
E-53  Abner Mitchel to Caroline Lawson
E-320 Adelbert A. Mitchell to Ella Case
C-269 C. A. Mitchell to Alice S. Woodbury
E-80  Chester E. Mitchell to Eunice R. French
F-4   Col. Clark A. Mitchell to Libbie Gifford
E-81  Eugene Mitchell to Eliza Rumsey
E-82  Eugene Mitchell to Harriet A. Roe
E-351 Frederick D. Mitchell to Luella Spade
D-58  Wm. B. Mitchell to Martha M. Sourman
E-45  James P. Mixel to Frances Hafer
E-60  Bartholomew Mizner to Rebecca Rinehart
E-70  Byron D. Mizner to Frank Bell
E-78  James W. Mizner to Isabella A. Tacose
B-35  Henry Moah to Elizabeth Winney
C-423 Abram C. Moak to Jennie Bliss
E-29  George W. Moak to Louisa B. Geist
C-431 Jackson Mochler to Sarah S. Silliman
E-333 James W. Mockemer to Gertie B. Austin
C-348 Albert Moe to Sarah Bristol
F-90  John H. Moe to Alta M. Rundell
C-350 Otho Moe to Sarah Gates
F-66  Henry Moeller to Frederica Buck
C-412 Ira Moffatt to Caroline Cornwell
C-407 Timothy O. Moffit to Ellen L. Salsig
F-42  William M. Moffit to Lizzie Shannon
E-254 William Mohier to Eliza Morrisy
E-312 William Mohler, Jr. to Ida R. Ingale
E-286 Adam Mohney to Mary J. Myer
E-359 J. L. Mohney to Hattie Bloom
E-240 Peter Mohney to Lydia Holtz
D-161 A. W. Moirison to Mary E. Strohen
E-70  William C. Moler to Mary E. Hetherington
E-215 John Monamas to Anna Thornton
F-88  Charles P. Monfoot to Dora E. Cattell
E-145 James H. Monkow to Fannie M. Eckright
C-434 Andrew H. Monroe to Lottie A. Platt
F-6   Charles F. Monroe to Julia A. Smith
D-89  George Monroe to Minerva Monroe
E-23  James P. Monroe to Mary E. Blackburn
C-289 Sterling Monroe to Elsie Monroe
D-164 Frank Montaw to Mary L. Platt
B-158 David Monteith to Jane P. Campbell
B-120 John T. Montrose to Louisa King
F-88  Arthur Henry Moody to Martha Catherine Hoffman
E-133 Charles Moody to Hattie Wright
F-151 William W. Mook to Mary C. Donnels
F-38  Chester Moomey to Emeline Irvin
E-181 Fred G. Moon to Ellen Brewer
E-372 Isaac N. Mooney to Nellie A. Osborn
D-210 Leander Mooney to Nancy R. Gill
E-32  William H. Mooney to Mary E. Hise
B-10  Alexander H. Moore to Sarah Nixon
B-27  Armontage G. Moore to Amanda F. Philips
C-475 Barns Moore to Alice Williams
E-309 Calvin H. Moore to Rosa L. Childs
E-189 Charles W. Moore to Louisa A. Cromer
A-241 David Moore to Barbary Corendar
E-143 Delbert Moore to Frances Hough
F-70  Erasmus R. Moore to Ida O. Huff
E-56  Eugene Moore to Nellie Bradley
A-76  Ezra Moore to Sally Ann Make
E-281 George Moore to Kate Hoffner
C-311 George O. Moore to Julia A. Giles
E-321 George W. Moore to Ida M. Ivins
E-347 George W. Moore to Ida M. Ivins
C-2   George W. Moore to Jane Patchin
E-32  Henry E. Moore to Frances A. Lintz
C-386 Jackson Moore to Sarah Barkle
E-237 James B. Moore to Lucy J. Parker
C-454 John Moore to Elizabeth Duncan
C-178 John Moore to Jane Simpson
B-157 John E. Moore to Mary Jane Cooley
