Male surnames - "N"

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B-126 Andrew Nadean to Mary Cetro
C-13  Basil Nado to Zoe Ducat
D-176 Joseph Nagle to Elizabeth Frumey
C-160 William Nails to Harriet A. McConeb
F-88  Gottlob Albert Nallinger to Louisa Maria Kaelber
D-170 Joseph A. Napier to E. A. Ross
E-167 Coleman Narber to Irene Hass
E-321 Jacob C. Narber to Rebecca Harrison
D-282 Albin Nash to Esther E. Carpenter
C-243 Alfred K. Nash to Sarah E. Hathaway
E-303 Charles E. Nash to Effie A. Barton
F-118 Charles T. Nash to Lulu E. Conley
C-45  Ira Nash to Harriet P. Cook
F-36  Joel J. Nash to Filena Goodspead
E-357 Stephen M. Nash to Caroline E. Crater
C-34  Stephen M. Nash to Caroline Gibson
E-233 George N. Nayhart to Ada Craig
E-310 George B. Naylor to Lizzie Palmer
E-280 David Neal to Tillie Thomas
A-175 John B. Neal to Julia A. Brandon
F-18  Charles Henry Neaman to Bertha J. Cross
E-6   Louis Neaman to Harriet Spinkman
F-86  E. M. Nearbood to Hanah Forbes
C-106 Hiram Neckham to Maria Parrish
D-161 Theodore Nedda to Harriet R. Auton
E-11  Edward Neddo to Mary Knox
E-209 Edward Neddo to Mary Knox
B-126 Edward Neddo to Rebecca A. Cooperhaver
E-254 Frank Neddo to Susan Frederick
E-345 Peter Neddo to Dana Molker
E-353 William Neddo to Caroline Frederick
E-244 Lewis Nedley to Eliza Friend
E-13  Charles H. Needham to Frances A. Plant
C-419 Alfred I. Neff to Jane A. Ruse
F-68  John H. Neff to Jennie S. Potter
E-360 Peter W. Neff to Della Cooner
E-98  Monroe Negus to Florence Chesley
F-30  Charles Neharon to Katie Fullar
E-365 Henry M. Neharon to Ella M. Richards
C-131 Matthias Nehern to Maria Hocker
E-131 Fred Nehls to Wilhelmina Gintheo
E-349 Wilhelm Nehls to Wilhelmina Passche
C-95  Christian Nehuttice to Melinda Burritt
C-87  George Neidhart to Elizabeth Shultheiss
C-232 Amos Neifer to Susan Speroaged
C-170 Christ J. Neihman to Sophia Schlenter
C-189 Helman Neiman to Rachel Cobun
D-180 Joseph Neindorf to Rachel Aldrin
C-323 George Neiss to Louisa Stewart
F-36  Albion Nelson to Elizabeth J. Kile
E-82  Andrew Nelson to Lydia Laminion
E-53  Andrew W. Nelson to Elsie Frary
E-212 Clark A. Nelson to Georgiana Shondy
E-109 Daniel F. Nelson to Mary E. Murray
C-260 David Nelson to Lydia Gohn
E-311 Jack Nelson to Mary A. Kyle
E-269 James F. Nelson to Mary Test
E-265 James L. Nelson to Sarah E. Shultz
D-181 Robert F. Nelson to Mary A. Crummel
C-104 William Nelson to Harriet Dunham
E-263 James H. Nesbitt to Mahala Nesbitt
F-6   Friedric John H. Neundorf to Caroline Walkentine
F-72  Harrison E. Neusbaum to Anna B. Eash
E-111 James C. Nevins to Maria A. Goss
C-108 Morris Y. Newal to Elizabeth A. Bair
C-312 Charles W. Newberg to Almira J. Cross
E-320 John S. Newberry to Clara A. Jones
F-52  Thornton O. W. Newberry to Ellen M. Giles
C-63  Harvey Newcomb to Nancy P. Tanuer
E-310 Andrew Newell to Mary E. Stokes
D-83  David Newell to Catherine Swank
E-167 Horace Newell to Josephine Adams
E-292 William B. Newell to Mary E. Newell
A-63  John S. Newhall to Mary Ellis
A-76  Richard Newhall to Cornelia Winney
A-144 Anthony Newhouse to Eliza Anderson
D-151 Edward Newman to Estella Thom
F-38  Ellett S. Newman to Anna Cramer
E-30  Franklin M. Newman to Ellen Eliza Bowe
E-263 Robert Newman to Mary Rommel
D-99  Rosain Newman to Almeda Laughlin
F-82  Harmer M. Newnam to Katie J. Danser
E-339 Annis Newton to Clara Culver
D-244 Dutes Newton to Amanda Holsmyer
