Male surnames - "P"

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E-160 Andrew Packard to Georgiana Brown
C-362 Henry Packard to Elizabeth Chesley
C-219 Home H. Packard to Sarah C. Stillman
E-75  John M. Packard to Maria D. Rowe
C-138 Nelson I. Packard to Elizabeth A. Tobey
E-283 Joseph C. Packer to Rettie A. Cooper
D-64  William Padget to Rebecca Garton
C-315 Philip Padgham to Eliza Landen
E-171 App H. Paffnio to Jennie Rommell
E-93  Clayton D. Page to Alice Landis
E-182 Clayton D. Page to Sarah Reynolds
E-229 Daniel H. Page to Almira E. Klick
F-112 Jay D. Page to Susie V. Chappell
E-152 John B. Page to Henrietta Leighters
D-196 John B. Page to D. E. Breininger
C-227 Riley P. Page to Elizabeth Hollenbeck
E-89  Charles Pagels to Fredericka Guenther
E-241 John Pagels to Caroline Henry
E-153 John Pagels to Lena Jern
C-315 James Hill Paine to Mary E. Menkham
E-239 William L. Paine to Roxana Wemmer
A-25  Philander A. Paiser to Caroline Wallace
C-466 A. Palmer to Fannie Craig
E-269 Casper L. Palmer to Minnie B. Thompson
B-108 Charles Palmer to Cornelia Sexton
D-14  Charles A. Palmer to Ella N. Powers
E-171 Charles A. Palmer to Desdemona Watson
E-143 Cyrus A. Palmer to Ellen B. Barman
D-33  David Palmer to Louisa Champney
E-102 Dellen Palmer to Alvira Wood
E-180 Ellas A. Palmer to Ella O. Palmer
E-346 Fred A. Palmer to Maud Mooney
D-160 H. D. Palmer to Ella M. Porter
E-200 Henry H. Palmer to Dora E. Reber
C-68  Horace Palmer to Louisa A. Foster
F-60  J. Palmer to Mary E. Bennett
C-145 James F. Palmer to Ruth R. Green
A-79  John Palmer to Sarah Jane King
E-14  John A. Palmer to Mary E. Carter
E-133 Marion A. Palmer to Emma F. Hopkins
C-196 Myron Palmer to Mary A. Fish
E-123 Myron H. Palmer to Sophia Ellithorp
A-238 Myron H. Palmer to Betsey C. Fisk
C-40  Pollard Palmer to Annie Williams
C-158 John Panahel to Mary Schrieber
E-260 Samuel Pandell to Caroline Appleman
C-232 Benjamin Panite to Marietta Hoagland
E-323 Joel S. Pardee to Hetta J. Brokaw
E-324 Samuel J. Pardoe to Elizabeth Goodwin
A-250 Hiram Parents to Louisa Goodwin
E-370 Charles A. Parham to Rosamond Parker
E-339 George F. Parhis to Flora Shepardson
F-32  Frank D. Parish to Gertrude E. Houghland
E-348 Fred J. Parish to Agnes Lamb
C-395 Frederick Parish to Frederike Brandt
E-45  Ira Parish to Mary M. Collins
E-231 Steven Parish to Katie Somers
E-11  Addison Parker to Charlotte Leighton
B-17  Addison Parker to Polly Gray
E-144 Albert A. Parker to Lizzie Mann
E-92  Cepha C. Parker to Arabella Richmond
E-185 Charles H. Parker to Jennie Fister
A-77  Charles T. Parker to Beardsley
C-151 Daniel R. Parker to Mary J. Aiken
D-14  Erastus T. Parker to Adeline Gardner
E-281 George Parker to Susan Hackenburg
C-343 George W. Parker to M. E. McKerley
D-173 Grorge H. Parker to Henrietta Custenbender
F-76  Henry Parker to Alwilda Smith
E-218 Henry R. Parker to Lizzie A. Wykle