F-14  John M. Moore to Addie L. Deeley
E-188 John S. Moore to Matie E. Shaffer
C-157 Joshua M. Moore to Hannah A. Tugwell
E-366 Lewis Moore to Florence Callinn
E-12  Lindsley B. Moore to Eliza I. Jones
C-279 Lyman H. Moore to Adelia Benjamin
E-46  Martin V. Moore to Lydia A. Hodskey
E-113 Melanchton Moore to Georgietta Philps
E-216 Oliver Moore to Lilliam S. Parr
E-43  Peter Moore to Electa E. Lewis
E-186 Reuben D. Moore to Minerva A. Baldwin
E-5   Samuel T. Moore to Mary E. Moore
E-279 William L. Moore to Ida C. Bole
E-182 William M. Moore to Mary C. Rice
D-57  John D. Moore to Lucy Clemens
E-256 John James Moran to Laura Cole
A-42  Gideon W. More to Justina Nichols
E-156 William More to Matie Rippey
E-242 George W. Morehart to Orvilla Briggs
E-142 E. S. Morehouse to Alpharetta Mingus
E-318 Edward A. Morehouse to Mary Williams
A-161 Gardner W. Morehouse to Nancy Weaver
E-23  Jerome B. Morehouse to Mary Ann Eaton
C-56  Asahel Morey to Hannah Jouls
E-246 Edwin Morey to Susan LaMinien
E-306 Francis J. Morgan to Minnie Berkey
E-140 George A. Morgan to Josephine H. Hunt
E-283 James W. Morgan to Jessie P. Wheeler
E-301 Henry J. Morger to Cassie Peters
E-126 Simon Morningstarr to Fanny Hostetter
A-281 James W. Morrill to Sylvia Bean
E-100 Fred Morris to Alice H. Ellsworth
E-267 Harvey P. S. Morris to Lydia A. Collins
D-47  Henry Morris to Christiana Langdon
E-210 John M. Morris to Mary E. Blodgett
A-163 William Morris to Martha M. St. John
E-150 Albert J. Morrison to Melissa J. Stewart
C-30  Daniel H. Morrison to Martha Filkins
D-119 Daniel H. Morrison to S. E. Robinson
C-65  Daniel J. Morrison to Sarah J. Fisher
C-61  Francis Morrison to Elizabeth Beck
E-130 George A. Morrison to Rosina Thomson
C-457 Robert S. Morrison to Nettie S. Frey
E-216 Samuel A. Morrison to Lillie M. McClain
C-408 John Morrow to Eliza N. Hopkins
A-116 Alanson Morse to Mahala Harris
B-26  Francis J. Morse to Eleanor Burnell
E-138 George Morse to Jane Baldwin
B-8   John C. Morse to Lorena Beard
D-108 W. W. Morse to Eli Moellen
D-224 William W. Morse to Lida Madlin
E-13  William W. Morse to Elva A. Ash
E-192 Arthur Morton to Angela Goldthwaite
A-192 Benoni Morton to Harriet Gonyon
E-366 Frank R. Morton to Flora L. Pemberton
E-332 George Morton to Mattie Bailey
E-181 Joseph Morton to Sarah Bower
C-128 John Moryo to Maria Fike
E-44  Isaac Moser to Susan Covley
E-365 Luis C. Moses to Suse Bird
C-463 Edwin Mosher to Amelia White
F-32  Edwin Mosher to Esther A. (Aldrich) Clover
D-182 Josephus Mosher to Lida Stebbins
E-20  Marcus J. Mosher to Harriet L. Reemsnyder
E-223 George P. Mosier to Clara King
C-232 Jacob Mosier to Lucinda Dance
E-184 Joseph Mosier to Kate Kline
E-124 Norman Mosier to Sarah G. Cowen
B-124 Peter Mosier to Maria Davis
E-298 Fred H. Moss to Carrie Wessel
C-7   Maximilian Moss to Hannah Moss
B-43  Caleb Mosure to Abigail Burnett