A-46  Joseph Newton to Armenia Rathbon
C-332 Luther A. Newton to Frances Bausom
E-150 Nelson A. Newton to Rachel A. Lockhart
E-160 Thomas Newton to Rosaline C. Hincher
E-367 Edwin Nicar to Cora A. Beckwith
C-389 James M. Nicar to Emily E. Proudfit
C-59  Ryon Nicholas to Nancy Chambers
E-58  Albert A. Nichols to Mary A. Bisbee
C-5   Alford Nichols to Lydia M. Riley
C-103 Ambrose Nichols to Eunice White
E-104 Cellers M. Nichols to Sarah A. Henst
F-122 Charles Nichols to Laura M. Page
E-291 Chauncey Nichols to Mary Kinesk
E-57  Cornelius Nichols to Harriet N. Blake
E-63  Frank B. Nichols to Jennie Jewett
E-59  George Nichols to Orcelia Shafer
F-14  George A. Nichols to Lotta Bishop
D-178 Harrison Nichols to Hattie Rudd
F-20  Jerome E. Nichols to Emma G. Taylor
E-203 John Nichols to Eliza Nichols
F-112 John F. Nichols to Maggie Ann Lash
D-39  Jonathan Nichols to B. J. Nickols
C-118 Jonathon Nichols to Sarah M. Birch
E-77  Robert L. Nichols to Emma C. Banks
C-160 Thomas A. Nichols to Eliza Wilkinson
C-99  Thomas W. Nichols to Edith A. Edwards
C-287 William Nichols to Maria A. Beard
E-150 Horace W. Nicholson to Mary McKee
E-194 Orlando Nickerson to Harriet L. Brown
C-94  William Nickerson to Elmeretta Carter
E-320 William H. Nickerson to Dortha E. Monet
E-252 Sylvanus Nickum to Amanda E. Nickum
F-110 Edward Nidy to Lettie S. Lee
E-279 George G. Niece to Lavinia Renner
F-22  Jacob Henry Nihart to Maggie E. Clugston
C-468 Sands E. Niles to Maria Sanborn
F-12  Alton Nimon to Nancy Marks
E-82  George A. Ninncock to Anna E. Ryasen
A-206 Lyman Nobel to Sarah Cox
E-296 Charles A. Noble to Chloe Legg
C-297 Lyman Noble to Esther S. Uptegrove
D-149 William A. Noble to Betsy A. Rordeen
D-229 William Nobles to Elizabeth Fisk
E-3   William Nobles to Elizabeth Fisk
E-372 David Noe to Eva C. Otis
E-210 George W. Noe to Mary M. Boyer
C-377 Lewis Noe to Melvina Kepler
E-275 Horace Noland to Ida Petrie
C-239 S. Noll to Amelia Janes
C-448 George Nolle to Cordelis A. Adams
E-231 William L. Noris to Martha A. Augustin
D-139 David H. Norris to Emma L. Howe
E-4   C. C. North to Beatta Eichholtz
E-98  Edward North to Ellen S. Rice
E-65  Erastus L. North to Julia A. Belknap
C-42  Joel North to Phebe Cotton
C-86  Joel North to Mary Wright
E-186 Lewis North to Grazilla North
F-128 Walter R. North to Minnie Wyland
A-256 William T. North to Emeline Chapin
E-271 Frank W. Northrope to Kate E. Marshall 
F-100 John H. Northrump to Edna A. Webber
C-246 John Northrup to Mary A. Stine
D-28  Andrew T. Norton to F. E. Clapp
C-31  Ansel Norton to Calista Scilsby
C-30  Charles Norton to Lucinda Foster
E-325 Frank Norton to Clara Fuller
C-246 Franklin E. Norton to Marietta M. Heath
C-6   Harris P. Norton to Eliza Hadder
C-407 John M. Norton to Sarah E. Rishell
B-127 Philander N. Norton to Charita A. Weatherbee
E-256 William E. Norton to Jenny George
E-3   Jesse B. Noyes to Carrie A. V. Murry
D-227 Jesse B. Noyes to Carrie A. V. Murry
C-25  Joseph M. Noyes to Eliza A. Scholfield
F-56  William Null to Vie Power
E-356 Charley M. Nusbaum to Dora E. Hortman
D-237 Jacob Nusbaum to C. Miller
E-5   Jacob Nusbaum to C. Miller
E-337 John C. Nusbaum to Fanny Yoder
E-370 Lester Nusbaum to Mamie M. Cook
E-218 Henry S. Nye to Fanny O. Hale
F-118 Samuel Nye to Mary C. Boudeman
E-57  Urias Nye to Sarah C. Weltz
E-257 Marenus Nysson to Nettie Wilkinson
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