C-141 Ira Parker to Abigail VanGuilder
D-212 Jackson D. Parker to Elizabeth Wilcox
E-53  James Parker to Harriett R. Neddo
E-178 James S. Parker to Elsie E. Merrill
E-136 John Parker to Marie Loring
E-361 John Horner Parker to Mary Eugene Schermerhem
E-180 John W. Parker to Ellen Dupes
E-27  Lafayette Parker to Mary Lyman
C-171 Samuel G. Parker to Mary A. Mapes
C-52  Samuel S. Parker to Orilla French
E-35  Samuel W. Parker to Sophia Bigg
C-149 Simeon Parker to Polly Try
E-281 Simon Parker to Caroline Boder
E-336 Stephen L. Parker to Jennie M. McGuyer
C-436 William Parker to Harriet A. Giles
F-48  William L. Parker to Louise Wagner
E-261 William O. Parker to Sarah E. Curtis
B-9   James Parker Jr. to Julia Smith
C-399 George W. Parkham to Charlotte S. Welch
E-14  Benj. Parmeter to Mary Murdock
E-212 Benjamin F. Parmeter to Flora E. Snooks
E-187 Harrison F. Parmeter to Delila Potts
E-303 John D. Parr to Josephine A. Salisberry
E-312 E. W. Parrish to Jennie B. Mann
C-280 Nelson L. Parrish to Amelia Collins
E-281 William Parrish to Annie E. Bare
C-104 Aaron Parsons to Amanda Buel
E-26  Albert W. Parsons to Isabell Shobe
E-357 Charles D. Parsons to Carrie Weaver
F-24  Charlie B. Parsons to Sadie Hostetter
E-69  Daniel F. Parsons to Susan Fleming
E-341 Eugene E. Parsons to Harriett L. Stillson
E-70  Fayette Parsons to Jennie Curtis
E-362 Levi M. Parsons to Jesse Hunt
C-290 Oscar Parsons to Almira Hills
C-375 Ralph E. Parsons to Elizabeth J. Darling
B-18  Albert H. Partidge to Zuilda Pierce
F-22  Levi Henry Partner to Nettie Manning
B-107 Albert H. Partridge to Cornelia Eggleston
E-121 William Pasahles to Rosetta Wetmore
A-176 Richard Pasham to Mary A. Walker
E-192 Benjamin F. Pashby to Jeannette M. Troxel
C-236 Charles Pashby to R. J. McQuade
D-35  John Pashby to Elizabeth Styckle
C-479 Robert Pashby to Belle Ingraham
A-189 Robinson Pashby to Hannah Scabil
C-479 Thomas Pashby to Jane Forsyth
E-162 William F. Pashby to Ellen R. Gray
C-451 George Pashby 2nd to Eliza C. Burk
E-233 George Pashby 2nd to Sarah A. Ross
E-193 Fred Passehl to Fredrika Klinkman
E-30  James G. Passmer to S. DeEtte Brown
E-334 Frank Patch to Mellie Weyeoch
C-62  Volney Patchew to Mary P. Johnson
F-16  Edgar B. Patrick to Sila Goff
A-194 Tyler Patrick to Anna Merriman
F-76  William P. Patrick to Nellie M. Davidson
E-308 Albert Patten to Ida Cragon
C-34  Loomis H. Patten to Eliza Rosina Hill
E-109 Alvan T. Patterson to Alzeda Ward
F-132 Alvaro T. Patterson to Mary Jane Clark
E-59  Amos S. Patterson to Mary Coats
C-322 Charles Patterson to Sarah Moler
E-192 David Patterson to Isabella J. Hutchinson
E-35  Egbert C. Patterson to Ellen A. Broadley
E-259 George Patterson to Belle Wolford
C-86  George H. Patterson to Hannah Hassinger
E-366 Madellon Patterson to Kate Scanlaw
C-166 Peter Patterson to Laura Riley
F-90  Silas Patterson to Lida Allen
F-24  William Patterson to Ida Howard