E-56  Christopher Motter to Katy Cotterman
E-211 Elias Motter to Helen Bent
C-80  William K. Mottram to Catherine G. Gee
E-120 Amos R. Mouhouse to Lucy T. Foote
C-433 Jesse Mouhouse to Elvia Bodman
E-186 Albert C. Moulton to Esther M. Fisher
E-304 Homer L. Moulton to Susan Schweitzer
C-385 Charles Mouse to Cornelia A. Davis
E-97  Eugene B. Mower to Ella C. Finch
E-363 W. K. Mowery to Mary L. Pitts
E-88  Christopher Mowry to Julia M. Wallace
E-40  Ephraim L. Mowry to Emma C. Harris
E-70  Henry E. Mowry to Martha M. Olney
E-278 Arthur E. Moyer to Sarah Dennis
E-370 Arthur E. Moyer to Estella J. Denis
F-120 Charles W. Moyer to Sophia B. Peters
E-204 D. Cares Moyer to Sallie Grohs
D-208 Daniel H. Moyer to Sarah M. Gross
C-117 David Moyer to Mary Scott
C-427 Garrett E. Moyer to Catherine Woodcock
B-87  George Moyer to Sarah Wigant
E-70  Henry A. Moyer to Susannah Haas
E-266 Jacob H. Moyer to Emma Shingledecker
E-293 John Moyer to Martha E. Aker
E-103 Robert A. Moyer to Mary Puffer
D-117 Daniel Mozre to Anna Harris
E-259 Herman Mullen to Martha E. Strong
D-19  Sidney F. Mullin to Ellen L. Sterling
C-473 Samuel Mundy to Nelly Hackett
B-141 Miner Munger to Jemima J. Brown
E-249 Orley Munger to Mary L. Dentler
C-229 Alfred Mungus to Ellen Champlain
E-227 Edward P. Munn to Matie P. Heck
F-70  Frank C. Munn to Bernice R. Moore
E-81  Frank Munsill to Etta Wolf
C-205 Jacob S. Munson to Nancy A. Ellis
E-364 Lewis P. Munson to Lora C. Calhoun
E-150 Ransom Munson to Ida Whitmore
E-206 William H. Munson to Mary F. Wright
E-169 Edward Murdock to Addie E. Cade
E-94  Elwin H. Murdock to Estella A. Buck
A-194 Samuel Murdock to Mary McCagg
E-249 Charles Murphy to Clara A. Thrall
E-156 Francis Murphy to Sarah Christian
E-333 Patrick J. Murphy to Stina King
E-258 Alexander M. Murray to Helen F. Beardslee
A-4   Alford H. Murray to Rebecca Rhodes
A-91  Andreco J. Murray to Martha Crossett
A-206 Andrew J. Murray to Harriet Studley
E-105 Charles L. Murray to Mary Brokaro
E-253 J. H. Murray to Eliza Gorton
E-251 John Murray to Barbara Neff
E-266 Noble Musen to Sarah J. Wilyard
E-219 Carlisle Musselman to Mary A. Monroe
F-74  Theo B. Musselman to Myrtla A. Abbey
F-100 William Musselman to Sylvia Beebe
E-259 John Mussen to Lucy I. Lewis
E-300 William A. Musser to Mary E. Hess
E-276 William H. Myer to Catherine Winchel
E-172 Alexander Myers to Dana B. Henderson
D-80  George A. Myers to Celia Walsh
C-95  George B. Myers to Helen M. Ives
C-40  Henry B. Myers to Esther Forshey
C-159 James Myers to Mary Crosby
C-351 Jesse Myers to Sarah Blackstone
C-229 John Myers to Elizabeth Daling
E-200 John Myers to Anna R. Waters
C-400 John Myers to Catherine Barry
C-34  Lewis D. Myers to Harriet E. Williams
E-342 Charles Mygrants to Flora E. Griffith
E-363 Edward L. Myres to Jennie M. Smith
C-210 William H. Myres to Delia Fish
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