Male surnames - "O"

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C-257 Carey Oakes to Pauline Robason
D-172 James G. Oakes to Eugene V. Smith
D-135 Robert F. Oakes to Libbie Culbertson
C-365 William G. Oakes to Marietta Blake
C-56  George Oakleaf to Barbary Stepper
F-42  John Oaks to Lovinia Beaver
F-8   Willard B. Oaks to Kate Moore
C-173 Silas B. Oatman to Helen Johnson
E-319 James J. Oboyne to Alice M. Noecker
E-185 John J. O'Brien to Rosella M. Reefsnyder
E-267 Moses D. O'Brien to Arannita D. Kimble
E-278 Stephen O'Brien to Sarah E. Acker
C-238 A. C. Ocerenst to Ellen Harrison
C-98  Francis O'Connor to O. M. Bradley
E-170 Francis M. Odell to Mary A. Wright
A-166 Thomas C. Odle to Julia Ann Osborn
C-45  Joseph Odren to Elizabeth A. S. Twichell
C-479 Charles Oernot to Hannah Pashby
C-325 James Ogden to Caroline Morris
E-122 George W. O'Hara to Ida M. Reynolds
A-189 William Ohl to Mary Smith
E-82  Thomas Ohls to Emma Taylor
E-367 William Oldenberg to Herminia Kabbe
E-347 John F. C. Oldenburg to Mary S. F. Sharping
D-78  Wallace Olin to Maria Ennis
F-62  Jay L. Olinstead to Millie Copenhamer
E-245 Albert H. Olmstead to Franc S. Wilson
E-185 Herbert Olmsted to Rosetta Kirk
A-218 Lafayette Olmsted to Lucinda Douglass
E-281 P. Stephen Olmsted to Eva French
E-58  William L. Olmsted to Josephine Carpenter
E-196 Charles M. Olney to Mary Clark
E-101 David Olney to Maryette Foote
E-84  Ellen Olney to Mary Past
C-313 Embree Olney to Henrietta Isham
C-47  Henry Olney to Sophronia Harding
A-250 Joseph Olney to Sarah Barnabee
C-129 Martin Olney to Eliza Stewart
C-407 Cyrus Oman to Adelia Davidson
C-284 Samuel Oman to Hannah J. Tutewiler
C-351 Jerome Oneal to Mary A. Leat
C-176 Samuel Opie to Maria Ward
F-98  William J. Opie to Harriet E. Opie
E-111 Jacob Opperman to Eliabeth Smith
E-262 Alexander Orbison to Mary S. Orbison
A-268 James Orcott to Betsey Treadwell
E-136 Henry C. Orcutt to Frankie M. Hall
C-415 Mark Orcutt to Betsy A. Doan
E-63  Russell F. Orcutt to Sarah McKee
C-338 Samuel Orcutt to Anna C. Jones
E-194 Milton Ormsby to Mary Maynard
C-265 William Ornt to Sarah A. Hatfield
E-98  Edgar E. Orr to Louise Traverse
C-97  John Orrendorf to Jane M. Bass
E-363 David H. Orten to Jennie E. Fuller
E-274 Stephen Orten to Georgia A. Barton
E-315 Frank H. Ortmann to Josephine Eacker
E-372 Chauncey Orton to Addie Barton
A-227 David Orton to Maria Dickerson
E-69  Emery D. Orton to Eleanor A. Jones
A-235 Gideon A. K. Orton to Sophia F. Gurney
E-69  Charles E. Osbon to Clarissa A. Maybee
E-209 Milton Osbon to Lulu Perrin
E-172 William Osbon to Mary Bailey
A-282 Albert Osborn to Catherine Cirkwood
B-13  Andrew M. Osborn to Nancy Bancroft
E-189 Charles Osborn to Eliza Togood
C-360 Ebenezer Osborn to Nancy Clark
E-245 Edgar W. Osborn to Orpha M. Bamea
A-78  Edward Osborn to Sarah Ellis
B-140 Enos Osborn to Dorothy Benjamin
F-68  Garret Osborn to Lucy McBath
B-17  Gideon S. Osborn to Nancy J. Ferris
C-406 Henry R. Osborn to Emma Medown
C-430 James Osborn to Marcena Brooks
A-240 L. C. Osborn to Elizabeth Barnard
E-71  Morris D. Osborn to Caroline Heimbach
C-409 Nathan Osborn to Emma J. Blowers
F-36  William J. Osborn to Mary M. Osborn
F-100 Ben F. Osgood to Grace L. Cole
F-112 Charles Osgood to Bertha E. Specht
D-159 James Osmer to Florence E. Fellows
E-13  Christian Osterhaus to Sarah Yohn
F-38  George W. Ostrander to Anna Evans
C-307 Adam Oswald to Barbara A. Detwiler
E-62  Benj. Oswalt to Elizabeth Freelove
E-24  Daniel Otheter to Elizabeth Romig
D-207 Darins Otis to Catherine E. Holiday
E-45  Ransom G. Otis to Evaline Rogers
E-309 Johann Ott to Rosalia Kramar
E-216 John Ott to Pauline Rahn
E-116 Jackson G. W. Otter to Huldah F. Roberts
B-36  Joseph Oudderkirk to Amy Neal
E-366 William Outkelt to Rena Makemson
C-310 Samuel M. Oviatt to Mary E. Edmunds
F-116 William H. Owen to Orna Rumbaugh
E-170 William Owens to Mary Smith
C-476 William Owles to Catherine Hitesman
C-29  John Oxenford to Lucy A. French
C-141 Ira Parker to Abigail VanGuilder
F-44  Nelson G. Peek to Minnia VanBrunt
E-19  Lewis C. Perrin to Frances W. Vanoleck
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