D-109 William F. Patterson to Nettie Carpenter
E-126 John Paul to Martha Smith
C-258 William Paul to Esther Garman
C-371 William T. Paul to Winiford Dolan
E-166 Samuel Paulen to Mary Mayers
C-129 William H. Payne to Eva S. Fort
E-248 ---------- Payson to ------- Platt
F-76  Charles E. Payton to May E. Darny
E-222 George Peabody to Sarah McClain
A-105 James Peak to Eliza Kellar
C-70  James J. Peak to Sally A. Barlow
C-121 Michael A. Pearce to Mary J. Dimmick
E-227 Perry Pearce to Mary C. Rapp
E-243 Solomon F. Pearman to Alice Gankee
C-283 Theodore Pearney to Abigail Decker
C-66  Henry Pearsall to Sarah Gilhams
C-24  Rice Pearsall to Elizabeth McKerley
C-166 Israel Pearshall to Angeline Wells
E-227 Charles Pearson to Eliza E. Dibble
E-237 Charles Pease to Miralla A. Smith
C-406 Cyrus D. Pease to Cynthia J. Lawrence
C-65  Francis L. Pease to Martha E. Beattie
D-100 Birdsley Peck to Agnes Murry
E-169 Charles Peck to Adelaide Flanders
C-331 Eleazar S. Peck to Elenor M. Messer
E-279 Frank Peck to Nellie Dibble
B-74  General V. R. Peck to Eliza I. Eddy
C-86  George F. Peck to Almira L. Dimmick
B-94  James J. Peck to Laura Sloan
B-12  John G. Peck to Matilda Richards
E-137 Romanzo Peck to Amarilla Shellhous
C-29  Thomas Peck to Nancy L. Burrow
E-340 Geo. P. Peckhaven to Josephine A. Hunt
D-268 Duane Peek to Kate B. Fredenbugh
B-117 John B. Peek to Philena G. Chambras
F-44  Nelson G. Peek to Minnia VanBrunt
F-110 Edward S. Peffer to Anna B. Moist
E-80  Lorin B. Pegg to Katie A. Kleckinger
E-10  Dewitt M. Peirce to Christian Basler
E-82 James Peirce to Mary Harrison
E-6   Ruel B. Peirce to Fanny Peirce
D-183 William W. Peirson to Sarah C. Rutow
E-335 Burt T. Pelton to Alie L. E. McCoy
E-316 Loy Pemberton to Harriett E. Cross
C-95  Edward W. Pendleton to Eveline L. Morse
E-93  Ira W. Pendleton to Lucy B. Orbison
C-304 James M. Pendleton to Almira Livermore
C-366 William H. Pendleton to Delia W. Sheldon
E-146 Albert F. Penfield to Mary A. Becker
E-303 John B. Penfield to Ceba D. Lamberson
D-146 Marcus J. Pennock to Abbie E. Ferris
F-90  Samuel H. Pensinger to Amelia I. Jordan
E-65  John H. Pentlin to Susan A. Graves
E-284 Joachine Pepke to Amanda Brast
E-23  Andrew J. Pepper to Lovina Hackett
D-81  James Pepper Jr. to Jennie A. Dexter
E-105 Francis A. Pepple to Eleanor M. Borkan
A-67  Prosper Perce to Mary O. Robinson
E-242 Albert M. Perkins to Emma Davis
E-152 Chas W. Perkins to Almida H. Curtis
E-34  Francis M. Perkins to Sarah S. Roberts
C-444 Giles H. Perkins to Louise Lamunion
E-12  James F. Perkins to Alice J. Gorton
E-80  Jeremiah Perkins to Fanny High
C-182 Jesse Perkins to E. Harrington
E-11  John Perkins to Lydia Cleveland
A-176 Leonard B. Perkins to Catherine Brandon
E-220 David H. Perrault to Fanny S. Miller
E-64  A. Solenos Perrin to Harriet Bodener
E-189 Albert Perrin to Carrie Osborn
E-43  Chas. E. Perrin to Clara R. Fisher
F-82  Fred E. Perrin to Celia Drumhiller
C-384 George C. Perrin to Mary E. Knox
E-55  Lewis B. Perrin to Susan Fisk
E-19  Lewis C. Perrin to Frances W. Vanoleck
D-60  William H. Perrin to Jane S. Caul
E-348 Antino Perry to Flora Klotz
E-273 Charles B. Perry to Marcia J. Stroup
E-273 Charles B. Perry to Maria J. Stroup
E-71  David W. Perry to Sarah J. Wells
F-10  Myron C. Perry to Elnora L. Auten
A-237 Oliver H. Perry to Nancy Champlain
F-100 Orin J. Perry to Viola A. Shear
E-199 Earl D. Pershell to Emma S. Watkins
F-4   J. F. Persing to Alice H. Faus
E-234 Christian Pessin to Mary Miller
D-249 Benjamin Pester to Lucinda S. Rice
E-111 Gustav F. W. Pestlin to Paulina Rahn
E-265 Anthony Peter to Sarah Lyter
E-366 George C. Peterman to Mary E. Myers
B-104 John Peterman to Crusa A. Tuttle
E-191 John Peterman to Denzilla S. Terry
E-358 John Peterman to Anna Whitehorn
C-109 Edward Peters to Parmelia Shellhous
E-321 Franklin E. Peters to Ida S. Walters
E-184 Geo. F. Peters to Sarah A. Null
E-210 Jacob B. Peters to Rebecca J. Hughes
E-326 John Peters to Christine M. Gustaber
F-6   Wallace Harrison Peters to Florence Eugenie Shepard
F-36  Charles Petifer to Minnie Clayman
F-80  William C. Petrec to Annie Coats
E-366 Charles J. Petrie to Cora I. Eddy
C-177 Enos F. Pettit to Rosanna Kimer
E-157 Henry P. Pettit to Eva Fulkerson
E-66  George W. Pettitt to Dellie M. Jackson
E-1   George W. Pettitt to Catherine M. Hunter
D-216 George W. Pettitt to Catherine M. Hunter
E-362 Charles Pfenning to Addie Squires
E-285 Daniel Pfenning to Lizzie Sexaner
E-17  Asa E. Phelps to Mary S. Foster
E-334 Charles G. Phelps to Henrietta C. Friend
E-169 George Phelps to Mary B. Blass
F-134 George Nelson Phelps to Harriet A. Schmidt
F-34  James H. Phelps to Ina M. Haas
A-78  Nelson Phelps to Maria Erway
E-33  Samuel Phelps to Mary Smith
E-14  Seneca M. Phelps to Emma J. Eicholtz
F-30  Ephraim Philbrook to Caroline Mapes
C-15  Amasa Philips to Lucinda Shoup
B-142 James Philips to Mary Brown
F-18  Jesse J. Philips to Jennie Shaw
C-310 John Philips to Susan North
C-354 John J. Philips to Catherine Snelingnooker
C-362 Sebastian Philips to Sarah E. Sypher
F-120 Alexander B. Phillips to Annie L. Codman
E-325 Archibald Phillips to Ada Haner
E-174 Charles L. Phillips to Marion E. Burnham
E-77  Daniel M. Phillips to Carrie Briggs
D-282 David Phillips to Bridget Melbille
E-275 Dennis Phillips to Clara Ely
E-192 E. F. Phillips to France E. Dexter
E-173 Emory Phillips to Alice Zimmer
E-325 Frank Phillips to Louisa Addie
E-157 George W. Phillips to Ella M. Woodworth
E-297 George W. Phillips to Huldah A. Bristol
C-142 Harrison Phillips to Susan Francisco
E-342 James M. Phillips to Alice E. Rounds
E-258 John H. Phillips to Bertha Wyman
E-94  John J. Phillips to Catherine Phillips
E-202 John W. Phillips to Parthenee Will
E-91  Joshua Phillips to Hattie Waters
E-219 Meloin Phillips to Melissa Moser
E-99  Norton Phillips to Amanda Winkeler
E-193 Thomas L. Phillips to Susan M. Dixon
E-114 Thomas L. Phillips to Harter J. Williser
E-181 Michael Phinney to Lottie Seaman
E-32  James T. Piatt to Elizabeth Burnside
E-226 Lehman Picard to Rachel Kahn
A-164 Rier Pice to Lucinda Brooks
E-353 William Pickett to May F. Lyon
E-314 William Pickett to Elizabeth M. Tubbs
E-28  James Pickles to Laura A. Young
E-346 John Pickrell to Margaret J. Fuller
E-202 Henry Pidgeon to T. A. Davey
E-139 Charles E. Pier to Lucy M. Bander
E-233 Bernard Pierce to Ida Machemer
F-56  Charles J. Pierce to Jenette Romig
C-49  Edward R. Pierce to Sarah A. Higgins
A-213 Ephraim B. Pierce to Elizabeth I. Robinson
C-118 Frank N. Pierce to Mary A. Brown
C-146 George W. Pierce to Sarah I. Childs
E-101 John H. Pierce to Chloe J. Bennett
C-5   Luke C. Pierce to Hester Sammoris
E-8   Marion F. Pierce to Margaret Randolph
E-28  Seelberts Pierce to Eliza L. Dunn
A-99  Stephen K. Pierce to Pomelia Olds
D-260 Sylvester Pierce to Mary E. Dunn
A-264 William Pierce to Anna M. Barkley
A-2   David I. Pierson to Elanor Greenwood
F-106 Edward B. Pierson to Elizabeth Preston
A-284 John L. D. Pierson to Mary A. Kellogg
E-134 Oliver J. Pierson to Lottie J. Banniger
D-226 William B. Pierson to Mary Chandler
E-249 Charles W. Pike to Ada M. Clark
E-211 George W. Pike to Clara A. Marshal
E-339 Basil T. Piles to Della Wiseman
E-76  Joseph T. Pina to Cordelia M. Parsons
E-36  Alva Pine to Lorinda Turnbull
A-170 John Pinkerton to Matilda Long
F-24  William J. Pio to Rosa F. Adlesperger
E-240 Curtis Pitezel to Josie Brothers
B-5   Gardner W. Pitts to Margaretta K. Leonard
E-180 Hiram J. Pitts to Henrietta Patterson
D-77  James W. Pitts to Harriet Houston
E-220 Levi W. Pitts to Rosanetta Mooney
E-245 Roland Pitts to Nellie Shea
E-197 John H. Pixley to Ella L. Beam
E-107 Samuel C. Planck to Elizabeth J. Poorman
C-106 Abraham Plank to Lydia Laman
E-61  Cameron Plank to Emma Deusler
F-52  David P. Plant to Sarah E. Pyle
E-18  Edwin F. Plant to Frank N. Needham
E-313 Frank H. Plant to Flora L. Finney
E-102 William L. Plant to Maria Watson
E-204 Henry Platner to Ella Warner
E-122 Henry Platt to Sarah Musson
E-93  Henry S. Platt to Lucy A. Kirk
D-47  Hiram G. Platt to Eleonora D. Osborn
E-89  William H. Platt to Charlotte Johnson
E-343 John W. Platts to Anna F. Leister
E-102 William H. Platts to Elizabeth G. Corning
F-110 James Platz to Sarah Shultz
F-28  Edward Playford to Drusilla Kent
E-77  George Playford to Lydia A. Foote
C-112 Stephen Playford to Henrietts Crofoot
C-343 Nicholas Plough to Charlotte Wisner
E-181 George W. Plum to Rebecca G. Quake
B-38  William W. Plumb to Esther Miller
A-40  William W. Plumb to Elizabeth I. Jones
E-112 William F. Plumer to Mary E. Lockwood
E-334 Chas. W. Plummer to Vinnie M. Jacobs
C-454 David S. Plummer to Mary E. Weatherwax
D-68  James Plummer to Nancy Kellar
C-21  Michael Plyley to Rosanna Lott
E-250 Major G. Pocock to Lucina Tyar
C-69  George W. Poe to Candace French
F-108 Sherman W. Poe to Stella Beeman
C-109 William H. Poe to Margaret Weaver
F-72  Christian Pohlman to Elizabeth Pohlman
E-252 John B. Polley to Emma A. Shafer
E-175 David Pollock to Harriett Pollock
C-435 Harvey Pollock to Mary S. Case
B-112 Henry R. Polly to Maria C. Mowyer
C-10  Nathan C. Polly to Mary Churchill
C-270 Asaph S. Pomeroy to C. J. A. Foot
C-301 Charles Pomeroy to Harriet Clark
E-357 Stratton G. Pomeroy to Bertha A. Clark
C-423 Lewis P. Pond to Carrie Sprung
E-189 John W. Poorman to Mariah T. Carpenter
E-281 James H. Pope to Mrs. Cornelius Smith
C-321 Ansel P. Porden to A. L. Johnson
E-254 Albert H. Porter to Aldara Clark
B-56  Artumas Porter to Jerusha Benjamin
A-224 Asa F. Porter to Mary Davis
E-161 Charles A. Porter to Hannah Johnson
E-104 Charles L Porter to Emma B. Legg
F-108 Charles L. Porter to Mrs. Julia M. Miller
E-36  Henry Clay Porter to Caroline Norris
C-330 James S. Porter to Martha Butler
E-80  James S. Porter to Almina Champion
E-114 John F. Porter to Asella Cleveland
F-102 John H. Porter to Priscila Munsell
E-7   Perrin Porter to Sarah A. Ramsey
C-131 Pliny A. Porter to Maria F. Spaulding
C-262 Wilkinson C. Porter to Elizabeth Byron
C-195 William Porter to Clarissa Clement
C-262 Lewis Portman to Rachal A. Cook
C-449 Augustus J. C. Post to Lucy Cattell
E-287 John Post to Eveline McNellhen
A-192 Russell Post to Ruth Truesdell
E-280 Washington Post to Kate Sandel
E-145 Cryden Potter to Maria Rickett
E-114 Stinson B. Potter to Josephine Griffin
D-68  William A. Potter to Ann Brayton
E-108 William H. Potter to Henrietta Andrews
E-287 Allen Potter Jr. to Caroline F. Laird
F-80  Albert H. Potts to Sadie Redford
E-69  Joseph W. Pound to Mina Jones
E-289 John D. Pow to Josephine Saibsbury
E-334 A. F. Powell to Mary M. Yoder
E-270 Charles E. Powell to Frances E. Evans
E-38  Curtis Powell to Nancy Hamilton
C-46  Francis I. Powell to Mary M. Huff
E-333 Gardener Powell to Mary Beardslee
E-77  Hiram Powell to Flora E. Miller
C-417 Hiram Powell to Martha A. Gillis
E-111 Milo Powell Jr. to Theora Sickles
C-108 Alford D. Powers to Elizabeth C. Bonham
B-89  Chester B. Powers to Rhea Shumway
F-4   George G. Powers to Mollie L. Method
E-358 Henry Powers to Libbie Olney
C-362 Humphrey H. Powers to Caroline Packard
A-273 Jerial Powers to Betsey A. Baldwin
E-132 John Powers to Hattie S. Bowers
C-316 Loranie Powers to Henriette M. Plaul
C-305 Lyman Powers to Hannah Snyder
E-157 Rufus Powers to Susannah Jones
C-312 Russell H. Powers to Addie Cattell
B-133 Silas Powers to Minerva Worden
E-292 Silas Powers to Fannie E. Coates
B-58  Sybil Powers to Lewis Cross
D-98  Johnson Powling to Louisa Kreider
D-245 William A. Powling to Harriet Woodward
C-250 Alford N. Poyner to Lucy A. Todd
E-346 John Prasher to Laura B. Cox
C-232 J. D. Pratt to Sarah J. Davis
E-32  James T. Pratt to Elizabeth Burnside
A-41  Samuel Pratt to Angelina Patterson
E-266 Chas. Predley to Ettie Harding
E-306 Edwin Prennett to Mary F. Libbing
E-105 Franklin Prentice to Ellen R. Harris
E-41  William Prentice to Almira A. Pond
F-48  Jesse Prescott to Cora A. Hughes
F-12  Charles E. Preston to Zella Boyd
E-269 Edward W. Preston to Cora Saunter
D-48  Henry C. Preston to Frances Phoinix
E-249 John W. Preston to Elizabeth Smith
E-217 Joseph Preston to Susanna R. Doro
E-119 Joseph H. Preston to Adaline E. Scuire
E-231 Judson Preston to Amida Nolestine
A-50  Otis Preston to Julianna Corbin
B-67  Thomas Preston to Mary I. Decker
E-231 Wm. Miles Preston to Emma Baker
E-53  Henry Price to Mary Blett
E-101 John Price to Mary M. Hamilton
A-195 Thomas C. Price to Julia Ann Baker
F-72  William B. Price to Addie Hohnes
F-82  William P. Price to Martha Kline
B-19  E. H. Pride to Sarah A. Doolittle
E-61  George S. Priest to Emma J. Wooloer
E-134 John S. Primmer to Sarah A. Butler
A-92  Timothy H. Prindle to Harriet White
C-269 Andrew L. Pringel to Francis A. Haines
E-294 John Probst to Johanna Meagher
C-128 Hiram Proctor to Emily C. Keith
E-343 John M. Proctor to Rosetta M. Rumbow
E-293 George Prolo to Barbara Matiz
E-260 Harry Prophet to Gussie Smith
C-302 William H. Prott to Marion Teal
E-372 John J. Proudfit to Emma Crossette
C-357 George H. Proudley to Ellen Wellburn
E-166 Morton T. Prough to A. Eliza Eyler
A-118 Peter Prough to Barbara Thurston
A-112 James Proy to Lydia Harwood
E-331 Ichabod Pruden to Lydia Foley
C-426 Solomon Puffer to Mercy Pease
C-248 Samuel Pugh to Ruth A. Hardy
F-82  Willie W. Pugh to May J. Gallaway
D-219 Anson J. Pulver to Isabella Haines
E-2   Anson J. Pulver to Isabella Haines
E-199 Charles A. Pulver to Chloe N. Brockett
C-122 Hiram Pulver to Louisa Brody
F-58  Lewis K. Pulver to Melissa Kerr
E-298 Wandel Pulver to Rose Hartman
F-80  Earl D. Purcell to Lucia M. Barry
E-311 James J. Purcell to Teyphasa Layton
E-43  David B. Purdy to Mary A. Orcutt
C-376 John A. Purdy to Mary Galaway
D-107 John A. Purdy to Emily Davis
A-196 Richard G. Purdy to Caroline Simmons
E-271 Theo. H. Purple to Leda Wells
E-189 Henry W. Pursel to Mary E. Frazier
E-117 C. M. Putman to A. E. Mossass
E-17  David Putman to Martha Davis
C-130 Francis Putman to Anna Hotchin
E-208 John Putman to Electa Harwood
C-247 M. B. Putman to Sarah A. Dickinson
F-130 Melvin W. Putman to Alice M. Farrah
C-347 Peter Putnam to Rachel Shurtz
B-90  Tunis Putnam to Emeline Brooks
E-131 Isaac Putney to Jane A. Langton
E-236 Lorenzo S. Putney to Randa Lockwood
C-275 Philip Putney to Mary C. Self
E-222 Phillip Putney to Jennie L. Gross
F-22  Charles F. Putt to Jennie L. Putt
E-156 Lewis Putt to Mary E. Selby
F-34  Lewis F. Putt to Belle Gibson
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